Strongylognathus spp. 
Area(s) Where Listed As Endangered:
Algeria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Georgia (Eurasia), Greece, Israel, Italy, Korea, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Ukraine

Species/Common Names:
Strongylognathus afer
Strongylognathus alboini
Strongylognathus alpinus
Strongylognathus arnoldii
Strongylognathus caeciliae
Strongylognathus cecconii
Strongylognathus chelifer
Strongylognathus christophi
Strongylognathus dalmaticus
Strongylognathus destefanii
Strongylognathus emeryi
Strongylognathus foreli
Strongylognathus huberi
Strongylognathus insularis
Strongylognathus italicus
Strongylognathus karawajevi
Strongylognathus kervillei
Strongylognathus koreanus
Strongylognathus kratochvilli
Strongylognathus minutus
Strongylognathus palaestinensis
Strongylognathus pisarskii
Strongylognathus rehbinderi
Strongylognathus ruzskyi
Strongylognathus silvestrii

Facts Summary:
Strongylognathus is a genus of insects of concern and found in the following area(s): Algeria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Georgia (Eurasia), Greece, Israel, Italy, Korea, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Ukraine.

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Status/Date(s) Listed as Endangered

  Scientific Name Status Listing Date Range
1. Strongylognathus aferVU-IUCN1996Algeria
2. Strongylognathus alboiniVU-IUCN1996Italy
3. Strongylognathus alpinusVU-IUCN1996Switzerland
4. Strongylognathus arnoldiiVU-IUCN1996Russia
5. Strongylognathus caeciliaeVU-IUCN1996Spain
6. Strongylognathus cecconiiVU-IUCN1996Italy
7. Strongylognathus cheliferVU-IUCN1996Russia
8. Strongylognathus christophiVU-IUCN1996Russia
9. Strongylognathus dalmaticusVU-IUCN1996Croatia
10. Strongylognathus destefaniiVU-IUCN1996Italy
11. Strongylognathus emeryiVU-IUCN1996Italy
12. Strongylognathus foreliVU-IUCN1996Algeria
13. Strongylognathus huberiVU-IUCN1996Italy, Switzerland
14. Strongylognathus insularisVU-IUCN1996Italy
15. Strongylognathus italicusVU-IUCN1996Italy
16. Strongylognathus karawajeviVU-IUCN1996Ukraine
17. Strongylognathus kervilleiVU-IUCN1996Turkey
18. Strongylognathus koreanusVU-IUCN1996Korea
19. Strongylognathus kratochvilliVU-IUCN1996Czech Republic
20. Strongylognathus minutusVU-IUCN1996Turkmenistan
21. Strongylognathus palaestinensisVU-IUCN1996Israel
22. Strongylognathus pisarskiiVU-IUCN1996Italy
23. Strongylognathus rehbinderiVU-IUCN1996Georgia (Eurasia)
24. Strongylognathus ruzskyiVU-IUCN1996Russia
25. Strongylognathus silvestriiVU-IUCN1996Greece

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