Miconia spp. 
Area(s) Where Listed As Endangered:
Colombia, Cuba, Ecuador, Jamaica, Panama, Peru

Species/Common Names:
Miconia aequatorialis
Miconia aligera
Miconia alpina
Miconia ascendens
Miconia asplundii
Miconia aspratilis
Miconia ayacuchensis
Miconia barbipilis
Miconia barclayana
Miconia beneolens
Miconia benoistii
Miconia bipatrialis
Miconia bolivarensis
Miconia brevistylis
Miconia brevitheca
Miconia caelata
Miconia cajanumana
Miconia calignosa
Miconia calophylla
Miconia campii
Miconia capitellata
Miconia castillensis
Miconia castrensis
Miconia centrosperma
Miconia cercophora
Miconia collayensis
Miconia conformis
Miconia corazonica
Miconia cosangensis
Miconia crebribullata
Miconia cuprea
Miconia cutucuensis
Miconia dapsiliflora
Miconia demissifolia
Miconia dielsii
Miconia dissimulans
Miconia dodsonii
Miconia espinosae
Miconia explicita
Miconia floccosa
Miconia fosbergii
Miconia fuliginosa
Miconia gibba
Miconia glyptophylla
Miconia gonioclada
Miconia grayana
Miconia griffisii
Miconia guayaquilensis
Miconia hexamera
Miconia hirsutivena
Miconia huigrensis
Miconia hylophila
Miconia idiogena
Miconia imitans
Miconia inanis
Miconia innata
Miconia jorgensenii
Miconia lachnoclada
Miconia laxa
Miconia leandroides
Miconia ledifolia
Miconia littlei
Miconia longisetosa
Miconia lugonis
Miconia macbrydeana
Miconia mediocris
Miconia medusa
Miconia namandensis
Miconia nasella
Miconia nubicola
Miconia oellgaardii
Miconia oligantha
Miconia ombrophila
Miconia onaensis
Miconia pailasana
Miconia pastazana
Miconia pausana
Miconia penningtonii
Miconia perelegans
Miconia pernettifolia
Miconia pilaloensis
Miconia pisinniflora
Miconia poecilantha
Miconia poortmannii
Miconia prietoi
Miconia prominens
Miconia protuberans
Miconia pseudorigida
Miconia reburrosa
Miconia renneri
Miconia rimbachii
Miconia santaritensis
Miconia scabra
Miconia scutata
Miconia seticaulis
Miconia setulosa
Miconia sodiroi
Miconia sparrei
Miconia stenophylla
Miconia suborbicularis
Miconia tephrodes
Miconia vesca
Miconia villonacensis
Miconia zamorensis

Facts Summary:
Miconia is a genus of plants of concern and found in the following area(s): Colombia, Cuba, Ecuador, Jamaica, Panama, Peru.

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Wikipedia Article
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Status/Date(s) Listed as Endangered

  Scientific Name Status Listing Date Range
1. Miconia aequatorialisVU-IUCN2004Ecuador
2. Miconia aligeraVU-IUCN1998Peru
3. Miconia alpinaVU-IUCN1998Peru
4. Miconia ascendensEN-IUCN2004Ecuador
5. Miconia asplundiiEN-IUCN2004Ecuador
6. Miconia aspratilisEN-IUCN2004Ecuador
7. Miconia ayacuchensisVU-IUCN1998Peru
8. Miconia barbipilisEN-IUCN2004Ecuador
9. Miconia barclayanaVU-IUCN2004Ecuador
10. Miconia beneolensEN-IUCN2004Ecuador
11. Miconia benoistiiCR-IUCN2004Ecuador
12. Miconia bipatrialisVU-IUCN2004Ecuador
13. Miconia bolivarensisVU-IUCN2004Ecuador
14. Miconia brevistylisVU-IUCN1998Peru
15. Miconia brevithecaNT-IUCN2004Ecuador
16. Miconia caelataVU-IUCN2004Ecuador
17. Miconia cajanumanaVU-IUCN2004Ecuador
18. Miconia calignosaVU-IUCN2004Ecuador
19. Miconia calophyllaVU-IUCN1998Peru
20. Miconia campiiVU-IUCN2004Ecuador
21. Miconia capitellataNT-IUCN2004Ecuador
22. Miconia castillensisVU-IUCN2004Ecuador
23. Miconia castrensisEN-IUCN2004Ecuador
24. Miconia centrospermaEN-IUCN1998Panama
25. Miconia cercophoraNT-IUCN2004Ecuador
26. Miconia collayensisEN-IUCN2004Ecuador
27. Miconia conformisNT-IUCN2004Ecuador
28. Miconia corazonicaEN-IUCN2004Ecuador
29. Miconia cosangensisVU-IUCN2004Ecuador
30. Miconia crebribullataVU-IUCN2004Ecuador
31. Miconia cupreaEN-IUCN2004Ecuador
32. Miconia cutucuensisEN-IUCN2004Ecuador
33. Miconia dapsilifloraVU-IUCN2004Ecuador
34. Miconia demissifoliaVU-IUCN1998Peru
35. Miconia dielsiiNT-IUCN2004Ecuador
36. Miconia dissimulansVU-IUCN2004Ecuador
37. Miconia dodsoniiEN-IUCN2004Ecuador
38. Miconia espinosaeEN-IUCN2004Ecuador
39. Miconia explicitaVU-IUCN2004Ecuador
40. Miconia floccosaVU-IUCN1998Peru
41. Miconia fosbergiiEN-IUCN2004Ecuador
42. Miconia fuliginosaEN-IUCN2004Ecuador
43. Miconia gibbaVU-IUCN2004Ecuador
44. Miconia glyptophyllaEN-IUCN2004Ecuador
45. Miconia goniocladaVU-IUCN2004Ecuador
46. Miconia grayanaVU-IUCN2004Ecuador
47. Miconia griffisiiVU-IUCN1998Peru
48. Miconia guayaquilensisEN-IUCN2004Ecuador
49. Miconia hexameraVU-IUCN2004Ecuador
50. Miconia hirsutivenaEN-IUCN2004Ecuador
51. Miconia huigrensisVU-IUCN2004Ecuador
52. Miconia hylophilaVU-IUCN2004Ecuador
53. Miconia idiogenaVU-IUCN2004Ecuador
54. Miconia imitansVU-IUCN2004Ecuador
55. Miconia inanisEN-IUCN2004Ecuador
56. Miconia innataVU-IUCN2004Ecuador
57. Miconia jorgenseniiVU-IUCN2004Ecuador
58. Miconia lachnocladaVU-IUCN1998Peru
59. Miconia laxaVU-IUCN2004Ecuador
60. Miconia leandroidesCR-IUCN2004Ecuador
61. Miconia ledifoliaEN-IUCN2004Ecuador
62. Miconia littleiCR-IUCN2004Ecuador
63. Miconia longisetosaCR-IUCN2004Ecuador
64. Miconia lugonisNT-IUCN2004Ecuador
65. Miconia macbrydeanaEN-IUCN2004Ecuador
66. Miconia mediocrisVU-IUCN2004Ecuador
67. Miconia medusaEN-IUCN2004Ecuador
68. Miconia namandensisVU-IUCN2004Ecuador
69. Miconia nasellaEN-IUCN2004Ecuador
70. Miconia nubicolaEN-IUCN1998Jamaica
71. Miconia oellgaardiiVU-IUCN2004Ecuador
72. Miconia oliganthaEN-IUCN2004Ecuador
73. Miconia ombrophilaEN-IUCN2004Ecuador
74. Miconia onaensisEN-IUCN2004Ecuador
75. Miconia pailasanaEN-IUCN2004Ecuador
76. Miconia pastazanaVU-IUCN2004Ecuador
77. Miconia pausanaEN-IUCN2004Ecuador
78. Miconia penningtoniiVU-IUCN2004Ecuador
79. Miconia perelegansVU-IUCN1998Cuba
80. Miconia pernettifoliaVU-IUCN2004Ecuador
81. Miconia pilaloensisEN-IUCN2004Ecuador
82. Miconia pisinnifloraVU-IUCN2004Ecuador
83. Miconia poecilanthaEN-IUCN1998Colombia
84. Miconia poortmanniiVU-IUCN2004Ecuador
85. Miconia prietoiEN-IUCN2004Ecuador
86. Miconia prominensEN-IUCN2004Ecuador
87. Miconia protuberansVU-IUCN2004Ecuador
88. Miconia pseudorigidaEN-IUCN1998Jamaica
89. Miconia reburrosaNT-IUCN2004Ecuador
90. Miconia renneriVU-IUCN2004Ecuador
91. Miconia rimbachiiVU-IUCN2004Ecuador
92. Miconia santaritensisVU-IUCN1998Panama
93. Miconia scabraCR-IUCN2004Ecuador
94. Miconia scutataNT-IUCN2004Ecuador
95. Miconia seticaulisVU-IUCN2004Ecuador
96. Miconia setulosaVU-IUCN1998Peru
97. Miconia sodiroiVU-IUCN2004Ecuador
98. Miconia sparreiVU-IUCN2004Ecuador
99. Miconia stenophyllaVU-IUCN2004Ecuador
100. Miconia suborbicularisVU-IUCN2004Ecuador
101. Miconia tephrodesVU-IUCN2004Ecuador
102. Miconia vescaEN-IUCN2004Ecuador
103. Miconia villonacensisEN-IUCN2004Ecuador
104. Miconia zamorensisVU-IUCN2004Ecuador

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