Area(s) Where Listed As Endangered:
Fiji, Hawaii, Indonesia
Status/Date(s) Listed as Endangered:
  Scientific Name Status Listing Date Range
1. Cyrtandra crenataEN-US FWSMarch 28, 1994Hawaii
2. Cyrtandra cyaneoidesEN-US FWSOctober 10, 1996Hawaii
3. Cyrtandra denhamiiVU-IUCN1998Fiji
4. Cyrtandra dentataEN-US FWSOctober 10, 1996Hawaii
5. Cyrtandra elbertiiVU-IUCN1998Indonesia
6. Cyrtandra giffardiiEN-IUCN1998Hawaii
   EN-US FWSMarch 4, 1994 
7. Cyrtandra kandavuensisVU-IUCN1998Fiji
8. Cyrtandra kaulanthaCR-IUCN2003Hawaii
9. Cyrtandra munroiEN-US FWSMay 15, 1992Hawaii
10. Cyrtandra natewaensisVU-IUCN1998Fiji
11. Cyrtandra polyanthaCR-IUCN2003Hawaii
   EN-US FWSMarch 28, 1994 
12. Cyrtandra spathaceaVU-IUCN1998Fiji
13. Cyrtandra subumbellataEN-US FWSOctober 10, 1996Hawaii
14. Cyrtandra tavinunensisVU-IUCN1998Fiji
15. Cyrtandra tempestiiVU-IUCN1998Fiji
16. Cyrtandra tintinnabulaEN-US FWSMarch 4, 1994Hawaii
17. Cyrtandra viridifloraEN-US FWSOctober 10, 1996Hawaii
18. Cyrtandra waiolaniEW-IUCN2003Hawaii

Species/Common Names:
Cyrtandra crenata
Cyrtandra cyaneoides
Cyrtandra denhamii
Cyrtandra dentata
Cyrtandra elbertii
Cyrtandra giffardii
Giffard's Cyrtandra
Cyrtandra kandavuensis
Cyrtandra kaulantha
Waikane Valley Cyrtandra
Cyrtandra munroi
Cyrtandra natewaensis
Cyrtandra polyantha
Niu Valley Cyrtandra
Cyrtandra spathacea
Cyrtandra subumbellata
Cyrtandra tavinunensis
Cyrtandra tempestii
Cyrtandra tintinnabula
Cyrtandra viridiflora
Cyrtandra waiolani
Fuzzyflower Cyrtandra

Profiles and photos are posted according to availability.

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