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Endangered Tonguefern Species:
Elaphoglossum actinolepis
Elaphoglossum angamarcanum
Elaphoglossum antisanae
Elaphoglossum bifurcatum
Elaphoglossum bonapartii
Elaphoglossum bryogenes
Elaphoglossum chodatii
Elaphoglossum christii
Elaphoglossum cladotrichium
Elaphoglossum corazonense
Elaphoglossum corderoanum
Elaphoglossum dimorphum
Elaphoglossum ecuadorense
Elaphoglossum engleri
Elaphoglossum gossypinum
Elaphoglossum gracilipes
Elaphoglossum heliconiaefolium
Elaphoglossum herpestes
Elaphoglossum hieronymi
Elaphoglossum inciens
Elaphoglossum isophyllum
Elaphoglossum jamesonii
Elaphoglossum longissimum
Elaphoglossum molle
Elaphoglossum muriculatum
Elaphoglossum nervosum
       Veined Tonguefern
Elaphoglossum oleandropsis
Elaphoglossum pellucidum
       Jeweled Tonguefern
Elaphoglossum polytrichum
Elaphoglossum pteropodum
Elaphoglossum serpens
       Cerro De Punta Jayuya
Elaphoglossum sodiroi
Elaphoglossum spectabile
Elaphoglossum sprucei
Elaphoglossum trichophorum
Elaphoglossum yatesii


Group: Plants

Status/Date(s) Listed as Endangered

Area(s) Where Listed As Endangered:
Ecuador, Puerto Rico, St. Helena

Profiles and photos are posted according to availability.

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