Solanum spp. 
Solanum drymophilum
Solanum drymophilum

Area(s) Where Listed As Endangered:
Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Hawaii, Panama, Puerto Rico
Status/Date(s) Listed as Endangered:
  Scientific Name Status Listing Date Range
1. Solanum albornoziiEN-IUCN2004Ecuador
2. Solanum asteropilodesVU-IUCN2004Ecuador
3. Solanum bellumNT-IUCN2004Ecuador
4. Solanum carchienseEN-IUCN2004Ecuador
5. Solanum chilliasenseVU-IUCN2004Ecuador
6. Solanum chimborazenseEN-IUCN2004Ecuador
7. Solanum dolichorhachisCR-IUCN2004Ecuador
8. Solanum drymophilumCR-IUCN1998Puerto Rico
   EN-US FWSAugust 26, 1988 
9. Solanum exiguumVU-IUCN1998Bolivia
10. Solanum fortunenseVU-IUCN1998Costa Rica, Panama
11. Solanum hypermegethesVU-IUCN2004Ecuador
12. Solanum hypocalycosarcumNT-IUCN2004Ecuador
13. Solanum imbaburenseVU-IUCN2004Ecuador
14. Solanum incompletumEN-US FWSNovember 10, 1994Hawaii
15. Solanum interandinumVU-IUCN2004Ecuador
16. Solanum lanuginosumCR-IUCN2004Ecuador
17. Solanum leiophyllumVU-IUCN2004Ecuador
18. Solanum ovum-fringillaeCR-IUCN1998Brazil
19. Solanum paralumEN-IUCN1998Brazil
20. Solanum regularifoliumVU-IUCN2004Ecuador
21. Solanum roseumVU-IUCN1998Bolivia
22. Solanum sandwicenseEN-US FWSFebruary 25, 1994Hawaii
23. Solanum semicoalitumCR-IUCN2004Ecuador
24. Solanum sibundoyenseVU-IUCN1998Colombia
25. Solanum sycocarpumEN-IUCN1998Brazil

Species/Common Names:
Solanum albornozii
Solanum asteropilodes
Solanum bellum
Solanum carchiense
Solanum chilliasense
Solanum chimborazense
Solanum dolichorhachis
Solanum drymophilum
Solanum exiguum
Solanum fortunense
Solanum hypermegethes
Solanum hypocalycosarcum
Solanum imbaburense
Solanum incompletum
Popolo ku mai
Solanum interandinum
Solanum lanuginosum
Solanum leiophyllum
Solanum ovum-fringillae
Solanum paralum
Solanum regularifolium
Solanum roseum
Solanum sandwicense
Popolo 'Aiakeakua
Solanum semicoalitum
Solanum sibundoyense
Solanum sycocarpum

Profiles and photos are posted according to availability.

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