Turbinicarpus spp. 

Area(s) Where Listed As Endangered:
Status/Date(s) Listed as Endangered:
  Scientific Name Status Listing Date Range
1. Turbinicarpus alonsoiCR-IUCN2002Mexico
2. Turbinicarpus bonatziiEN-IUCN2002Mexico
3. Turbinicarpus booleanusCR-IUCN2002Mexico
4. Turbinicarpus gielsdorfianusCR-IUCN2002Mexico
5. Turbinicarpus hoferiCR-IUCN2002Mexico
6. Turbinicarpus horripilusVU-IUCN2002Mexico
7. Turbinicarpus jauernigiiCR-IUCN2002Mexico
8. Turbinicarpus knuthianusNT-IUCN2002Mexico
9. Turbinicarpus lauiVU-IUCN2002Mexico
10. Turbinicarpus lophophoroidesVU-IUCN2002Mexico
11. Turbinicarpus mandragoraCR-IUCN2002Mexico
12. Turbinicarpus pseudomacrocheleVU-IUCN2002Mexico
13. Turbinicarpus pseudopectinatusVU-IUCN2002Mexico
14. Turbinicarpus rioverdensisCR-IUCN2002Mexico
15. Turbinicarpus saueriCR-IUCN2002Mexico
16. Turbinicarpus schmiedickeanusNT-IUCN2002Mexico
17. Turbinicarpus subterraneusVU-IUCN2002Mexico
18. Turbinicarpus swobodaeCR-IUCN2002Mexico
19. Turbinicarpus valdezianusVU-IUCN2002Mexico
20. Turbinicarpus viereckiiNT-IUCN2002Mexico
21. Turbinicarpus ysabelaeCR-IUCN2002Mexico
22. Turbinicarpus zaragosaeVU-IUCN2002Mexico

Species/Common Names:
Turbinicarpus alonsoi
Turbinicarpus bonatzii
Turbinicarpus booleanus
Turbinicarpus gielsdorfianus
Turbinicarpus hoferi
Turbinicarpus horripilus
Turbinicarpus jauernigii
Turbinicarpus knuthianus
Turbinicarpus laui
Turbinicarpus lophophoroides
Turbinicarpus mandragora
Turbinicarpus pseudomacrochele
Turbinicarpus pseudopectinatus
Turbinicarpus rioverdensis
Turbinicarpus saueri
Turbinicarpus schmiedickeanus
Turbinicarpus subterraneus
Turbinicarpus swobodae
Turbinicarpus valdezianus
Turbinicarpus viereckii
Turbinicarpus ysabelae
Turbinicarpus zaragosae

Facts Summary:
Turbinicarpus is a genus of plants of concern and found in the following area(s): Mexico.

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