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Common Name Range ***
Abdulali's Wrinkled Frog India
Abe's Salamander Japan
Abor Bug-eyed Frog India
Afghani Mountain Salamander Afghanistan
Agra Bubble-nest Frog Sri Lanka
Ailao Spiny Toad China
Alicia's Wrinkled Frog India
Alpine Asian Toad China
Alpine Stream Salamander China
Amami Tip-nosed Frog Japan
Amarkantak Bubble-nest Frog India
Amber-coloured Salamander Japan
Amji Oriental Salamander China
Anaimalai Flying Frog India
Anamallais Indian Frog India
Anatolia Lycian Salamander Turkey
Anderson's Crocodile Newt Japan
Annam Flying Frog Cambodia, Vietnam
Annam Spadefoot Toad Cambodia, Laos
Annandale's Paa Frog India, Nepal
Ansonia guibei Malaysia
Ansonia latidisca Indonesia, Malaysia
Api Dwarf Toad Malaysia
Arisan Oriental Salamander China, Taiwan
Arnold's Paa Frog China, Myanmar
Arodi Bubble-nest Frog India
Atif's Lycian Salamander Turkey
Babina subaspera Japan
Balloon Frog Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam
Balu Flying Frog Malaysia
Banahao Forest Frog Philippines
Banded Flying Frog Indonesia, Malaysia
Batrachuperus cochranae China
Bay Lycian Salamander Turkey
Beddome's Bubble-nest Frog India
Beddome's Toad India
Belly-spotted Treefrog Laos, Vietnam
Benkulen Toad Indonesia
Bicol Narrowmouth Toad Philippines
Bicoloured Frog India
Binchuan Horned Toad China
Black Flathead Toad Malaysia
Black Knobby Newt China, Vietnam
Black Torrent Toad India
Black-snouted Flying Frog China
Black-spotted Pond Frog China, Japan, Korea, Russia
Black-webbed Treefrog Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand
Bleeding Toad Indonesia
Blyth's River Frog Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam
Bombay Bubble-nest Frog India
Bopatalawa Rice Frog Sri Lanka
Bornean Flat-headed Frog Indonesia
Borneo Bubble-nest Frog Indonesia, Malaysia
Borneo Narrowmouth Toad Malaysia
Borneo Splash Frog Brunei Darussalam, Indonesia, Malaysia
Boulenger's Indian Frog India
Boulenger's Small Flying Frog India
Boulenger's Spiny Frog China
Brash Bubble-nest Frog Sri Lanka
Bronzed Frog India, Sri Lanka
Brown Tropical Frog India
Bunawan Wart Frog Philippines
Burrowing Grainy Frog Indonesia, Malaysia
Busuanga Wart Frog Philippines
Callulops kopsteini Indonesia
Caucasian Salamander Georgia (Eurasia), Turkey
Cave Wrinkled Ground Frog Philippines
Celebes Cross Frog Indonesia
Ceylon Streamlined Frog Sri Lanka
Chalazodes Bubble-nest Frog India
Chantaburi Bug-eyed Frog Thailand, Vietnam
Chapa Bug-eyed Frog Vietnam
Chapa Spiny Frog Laos, Vietnam
Charles Darwin's Eastern Frog India
Chevron-spotted Brown Frog China
Chiala Mountain Salamander China
Chinese Giant Salamander Western China
Chinese Lazy Toad China
Chinese Salamander China
Chinhai Spiny Newt China
Chitwan Frog Nepal
Common Lazy Toad China
Concave-eared Odorous Frog China
Crobett's Gap Bubble-nest Frog Sri Lanka
Cross-backed Bubble-nest Frog India
Culion Frog Philippines
Dahaoping Sucker Frog China, India, Vietnam
Daiyun Sucker Frog China
Dammerman's Wart Frog Indonesia
Dapitan Peak Bubble-nest Frog Philippines
Davao Cross Frog Philippines
Dayang Newt China
Dayao Flying Frog China
Diminutive Forest Frog Philippines
Djikoro Wart Frog Indonesia
Dotted Grainy Frog Indonesia, Malaysia
Dotted Lazy Toad China
Dring's Asian Toad Indonesia, Malaysia
Dring's Borneo Frog Malaysia
Dring's Grainy Frog Malaysia
Dring's Horned Frog Brunei Darussalam, Malaysia
Dubois' Bubble-nest Frog India
Dubois' Paa Frog Nepal
Dulit Flying Frog Brunei Darussalam, Indonesia, Malaysia
Earless Toad China, Vietnam
Emerald-green Flying Frog China, Taiwan
Emperor Newt China
Everett's Flying Frog Brunei Darussalam, Malaysia, Philippines
Fanged River Frog Indonesia
Farmland Green Flying Frog China, Taiwan
Fastigo Whipping Frog Sri Lanka
Fazil Lycian Salamander Turkey
Fejervarya sahyadris India
Fire Salamander Iran, Iraq, Israel, Lebanon, Syria, Turkey
Fragile Wart Frog China
Frankenberg's Bubble-nest Frog Sri Lanka
Fujian Rough-skinned Frog China
Gadgil's Tropical Frog India
Garo Hills Bubble-nest Frog India
Ghats Wart Frog India
Gia Lia Eastern Spadefoot Toad Laos, Vietnam
Giant Philippine Frog Indonesia, Philippines
Giant Spiny Frog China, Vietnam
Giant Wrinkled Frog India
Gigante Wrinkled Ground Frog Philippines
Golden Frog India, Sri Lanka
Golden Shrub Frog Sri Lanka
Gorgan Mountain Salamander Iran
Granular Asian Toad Vietnam
Great Piebald Horned Toad China
Greater Tip-nosed Frog Japan
Green Bubble-nest Frog Sri Lanka
Guangxi Warty Newt China
Gundia Indian Frog India
Gunther's Borneo Frog Malaysia
Gunther's Bubble-nest Frog Sri Lanka
Gunther's Flathead Toad Indonesia, Malaysia
Gunther's Whipping Frog Sri Lanka
Gunther's Wrinkled Ground Frog Philippines
Gunung Bubble-nest Frog Malaysia
Gunung Mulu Borneo Frog Malaysia
Gunung Mulu Bubble-nest Frog Brunei Darussalam, Malaysia
Gunung Mulu Stream Toad Malaysia
Hainan Flathead Toad China
Hainan Frog China
Hainan Knobby Newt China
Hainan Spadefoot Toad China
Hainan Torrent Frog China
Hainan Wart Frog Sri Lanka
Hakuba Salamander Japan
Halliday's Bubble-nest Frog Sri Lanka
Handapan Bubble-nest Frog Sri Lanka
Handapan Ell Bubble-nest Frog Sri Lanka
Handapan Ella Bubble-nest Frog Sri Lanka
Harrisson's Flying Frog Brunei Darussalam, Indonesia, Malaysia
Haycock Bubble-nest Frog Sri Lanka
Haycock Shrub Frog Sri Lanka
Hazel's Wrinkled Ground Frog Philippines
Heinrich's Wart Frog Indonesia
Hejiang Spiny Frog China
Hoffmann's Bubble-nest Frog Sri Lanka
Hokuriku Salamander Japan
Holst's Frog Japan
Hong Kong Cascade Frog China (Hong Kong)
Hong Kong Spiny Frog China
Hong Kong Warty Newt China
Horned Wrinkled Ground Frog Philippines
Humbali Village Toad India
Hyla heinzsteinitzi Israel
Hylarana mangyanum Philippines
Indian Flying Frog India
Indian Toad India
Inger's Asian Tree Toad Brunei Darussalam, Indonesia, Malaysia
Inger's Bubble-nest Frog Brunei Darussalam, Malaysia
Inger's Flying Frog Indonesia, Malaysia
Inger's Wart Frog Brunei Darussalam, Indonesia, Malaysia
Ingerophrynus kumquat Malaysia
Isarog Forest Frog Philippines
Ishikawa's Frog Japan
Israel Painted Frog Israel
Jacobson's Bubble-nest Frog Indonesia
Japanese Giant Salamander Japan
Java Flying Frog Indonesia
Java Indonesian Treefrog Indonesia
Javan Torrent Frog Indonesia
Jelak Asian Toad Indonesia, Malaysia
Jin Jiang Sucker Frog China
Jingdong Frog China, Vietnam
Jingdong Lazy Toad China
Jinxiu Bubble-nest Frog China, Vietnam
Jiulong Spiny Frog China
Junlian Odorous Frog China
Kabatangan Frog Philippines
Kadamaian Stream Toad Indonesia, Malaysia
Kajang Asian Toad Malaysia
Kalakad Wrinkled Frog India
Kalakkad Flying Frog India
Kalang Wart Frog Indonesia
Kalinga Narrowmouth Toad Philippines
Kamboranga Bubble-nest Frog Malaysia
Kamborangah Borneo Frog Indonesia, Malaysia
Kampira Falls Frog China, Japan, Taiwan
Kandy Bubble-nest Frog Sri Lanka
Kangaroo Bubble-nest Frog Sri Lanka
Kangting Sucker Frog China
Kanneliya Dot Frog Sri Lanka
Kapit Borneo Frog Indonesia, Malaysia
Kapit Rice Frog Brunei Darussalam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines
Karnataka Bubble-nest Frog India
Karnataka Rice Frog India
Kelaart's Dwarf Toad Sri Lanka
Kerala Indian Frog India
Kerangas Bubble-nest Frog Malaysia
Kiau Borneo Frog Indonesia, Malaysia
Kina Balu Stream Toad Indonesia, Malaysia
Kinabalu Asian Toad Malaysia
Kinabalu Horned Frog Malaysia
Kinabalu Spadefoot Toad Malaysia
Kobayashi's Horned Frog Malaysia
Koh Chang Island Frog Cambodia, Thailand
Kokagala Streamlined Frog Sri Lanka
Komodo Cross Frog Indonesia
Koskulana Bubble-nest Frog Sri Lanka
Kotagama's Dwarf Toad Sri Lanka
Kottawa Bubble-nest Frog Sri Lanka
Kottigehar Tropical Frog India
Kuang-wu Shan Frog China
Kurdistan Spotted Newt Iran
Kurintji Flying Frog Indonesia
Kwang-yang Asian Frog China
Labang Rice Frog Indonesia, Malaysia
Laggala Bubble-nest Frog Sri Lanka
Laguna del Bay Frog Philippines
Laos Sucker Frog Laos, Vietnam
Large Wrinkled Frog India
Large-spined Bell Toad China
Lawton's Wrinkled Ground Frog Philippines
Leishan Spiny Toad China
Leptobrachium echinatum Vietnam
Leptolalax arayai Malaysia
Leyte Bubble-nest Frog Philippines
Liangbei Lazy Toad China
Lichuan Bell Toad China
Lichuan Lazy Toad China
Lifan Sucker Frog China
Limnonectes asperatus Indonesia
Limnonectes toumanoffi Cambodia, Vietnam
Lined Treefrog Indonesia
Loka Flying Frog Indonesia
Lolokou Sucker Frog China
Lombok Cross Frog Indonesia
Long-fingered Stream Toad Brunei Darussalam, Indonesia, Malaysia
Long-legged Brown Frog China, Taiwan
Longdong Stream Salamander China
Lowland Grainy Frog Malaysia
Lubok Antu Bubble-nest Frog Malaysia
Luidan Stream Toad Malaysia
Lungshen Odorous Frog China
Luschan's Salamander Turkey
Luzon Fanged Frog Philippines
Luzon Frog Philippines
Luzon Narrow-mouthed Frog Philippines
Luzon Wrinkled Ground Frog Philippines
Malabar Black Narrow-mouthed Frog India
Malabar Dot Frog India
Malabar Indian Frog India
Malabar Tropical Frog India
Malaysian Borneo Frog Indonesia, Malaysia
Malaysian Bubble-nest Frog Malaysia
Malaysian Flying Frog Indonesia, Malaysia
Malaysian Grainy Frog Malaysia
Malesian Frog Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand
Mangshan Horned Toad China
Marbled Dot Frog India
Marbled Streamlined Frog Sri Lanka
Marmaris Salamander Turkey
Masarang Frog Indonesia
Masked Tree Frog Indonesia, Malaysia
Matang Asian Toad Brunei Darussalam, Indonesia, Malaysia
Matang Stream Toad Brunei Darussalam, Indonesia, Malaysia
Matheran Indian Frog India
Mawblang Toad India
McGregor's Stream Toad Philippines
Mendolong Bubble-nest Frog Malaysia
Menglun Eastern Frog China
Mindanao Flathead Toad Philippines
Mindanao Flying Frog Philippines
Mindanao Horned Frog Philippines
Mittermeier's Bubble-nest Frog Sri Lanka
Moray Bubble-nest Frog Sri Lanka
Morningside Bubble-nest Frog Sri Lanka
Mottled Bubble-nest Frog Philippines
Mount Data Forest Frog Philippines
Mount Lumaku Bubble-nest Frog Malaysia
Mount Omoto-dake Frog Japan
Mount Talamau Bubble-nest Frog Indonesia
Mount Wuliang Sucker Frog China
Mountain Borneo Frog Indonesia, Malaysia
Mountain Dot Frog India
Mountain Wrinkled Ground Frog Philippines
Muller's Stream Toad Philippines
Mulu Flying Frog Indonesia, Malaysia
Munnar Bubble-nest Frog India
Murud Bubble-nest Frog Indonesia, Malaysia
Muruk Mio Bubble-nest Frog Malaysia
Naked Tropical Frog India
Nankiang Horned Toad China
Naomi's Forest Frog Philippines
Neatly-spotted Bubble-nest Frog Sri Lanka
Negros Wrinkled Ground Frog Philippines
Nepal Paa Frog India, Nepal
Neurergus kaiseri Iran
Nicobarese Whipping Frog India
Nicobars Wart Frog India (Nicobar Is.)
Nilgiri Bubble-nest Frog India
Nilgiri Tropical Frog India
Nilgiris Wart Frog India
Ninglang Paa Frog China
Noellert's Toad Sri Lanka
North Borneo Stream Toad Malaysia
Northern Frog Bangladesh, Bhutan, India
Norton Plains Bubble-nest Frog Sri Lanka
Ocellated Bubble-nest Frog China
Odaigahara Salamander Japan
Oita Salamander Japan
Oki Salamander Japan
Okinawa Wart Frog Japan
Omei Horned Toad China
Omei Lazy Toad China
Orange-bellied Flying Frog China, Taiwan
Pachyhynobius yunanicus China
Pahang Frog Malaysia, Thailand
Painted Asian Toad Indonesia, Malaysia
Painted Indonesian Treefrog Brunei Darussalam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand
Paka Bubble-nest Frog Malaysia
Palawan Bubble-nest Frog Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines
Palawan Horned Frog Philippines
Pale-footed Bubble-nest Frog Indonesia
Palm Borneo Frog Malaysia
Panay Wrinkled Ground Frog Philippines
Parker's Dot Frog Sri Lanka
Pattipola Caecilian Sri Lanka
Pelophryne rhopophilia Malaysia
Penang Stream Toad Malaysia
Persian Mountain Salamander Iran
Philautus decoris Sri Lanka
Philautus sp. nov. 'Amboli Forest' India
Philautus sp. nov. 'Munnar' India
Philippine Bubble-nest Frog Philippines
Philippine Flat-headed Frog Philippines
Philippine Wart Frog Philippines
Phongsaly Flying Frog China, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam
Piebald Paa Frog China
Pimpled Bubble-nest Frog Sri Lanka
Pinnacle Bubble-nest Frog Malaysia
Plain Green Bubble-nest Frog Sri Lanka
Platymantis cagayanensis Philippines
Platymantis indeprensus Philippines
Platymantis pseudodorsalis Philippines
Polillo Wrinkled Ground Frog Philippines
Ponmudi Bubble-nest Frog India
Ponmudi Hill Bubble-nest Frog India
Ponmudi Hills Bubble-nest Frog India
Pulo Tioman Stream Toad Malaysia
Purple Ghats Frog India
Puxiong Lazy Toad China
Pygmy Wrinkled Ground Frog Philippines
Qinghai Lake Toad China
Rabor's Wrinkled Ground Frog Philippines
Red-headed Flying Frog China
Red-legged Horn Frog Malaysia, Thailand
Red-spotted Lazy Toad China
Red-tailed Knobby Newt China
Reticulate Bubble-nest Frog Sri Lanka
Rhacophorus zhaojuensis China
Romer's Treefrog China (Hong Kong)
Rough Horned Frog Malaysia
Rough-skinned Bubble-nest Frog India
Rueppel's Big-eyed Treefrog Indonesia
Rus Bubble-nest Frog Sri Lanka
Ryukyu Brown Frog Japan
Ryukyu Tip-nosed Frog Japan
Sabah Rice Frog Malaysia
Sabahphrynus anotis Malaysia
Sacred Swamp Wrinkled Frog India
Saint Andrew's Cross Toadlet Brunei Darussalam, Malaysia
Sarasin Bubble-nest Frog Sri Lanka
Sarawak Grainy Frog Brunei Darussalam, Indonesia, Malaysia
Sauter's Brown Frog China, Taiwan
Schmacker's Bubble-nest Frog Philippines
Schmarda Bubble-nest Frog Sri Lanka
Schmidt's Lazy Toad China
Scortecci's Toad Yemen
Scutiger spp. (10) China, Nepal
Seep Frog Brunei Darussalam, Indonesia, Malaysia
Semirechensk Salamander China, Kazakhstan
Seoul Pond Frog Korea
Serasan Borneo Frog Indonesia, Malaysia
Shangcheng Stout Salamander China
Sharp Bubble-nest Frog Malaysia
Shillong Bubble-nest Frog India
Short-legged Horned Toad Hong Kong
Shuicheng Salamander China
Siam Narrowmouth Toad Laos, Thailand, Vietnam
Siamese Stream Toad Thailand
Sichuan Lazy Toad China
Sierra Madre Wrinkled Ground Frog Philippines
Silent Valley Torrent Toad India
Simba Bubble-nest Frog Sri Lanka
Similar Frog Laos, Vietnam
Small Grainy Frog Indonesia
Small Wrinkled Frog India
Small-eared Toad India
Small-headed Frog Philippines
Small-webbed Bell Toad China, Vietnam
Sonan's Salamander China, Taiwan
Songpan Slow Frog China
Sordid Bubble-nest Frog Sri Lanka
Southern Whipping Frog Sri Lanka
Spiny Frog China
Spiny Indonesian Treefrog Philippines
Spiny-breasted Frog Cambodia, Thailand
Spiny-flanked Frog China
Spot-tailed Warty Newt China
Sri Lanka Dot Frog Sri Lanka
Sri Lankan Rice Frog Sri Lanka
Sri Lankan True Toad Sri Lanka
Steiner's Bubble-nest Frog Sri Lanka
Stejneger's Paddy Frog China, Taiwan
Strauch's Spotted Newt Turkey
Stream Salamander China
Stuart's Bubble-nest Frog Sri Lanka
Sulawesi Wart Frog Indonesia
Sumatra Toad Indonesia
Sword-tailed Newt Japan
Tablas Wrinkled Ground Frog Philippines
Tagibo Wart Frog Philippines
Taipei Flying Frog China, Taiwan
Taiwan Salamander China, Taiwan
Taliang Knobby Newt China
Tam Dao Salamander Vietnam
Tanah Rata Wart Frog Malaysia
Taosze Spiny Toad China
Tasan Eastern Frog Thailand
Tawau Wart Frog Brunei Darussalam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand
Taylor's Caecilian Sri Lanka
Taylor's Igorot Frog Philippines
Taylor's Wrinkled Ground Frog Philippines
Theloderma rhododiscus China, Vietnam
Tibetan Bubble-nest Frog Sri Lanka
Tientai Rough-skinned Frog China
Tiny Stream Toad Indonesia, Malaysia
Tirunvelveli's Hill Frog India
Tokyo Salamander Japan
Tonkin Toad China, Myanmar, Vietnam
Torrent Paa Frog Nepal
Torrent Sucker Frog China
Torrington Bubble-nest Frog Sri Lanka
Tramlap Flying Frog Laos, Vietnam
Tributary Wart Frog Brunei Darussalam, Indonesia, Malaysia
Tsinpa Salamander China
Turkish Frog Turkey
Tweedie's Wart Frog Indonesia, Malaysia
Variable Cross Frog Indonesia
Vietnam Crocodile Newt Vietnam
Vietnam Flying Frog Laos, Vietnam
Vietnam Sucker Frog China, Vietnam
Vietnamese Bubble-nest Frog China, Vietnam
Wanggao Warty Newt China
Warty Asian Tree Toad India
Warty Lazy Toad China
Wayanad Bubble-nest Frog India
Weining Groove-toed Frog China
Wenxian Knobby Newt China
White-striped Flathead Toad Philippines
Whitebelly Stream Toad Brunei Darussalam, Indonesia, Malaysia
Whitehead's Borneo Frog Indonesia, Malaysia
Wissel Lakes Treefrog Indonesia
Worcester's Bubble-nest Frog Philippines
Wuchuan Odorous Frog China
Wushan Salamander China
Wuzhi Shan Odorous Frog China
Wynaad Bubble-nest Frog India
Yang's Salamander Korea
Yaoshan Flying Frog China
Yellow River Frog China
Yellow Spotted Newt Iran, Iraq, Turkey
Yellow-spotted Salamander China
Yenyuan Stream Salamander China
Yinggeling Flying Frog China
Yiwu Salamander China
Yunnan Asian Frog China
Yunnan Flying Frog China, India
Yunnan Lazy Toad China
Yunnan Spiny Frog China, Vietnam
Yunnanfu Frog China, Vietnam
Zorro Bubble-nest Frog Sri Lanka

**What amphibians are listed here?:

The Asia section of this site lists the folllowing amphibians appearing on select endangered species lists:
  • Amphibians that dwell in or migrate to any nation or region found on the Asian continent and many surrounding islands.
  • Amphibians that dwell in or travel to the Black and Mediterranean Sea (and its islands).
  • Amphibians that dwell in or travel to India and Russia.
  • Amphibians that dwell in or travel to any Eurasian region.
  • Some species may be listed that dwell in or travel to some nearby areas of the Middle East (between Africa and Asia).
  • Amphibians that dwell in or travel to Indonesia and nearby islands located in the South East Asian Archipelago.
  • Amphibians that dwell in Middle Eastern countries between Africa and Asia

This list combines species from several endangered species lists. Using the total count of species found on this site as an official count of endangered species of the world is not recommended. For more information on what creatures are listed on this site, please visit our About EEC page.

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