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Endangered Crustaceans of North America**

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**Hawaiian species are listed separately.

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Common Name Range ***
Aglaodiaptomus spp. (2)United States
Alabama Cave ShrimpAlabama
Alabama Well AmphipodAlabama
Angular Dwarf CrayfishAlabama, Mississippi
Apalachicola Cave CrayfishFlorida, Georgia
Arizona Cave AmphipodArizona
Avotrichodactylus oaxensisMexico
Balcones Cave AmphipodTexas
Balcones Cave ShrimpTexas
Barr's Cave AmphipodMissouri
Bastrop CrayfishTexas
Bat Cave IsopodArkansas, Oklahoma
Bath County Cave AmphipodVirginia
Bearded Red CrayfishMississippi
Beautiful CrayfishGeorgia
Benton County Cave CrayfishArkansas, Missouri
Bifurcated Cave AmphipodTexas
Big Blue Spring Cave CrayfishFlorida
Big Sandy CrayfishKentucky, Virginia, West Virginia
Big South Fork CrayfishKentucky, Tennessee
Big-cheeked Cave CrayfishFlorida
Black Creek CrayfishFlorida
Blackbarred CrayfishAlabama, Georgia
Blackbelted CrayfishTexas
Bluegrass CrayfishKentucky
Bousfield's AmphipodIllinois, Indiana, Kentucky
Bowman's Cave AmphipodOklahoma
Branchinecta belkiMexico
Branchinecta mexicanaMexico
Branchinella spp. (2)United States
Brawleys Fork CrayfishTennessee
Brazoria CrayfishTexas
Broad River Spiny CrayfishNorth Carolina, South Carolina
Burnsville Cove Cave AmphipodVirginia
Burrowing Bog CrayfishAlabama, Mississippi
California Bay Pea CrabCalifornia
California Freshwater ShrimpCalifornia
Cambarus strigosusGeorgia
Camp Shelby Burrowing CrayfishMississippi
Cascade Cave AmphipodTexas
Central Missouri Cave AmphipodArkansas, Missouri
Chatooga CrayfishAlabama, Georgia
Chattahoochee CrayfishAlabama, Georgia, North Carolina
Chickamanga CrayfishGeorgia, Tennessee
Choctaw Riverlet CrayfishMississippi
Clanton's Cave AmphipodKansas, Missouri
Clifton Cave IsopodKentucky
Coahuila IsopodMexico, Texas
Coastal Flatwoods CrayfishFlorida
Coastal Lowland Cave CrayfishFlorida
Conasauga Blue BurrowerGeorgia, Tennessee
Conservancy Fairy ShrimpCalifornia
Cooper's Cave AmphipodWest Virginia
Coosawattae CrayfishGeorgia
Corrollton CrayfishMississippi
Cypress CrayfishFlorida
Delaware County Cave CrayfishOklahoma
Devil's Sinkhole AmphipodTexas
Diminutive AmphipodTexas
Distocambarus spp. (2)Georgia, South Carolina
Edisto CrayfishSouth Carolina
Elaphoidella spp.United States
Elevated Spring AmphipodArkansas
Elk River CrayfishWest Virginia
Ephemeral Cave AmphipodVirginia
Escambia CrayfishAlabama, Florida
Etowah CrayfishGeorgia
Ezell's Cave AmphipodTexas
Florida Cave AmphipodFlorida
Florida Cave ShrimpFlorida
Florida Fairy ShrimpFlorida
French Broad CrayfishNorth Carolina
Grady's Cave AmphipodCalifornia
Greenbrier Cave AmphipodMaryland, West Virginia
Greenbrier Cave CrayfishWest Virginia
Greensboro Burrowing CrayfishNorth Carolina
Hara's Cave AmphipodCalifornia
Hatchie Burrowing CrayfishTennessee
Hay's Spring AmphipodDistrict of Columbia
Hell Creek CrayfishArkansas
Hesperodiaptomus spp. (2)California, North Carolina
Hiwassee CrayfishGeorgia, North Carolina, Tennessee
Hiwassee Headwater CrayfishGeorgia, North Carolina
Hobb's Cave AmphipodFlorida
Hobbseus cristatusMississippi
Illinois Cave AmphipodIllinois
Jackson Prarie CrayfishMississippi
Jefferson County CrayfishArkansas
Kentucky Cave ShrimpKentucky
Lagniappe CrayfishAlabama, Mississippi
Least CrayfishAlabama, Mississippi
Lee County Cave IsopodVirginia
Leptocaris stromatolicolusMexico
Little Tennessee CrayfishGeorgia, North Carolina
Long-legged Cave AmphipodTexas
Longhorn Fairy ShrimpCalifornia
Lonoke CrayfishArkansas
Mackenzie's Cave AmphipodCalifornia
Madison Cave IsopodVirginia, West Virginia
Malheur Cave AmphipodOregon
Mexilana saluposiMexico
Mexistenasellus nulemexMexico
Miami Cave CrayfishFlorida
Minute Cave AmphipodWest Virginia
Mississippi Flatwoods CrayfishMississippi
Mona Cave ShrimpPuerto Rico
Morrison's Cave AmphipodVirginia, West Virginia
Mountain Cave AmphipodArkansas
Muckalee CrayfishGeorgia
Neches CrayfishTexas
Nickajack Cave IsopodGeorgia, Tennessee
Noel's AmphipodNew Mexico
Norton's Cave AmphipodTennessee
Nueces CrayfishTexas
Obey CrayfishTennessee
Oconee Burrowing CrayfishGeorgia (USA)
Oconee Stream CrayfishGeorgia, North Carolina, South Carolina
Oklahoma Cave AmphipodOklahoma
Oklahoma Cave CrayfishOklahoma
Oktibbeha Riverlet CrayfishMississippi
Onondaga Cave AmphipodArkansas, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma
Orange Lake Cave CrayfishFlorida
Orconectes spp. (21)Alabama, Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, New Mexico, Ohio, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas
Orlando Cave CrayfishFlorida
Ouachita Burrowing CrayfishArkansas
Ozark Cave AmphipodArkansas, Missouri, Oklahoma
Panama City CrayfishFlorida
Parkhill Prairie CrayfishTexas
Parzefall's StenasellidMexico
Pearl Riverlet CrayfishMississippi
Peck's Cave AmphipodTexas
Pecos AmphipodTexas
Pennsylvania Cave AmphipodMaryland, Pennsylvania
Phantom Cave CrayfishAlabama
Pickle Springs AmphipodMissouri
Piedmont Blue BurrowerGeorgia
Pizzini's AmphipodDistrict of Columbia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia
Potamocarcinus spp.Mexico
Pristine CrayfishTennessee
Procambarus latipleurumFlorida
Procambarus plumimanusNorth Carolina
Procambarus rathbunaeFlorida
Procambarus reimeriArkansas
Putnam County Cave CrayfishFlorida
Red-black CrayfishFlorida
Reddell's Cave AmphipodTexas
Rusty Grave DiggerAlabama, Florida
Rye Cove Cave IsopodVirginia
Saline Burrowing CrayfishArkansas
San Diego Fairy ShrimpCalifornia
Sandhills CrayfishGeorgia
Santa Fe Cave CrayfishFlorida
Shasta CrayfishCalifornia
Silver Glen Springs Cave CrayfishFlorida
Skistodiaptomus carolinensisNorth Carolina
Slenderwrist Burrowing CrayfishArkansas
Socorro IsopodNew Mexico
Somersiella sterreriBahamas, Bermuda - North Atlantic Ocean, Cuba, Mexico
Sooty CrayfishCalifornia
Speckled Burrowing CrayfishAlabama, Mississippi
Speocirolana thermydromisMexico
Sphaerolana spp. (3)Mexico
Spiny-tail CrayfishMississippi
Spring Cave AmphipodWest Virginia
Stellmack's Cave AmphipodPennsylvania
Streptocephalus spp. (3)California, Mexico
Subtle Cave AmphipodIllinois, Michigan, Missouri
Tehuana spp. (3)Mexican Holarctic
Thermosphaeroma cavicaudaMexico
Thermosphaeroma dugesiMexico
Thermosphaeroma macruraMexico
Thermosphaeroma milleriMexico
Thermosphaeroma smithiMexico
Tidewater Interstitial AmphipodNorth Carolina, Virginia
Tidewater Stygonectid AmphipodMaryland, North Carolina
Tombigbee Riverlet CrayfishMississippi
Typhlopseudothelphusa mocinoiMexico
Valley Flame CrayfishKentucky, Tennessee
Vernal Pool Fairy ShrimpCalifornia, Oregon
Vernal Pool Tadpole ShrimpCalifornia
Wengeror's Cave AmphipodCalifornia
Wilken's StenasellidMexico
Wisconsin Well AmphipodWisconsin
Woodville Cave CrayfishFlorida
Yalobusha Riverlet CrayfishMississippi
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**Hawaiian species are listed separately.

***What crustaceans are listed here?:

The North America section of this site lists the folllowing crustaceans appearing on select endangered species lists:
  • Crustaceans that dwell in or migrate to any part of the North American continent, except Hawaii, which has its own section.
  • Crustaceans of Greenland and adjacent Atlantic islands.
  • Crustaceans of the Mexican Holarctic.
  • Crustaceans of the Gulf of Maine.
 In some cases, the creatures listed in this section may also be found on other continents or in other areas, which is why you may see additional areas noted in the range column.

Disclaimer: This list combines species from several endangered species lists. Using the total count of species found on this site as an official count of endangered species of the world is not recommended. For more information on what creatures are listed on this site, please visit our About Us page.

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