Elaeocarpus spp. 

Area(s) Where Listed As Endangered:
Bangladesh, Brunei Darussalam, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mauritius, New Caledonia, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Vietnam
Status/Date(s) Listed as Endangered:
  Scientific Name Status Listing Date Range
1. Elaeocarpus acmosepalusVU-IUCN1998Malaysia, Singapore
2. Elaeocarpus apiculatusVU-IUCN1998Malaysia, Vietnam
3. Elaeocarpus blascoiEN-IUCN1998India
4. Elaeocarpus bojeriCR-IUCN1998Mauritius
5. Elaeocarpus brigittaeVU-IUCN1998Indonesia
6. Elaeocarpus ceylanicusEN-IUCN1998Sri Lanka
7. Elaeocarpus colnettianusVU-IUCN1998New Caledonia
8. Elaeocarpus coriaceusEN-IUCN1998Sri Lanka
9. Elaeocarpus dinagatensisVU-IUCN1998Philippines
10. Elaeocarpus eriobotryoidesVU-IUCN1998Malaysia
11. Elaeocarpus fraseriVU-IUCN1998Malaysia
12. Elaeocarpus gausseniiCR-IUCN1998India
13. Elaeocarpus gigantifoliusVU-IUCN1998Philippines
14. Elaeocarpus glanduliferVU-IUCN1998Sri Lanka
15. Elaeocarpus inopinatusVU-IUCN1998Malaysia
16. Elaeocarpus integrifoliusCR-IUCN2000Mauritius
17. Elaeocarpus miriensisVU-IUCN1998Brunei Darussalam
18. Elaeocarpus moratiiVU-IUCN1998New Caledonia
19. Elaeocarpus prunifoliusVU-IUCN1998Bangladesh, India
20. Elaeocarpus recurvatusVU-IUCN1998India
21. Elaeocarpus royeniiVU-IUCN1998Indonesia
22. Elaeocarpus rugosusVU-IUCN1998Malaysia, Singapore
23. Elaeocarpus simaluensisVU-IUCN1998Indonesia
24. Elaeocarpus subvillosusVU-IUCN1998Sri Lanka
25. Elaeocarpus venustusVU-IUCN1998India

Species/Common Names:
Elaeocarpus acmosepalus
Elaeocarpus apiculatus
Elaeocarpus blascoi
Elaeocarpus bojeri
Elaeocarpus brigittae
Elaeocarpus ceylanicus
Elaeocarpus colnettianus
Elaeocarpus coriaceus
Elaeocarpus dinagatensis
Elaeocarpus eriobotryoides
Elaeocarpus fraseri
Elaeocarpus gaussenii
Elaeocarpus gigantifolius
Elaeocarpus glandulifer
Elaeocarpus inopinatus
Elaeocarpus integrifolius
Elaeocarpus miriensis
Elaeocarpus moratii
Elaeocarpus prunifolius
Elaeocarpus recurvatus
Elaeocarpus royenii
Elaeocarpus rugosus
Elaeocarpus simaluensis
Elaeocarpus subvillosus
Elaeocarpus venustus

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