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Endangered Snails of North America**

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**Hawaiian species are listed separately.

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Common Name Range ***
Acute ElimiaAlabama, Tennessee
Alamosa SpringsnailNew Mexico
Allyn Smith's Banded SnailCalifornia
Angular PebblesnailAlabama
Anthony's RiversnailAlabama, Georgia, Tennessee
Antrobia spp. (2)Alabama, Montana
Armigerous River SnailUnited States
Armored SnailAlabama
Ash Meadows PebblesnailNevada
Atlas PebblesnailAlabama
Badwater SnailUnited States
Banbury Springs LimpetIdaho
Banded ElimiaAlabama
Bicolor Cactus SnailCalifornia
Black AbaloneCalifornia, Mexico (Baja California)
Black MudaliaAlabama
Black-crest ElimiaAlabama, Florida, Georgia
Bliss Rapid SnailIdaho
Blue Spring AphaostraconFlorida
Boulder Pile Mountain SnailIdaho
Brook ElimiaTennessee
Bruneau Hot SpringsnailIdaho
Caper ElimiaAlabama
Catalina Mountain SnailCalifornia
Cave PhysaWyoming
Clench's Middle-toothed Land SnailArkansas
Coahuilix De Hubbs SnailMexico
Coal ElimiaTennessee, Virginia
Concentrated SnailCalifornia
Coosa PebblesnailAlabama
Corpulent HornsnailAlabama, Tennessee
Crystal SiltsnailFlorida
Cylindrical Lioplax SnailAlabama, Georgia
Dense HydrobeFlorida
Domed AncylidAlabama, Kentucky, Tennessee
Duckwater PyrgNevada
Durangonella De Coahuila SnailMexico
Dutton's River SnailTennessee
Dwarf PebblesnailAlabama
Elimia porrectaTennessee
Elimia pybasiAlabama
Elimia teresTennessee
Elimia troostianaTennessee
Elk River File SnailAlabama, Tennessee
Emerald ValvataCalifornia
Enterprise SiltsnailFlorida
Fat-whorled PondsnaiUtah, Wyoming
Fenney Spring HydrobeFlorida
Flat PebblesnailAlabama
Flaxen ElimiaAlabama, Georgia
Fluted PebblesnailAlabama
Foushee CavesnailArkansas
Fraternal SnailCalifornia
Gabb's SnailCalifornia
Gila SpringsnailNew Mexico
Gladiator ElimiaAlabama
Grand Wash SpringsnailArizona
Greenbrier CavesnailWest Virginia
Harney Basin DuskysnailOregon
Hidden PebblesnailAlabama
Hood AncylidAlabama, Florida
Huachuca SpringsnailArizona
Ichetucknee SiltsnailFlorida
Idaho SpringsnailIdaho
Iowa Pleistocene SnailIllinois, Iowa
Jay's River SnailTennessee
Kanab Amber SnailArizona, Canada, Utah
Kanab AmbersnailArizona, Utah
Keeled SidebandCalifornia
Kern ShoulderbandCalifornia
Knob MudaliaAlabama
Knotty ElimiaTennessee
Koster's SpringsnailNew Mexico
Lacy ElimiaAlabama
Lava Rock Mountain SnailIdaho
Leptoxis amplaAlabama
Lily Shoals ElimiaAlabama
Magazine Mountain Middle-toothed SnailArkansas
Magnificent RamshornNorth Carolina
Mainstream River SnailAlabama, Illinois, Kentucky, Ohio, Tennessee, Virginia
Marbled DiscIdaho, Iowa
Mesa ShoulderbandCalifornia
Miller's SnailMexico
Mimic CavesnailTexas
Mission Creek OregonianIdaho
Moapa PebblesnailNevada
Moom PebblesnailAlabama
Morro Shoulderband SnailCalifornia
Mud ElimiaAlabama
Muddy RocksnailAlabama, Kentucky, Tennessee
Naegele SpringsnailTexas
Neoplanorbis tantillusAlabama
New Mexico Hotspring SnailNew Mexico
Northern AbaloneAlaska, California, Canada (British Columbia), Oregon, Washington
Ocmulgee MarstoniaGeorgia
Opaque PebblesnailAlabama, Tennessee
Ovate PebblesnailAlabama
Painted RocksnailAlabama
Paludiscala De Oro SnailMexico
Panhandle PebblesnailNorth Carolina, Virginia
Pecos Assiminea SnailMexico, New Mexico, Texas
Phantom Cave SnailTexas
Plain Cactus SnailCalifornia
Pleurocera postelliAlabama
Plicate RocksnailAlabama
Ponderous SiltsnailFlorida
Prickly Pear Island SnailCalifornia
Pygmy PebblesnailAlabama
Pygmy SiltsnailFlorida
Quadrate PebblesnailAlabama
Ringed HornsnailAlabama
Rocky Mountain CapshellCanada, United States
Rolling PebblesnailAlabama
Roswell SpringsnailNew Mexico
Rough HornsnailAlabama
Round RocksnailAlabama
Round-rib ElimiaAlabama
Royal Marstonia SnailTennessee
Rugged HornsnailAlabama, Arkansas, Illinois, Kentucky, Missouri, Tennessee
Sculpin SnailAlabama
Seminole SiltsnailFlorida
Shortspire HornsnailAlabama, Kentucky, Tennessee
Silt ElimiaAlabama
Skirted HornsnailAlabama, Georgia
Slender CampelomaAlabama
Slowwater ElimiaAlabama, Tennessee
Smooth RocksnailAlabama, North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia
Snake River Physa SnailIdaho
Socorro SpringsnailNew Mexico
South Sierra Nevada SpringsnailNew Mexico
Spindle ElimiaAlabama, Georgia
Spiny River SnailAlabama, Tennessee, Virginia
Spiral HornsnailAlabama
Spotted RocksnailAlabama
Stocky PebblesnailAlabama
Telescope HornsnailAlabama, Georgia, Kentucky, Tennessee
Tennessee PebblesnailAlabama
Thickshell PondsnailUtah
Thousand Palms Desert SnailCalifornia
Tight CoinCalifornia
Transverse Grand PyrgNevada
Trinity Bristle SnailCalifornia
Tulotoma SnailAlabama
Upland HornsnailAlabama, Georgia
Utah PhysaColorado, Utah, Wyoming
Utah Valvata SnailIdaho
Varicose RocksnailUnited States
Virginia Fringed Mountain SnailVirginia
Vortex Banded Mountain SnailIdaho
Walnut ElimiaAlabama
Wekiwa HydrobeFlorida
Wekiwa SiltsnailFlorida
Wet Rock PhysaUtah
White AbaloneNorth America (West Coast from Point Conception, CA, USA, to Punta Abreojos, Baja Californa, Mexico)
White Desert SnailCalifornia
Wreathed Cactus SnailCalifornia
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**Hawaiian species are listed separately.

***What snails are listed here?:

The North America section of this site lists the folllowing snails appearing on select endangered species lists:
  • Snails that dwell in or migrate to any part of the North American continent, except Hawaii, which has its own section.
  • Snails of Greenland and adjacent Atlantic islands.
  • Snails of the Mexican Holarctic.
  • Snails of the Gulf of Maine.
 In some cases, the creatures listed in this section may also be found on other continents or in other areas, which is why you may see additional areas noted in the range column.

Disclaimer: This list combines species from several endangered species lists. Using the total count of species found on this site as an official count of endangered species of the world is not recommended. For more information on what creatures are listed on this site, please visit our About Us page.

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