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Endangered Insects of Asia

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Common Name Range ***
Adam's ShadowdamselSri Lanka
Aeshna yemenensisYemen
Agabus spp.Denmark, Germany, Latvia, Poland, Russia, Sweden
Andaman CrowIndia, Myanmar
Anisogomphus solitarisSri Lanka
Apollo ButterflyAsia, Europe, Middle East
Asiagomphus yayeyamensisJapan
Atrophaneura spp. (4)Indonesia, Philippines, Sri Lanka
Austin's ShadowdamselSri Lanka
Bayadera ishigakianaJapan
Bedford-russell's Tree-nymphIndonesia
Bekko TomboChina, Japan, Korea
Biak Dark CrowIndonesia
Biak Threespot CrowIndonesia
Biak TigerIndonesia
Boninagrion ezoinJapan
Bonthain TigerIndonesia
Bordered Knob-tipped ShadowdamselSri Lanka
Bulgarian EmeraldBulgaria, Greece, Turkey
Burmagomphus sivalikensisIndia
Buru Opalescent BirdwingIndonesia
Calopteryx spp. (2)Israel, Israel (Palestinian Territory, Occupied), Jordan, Lebanon, Syria
Cephalaeschna acutifronsIndia
Cerambyx LongicornAfrica, Asia, Europe, Middle East
Chalepoxenus spp. (3)Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan
Chlorogomphus iriomotensisJapan
Chlorogomphus okinawensisJapan
Coenagrion syriacumIsrael, Lebanon, Syria, Turkey
Cordelia's CrowIndonesia
Corsican SwallowtailCorsica, Sardinia
Cyclogomphus gynostylusSri Lanka
D'Abrera's TigerIndonesia
Dannatt's TigerPhilippines
Dark Knob-tipped ShadowdamselflySri Lanka
Dark-winged GroundlingIran, Iraq, Israel, Syria, Turkey
David's TigerPhilippines
Dytiscus latissimusAustria, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Italy, Latvia, Norway, Poland, Russia, Sweden, Ukraine
Electra's Tree-nymphPhilippines
Epimyrma spp. (2)Georgia (Eurasia), Russia
Father Schoenig's ChocolatePhilippines
Felder's TigerPhilippines
Flores TigerIndonesia
Formicoxenus spp.Russia
Four-spot MidgetChina (Guangdong), Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan
Furhstorfer's Jungle WatcherSri Lanka
GoldstreifigerAsia, Europe
Graphium spp. (6)India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines
Graphoderus bilineatusAsia, Europe, Middle East
Hajar Wadi DamselOman, United Arab Emirates
Harpgoxenus zaisanicusMongolia
Hemicordulia spp. (2)Japan
Ideopsis spp. (2)Indonesia
Indolestes boninensisJapan
Japanese AntJapan
Jordan's SwallowtailIndonesia
Jungle ThreadtailSri Lanka
Kuekenthal's Yellow TigerIndonesia
Leptogomphus yayeyamensisJapan
Ludlow's Bhutan SwallowtailBhutan
Luzon Peacock SwallowtailPhilippines
Lycaena ottomanusAlbania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Greece, Montenegro, Republic of Macedonia, Turkey
Lyrate GrappletailSri Lanka
Macromia spp. (2)Japan, Sri Lanka
Macromidia ishidaiJapan
Merry ShadowdamselSri Lanka
Milagros' TigerPhilippines
Monomorium spp. (2)India, Singapore
Morishita's TigerIndonesia
Mountain Alcon BlueAsia, Europe
Murphy's CrowIndonesia
Myrmica spp.India
Myrmoxenus gordiaginiCroatia, Russia
Nehalennia speciosaAustria, Belarus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Japan, Korea, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Ukraine
Nicobar CrowIndia
Nietner's GrappletailSri Lanka
Obi Island BirdwingIndonesia
Oligoaeschna kunigamiensisJapan
Onychogomphus spp. (2)Armenia, Georgia (Eurasia), Iran, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Turkey, Turkmenistan
Ornithoptera meridionalisIndonesia, Papua New Guinea
Orthetrum poecilopsChina
Papilio carolinensisPhilippines
Papilio neumoegeniIndonesia
Papilio osmanaPhilippines
Parnassius autocratorAfghanistan, Tajikistan
Pheidole spp. (2)India
Plagiolepis spp.Russia
Polyergus nigerrimusRussia
Polyommatus damaTurkey
Powder Blue DamselOman, United Arab Emirates, Yemen
Predatory Bush CricketAsia, Europe, Middle East
Pseudagrion spp.Saudi Arabia, Yemen
Pseudochazara euxinaRussia, Ukraine
Pygmy Hog Sucking LouseIndia
Ramajana BambootailSri Lanka
Red ChaserArmenia, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Kyrgyzstan, Syria, Turkey
Relict Himalayan DragonflyIndia, Nepal
Rhinocypha spp. (4)Japan, Philippines
Rhipidolestes okinawanusJapan
Rhoptromyrmex mayriIndia
Rhoptromyrmex schmitziIsrael
Risiocnemis seidenschwarziPhilippines
Rivulet Tiger (Dragonfly)Sri Lanka
Rosalia LongicornAfrica, Asia, Europe, Middle East
Rossomyrmex spp.Russia
Rothschild's BirdwingIndonesia
Shimaakane DragonflyJapan
Sinai HooktailEgypt, Niger, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Yemen
Sinhalestes orientalisSri Lanka
Small Lappet MothAustria, Belarus, Belgium, China, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Mongolia, Norway, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine
Smoky-winged ThreadtailSri Lanka
Sri Lanka ForktailSri Lanka
Sri Lanka GrappletailSri Lanka
Sri Lankan Relict AntSri Lanka
Strongylognathus spp. (9)Georgia (Eurasia), Israel, Korea, Russia, Turkey, Turkmenistan
Sumbawa TigerIndonesia
Talaud Black BirdwingIndonesia
Tetrathemis spp.Sri Lanka
The MagouIndonesia
Timor Yellow TigerIndonesia
Toxopeus' Yellow TigerIndonesia
Turkish Red DamselGreece, Syria, Turkey
Urothemis thomasiOman
Wallace's Golden Birdwing ButterflyIndonesia
Wijaya's Scissortail ClubtailSri Lanka
Zerynthia caucasicaArmenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia (Eurasia), Turkey
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***What insects are listed here?:

The Asia section of this site lists the folllowing insects appearing on select endangered species lists:
  • Insects that dwell in or migrate to any nation or region found on the Asian continent and many surrounding islands.
  • Insects that dwell in or travel to the Black and Mediterranean Sea (and its islands).
  • Insects that dwell in or travel to India and Russia.
  • Insects that dwell in or travel to any Eurasian region.
  • Some species may be listed that dwell in or travel to some nearby areas of the Middle East (between Africa and Asia).
  • Insects that dwell in or travel to Indonesia and nearby islands located in the South East Asian Archipelago.
  • Insects that dwell in Middle Eastern countries between Africa and Asia
 In some cases, the creatures listed in this section may also be found on other continents or in other areas, which is why you may see additional areas noted in the range column.

Disclaimer: This list combines species from several endangered species lists. Using the total count of species found on this site as an official count of endangered species of the world is not recommended. For more information on what creatures are listed on this site, please visit our About Us page.

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