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Common Name Range ***
Aeolian Wall Lizard Italy
Afghan Tortoise Kazakhstan, Russia
Aran Rock Lizard France, Spain
Aurelio's Rock Lizard Andorra, France, Spain
Bedriaga's Rock Lizard France, Italy
Bedriaga's Skink Portugal, Spain
Black Sea Viper Turkey
Carbonell's Wall Lizard Portugal, Spain
Carpetane Rock Lizard Spain
Caucasian Viper Russia, Turkey
Chalcides simonyi Spain
Common Tortoise Europe
Cyclades Blunt-nosed Viper Greece
Cyprus Whip Snake Cyprus
Darevsky's Viper Turkey
Doumergue's Skink Spain
Euphrates Softshell Turtle Turkey
European Leaf-toed Gecko France, Italy
False Smooth Snake Portugal, Spain
Greek Algyroides Greece
Greek Rock Lizard Greece
Horvath's Rock Lizard Austria, Croatia, Germany, Italy, Slovenia
Iberian Emerald Lizard Portugal, Spain
Iberian Rock Lizard Portugal, Spain
Ibiza Wall Lizard Spain
La Gomera Giant Lizard Spain
La Palma Giant Lizard Spain (Canary Islands)
Lacerta clarkorum Turkey
Large-headed Water Snake Russia, Turkey
Lataste's Viper Portugal, Spain
Lilford's Wall Lizard Spain
Loggerhead Sea Turtle Europe, Africa, Asia, and North America
Meadow Viper Europe
Miles Wall Lizard Greece
Moroccan Three-toed Skink Spain
Mosor Rock Lizard Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro
Mount Bulgar Viper Turkey
Mountain Viper Turkey
Ocellated Lizard France, Italy, Portugal, Spain
Peloponnese Slow Worm Greece
Pena de Francia Rock Lizard Spain
Pyrenean Rock Lizard France, Spain
Roque Chico de Salmor Giant Lizard Spain (Canary Islands)
Schreiber's Fringe-fingered Lizard Cyprus, Turkey
Skyros Wall Lizard Greece
Small Three-toed Skink Spain
Spanish Algyroides Spain
Tenerife Speckled Lizard Spain
Vipera dinniki Russia
Wagner's Viper Turkey

**What reptiles are listed here?:

The Europe section of this site lists the folllowing reptiles appearing on select endangered species lists:
  • Reptiles that dwell in or migrate to any region found in Europe and any nearby islands of the Atlantic Ocean.
  • Reptiles that dwell in the East Atlantic Ocean (Azores).
  • Reptiles of Iceland.
  • Reptiles that dwell in the Adriatic Sea and Sea of Azov.
  • Reptiles that dwell in the Black and Caspian Sea.
  • Reptiles that dwell in Corsica.
  • Reptiles that dwell in Cyprus.
  • Reptiles of the Palearctic.
  • Reptiles of Russia.
  • Reptiles of Eurasia.
  • Some species dwelling on the North African Coast.
  • Reptiles of the Mediterranean Sea and islands located in the Mediterranean Sea.
  • Reptiles dwelling in islands of Spain (Canary, Balearic).

This list combines species from several endangered species lists. Using the total count of species found on this site as an official count of endangered species of the world is not recommended. For more information on what creatures are listed on this site, please visit our About EEC page.

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