Vatica spp. 

Area(s) Where Listed As Endangered:
Bangladesh, Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam
Status/Date(s) Listed as Endangered:
  Scientific Name Status Listing Date Range
1. Vatica affinisCR-IUCN1998Sri Lanka
2. Vatica badiifoliaEN-IUCN1998Brunei Darussalam, Malaysia
3. Vatica bantamensisEN-IUCN1998Indonesia
4. Vatica bellaCR-IUCN1998Malaysia
5. Vatica brevipesCR-IUCN1998Malaysia
6. Vatica brunigiiEN-IUCN1998Brunei Darussalam, Indonesia, Malaysia
7. Vatica caulifloraCR-IUCN1998Indonesia
8. Vatica chartaceaCR-IUCN1998Indonesia, Malaysia
9. Vatica chinensisCR-IUCN1998India, Sri Lanka
10. Vatica cinereaEN-IUCN1998Cambodia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam
11. Vatica compressaCR-IUCN1998Malaysia
12. Vatica congestaCR-IUCN1998Malaysia
13. Vatica coriaceaCR-IUCN1998Brunei Darussalam, Malaysia
14. Vatica cuspidataCR-IUCN1998Malaysia
15. Vatica diospyroidesCR-IUCN1998Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam
16. Vatica ellipticaCR-IUCN1998Philippines
17. Vatica flavidaCR-IUCN1998Malaysia
18. Vatica flavovirensCR-IUCN1998Indonesia
19. Vatica globosaCR-IUCN1998Indonesia, Malaysia
20. Vatica guangxiensisCR-IUCN1998China
21. Vatica havilandiiCR-IUCN1998Brunei Darussalam, Indonesia, Malaysia
22. Vatica heteropteraCR-IUCN1998Malaysia
23. Vatica hullettiiCR-IUCN1998Malaysia
24. Vatica lanceaefoliaCR-IUCN1998Bangladesh, India, Myanmar
25. Vatica lobataCR-IUCN1998Malaysia
26. Vatica lowiiEN-IUCN1998Indonesia, Malaysia
27. Vatica maingayiCR-IUCN1998Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore
28. Vatica mangachapoiEN-IUCN1998Brunei Darussalam, China, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam
29. Vatica maritimaEN-IUCN1998Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines
30. Vatica nitensEN-IUCN1998Brunei Darussalam, Malaysia
31. Vatica obovataCR-IUCN1998Indonesia
32. Vatica obscuraEN-IUCN1998Sri Lanka
33. Vatica pachyphyllaCR-IUCN1998Philippines
34. Vatica pallidaEN-IUCN1998Malaysia
35. Vatica parvifoliaCR-IUCN1998Brunei Darussalam, Malaysia
36. Vatica paucifloraEN-IUCN1998Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand
37. Vatica pedicellataEN-IUCN1998Malaysia
38. Vatica pentandraCR-IUCN1998Indonesia
39. Vatica perakensisEN-IUCN1998Malaysia
40. Vatica ridleyanaCR-IUCN1998Indonesia, Singapore
41. Vatica rotataCR-IUCN1998Indonesia, Malaysia
42. Vatica rynchocarpaCR-IUCN1998Brunei Darussalam, Malaysia
43. Vatica sarawakensisCR-IUCN1998Indonesia, Malaysia
44. Vatica scortechiniiCR-IUCN1998Malaysia
45. Vatica soepadmoiCR-IUCN1998Indonesia
46. Vatica stapfianaEN-IUCN1998Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand
47. Vatica teysmannianaCR-IUCN1998Indonesia
48. Vatica venulosaCR-IUCN1998Indonesia, Malaysia
49. Vatica xishuangbannaensisCR-IUCN1998China

Species/Common Names:
Vatica affinis
Vatica badiifolia
Vatica bantamensis
Vatica bella
Vatica brevipes
Vatica brunigii
Vatica cauliflora
Vatica chartacea
Vatica chinensis
Vatica cinerea
Vatica compressa
Vatica congesta
Vatica coriacea
Vatica cuspidata
Vatica diospyroides
Vatica elliptica
Vatica flavida
Vatica flavovirens
Vatica globosa
Vatica guangxiensis
Vatica havilandii
Vatica heteroptera
Vatica hullettii
Vatica lanceaefolia
Vatica lobata
Vatica lowii
Vatica maingayi
Vatica mangachapoi
Vatica maritima
Vatica nitens
Vatica obovata
Vatica obscura
Vatica pachyphylla
Vatica pallida
Vatica parvifolia
Vatica pauciflora
Vatica pedicellata
Vatica pentandra
Vatica perakensis
Vatica ridleyana
Vatica rotata
Vatica rynchocarpa
Vatica sarawakensis
Vatica scortechinii
Vatica soepadmoi
Vatica stapfiana
Vatica teysmanniana
Vatica venulosa
Vatica xishuangbannaensis

Facts Summary:
Vatica is a genus of plants of concern and found in the following area(s): Bangladesh, Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam.

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