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Endangered Psychotria Species:
Psychotria alsophila
Psychotria angustata
       Floreana Wild Coffee
Psychotria beddomei
Psychotria bimbiensis
Psychotria bryonicola
Psychotria camerunensis
Psychotria cathetoneura
Psychotria chimboracensis
Psychotria clarendonensis
Psychotria clusioides
Psychotria crassipetala
Psychotria cyathicalyx
Psychotria danceri
Psychotria dasyophthalma
Psychotria densinervia
Psychotria deverdiana
Psychotria domatiata
Psychotria dubia
Psychotria elachistantha
Psychotria foetens
Psychotria fusiformis
Psychotria gardneri
Psychotria glandulifera
Psychotria globicephala
Psychotria grandiflora
       Large-flowered Balsamo
Psychotria grantii
Psychotria greenwelliae
Psychotria guerkeana
Psychotria hanoverensis
Psychotria hierniana
Psychotria hobdyi
       Hobdy's Wild-coffee
Psychotria lanceifolia
Psychotria lepiniana
Psychotria longipetiolata
Psychotria macrocarpa
Psychotria madida
Psychotria megalopus
Psychotria megistantha
Psychotria minimicalyx
Psychotria moliwensis
Psychotria moseskemei
Psychotria peteri
Psychotria petitii
Psychotria plicata
Psychotria plurivenia
Psychotria podocarpa
Psychotria pseudoplatyphylla
Psychotria rimbachii
Psychotria siphonophora
Psychotria sodiroi
Psychotria sordida
Psychotria speciosa
Psychotria stenophylla
Psychotria tahitensis
Psychotria taitensis
Psychotria trichocalyx
Psychotria waasii
Psychotria woytkowskii

Psychotria spp.

Group: Plants

Status/Date(s) Listed as Endangered

Area(s) Where Listed As Endangered:
Cameroon, Cuba, Ecuador, French Polynesia, Hawaii, India, Jamaica, Kenya, New Caledonia, Nigeria, Peru, Sao Tome and Principe, Sri Lanka, Tanzania

Profiles and photos are posted according to availability.

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