Beautiful Leaf 

Area(s) Where Listed As Endangered:
Brunei Darussalam, Indonesia, Madagascar, Malaysia, Panama, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Sri Lanka
Status/Date(s) Listed as Endangered:
  Scientific Name Status Listing Date Range
1. Calophyllum acutiputamenCR-IUCN1998Papua New Guinea
2. Calophyllum bifurcatumVU-IUCN1998Indonesia
3. Calophyllum bracteatumVU-IUCN1998Sri Lanka
4. Calophyllum caudatumVU-IUCN1998Indonesia
5. Calophyllum chapelieriVU-IUCN1998Madagascar
6. Calophyllum confusumVU-IUCN1998Solomon Islands
7. Calophyllum cordato-oblongumVU-IUCN1998Sri Lanka
8. Calophyllum cuneifoliumCR-IUCN1998Sri Lanka
9. Calophyllum havilandiiVU-IUCN1998Brunei Darussalam, Indonesia, Malaysia
10. Calophyllum insularumEN-IUCN1998Indonesia
11. Calophyllum macrophyllumVU-IUCN1998Indonesia
12. Calophyllum mooniVU-IUCN1998Sri Lanka
13. Calophyllum morobenseEN-IUCN1998Papua New Guinea
14. Calophyllum nubicolaEN-IUCN1998Panama
15. Calophyllum obscurumVU-IUCN1998Solomon Islands
16. Calophyllum parvifoliumVU-IUCN1998Indonesia
17. Calophyllum robustumVU-IUCN1998Papua New Guinea
18. Calophyllum rufinerveVU-IUCN1998Indonesia
19. Calophyllum savannarumVU-IUCN1998Indonesia
20. Calophyllum thwaitesiiVU-IUCN1998Sri Lanka
21. Calophyllum tomentosumVU-IUCN1998Sri Lanka
22. Calophyllum trapezifoliumEN-IUCN1998Sri Lanka
23. Calophyllum walienseEN-IUCN1998Papua New Guinea
24. Calophyllum walkeriVU-IUCN1998Sri Lanka
Species/Common Names:
Calophyllum acutiputamen
Calophyllum bifurcatum
Calophyllum bracteatum
Calophyllum caudatum
Calophyllum chapelieri
Calophyllum confusum
Calophyllum cordato-oblongum
Calophyllum cuneifolium
Calophyllum havilandii
Calophyllum insularum
Calophyllum macrophyllum
Calophyllum mooni
Calophyllum morobense
Calophyllum nubicola
Calophyllum obscurum
Calophyllum parvifolium
Calophyllum robustum
Calophyllum rufinerve
Calophyllum savannarum
Calophyllum thwaitesii
Calophyllum tomentosum
Calophyllum trapezifolium
Calophyllum waliense
Calophyllum walkeri

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