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A. roseni
A. roseni
Endangered Acropora Coral Species:
Acropora abrolhosensis
       Fuzzy Staghorn
Acropora aculeus
Acropora acuminata
Acropora anthocercis
       Red Table Coral
Acropora appressa
Acropora arabensis
Acropora aspera
Acropora austera
Acropora awi
Acropora batunai
Acropora carduus
Acropora caroliniana
Acropora cervicornis
Acropora dendrum
Acropora derawanensis
Acropora desalwii
Acropora digitifera
Acropora divaricata
Acropora donei
Acropora echinata
Acropora elegans
Acropora florida
       Branch Coral
Acropora formosa
Acropora glauca
Acropora globiceps
Acropora granulosa
Acropora hemprichii
Acropora hoeksemai
Acropora horrida
Acropora humilis
       Finger Coral
Acropora hyacinthus
       Brush Coral
Acropora indonesia
Acropora jacquelineae
Acropora kimbeensis
Acropora kirstyae
Acropora kosurini
Acropora listeri
Acropora loisetteae
Acropora lokani
Acropora loripes
Acropora lovelli
Acropora lutkeni
Acropora microclados
Acropora millepora
Acropora monticulosa
Acropora multiacuta
Acropora nana
       Acropora azurea
Acropora nasuta
Acropora palmata
       Elkhorn Coral
Acropora palmerae
Acropora paniculata
Acropora papillare
Acropora pharaonis
Acropora pichoni
Acropora plumosa
Acropora polystoma
Acropora retusa
Acropora roseni
Acropora rudis
Acropora russelli
Acropora secale
Acropora selago
Acropora simplex
Acropora solitaryensis
Acropora speciosa
Acropora spicifera
Acropora striata
Acropora suharsonoi
Acropora tenella
Acropora tenuis
Acropora turaki
Acropora vaughani
Acropora verweyi
Acropora walindii
Acropora willisae

Acropora Coral

Group: Corals, Jellyfish, and Sea Anemones

Status/Date(s) Listed as Endangered

Area(s) Where Listed As Endangered:
Africa, American Samoa, Asia, Australia, British Indian Ocean Territory, Central America, Europe, Gulf of Mexico, Middle East, North America (United States Territory), Oceanic, South America

Profiles and photos are posted according to availability.

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