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Endangered Crustaceans of Africa

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Common Name Range ***
Aquadulcaris pheronyxSouth Africa
Astacoides spp. (2)Madagascar
Boreas uglowiMadagascar
Deckenia imitatrixKenya, Somalia, Tanzania
Deckenia mitisKenya, Tanzania
Dwarf River CrabLiberia
Grandbassa River CrabLiberia
Kapcypriodopsis barnardiSouth Africa (Western Cape Province)
Leucocythere helenaeSouth Africa
Lobster Claw CrabGuinea, Liberia
Louisea spp. (2)Cameroon
Lovenula spp. (2)South Africa
Lugbe River CrabLiberia
Madagapotamon humbertiMadagascar
Mesocyclops insulensisMadagascar
Metadiaptomus spp. (2)South Africa
Nimba Stream CrabGuinea, Liberia
Paradiaptomus natalensisSouth Africa
Paramelita spp. (2)South Africa
Potamon spp.Africa, Asia, Europe, Middle East
Potamonautes spp. (16)Democratic Republic of Congo (Zaire), Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Nigeria, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda
Purple Marsh CrabGuinea
Sachs's Stream CrabCameroon, Nigeria
Streptocephalus spp. (4)South Africa, Zimbabwe
Thermodiaptomus galeboidesKenya, Tanzania, Uganda
Tree Hole CrabGuinea, Liberia
Tropodiaptomus spp. (6)Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo (Zaire), Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda
Water FleaSouth Africa
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***What crustaceans are listed here?:

The Africa section of this site lists the folllowing crustaceans appearing on select endangered species lists:
  • Crustaceans that dwell in or migrate to any nation or region found on the African continent.
  • Crustaceans dwelling in or that travel to the Mediterranean Sea and any islands located in the Mediterranean Sea.
  • Crustaceans dwelling in or that migrate to Madagascar and nearby islands (to the southwest of India or east of Madagascar).
  • Crustaceans dwelling in or that migrate to North Atlantic islands off the western coast of Africa.
 In some cases, the creatures listed in this section may also be found on other continents or in other areas, which is why you may see additional areas noted in the range column.

Disclaimer: This list combines species from several endangered species lists. Using the total count of species found on this site as an official count of endangered species of the world is not recommended. For more information on what creatures are listed on this site, please visit our About Us page.

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