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The following is a list of Amphibians of concern. This list combines species from several endangered species lists. Using the total at the bottom of this page as an official count of endangered amphibians of the world is not recommended. For more information on what species are listed on this site, please visit our About Us page.

 Species NameScientific Name
1. Abdulali's Wrinkled Frog Nyctibatrachus humayuni
2. Abe's Salamander Hynobius abei
3. Abolokopatrika Madagascar Frog Gephyromantis salegy
4. Abor Bug-eyed Frog Theloderma moloch
5. Abra Acanacu Marsupial Frog Gastrotheca excubitor
6. Abra Malaga Toad Nannophryne corynetes
7. Acancocha Water Frog Telmatobius jelskii
8. Acha Tugi Long-fingered Frog Cardioglossa schioetzi
9. Achalas Four-eyed Frog Pleurodema kriegi
10. Ackawaio Stefania Treefrog Stefania ackawaio
11. Acultzingo Minute Salamander Thorius dubitus
12. Adelophryne maranguapensis Adelophryne maranguapensis
13. Adelophryne baturitensis Adelophryne baturitensis
14. Adelos Salamander Cryptotriton adelos
15. Adler's Mottled Treefrog Plectrohyla thorectes
16. Admirable False Brook Salamander Pseudoeurycea praecellens
17. Afghani Mountain Salamander Paradactylodon mustersi
18. African Egg Frog Leptodactylodon polyacanthus
19. African Painted Frog Callixalus pictus
20. African True Toad Amietophrynus taiensis
21. African Viviparous Toad Nectophrynoides asperginis
22. African Viviparous Toad Nectophrynoides cryptus
23. African Viviparous Toad Nectophrynoides minutus
24. African Viviparous Toad Nectophrynoides poyntoni
25. African Viviparous Toad Nectophrynoides tornieri
26. African Viviparous Toad Nectophrynoides viviparus
27. African Viviparous Toad Nectophrynoides wendyae
28. African Viviparous Toad Nectophrynoides paulae
29. African Viviparous Toad Nectophrynoides laticeps
30. African Viviparous Toad Nectophrynoides pseudotornieri
31. African Viviparous Toad Nectophrynoides vestergaardi
32. Afrixalus clarkei Afrixalus clarkei
33. Afrixalus lacteus Afrixalus lacteus
34. Agra Bubble-nest Frog Philautus silus
35. Agua Rica Leaf Frog Phyllomedusa ecuatoriana
36. Ahl's Reed Frog Hyperolius castaneus
37. Ahuitzotl Salamander Pseudoeurycea ahuitzotl
38. Ailao Spiny Toad Leptobrachium ailaonicum
39. Alabama Waterdog Necturus alabamensis
40. Alban Cochran Frog Cochranella daidalea
41. Albanian Water Frog Pelophylax shqipericus
42. Alexteroon jynx Alexteroon jynx
43. Algerian Ribbed Newt Pleurodeles nebulosus
44. Alicia's Wrinkled Frog Nyctibatrachus aliciae
45. Allen's River Frog Phrynobatrachus alleni
46. Allen's Slippery Frog Conraua alleni
47. Allobates juanii Allobates juanii
48. Allobates kingsburyi Allobates kingsburyi
49. Allobates mandelorum Allobates mandelorum
50. Allobates ranoides Allobates ranoides
51. Allobates chalcopis Allobates chalcopis
52. Allobates humilis Allobates humilis
53. Allobates mcdiarmidi Allobates mcdiarmidi
54. Allobates olfersioides Allobates olfersioides
55. Allobates subfolionidificans Allobates subfolionidificans
56. Allobates wayuu Allobates wayuu
57. Almirante Trail Toad Incilius peripatetes
58. Alpine Asian Toad Leptolalax alpinus
59. Alpine Stream Salamander Batrachuperus tibetanus
60. Alsodes montanus Alsodes montanus
61. Alsodes tumultuosus Alsodes tumultuosus
62. Alsodes vanzolinii Alsodes vanzolinii
63. Alsodes barrioi Alsodes barrioi
64. Alsodes nodosus Alsodes nodosus
65. Alta Verapaz Spikethumb Frog Plectrohyla teuchestes
66. Alto de Buey Poison Frog Ranitomeya altobueyensis
67. Alvarado's Salamander Bolitoglossa alvaradoi
68. Alvarez del Toro's Salamander Cryptotriton alvarezdeltoroi
69. Amami Tip-nosed Frog Odorrana amamiensis
70. Amani Forest Frog Parhoplophryne usambarica
71. Amargosa Toad Anaxyrus nelsoni
72. Amarkantak Bubble-nest Frog Philautus sanctisilvaticus
73. Amatola Toad Vandijkophrynus amatolicus
74. Amazon Climbing Salamander Bolitoglossa palmata
75. Amazon Giant Glass Frog Centrolene pipilatum
76. Amber-coloured Salamander Hynobius stejnegeri
77. Ambohimitombo Bright-eyed Frog Boophis majori
78. Ambohitantely Stump-toed Frog Stumpffia helenae
79. Ambrosi's Cave Salamander Speleomantes ambrosii
80. Ambystoma altamirani Ambystoma altamirani
81. Ambystoma bombypellum Ambystoma bombypellum
82. Ambystoma mexicanum Ambystoma mexicanum
83. Ameerega ingeri Ameerega ingeri
84. American Cinchona Plantation Treefrog Isthmohyla rivularis
85. Amicorum Tree Toad Dendropsophus amicorum
86. Amiet's Long-fingered Frog Cardioglossa melanogaster
87. Amietophrynus djohongensis Amietophrynus djohongensis
88. Amietophrynus villiersi Amietophrynus villiersi
89. Amji Oriental Salamander Hynobius amjiensis
90. Anaimalai Flying Frog Rhacophorus pseudomalabaricus
91. Analabe Giant Treefrog Platypelis tetra
92. Anamallais Indian Frog Indirana brachytarsus
93. Anatipes Robber Frog Strabomantis anatipes
94. Anatolia Lycian Salamander Lyciasalamandra antalyana
95. Ancash Water Frog Telmatobius mayoloi
96. Andalgala Water Frog Telmatobius scrocchii
97. Andean Poison Frog Ranitomeya opisthomelas
98. Anderson's Crocodile Newt Echinotriton andersoni
99. Anderson's Salamander Ambystoma andersoni
100. Andes Marsupial Frog Gastrotheca andaquiensis
101. Andes Stubfoot Toad Atelopus andinus
102. Andoany Stump-toed Frog Stumpffia pygmaea
103. Andrews' Robber Frog Eleutherodactylus andrewsi
104. Andringitra Madagascar Frog Mantidactylus madecassus
105. Angel's Madagascar Frog Boehmantis microtympanum
106. Anita's False Brook Salamander Pseudoeurycea anitae
107. Annam Flying Frog Rhacophorus annamensis
108. Annam Spadefoot Toad Brachytarsophrys intermedia
109. Annandale's Paa Frog Nanorana annandalii
110. Anomaloglossus beebei Anomaloglossus beebei
111. Anomaloglossus breweri Anomaloglossus breweri
112. Anomaloglossus murisipanensis Anomaloglossus murisipanensis
113. Ansonia guibei Ansonia guibei
114. Ansonia latidisca Ansonia latidisca
115. Antado Stubfoot Toad Atelopus galactogaster
116. Antioquia Giant Glass Frog Centrolene antioquiense
117. Antioquia Marsupial Frog Gastrotheca bufona
118. Api Dwarf Toad Pelophryne api
119. Aplastodiscus eugenioi Aplastodiscus eugenioi
120. Apostates Robber Frog Eleutherodactylus apostates
121. Aprada Stefania Treefrog Stefania satelles
122. Aquatic False Brook Salamander Pseudoeurycea aquatica
123. Aquatic Treefrog Plectrohyla crassa
124. Aragua Glass Frog Cochranella antisthenesi
125. Arboreal Minute Salamander Thorius arboreus
126. Arboreal Splayfoot Salamander Chiropterotriton arboreus
127. Arcane Spikethumb Frog Plectrohyla sagorum
128. Archey's Frog Leiopelma archeyi
129. Argentine Water Frog Telmatobius pisanoi
130. Arico Water Frog Telmatobius pefauri
131. Arisan Oriental Salamander Hynobius arisanensis
132. Arlequinus krebsi Arlequinus krebsi
133. Armoured Frog Litoria lorica
134. Arnold's Paa Frog Nanorana arnoldi
135. Arntully Robber Frog Eleutherodactylus orcutti
136. Arodi Bubble-nest Frog Philautus neelanethrus
137. Aromobates serranus Aromobates serranus
138. Aromobates leopardalis Aromobates leopardalis
139. Aromobates meridensis Aromobates meridensis
140. Aromobates nocturnus Aromobates nocturnus
141. Aromobates orostoma Aromobates orostoma
142. Aromobates saltuensis Aromobates saltuensis
143. Aromobates alboguttatus Aromobates alboguttatus
144. Aromobates duranti Aromobates duranti
145. Aromobates haydeeae Aromobates haydeeae
146. Aromobates mayorgai Aromobates mayorgai
147. Aromobates molinarii Aromobates molinarii
148. Arroyo Southwestern Toad Bufo californicus microscaphus
149. Arthroleptis francei Arthroleptis francei
150. Arthur's Stubfoot Toad Atelopus arthuri
151. Arum Reed Frog Hyperolius horstockii
152. Astylosternus fallax Astylosternus fallax
153. Astylosternus nganhanus Astylosternus nganhanus
154. Astylosternus ranoides Astylosternus ranoides
155. Astylosternus schioetzi Astylosternus schioetzi
156. Atelognathus praebasalticus Atelognathus praebasalticus
157. Atelognathus reverberii Atelognathus reverberii
158. Atelognathus patagonicus Atelognathus patagonicus
159. Atelognathus jeinimenensis Atelognathus jeinimenensis
160. Atelognathus nitoi Atelognathus nitoi
161. Atelognathus salai Atelognathus salai
162. Atelognathus solitarius Atelognathus solitarius
163. Atelopus angelito Atelopus angelito
164. Atelopus arsyecue Atelopus arsyecue
165. Atelopus chrysocorallus Atelopus chrysocorallus
166. Atelopus dimorphus Atelopus dimorphus
167. Atelopus epikeisthos Atelopus epikeisthos
168. Atelopus exiguus Atelopus exiguus
169. Atelopus famelicus Atelopus famelicus
170. Atelopus laetissimus Atelopus laetissimus
171. Atelopus lozanoi Atelopus lozanoi
172. Atelopus mandingues Atelopus mandingues
173. Atelopus minutulus Atelopus minutulus
174. Atelopus nanay Atelopus nanay
175. Atelopus onorei Atelopus onorei
176. Atelopus petersi Atelopus petersi
177. Atelopus petriruizi Atelopus petriruizi
178. Atelopus pictiventris Atelopus pictiventris
179. Atelopus pyrodactylus Atelopus pyrodactylus
180. Atelopus quimbaya Atelopus quimbaya
181. Atelopus reticulatus Atelopus reticulatus
182. Atelopus sernai Atelopus sernai
183. Atelopus simulatus Atelopus simulatus
184. Atelopus subornatus Atelopus subornatus
185. Atif's Lycian Salamander Lyciasalamandra atifi
186. Atopophrynus syntomopus Atopophrynus syntomopus
187. Atoyac Minute Salamander Thorius infernalis
188. Austin Blind Salamander Eurycea waterlooensis
189. Australian Lace-lid Litoria dayi
190. Ayampe Poison Frog Epipedobates machalilla
191. Ayanganna Stefania Treefrog Stefania ayangannae
192. Azuay Marsupial Frog Gastrotheca litonedis
193. Azuay Stubfoot Toad Atelopus bomolochos
194. Azulita Salamander Bolitoglossa spongai
195. Babina subaspera Babina subaspera
196. Bagrecito Andes Frog Psychrophrynella bagrecitoi
197. Baja Verapaz Salamander Cryptotriton veraepacis
198. Baker's Robber Frog Eleutherodactylus bakeri
199. Bakossi Reed Frog Hyperolius dintelmanni
200. Bale Mountains Frog Ericabatrachus baleensis
201. Bale Mountains Tree Frog Balebreviceps hillmani
202. Ball Bearing Frog Eleutherodactylus glaphycompus
203. Balloon Frog Glyphoglossus molossus
204. Balu Flying Frog Rhacophorus baluensis
205. Bamboutos Egg Frog Leptodactylodon axillaris
206. Bamboutos Smalltongue Toad Werneria bambutensis
207. Bamenda Reed Frog Hyperolius ademetzi
208. Bamileke Plateau Frog Hylarana longipes
209. Banahao Forest Frog Platymantis banahao
210. Banded Flying Frog Rhacophorus fasciatus
211. Banded Horned Treefrog Hemiphractus fasciatus
212. Baoruco Burrowing Frog Eleutherodactylus hypostenor
213. Baoruco Hammer Frog Eleutherodactylus armstrongi
214. Baracoa Dwarf Frog Eleutherodactylus orientalis
215. Barahona Rock Frog Eleutherodactylus alcoae
216. Barber's Sheep Frog Hypopachus barberi
217. Barbour's Forest Treefrog Leptopelis barbouri
218. Barrio's Frog Insuetophrynus acarpicus
219. Barton Springs Salamander Eurycea sosorum
220. Basecamp Giant Glass Frog Centrolene hesperium
221. Batrachophrynus brachydactylus Batrachophrynus brachydactylus
222. Batrachophrynus macrostomus Batrachophrynus macrostomus
223. Batrachuperus cochranae Batrachuperus cochranae
224. Baw Baw Frog Philoria frosti
225. Bay Lycian Salamander Lyciasalamandra billae
226. Beautiful Mantella Mantella pulchra
227. Beautiful Nursery-frog Cophixalus concinnus
228. Beck's Treefrog Litoria becki
229. Beddome's Bubble-nest Frog Philautus beddomii
230. Beddome's Toad Bufo beddomii
231. Bell's False Brook Salamander Pseudoeurycea bellii
232. Belly-spotted Treefrog Kurixalus baliogaster
233. Benavony Bright-eyed Frog Boophis andreonei
234. Bendrao Digging Frog Plethodontohyla fonetana
235. Benkulen Toad Ingerophrynus claviger
236. Bernhard's Mantella Mantella bernhardi
237. Berry Cave Salamander Gyrinophilus gulolineatus
238. Betampona Burrowing Frog Rhombophryne coudreaui
239. Betic Midwife Toad Alytes dickhilleni
240. Betsileo Bright-eyed Frog Boophis rhodoscelis
241. Betsileo Digging Frog Plethodontohyla brevipes
242. Bibron's Toadlet Pseudophryne bibronii
243. Bicol Narrowmouth Toad Kaloula kokacii
244. Bicoloured Frog Clinotarsus curtipes
245. Big Levels Salamander Plethodon sherando
246. Big-eared Chirping Frog Eleutherodactylus verrucipes
247. Big-eyed Forest Treefrog Leptopelis macrotis
248. Big-footed Minute Salamander Thorius magnipes
249. Bigfoot Leopard Frog Lithobates megapoda
250. Bigfoot Splayfoot Salamander Chiropterotriton magnipes
251. Binchuan Horned Toad Xenophrys binchuanensis
252. Black False Brook Salamander Pseudoeurycea melanomolga
253. Black Flathead Toad Pelophryne misera
254. Black Jumping Salamander Pseudoeurycea nigra
255. Black Knobby Newt Tylototriton asperrimus
256. Black Long-fingered Frog Cardioglossa pulchra
257. Black Mountain Boulder Frog Cophixalus saxatilis
258. Black Toad Anaxyrus exsul
259. Black Torrent Toad Ansonia ornata
260. Black Water Frog Telmatobius niger
261. Black-eared Mantella Mantella milotympanum
262. Black-eyed Treefrog Exerodonta melanomma
263. Black-legged Poison Frog Phyllobates bicolor
264. Black-snouted Flying Frog Rhacophorus nigropunctatus
265. Black-spotted False Brook Salamander Pseudoeurycea nigromaculata
266. Black-spotted Newt Notophthalmus meridionalis
267. Black-spotted Pond Frog Pelophylax nigromaculatus
268. Black-webbed Treefrog Rhacophorus reinwardtii
269. Blackspotted Long-fingered Frog Cardioglossa nigromaculata
270. Bleeding Toad Leptophryne cruentata
271. Blommers Bright-eyed Frog Boophis blommersae
272. Blue Giant Glass Frog Centrolene azulae
273. Blue Ridge Gray-cheeked Salamander Plethodon amplus
274. Blue-eyed Aquatic Treefrog Plectrohyla cyanomma
275. Blue-legged Mantella Mantella expectata
276. Blue-sided Treefrog Agalychnis annae
277. Blue-spotted Mexican Treefrog Smilisca cyanosticta
278. Blunt-headed Salamander Ambystoma amblycephalum
279. Blunt-toed Chirping Frog Eleutherodactylus modestus
280. Blyth's River Frog Limnonectes blythii
281. Bobiri Reed Frog Hyperolius bobirensis
282. Boca de Yumuri Frog Eleutherodactylus bartonsmithi
283. Boettger's Grainy Frog Gephyromantis horridus
284. Bogota Treefrog Hyloscirtus bogotensis
285. Bokermann's Bromeliad Frogs Crossodactylodes bokermanni
286. Bokermannohyla izecksohni Bokermannohyla izecksohni
287. Bokermannohyla vulcaniae Bokermannohyla vulcaniae
288. Bolifamba Egg Frog Leptodactylodon bueanus
289. Bolivar Bush Toad Oreophrynella huberi
290. Bolivian Water Frog Telmatobius bolivianus
291. Bombay Bubble-nest Frog Philautus bombayensis
292. Boneberg's Frog Natalobatrachus bonebergi
293. Boophis tampoka Boophis tampoka
294. Booroolong Frog Litoria booroolongensis
295. Bopatalawa Rice Frog Microhyla zeylanica
296. Boqueron Robber Frog Hypodactylus latens
297. Boquete Rocket Frog Silverstoneia nubicola
298. Boreal Toad Anaxyrus boreas
299. Boribory Rain Frog Scaphiophryne boribory
300. Bornean Flat-headed Frog Barbourula kalimantanensis
301. Borneo Bubble-nest Frog Philautus hosii
302. Borneo Narrowmouth Toad Gastrophrynoides borneensis
303. Borneo Splash Frog Staurois tuberilinguis
304. Botucatu Escuerzo Odontophrynus moratoi
305. Boulenger's Backpack Frog Cryptobatrachus boulengeri
306. Boulenger's Egg Frog Leptodactylodon boulengeri
307. Boulenger's Indian Frog Indirana leptodactyla
308. Boulenger's Rocket Frog Hyloxalus vertebralis
309. Boulenger's Small Flying Frog Rhacophorus lateralis
310. Boulenger's Spiny Frog Quasipaa boulengeri
311. Boulenger's Stubfoot Toad Atelopus boulengeri
312. Boyaca Giant Glass Frog Centrolene petrophilum
313. Bradytriton silus Bradytriton silus
314. Brash Bubble-nest Frog Philautus procax
315. Braun's Toad Amietophrynus brauni
316. Brazilian Button Frog Cycloramphus brasiliensis
317. Brazilian River Frog Thoropa saxatilis
318. Breasts-of-Julie Frog Eleutherodactylus tetajulia
319. Broadfoot Climbing Salamander Bolitoglossa platydactyla
320. Broadley's Mountain Frog Nothophryne broadleyi
321. Broadley's Ridged Frog Ptychadena broadleyi
322. Bromeliad Treefrog Bromeliohyla bromeliacia
323. Brongersma's Toad Pseudepidalea brongersmai
324. Bronzed Frog Hylarana temporalis
325. Brown False Brook Salamander Pseudoeurycea brunnata
326. Brown Madagascar Frog Spinomantis brunae
327. Brown Robber Frog Eleutherodactylus fuscus
328. Brown Tropical Frog Micrixalus fuscus
329. Bryophryne bustamantei Bryophryne bustamantei
330. Bryophryne cophites Bryophryne cophites
331. Buckley's Giant Glass Frog Centrolene buckleyi
332. Buea Smalltongue Toad Werneria preussi
333. Buenaventura Robber Frog Eleutherodactylus flavescens
334. Bullocks Mountains False Toad Telmatobufo bullocki
335. Bunawan Wart Frog Limnonectes parvus
336. Burrowes' Giant Glass Frog Centrolene ballux
337. Burrowing Grainy Frog Kalophrynus subterrestris
338. Bushoho Reed Frog Hyperolius frontalis
339. Busuanga Wart Frog Limnonectes acanthi
340. Buzzing Frog Cophixalus bombiens
341. Caalaya Andes Frog Psychrophrynella kallawaya
342. Cabo Cruz Frog Eleutherodactylus tonyi
343. Caddo Mountain Salamander Plethodon caddoensis
344. Cainarachi Poison Frog Ameerega cainarachi
345. Cajamarca Water Frog Telmatobius latirostris
346. Calf Frog Leptodactylus turimiquensis
347. Calientes Water Frog Telmatobius hauthali
348. California Giant Salamander Dicamptodon ensatus
349. California Red-legged Frog Rana draytonii
350. California Tiger Salamander Ambystoma californiense
351. Callulina kisiwamsitu Callulina kisiwamsitu
352. Callulops kopsteini Callulops kopsteini
353. Cameroon Egg Frog Leptodactylodon ovatus
354. Cameroon Range Night Frog Astylosternus rheophilus
355. Cameroon Slippery Frog Conraua robusta
356. Cameroon Toad Bufo superciliaris
357. Cameroon Water Frog Petropedetes cameronensis
358. Cameroon Wolterstorff Toad Wolterstorffina parvipalmata
359. Campbell's Forest Toad Incilius campbelli
360. Campo Grande Button Frog Cycloramphus semipalmatus
361. Campo Grande Treefrog Hypsiboas cymbalum
362. Camron Climbing Salamander Bolitoglossa lignicolor
363. Canasi Frog Eleutherodactylus blairhedgesi
364. Cannatella's Andes Frog Hypodactylus lucida
365. Cannatella's Plump Toad Osornophryne talipes
366. Cape Caco Cacosternum capense
367. Cape Flats Frog Microbatrachella capensis
368. Cape Melville Treefrog Litoria andiirrmalin
369. Cape Platanna Xenopus gilli
370. Carabaya Stubfoot Toad Atelopus erythropus
371. Carabobo Climbing Salamander Bolitoglossa borburata
372. Carchi Andes Frog Hypodactylus brunneus
373. Carchi Andes Toad Andinophryne colomai
374. Carchi Rocket Frog Hyloxalus delatorreae
375. Carphish Frog Melanophryne carpish
376. Cartago Worm Salamander Oedipina altura
377. Carvalhoi Tree Toad Dendrophryniscus carvalhoi
378. Cascade Caverns Salamander Eurycea latitans
379. Cascade Torrent Salamander Rhyacotriton cascadae
380. Cascade Tree Frog Litoria pearsoniana
381. Cascades Frog Rana cascadae
382. Castillon Robber Frog Eleutherodactylus lamprotes
383. Catamarca Water Frog Telmatobius ceiorum
384. Cauca Poison Frog Ranitomeya bombetes
385. Cauca Rocket Frog Colostethus agilis
386. Caucasian Salamander Mertensiella caucasica
387. Cave Spikethumb Frog Plectrohyla tecunumani
388. Cave Squeaker Frog Arthroleptis troglodytes
389. Cave Wrinkled Ground Frog Platymantis spelaeus
390. Cayenne Stubfoot Toad Atelopus flavescens
391. Cayey Robber Frog Eleutherodactylus jasperi
392. Ceiba Stream Frog Ptychohyla spinipollex
393. Celaque Climbing Salamander Bolitoglossa celaque
394. Celebes Cross Frog Oreophryne celebensis
395. Central Coast Stubfoot Toad Atelopus franciscus
396. Central Humming Frog Chiasmocleis carvalhoi
397. Centrolene mariaelenae Centrolene mariaelenae
398. Centrolene robledoi Centrolene robledoi
399. Cerro de Enmedio Moss Salamander Nototriton lignicola
400. Cerro Munchique Marsupial Frog Gastrotheca trachyceps
401. Cerro Pando Salamander Bolitoglossa compacta
402. Cerro Pando Worm Salamander Oedipina grandis
403. Cerro Pital Salamander Bolitoglossa synoria
404. Cerro Pozo de Agua Moss Salamander Nototriton brodiei
405. Cerro Saslaya Moss Salamander Nototriton saslaya
406. Ceylon Streamlined Frog Nannophrys ceylonensis
407. Chaco Water Frog Telmatobius verrucosus
408. Chalazodes Bubble-nest Frog Philautus chalazodes
409. Chamula Mountain Brook Frog Duellmanohyla chamulae
410. Chantaburi Bug-eyed Frog Theloderma stellatum
411. Chapa Bug-eyed Frog Theloderma bicolor
412. Chapa Spiny Frog Quasipaa verrucospinosa
413. Charadrahyla nephila Charadrahyla nephila
414. Charazani Treefrog Hyloscirtus charazani
415. Charles Darwin's Eastern Frog Ingerana charlesdarwini
416. Charta Treefrog Hyloscirtus denticulentus
417. Cheat Mountain Salamander Plethodon nettingi
418. Cheoah Bald Salamander Plethodon cheoah
419. Chevron-spotted Brown Frog Rana chevronta
420. Chiala Mountain Salamander Batrachuperus karlschmidti
421. Chignahuapan Splayfoot Salamander Chiropterotriton orculus
422. Chile Darwin's Frog Rhinoderma rufum
423. Chile Mountains False Toad Telmatobufo venustus
424. Chili Water Frog Telmatobius arequipensis
425. Chimalapa Toad Incilius tutelarius
426. Chimanimani Stream Frog Strongylopus rhodesianus
427. Chimbo Rocket Frog Hyloxalus infraguttatus
428. Chinamococh Stream Frog Ptychohyla sanctaecrucis
429. Chinese Giant Salamander Andrias davidianus
430. Chinese Lazy Toad Oreolalax pingii
431. Chinese Salamander Hynobius chinensis
432. Chinhai Spiny Newt Echinotriton chinhaiensis
433. Chiricahua Leopard Frog Lithobates chiricahuensis
434. Chirinda Toad Mertensophryne anotis
435. Chisholm Trail Salamander Eurycea chisholmensis
436. Chitwan Frog Hylarana chitwanensis
437. Choco Stubfoot Toad Atelopus chocoensis
438. Choco Toad Rhaebo hypomelas
439. Christian's Marsupial Frog Gastrotheca christiani
440. Cienega Colorado Worm Salamander Oedipina uniformis
441. Clarendon Parish Robber Frog Eleutherodactylus grabhami
442. Clawtoed False Brook Salamander Pseudoeurycea unguidentis
443. Cliff Robber Frog Eleutherodactylus varians
444. Climbing Mantella Mantella laevigata
445. Cloud Forest Salamander Bolitoglossa carri
446. Cloud Forest Stream Frog Ptychohyla euthysanota
447. Cloud Forest Treefrog Megastomatohyla nubicola
448. Clouded Salamander Aneides ferreus
449. Coastal Ecuador Smoky Jungle Frog Leptodactylus peritoaktites
450. Coban Climbing Salamander Bolitoglossa helmrichi
451. Cochabamba Water Frog Telmatobius sibiricus
452. Cochran Frog Nymphargus anomalus
453. Cochran Frog Nymphargus luminosus
454. Cochran Frog Nymphargus laurae
455. Cochran Frog Nymphargus megacheirus
456. Cochran Frog Nymphargus armatus
457. Cochran Frog Nymphargus cochranae
458. Cochran Frog Nymphargus garciae
459. Cochran Frog Nymphargus griffithsi
460. Cochran Frog Nymphargus ignotus
461. Cochran Frog Nymphargus posadae
462. Cochran Frog Nymphargus prasinus
463. Cochran Frog Nymphargus rosada
464. Cochran Frog Nymphargus ruizi
465. Cochran Frog Nymphargus siren
466. Cochran's False Brook Salamander Pseudoeurycea cochranae
467. Cochran's Running Frog Kassina cochranae
468. Cochranella nola Cochranella nola
469. Cochranella punctulata Cochranella punctulata
470. Cochranella saxiscandens Cochranella saxiscandens
471. Cochranella susatamai Cochranella susatamai
472. Cochranella xanthocheridia Cochranella xanthocheridia
473. Cofre de Perote Salamander Isthmura naucampatepetl
474. Colan Water Frog Telmatobius colanensis
475. Collins' Poison Frog Ranitomeya abdita
476. Colombian Backpack Frog Cryptobatrachus nicefori
477. Colombian Beaked Toad Rhinella nicefori
478. Colombian Giant Toad Rhaebo blombergi
479. Colonia Robber Frog Eleutherodactylus audanti
480. Colostethus awa Hyloxalus awa
481. Colostethus mertensi Colostethus mertensi
482. Columbia Torrent Salamander Rhyacotriton kezeri
483. Comal Blind Salamander Eurycea tridentifera
484. Common Lazy Toad Oreolalax major
485. Common Madagascar Frog Gephyromantis plicifer
486. Common Mist Frog Litoria rheocola
487. Common Splayfoot Salamander Chiropterotriton chiropterus
488. Common Tree Frog Isthmohyla calypsa
489. Conant's False Brook Salamander Pseudoeurycea conanti
490. Conant's Salamander Bolitoglossa conanti
491. Concave-eared Odorous Frog Odorrana tormota
492. Condorir's Andes Frog Psychrophrynella condoriri
493. Condoto Stubfoot Toad Atelopus spurrelli
494. Confusing Toad Incilius perplexus
495. Continental Divide Treefrog Isthmohyla graceae
496. Contulmo Ground Frog Eupsophus contulmoensis
497. Cooco Andes Frog Psychrophrynella ankohuma
498. Cook's Robber Frog Eleutherodactylus cooki
499. Cooloola Sedgefrog Litoria cooloolensis
500. Cooper's Black Caecilian Praslinia cooperi
501. Copan Brook Frog Duellmanohyla soralia
502. Copan Stream Frog Ptychohyla hypomykter
503. Copan Treefrog Ecnomiohyla salvaje
504. Cope's Brown Treefrog Ecnomiohyla minera
505. Cordillera Central Salamander Bolitoglossa nigrescens
506. Cordillera Central Treefrog Hyloscirtus larinopygion
507. Cordillera Talamanca Salamander Bolitoglossa sooyorum
508. Cordoba Escuerzo Odontophrynus achalensis
509. Cordoba Toad Rhinella achalensis
510. Corroboree Frog Pseudophryne corroboree
511. Corsican Painted Frog Discoglossus montalentii
512. Cortes Salamander Cryptotriton nasalis
513. Costa Rica Brook Frog Duellmanohyla uranochroa
514. Costa Rican Variable Harlequin Toad Atelopus varius
515. Cowan's Madagascar Frog Mantidactylus cowanii
516. Cowan's Mantella Mantella cowanii
517. Cox's Stefania Treefrog Stefania coxi
518. Crater Salamander Bolitoglossa marmorea
519. Craugastor anciano Craugastor anciano
520. Craugastor andi Craugastor andi
521. Craugastor angelicus Craugastor angelicus
522. Craugastor aurilegulus Craugastor aurilegulus
523. Craugastor azueroensis Craugastor azueroensis
524. Craugastor catalinae Craugastor catalinae
525. Craugastor charadra Craugastor charadra
526. Craugastor coffeus Craugastor coffeus
527. Craugastor cruzi Craugastor cruzi
528. Craugastor daryi Craugastor daryi
529. Craugastor emcelae Craugastor emcelae
530. Craugastor emleni Craugastor emleni
531. Craugastor epochthidius Craugastor epochthidius
532. Craugastor fecundus Craugastor fecundus
533. Craugastor fleischmanni Craugastor fleischmanni
534. Craugastor glaucus Craugastor glaucus
535. Craugastor greggi Craugastor greggi
536. Craugastor guerreroensis Craugastor guerreroensis
537. Craugastor gulosus Craugastor gulosus
538. Craugastor hobartsmithi Craugastor hobartsmithi
539. Craugastor inachus Craugastor inachus
540. Craugastor laevissimus Craugastor laevissimus
541. Craugastor lauraster Craugastor lauraster
542. Craugastor lineatus Craugastor lineatus
543. Craugastor megalotympanum Craugastor megalotympanum
544. Craugastor merendonensis Craugastor merendonensis
545. Craugastor montanus Craugastor montanus
546. Craugastor obesus Craugastor obesus
547. Craugastor olanchano Craugastor olanchano
548. Craugastor omiltemanus Craugastor omiltemanus
549. Craugastor omoaensis Craugastor omoaensis
550. Craugastor pechorum Craugastor pechorum
551. Craugastor polymniae Craugastor polymniae
552. Craugastor pozo Craugastor pozo
553. Craugastor punctariolus Craugastor punctariolus
554. Craugastor ranoides Craugastor ranoides
555. Craugastor rhyacobatrachus Craugastor rhyacobatrachus
556. Craugastor sabrinus Craugastor sabrinus
557. Craugastor saltuarius Craugastor saltuarius
558. Craugastor sandersoni Craugastor sandersoni
559. Craugastor silvicola Craugastor silvicola
560. Craugastor spatulatus Craugastor spatulatus
561. Craugastor stadelmani Craugastor stadelmani
562. Craugastor stuarti Craugastor stuarti
563. Craugastor tabasarae Craugastor tabasarae
564. Craugastor taurus Craugastor taurus
565. Craugastor trachydermus Craugastor trachydermus
566. Craugastor uno Craugastor uno
567. Craugastor vulcani Craugastor vulcani
568. Craugastor alfredi Craugastor alfredi
569. Craugastor aphanus Craugastor aphanus
570. Craugastor berkenbuschii Craugastor berkenbuschii
571. Craugastor bocourti Craugastor bocourti
572. Craugastor brocchi Craugastor brocchi
573. Craugastor chac Craugastor chac
574. Craugastor cyanochthebius Craugastor cyanochthebius
575. Craugastor decoratus Craugastor decoratus
576. Craugastor laticeps Craugastor laticeps
577. Craugastor matudai Craugastor matudai
578. Craugastor persimilis Craugastor persimilis
579. Craugastor podiciferus Craugastor podiciferus
580. Craugastor psephosypharus Craugastor psephosypharus
581. Craugastor pygmaeus Craugastor pygmaeus
582. Craugastor rhodopis Craugastor rhodopis
583. Craugastor rivulus Craugastor rivulus
584. Craugastor rostralis Craugastor rostralis
585. Craugastor tarahumaraensis Craugastor tarahumaraensis
586. Craugastor xucanebi Craugastor xucanebi
587. Craugastor yucatanensis Craugastor yucatanensis
588. Crawfish Frog Lithobates areolatus
589. Crepidophryne chompipe Crepidophryne chompipe
590. Cretan Frog Pelophylax cretensis
591. Cricket Robber Frog Eleutherodactylus gryllus
592. Crobett's Gap Bubble-nest Frog Philautus mooreorum
593. Cross-backed Bubble-nest Frog Philautus signatus
594. Cruz's Treefrog Aplastodiscus cavicola
595. Cuban High-crested Toad Peltophryne gundlachi
596. Cuban Long-nosed Toad Peltophryne longinasus
597. Cuban Pine Toad Peltophryne cataulaciceps
598. Cuban Red-rumped Frog Eleutherodactylus acmonis
599. Cuban Small-eared Toad Peltophryne empusa
600. Cuban Spotted Toad Peltophryne taladai
601. Cuchumatanas Bromeliad Salamander Dendrotriton cuchumatanus
602. Culata Climbing Salamander Bolitoglossa orestes
603. Culion Frog Hylarana moellendorffi
604. Cumberland Dusky Salamander Desmognathus abditus
605. Cundall's Robber Frog Eleutherodactylus cundalli
606. Cuyuja Robber Frog Hypodactylus elassodiscus
607. Cuzco Cochran Frog Cochranella spiculata
608. Dahaoping Sucker Frog Amolops viridimaculatus
609. Daiyun Sucker Frog Amolops daiyunensis
610. Daleswanson's Poison Frog Ranitomeya daleswansoni
611. Dammerman's Wart Frog Limnonectes dammermani
612. Danube Crested Newt Triturus dobrogicus
613. Dapitan Peak Bubble-nest Frog Philautus surrufus
614. Darien Stubfoot Toad Atelopus certus
615. Darwin's Frog Rhinoderma darwinii
616. Davao Cross Frog Oreophryne anulata
617. Davies' Tree Frog Litoria daviesae
618. Dayang Newt Cynops orphicus
619. Dayao Flying Frog Rhacophorus minimus
620. de l'Isalo Madagascar Frog Mantidactylus noralottae
621. Decary's Madagascar Frog Gephyromantis decaryi
622. Deccan Wrinkled Frog Nyctibatrachus deccanensis
623. Del Norte Salamander Plethodon elongatus
624. Demonic Poison Frog Minyobates steyermarki
625. Dendropsophus gryllatus Dendropsophus gryllatus
626. Dennis' Chirping Frog Eleutherodactylus dennisi
627. Desert Rain Frog Breviceps macrops
628. Desert Slender Salamander Batrachoseps aridus
629. Dime Forest Treefrog Leptopelis vannutellii
630. Diminutive Forest Frog Platymantis mimulus
631. Disc-fingered Reed Frog Hyperolius discodactylus
632. Dizangue Reed Frog Hyperolius bopeleti
633. Djikoro Wart Frog Limnonectes arathooni
634. Doflein's Salamander Bolitoglossa dofleini
635. Doris' Poison Frog Ranitomeya dorisswansonae
636. Dotted Grainy Frog Kalophrynus punctatus
637. Dotted Lazy Toad Oreolalax multipunctatus
638. Dring's Asian Toad Leptolalax dringi
639. Dring's Borneo Frog Leptobrachella brevicrus
640. Dring's Grainy Frog Kalophrynus nubicola
641. Dring's Horned Frog Xenophrys dringi
642. Du Toit's Torrent Frog Petropedetes dutoiti
643. Dubois' Bubble-nest Frog Philautus duboisi
644. Dubois' Paa Frog Nanorana rostandi
645. Dulit Flying Frog Rhacophorus dulitensis
646. Dunn's Climbing Salamander Bolitoglossa dunni
647. Dusky Gopher Frog Lithobates sevosus
648. Dwarf Climbing Salamander Bolitoglossa minutula
649. Dwarf Coqui Eleutherodactylus unicolor
650. Dwarf False Brook Salamander Pseudoeurycea parva
651. Dwarf Grass Frog Eleutherodactylus adelus
652. Dwarf Splayfoot Salamander Chiropterotriton dimidiatus
653. Earless Toad Bufo cryptotympanicus
654. Eastern Crested Toad Peltophryne fracta
655. Eastern Owl Frog Heleioporus australiacus
656. Eastern Squeaker Arthroleptis xenodactylus
657. Ecnomiohyla miliaria Ecnomiohyla miliaria
658. Ecnomiohyla phantasmagoria Ecnomiohyla phantasmagoria
659. Ecuador Horned Treefrog Hemiphractus bubalus
660. Ecuador Leaf Frog Noblella lochites
661. Ecuadorian Blue Glass Frog Cochranella mache
662. Edough Ribbed Newt Pleurodeles poireti
663. Edwards' Rocket Frog Hyloxalus edwardsi
664. Efulen Water Frog Petropedetes palmipes
665. Eileen's Robber Frog Eleutherodactylus eileenae
666. El Chape Toad Rhinella justinianoi
667. El Cusuco Salamander Bolitoglossa diaphora
668. El Empalme Worm Salamander Oedipina paucidentata
669. El Pepino Treefrog Hyloscirtus torrenticola
670. El Rincon Stream Frog Somuncuria somuncurensis
671. El Tambo Stubfoot Toad Atelopus longibrachius
672. El Tovar Glass Frog Cochranella revocata
673. Elegant Madagascar Frog Spinomantis elegans
674. Elegant Stubfoot Toad Atelopus elegans
675. Emerald-green Flying Frog Rhacophorus prasinatus
676. Emperor Newt Tylototriton shanjing
677. Engelhardt's Climbing Salamander Bolitoglossa engelhardti
678. Epirus Water Frog Pelophylax epeiroticus
679. Erlanger's Grassland Frog Ptychadena erlangeri
680. Espada's Rocket Frog Hyloxalus pulchellus
681. Estrada's Robber Frog Eleutherodactylus melacara
682. Ethiopian Banana Frog Afrixalus enseticola
683. Eungella Day Frog Taudactylus eungellensis
684. Eungella Tinker Frog Taudactylus liemi
685. Everett's Flying Frog Rhacophorus everetti
686. Exerodonta chimalapa Exerodonta chimalapa
687. Exerodonta xera Exerodonta xera
688. Fairy Treefrog Charadrahyla chaneque
689. Falcon Toad Rhinella sternosignata
690. Falls Reed Frog Hyperolius polystictus
691. False Cienega Colorado Worm Salamander Oedipina pseudouniformis
692. Fanged River Frog Limnonectes macrodon
693. Farmland Green Flying Frog Rhacophorus arvalis
694. Faro Island Treefrog Litoria lutea
695. Fastigo Whipping Frog Polypedates fastigo
696. Fausto's Button Frog Cycloramphus faustoi
697. Fazil Lycian Salamander Lyciasalamandra fazilae
698. Fejervarya sahyadris Fejervarya sahyadris
699. Fernando's Giant Glass Frog Centrolene fernandoi
700. Fiji Ground Frog Platymantis vitianus
701. Fiji Tree Frog Platymantis vitiensis
702. Finca Chibigui Salamander Bolitoglossa medemi
703. Fire Salamander Salamandra infraimmaculata
704. Firschein's False Brook Salamander Pseudoeurycea firscheini
705. Fitzroy's Wood Frog Batrachyla fitzroya
706. Flat-headed Water Frog Telmatobius platycephalus
707. Fleay's Barred-frog Mixophyes fleayi
708. Florentino's Cuban Toad Peltophryne florentinoi
709. Florida Bog Frog Lithobates okaloosae
710. Foothill Robber Frog Eleutherodactylus semipalmatus
711. Foothill Yellow-legged Frog Rana boylii
712. Forest Banana Frog Afrixalus sylvaticus
713. Forest Madagascar Frog Gephyromantis silvanus
714. Forest Rain Frog Breviceps sylvestris
715. Forest Spikethumb Frog Plectrohyla glandulosa
716. Forest Stubfoot Toad Atelopus farci
717. Four-digit Toad Didynamipus sjostedti
718. Four-eyed Frog Pleurodema bibroni
719. Fourche Mountain Salamander Plethodon fourchensis
720. Fragile Wart Frog Limnonectes fragilis
721. Frankenberg's Bubble-nest Frog Philautus frankenbergi
722. Franklin's Climbing Salamander Bolitoglossa franklini
723. Freetown Long-fingered Frog Cardioglossa aureoli
724. French Cave Salamander Speleomantes strinatii
725. Freycinet's Frog Litoria freycineti
726. Frosted Flatwoods Salamander Ambystoma cingulatum
727. Fuhrmann's Backpack Frog Cryptobatrachus fuhrmanni
728. Fujian Rough-skinned Frog Glandirana minima
729. Gadgil's Tropical Frog Micrixalus gadgili
730. Gadow's False Brook Salamander Pseudoeurycea gadovii
731. Galeana False Brook Salamander Pseudoeurycea galeanae
732. Gallardo's Toad Rhinella gallardoi
733. Gardiner's Seychelles Frog Sechellophryne gardineri
734. Garo Hills Bubble-nest Frog Philautus garo
735. Gastrotheca antomia Gastrotheca antomia
736. Gastrotheca stictopleura Gastrotheca stictopleura
737. Gastrotheca zeugocystis Gastrotheca zeugocystis
738. Gene's Cave Salamander Atylodes genei
739. Georgia Blind Salamander Eurycea wallacei
740. Ghana River Frog Phrynobatrachus ghanensis
741. Ghats Wart Frog Fejervarya murthii
742. Gia Lia Eastern Spadefoot Toad Leptobrachium banae
743. Giant Barred River-frog Mixophyes iteratus
744. Giant Ditch Frog Leptodactylus fallax
745. Giant Marsupial Frog Gastrotheca ovifera
746. Giant Philippine Frog Limnonectes magnus
747. Giant Rain Frog Breviceps gibbosus
748. Giant Spiny Frog Quasipaa spinosa
749. Giant Wrinkled Frog Nyctibatrachus karnatakaensis
750. Gigante Wrinkled Ground Frog Platymantis insulatus
751. Glandular Frog Litoria subglandulosa
752. Godman's Treefrog Tlalocohyla godmani
753. Goebel's False Brook Salamander Pseudoeurycea goebeli
754. Gold-spotted Marsupial Frog Gastrotheca aureomaculata
755. Goldbelly Reed Frog Hyperolius chrysogaster
756. Golden Bell Frog Litoria aurea
757. Golden Frog Hylarana aurantiaca
758. Golden Mantella Mantella aurantiaca
759. Golden Minute Salamander Thorius aureus
760. Golden Poison Frog Phyllobates terribilis
761. Golden Shrub Frog Philautus auratus
762. Golden Treefrog Plectrohyla chryses
763. Golden-striped Salamander Chioglossa lusitanica
764. Golfodulcean Poison Frog Phyllobates vittatus
765. Goliath Frog Conraua goliath
766. Gopher Frog Rana capito
767. Gorgan Mountain Salamander Paradactylodon gorganensis
768. Gorzula's Amazon Treefrog Tepuihyla rimarum
769. Graceful Splayfoot Salamander Chiropterotriton cracens
770. Graham's Robber Frog Eleutherodactylus grahami
771. Grand Cafe Robber Frog Eleutherodactylus pinchoni
772. Grand Minute Salamander Thorius grandis
773. Granular Asian Toad Leptolalax tuberosus
774. Granular Poison Frog Oophaga granulifera
775. Granular Salamander Ambystoma granulosum
776. Grassland Forest Treefrog Leptopelis yaldeni
777. Great Peeping Frog Eleutherodactylus grandis
778. Great Piebald Horned Toad Xenophrys giganticus
779. Greater Bromeliad Treefrog Bromeliohyla dendroscarta
780. Greater Spikethumb Frog Plectrohyla avia
781. Greater Spiny Madagascar Frog Gephyromantis spiniferus
782. Greater Tip-nosed Frog Odorrana supranarina
783. Green And Gold Frog Litoria raniformis
784. Green And Red Venter Harlequin Toad Atelopus pinangoi
785. Green Bromeliad Frog Osteopilus wilderi
786. Green Bubble-nest Frog Philautus viridis
787. Green Cave Frog Eleutherodactylus chlorophenax
788. Green Mantella Mantella viridis
789. Green Poison Frog Ranitomeya viridis
790. Green Salamander Aneides aeneus
791. Green-eyed Frog Lithobates vibicarius
792. Green-thighed Frog Litoria brevipalmata
793. Grey's Robber Frog Eleutherodactylus greyi
794. Gristle-Headed Splayfoot Salamander Chiropterotriton chondrostega
795. Guacamayo Plump Toad Osornophryne guacamayo
796. Guajira Stubfoot Toad Atelopus carrikeri
797. Gualecenita Stubfoot Toad Atelopus nepiozomus
798. Guanahacabibes Robber Frog Eleutherodactylus guanahacabibes
799. Guangxi Warty Newt Paramesotriton guanxiensis
800. Guaniguanic Yellow-mottled Frog Eleutherodactylus goini
801. Guantanamo Robber Frog Eleutherodactylus guantanamera
802. Guanujo Stubfoot Toad Atelopus guanujo
803. Guaramacal Salamander Bolitoglossa guaramacalensis
804. Guatemala Plateau Frog Lithobates macroglossa
805. Guatemala Spikethumb Frog Plectrohyla guatemalensis
806. Guatemala Stream Frog Ptychohyla panchoi
807. Guatemalan Bromeliad Salamander Dendrotriton rabbi
808. Guerreran Climbing Salamander Bolitoglossa hermosa
809. Guerreran Leopard Frog Lithobates omiltemanus
810. Guerreran Peeping Frog Eleutherodactylus dilatus
811. Guerreran Stream Frog Ptychohyla salvadorensis
812. Guerrero Stream Frog Ptychohyla erythromma
813. Guibe's Bright-eyed Frog Spinomantis microtis
814. Guibe's Madagascar Frog Spinomantis guibei
815. Guille's Andes Frog Psychrophrynella guillei
816. Guinea River Frog Phrynobatrachus guineensis
817. Guinea Screeching Frog Arthroleptis crusculum
818. Gundia Indian Frog Indirana gundia
819. Gundlach's Robber Frog Eleutherodactylus gundlachi
820. Gunther's Borneo Frog Meristogenys jerboa
821. Gunther's Bubble-nest Frog Philautus microtympanum
822. Gunther's Caribbean Toad Peltophryne guentheri
823. Gunther's Flathead Toad Pelophryne guentheri
824. Gunther's Marsupial Frog Gastrotheca guentheri
825. Gunther's Whipping Frog Polypedates eques
826. Gunther's Wrinkled Ground Frog Platymantis guentheri
827. Gunung Bubble-nest Frog Philautus gunungensis
828. Gunung Mulu Borneo Frog Leptobrachella parva
829. Gunung Mulu Bubble-nest Frog Philautus tectus
830. Gunung Mulu Stream Toad Ansonia torrentis
831. Habana Robber Frog Eleutherodactylus limbatus
832. Hainan Flathead Toad Parapelophryne scalpta
833. Hainan Frog Odorrana hainanensis
834. Hainan Knobby Newt Tylototriton hainanensis
835. Hainan Spadefoot Toad Leptobrachium hainanense
836. Hainan Torrent Frog Amolops hainanensis
837. Hainan Wart Frog Fejervarya greenii
838. Hakuba Salamander Hynobius hidamontanus
839. Half-stripe Bromeliad Frog Eleutherodactylus heminota
840. Halliday's Bubble-nest Frog Philautus hallidayi
841. Hamilton's Frog Leiopelma hamiltoni
842. Handapan Bubble-nest Frog Philautus silvaticus
843. Handapan Ell Bubble-nest Frog Philautus lunatus
844. Handapan Ella Bubble-nest Frog Philautus poppiae
845. Haraldmeier's Mantella Mantella haraldmeieri
846. Harlequin Frog Atelopus pulcher
847. Harrisson's Flying Frog Rhacophorus harrissoni
848. Hartweg's Climbing Salamander Bolitoglossa hartwegi
849. Hartweg's Spikethumb Frog Plectrohyla hartwegi
850. Harvey's Andes Frog Psychrophrynella harveyi
851. Haycock Bubble-nest Frog Philautus nemus
852. Haycock Shrub Frog Philautus limbus
853. Hazel's Treefrog Plectrohyla hazelae
854. Hazel's Wrinkled Ground Frog Platymantis hazelae
855. Hedrick's Robber Frog Eleutherodactylus hedricki
856. Heinrich's Wart Frog Limnonectes heinrichi
857. Hejiang Spiny Frog Quasipaa robertingeri
858. Hellbender Cryptobranchus alleganiensis
859. Hellmich's Rocket Frog Hyloxalus vergeli
860. Helmeted Water Toad Calyptocephalella gayi
861. Heredia Treefrog Ecnomiohyla fimbrimembra
862. Hernandez's Stubfoot Toad Atelopus monohernandezii
863. Herveo Plump Toad Osornophryne percrassa
864. Hewitt's Ghost Frog Heleophryne hewitti
865. Highland Long-fingered Frog Cardioglossa venusta
866. Hispaniola Robber Frog Eleutherodactylus leoncei
867. Hispaniolan Crestless Toad Peltophryne fluviatica
868. Hispaniolan Crowned Frog Eleutherodactylus corona
869. Hispaniolan Giant Treefrog Osteopilus vastus
870. Hispaniolan Montane Frog Eleutherodactylus montanus
871. Hispaniolan Wheeping Frog Eleutherodactylus minutus
872. Hispaniolan Yellow Treefrog Osteopilus pulchrilineatus
873. Hochstetter's Frog Leiopelma hochstetteri
874. Hocking's Water Frog Telmatobius hockingi
875. Hoffmann's Bubble-nest Frog Philautus hoffmanni
876. Hogsback Frog Anhydrophryne rattrayi
877. Hokuriku Salamander Hynobius takedai
878. Holst's Frog Babina holsti
879. Holy-mountain Salamander Bolitoglossa heiroreias
880. Honduran Brook Frog Duellmanohyla salvavida
881. Honduras Spikethumb Frog Plectrohyla dasypus
882. Honduras White-lipped Frog Leptodactylus silvanimbus
883. Hong Kong Cascade Frog Amolops hongkongensis
884. Hong Kong Spiny Frog Quasipaa exilispinosa
885. Hong Kong Warty Newt Paramesotriton hongkongensis
886. Horned Marsupial Frog Gastrotheca cornuta
887. Horned Wrinkled Ground Frog Platymantis cornutus
888. Hosmer's Frog Cophixalus hosmeri
889. Hotel Zaracay Salamander Bolitoglossa chica
890. Houston Toad Bufo houstonensis
891. Huahachuco Water Frog Telmatobius brevipes
892. Huanuco Water Frog Telmatobius punctatus
893. Huila Stubfoot Toad Atelopus ebenoides
894. Humbali Village Toad Bufo koynayensis
895. Hyalinobatrachium cardiacalyptum Hyalinobatrachium cardiacalyptum
896. Hyalinobatrachium crybetes Hyalinobatrachium crybetes
897. Hyalinobatrachium esmeralda Hyalinobatrachium esmeralda
898. Hyalinobatrachium guairarepanense Hyalinobatrachium guairarepanense
899. Hyalinobatrachium pallidum Hyalinobatrachium pallidum
900. Hyalinobatrachium pellucidum Hyalinobatrachium pellucidum
901. Hyalinobatrachium aureoguttatum Hyalinobatrachium aureoguttatum
902. Hyalinobatrachium fragile Hyalinobatrachium fragile
903. Hyalinobatrachium ibama Hyalinobatrachium ibama
904. Hyalinobatrachium orientale Hyalinobatrachium orientale
905. Hyla bocourti Hyla bocourti
906. Hyla heinzsteinitzi Hyla heinzsteinitzi
907. Hylarana mangyanum Hylarana mangyanum
908. Hyloscirtus jahni Hyloscirtus jahni
909. Hypsiboas cipoensis Hypsiboas cipoensis
910. Ian's Andes Frog Psychrophrynella iani
911. Iberian Frog Rana iberica
912. Iberian Midwife Toad Alytes cisternasii
913. Icacos White-lipped Frog Leptodactylus nesiotus
914. Illiman's Andes Frog Psychrophrynella illimani
915. Imperial Cave Salamander Speleomantes imperialis
916. Incachaca Toad Rhinella quechua
917. Incilius macrocristatus Incilius macrocristatus
918. Independencia Robber Frog Eleutherodactylus parabates
919. Indian Flying Frog Pterorana khare
920. Indian Toad Bufo parietalis
921. Inger's Asian Tree Toad Pedostibes rugosus
922. Inger's Bubble-nest Frog Philautus ingeri
923. Inger's Flying Frog Rhacophorus gauni
924. Inger's Robber Frog Strabomantis ingeri
925. Inger's Wart Frog Limnonectes ingeri
926. Ingerophrynus kumquat Ingerophrynus kumquat
927. Inquisivi Andes Frog Psychrophrynella quimsacruzis
928. Inquisivi Water Frog Telmatobius espadai
929. Interior Digging Frog Plethodontohyla tuberata
930. Interior Robber Frog Eleutherodactylus locustus
931. Inyanga Toad Vandijkophrynus inyangae
932. Inyangani River Frog Amietia inyangae
933. Inyo Mountains Salamander Batrachoseps campi
934. Irangi River Frog Phrynobatrachus irangi
935. Isaka-Ivondro Madagascar Frog Spinomantis bertini
936. Isalo Bright-eyed Frog Boophis occidentalis
937. Isalo Madagascar Frog Gephyromantis corvus
938. Isarog Forest Frog Platymantis isarog
939. Ischnocnema epipeda Ischnocnema epipeda
940. Ischnocnema manezinho Ischnocnema manezinho
941. Ischnocnema oea Ischnocnema oea
942. Ishikawa's Frog Odorrana ishikawae
943. Isla Bonita Treefrog Isthmohyla debilis
944. Israel Painted Frog Discoglossus nigriventer
945. Isthmohyla insolita Isthmohyla insolita
946. Isthmohyla melacaena Isthmohyla melacaena
947. Italian Agile Frog Rana latastei
948. Italian Cave Salamander Speleomantes italicus
949. Itatiaia Highland Frog Holoaden bradei
950. Ivory Coast Frog Hylarana occidentalis
951. Ivory Coast Running Frog Kassina arboricola
952. Ivory Coast Wart Frog Acanthixalus sonjae
953. Ixil Spikethumb Frog Plectrohyla ixil
954. Izecksohn's Brazilian Treefrog Xenohyla truncata
955. Izecksohn's Bromeliad Frog Crossodactylodes izecksohni
956. Izecksohn's Guanabara Frog Euparkerella robusta
957. Jacobson's Bubble-nest Frog Philautus jacobsoni
958. Jaeger's Bright-eyed Frog Boophis jaegeri
959. Jalpa False Brook Salamander Pseudoeurycea exspectata
960. Jamaica Robber Frog Eleutherodactylus jamaicensis
961. Jamaican Red-eyed Frog Eleutherodactylus nubicola
962. Jamaican Snoring Frog Osteopilus crucialis
963. Japanese Giant Salamander  WATCH A LIVE JAPANESE GIANT SALAMANDER Andrias japonicus
964. Java Flying Frog Rhacophorus margaritifer
965. Java Indonesian Treefrog Nyctixalus margaritifer
966. Javan Torrent Frog Huia masonii
967. Jelak Asian Toad Leptolalax hamidi
968. Jemez Mountains Salamander Plethodon neomexicanus
969. Jeweled Toad Incilius gemmifer
970. Jin Jiang Sucker Frog Amolops jinjiangensis
971. Jingdong Frog Odorrana jingdongensis
972. Jingdong Lazy Toad Oreolalax jingdongensis
973. Jinxiu Bubble-nest Frog Philautus jinxiuensis
974. Jiulong Spiny Frog Quasipaa jiulongensis
975. Johnson's Horned Treefrog Hemiphractus johnsoni
976. Johnston's River Frog Amietia johnstoni
977. Johnston's Water Frog Petropedetes johnstoni
978. Jollyville Plateau Salamander Eurycea tonkawae
979. Jondachi Treefrog Hyloscirtus staufferorum
980. Jozani River Frog Phrynobatrachus ungujae
981. Jozani Running Frog Kassina jozani
982. Juanita's Earless Treefrog Exerodonta juanitae
983. Jujuy Water Frog Telmatobius hypselocephalus
984. Jumrum Australian Treefrog Litoria myola
985. Junaluska Salamander Eurycea junaluska
986. Junin Andes Frog Psychrophrynella kempffi
987. Junlian Odorous Frog Odorrana junlianensis
988. Kabatangan Frog Hylarana tipanan
989. Kadamaian Stream Toad Ansonia hanitschi
990. Kajang Asian Toad Leptolalax kajangensis
991. Kalakad Wrinkled Frog Nyctibatrachus vasanthi
992. Kalakkad Flying Frog Rhacophorus calcadensis
993. Kalang Wart Frog Limnonectes rhacoda
994. Kalinga Narrowmouth Toad Kaloula kalingensis
995. Kamboranga Bubble-nest Frog Philautus amoenus
996. Kamborangah Borneo Frog Leptobrachella baluensis
997. Kampira Falls Frog Babina psaltes
998. Kandy Bubble-nest Frog Philautus pleurotaenia
999. Kangaroo Bubble-nest Frog Philautus macropus
1000. Kangting Sucker Frog Amolops kangtingensis
1001. Kanneliya Dot Frog Ramanella nagaoi
1002. Kapit Borneo Frog Meristogenys phaeomerus
1003. Kapit Rice Frog Microhyla petrigena
1004. Kaplan's Garagoa Treefrog Dendropsophus stingi
1005. Karissimbi Forest Treefrog Leptopelis karissimbensis
1006. Karl's Robber Frog Eleutherodactylus karlschmidti
1007. Karnataka Bubble-nest Frog Philautus charius
1008. Karnataka Rice Frog Microhyla sholigari
1009. Karpathos Frog Pelophylax cerigensis
1010. Karpathos Lycian Salamander Lyciasalamandra helverseni
1011. Keelsnout Treefrog Plectrohyla mykter
1012. Keith's Striped Frog Phlyctimantis keithae
1013. Kelaart's Dwarf Toad Adenomus kelaartii
1014. Kerala Indian Frog Indirana phrynoderma
1015. Kerangas Bubble-nest Frog Philautus kerangae
1016. Kern Canyon Slender Salamander Batrachoseps simatus
1017. Kern Plateau Salamander Batrachoseps robustus
1018. Khaki Bromeliad Frog Eleutherodactylus fowleri
1019. Khastor Water Frog Telmatobius huayra
1020. Kiau Borneo Frog Meristogenys kinabaluensis
1021. Kihanga Reed Frog Hyperolius kihangensis
1022. Kina Balu Stream Toad Ansonia spinulifer
1023. Kinabalu Asian Toad Leptolalax maurus
1024. Kinabalu Horned Frog Xenophrys baluensis
1025. Kinabalu Spadefoot Toad Leptobrachium gunungense
1026. Kings River Slender Salamander Batrachoseps regius
1027. Kitumbeine Stream Frog Strongylopus kitumbeine
1028. Kivu Banana Frog Afrixalus orophilus
1029. Kivu Screeching Frog Arthroleptis pyrrhoscelis
1030. Kivu Tree Frog Leptopelis kivuensis
1031. Klemmer's Madagascar Frog Gephyromantis klemmeri
1032. Klinikowski's Robber Frog Eleutherodactylus klinikowskii
1033. Knysna Banana Frog Afrixalus knysnae
1034. Kobayashi's Horned Frog Megophrys kobayashii
1035. Kogelberg Reserve Frog Poyntonia paludicola
1036. Koh Chang Island Frog Hylarana mortenseni
1037. Kokagala Streamlined Frog Nannophrys naeyakai
1038. Kokoe Poison Frog Phyllobates aurotaenia
1039. Komodo Cross Frog Oreophryne jeffersoniana
1040. Koskulana Bubble-nest Frog Philautus cuspis
1041. Kotagama's Dwarf Toad Bufo kotagamai
1042. Kottawa Bubble-nest Frog Philautus folicola
1043. Kottigehar Tropical Frog Micrixalus kottigeharensis
1044. Krefft's River Frog Phrynobatrachus krefftii
1045. Kroombit Tinker Frog Taudactylus pleione
1046. Kuang-wu Shan Frog Odorrana kuangwuensis
1047. Kurdistan Spotted Newt Neurergus microspilotus
1048. Kurintji Flying Frog Rhacophorus bifasciatus
1049. Kwang-yang Asian Frog Nanorana quadranus
1050. La Arboleda Stubfoot Toad Atelopus muisca
1051. La Banderita Marsupial Frog Gastrotheca gracilis
1052. La Estrella Salamander Nototriton picadoi
1053. La Fortuna Worm Salamander Oedipina gephyra
1054. La Guitarra Stubfoot Toad Atelopus guitarraensis
1055. La Horma Robber Frog Eleutherodactylus pituinus
1056. La Hotte Glanded Frog Eleutherodactylus glandulifer
1057. La Hotte Whistling Frog Eleutherodactylus eunaster
1058. La Hoya Minute Salamander Thorius minydemus
1059. La Loma Tree Frog Hyloscirtus colymba
1060. La Maya Robber Frog Eleutherodactylus ionthus
1061. La Palma Salamander Bolitoglossa subpalmata
1062. La Rioja Water Frog Telmatobius schreiteri
1063. La Selle Grass Frog Eleutherodactylus glanduliferoides
1064. La Selle Long-legged Frog Eleutherodactylus darlingtoni
1065. La Selle Red-legged Frog Eleutherodactylus furcyensis
1066. La Siberia Marsupial Frog Gastrotheca lauzuricae
1067. Labang Rice Frog Microhyla perparva
1068. Laggala Bubble-nest Frog Philautus fulvus
1069. Laguna del Bay Frog Hylarana similis
1070. Laguna Toad Rhinella nesiotes
1071. Lake Lerma Salamander Ambystoma lermaense
1072. Lake Oku Clawed Frog Xenopus longipes
1073. Lake Patzcuaro Salamander Ambystoma dumerilii
1074. Landdros Moss Frog Arthroleptella landdrosia
1075. Lanza's Alpine Salamander Salamandra lanzai
1076. Lanza's Frog Lanzarana largeni
1077. Laos Sucker Frog Amolops cremnobatus
1078. Larch Mountain Salamander Plethodon larselli
1079. Large Wrinkled Frog Nyctibatrachus major
1080. Large-crested Toad Incilius cristatus
1081. Large-spined Bell Toad Bombina fortinuptialis
1082. Las Minas Frog Lithobates chichicuahutla
1083. Las Palmas Spikethumb Frog Plectrohyla quecchi
1084. Laurent's Night Frog Astylosternus laurenti
1085. Lawton's Wrinkled Ground Frog Platymantis lawtoni
1086. Leaping False Brook Salamander Pseudoeurycea saltator
1087. Leber's Robber Frog Eleutherodactylus leberi
1088. Legler's Stream Frog Ptychohyla legleri
1089. Lehmann's Poison Frog Oophaga lehmanni
1090. Lehmann's Rocket Frog Hyloxalus lehmanni
1091. Leishan Spiny Toad Leptobrachium leishanense
1092. Lemur Leaf Frog Hylomantis lemur
1093. Leora's Stream Salamander Ambystoma leorae
1094. Leprous False Brook Salamander Pseudoeurycea leprosa
1095. Leprus Chirping Frog Eleutherodactylus leprus
1096. Leptobrachium echinatum Leptobrachium echinatum
1097. Leptolalax arayai Leptolalax arayai
1098. Lesser Bromeliad Treefrog Plectrohyla arborescandens
1099. Lesser Stream Madagascar Frog Gephyromantis rivicola
1100. Lewis' Stubfoot Toad Atelopus chiriquiensis
1101. Leyte Bubble-nest Frog Philautus leitensis
1102. Liangbei Lazy Toad Oreolalax liangbeiensis
1103. Liberia River Frog Phrynobatrachus liberiensis
1104. Lichuan Bell Toad Bombina lichuanensis
1105. Lichuan Lazy Toad Oreolalax lichuanensis
1106. Lifan Sucker Frog Amolops lifanensis
1107. Light Robber Frog Eleutherodactylus luteolus
1108. Lightfoot's Moss Frog Arthroleptella lightfooti
1109. Lily Robber Frog Eleutherodactylus mariposa
1110. Limestone Salamander Hydromantes brunus
1111. Limnonectes asperatus Limnonectes asperatus
1112. Limnonectes toumanoffi Limnonectes toumanoffi
1113. Limon Worm Salamander Oedipina alfaroi
1114. Limosa Stubfoot Toad Atelopus limosus
1115. Lincoln's Climbing Salamander Bolitoglossa lincolni
1116. Linda's Treefrog Hyloscirtus lindae
1117. Lined Treefrog Litoria quadrilineata
1118. Litoria jungguy Litoria jungguy
1119. Little Corn Island Frog Lithobates miadis
1120. Loja Rocket Frog Hyloxalus elachyhistus
1121. Loja Water Frog Telmatobius cirrhacelis
1122. Loka Flying Frog Rhacophorus monticola
1123. Lolokou Sucker Frog Amolops loloensis
1124. Lombok Cross Frog Oreophryne monticola
1125. Long-fingered Frog Cardioglossa alsco
1126. Long-fingered Stream Toad Ansonia longidigita
1127. Long-legged Brown Frog Rana longicrus
1128. Long-nosed Climbing Salamander Bolitoglossa rostrata
1129. Longdong Stream Salamander Batrachuperus londongensis
1130. Longest Climbing Salamander Bolitoglossa longissima
1131. Longfoot Robber Frog Eleutherodactylus longipes
1132. Longnose Bromeliad Salamander Dendrotriton megarhinus
1133. Longtail False Brook Salamander Pseudoeurycea longicauda
1134. Lonnbergs Toad Mertensophryne lonnbergi
1135. Los Bracitos Treefrog Hypsiboas heilprini
1136. Los Diamantes Worm Salamander Oedipina carablanca
1137. Los Queules Ground Frog Eupsophus queulensis
1138. Loud Big-eyed Treefrog Litoria avocalis
1139. Loveridge's Forest Frog Probreviceps loveridgei
1140. Loveridge's Frog Philoria loveridgei
1141. Lower Cerro Minute Salamander Thorius pulmonaris
1142. Lowland Grainy Frog Kalophrynus palmatissimus
1143. Lubok Antu Bubble-nest Frog Philautus refugii
1144. Luidan Stream Toad Ansonia platysoma
1145. Lungshen Odorous Frog Odorrana lungshengensis
1146. Luschan's Salamander Lyciasalamandra luschani
1147. Lutz's River Frog Thoropa lutzi
1148. Luvubu Reed Frog Hyperolius leleupi
1149. Luzon Fanged Frog Limnonectes macrocephalus
1150. Luzon Frog Hylarana luzonensis
1151. Luzon Narrow-mouthed Frog Kaloula rigida
1152. Luzon Wrinkled Ground Frog Platymantis luzonensis
1153. Lynch's Colombian Treefrog Hyloscirtus lynchi
1154. Lynch's Giant Glass Frog Centrolene lynchi
1155. Lynch's Stubfoot Toad Atelopus lynchi
1156. Lynn's Robber Frog Eleutherodactylus alticola
1157. Mable's Robber Frog Eleutherodactylus jugans
1158. Macaya Burrowing Frog Eleutherodactylus parapelates
1159. Macaya Dusky Frog Eleutherodactylus ventrilineatus
1160. MacConnell's Bush Toad Oreophrynella macconnelli
1161. MacDougall's Minute Salamanders Thorius macdougalli
1162. Madagascan Mantella Mantella madagascariensis
1163. Madagascar Climbing Frog Anodonthyla rouxae
1164. Madagascar Frog Gephyromantis azzurrae
1165. Madagascar Giant Treefrog Platypelis alticola
1166. Madagascar Jumping Frog Aglyptodactylus laticeps
1167. Madagascar Rain Frog Scaphiophryne madagascariensis
1168. Magdalena Giant Glass Frog Centrolene tayrona
1169. Magnificent Broodfrog Pseudophryne covacevichae
1170. Magnificent Web-footed Salamander Bolitoglossa magnifica
1171. Mahajanga Reed Frog Heterixalus carbonei
1172. Maharira Madagascar Frog Gephyromantis runewsweeki
1173. Mahe Caecilian Grandisonia brevis
1174. Maisi Frog Eleutherodactylus bresslerae
1175. Malabar Black Narrow-mouthed Frog Melanobatrachus indicus
1176. Malabar Dot Frog Ramanella triangularis
1177. Malabar Indian Frog Indirana diplosticta
1178. Malabar Tropical Frog Micrixalus saxicola
1179. Malaysian Borneo Frog Meristogenys poecilus
1180. Malaysian Bubble-nest Frog Philautus disgregus
1181. Malaysian Flying Frog Rhacophorus rufipes
1182. Malaysian Grainy Frog Kalophrynus baluensis
1183. Malcolm's Ethiopia Toad Altiphrynoides malcolmi
1184. Maldonado Redbelly Toad Melanophryniscus moreirae
1185. Malesian Frog Limnonectes malesianus
1186. Mallorcan Midwife Toad Alytes muletensis
1187. Malvasa Stubfoot Toad Atelopus eusebianus
1188. Mangrove Frog Eleutherodactylus caribe
1189. Mangshan Horned Toad Xenophrys mangshanensis
1190. Mannophryne trujillensis Mannophryne trujillensis
1191. Mannophryne riveroi Mannophryne riveroi
1192. Mannophryne yustizi Mannophryne yustizi
1193. Mannophryne neblina Mannophryne neblina
1194. Mannophryne leonardoi Mannophryne leonardoi
1195. Mannophryne lamarcai Mannophryne lamarcai
1196. Mannophryne cordilleriana Mannophryne cordilleriana
1197. Mannophryne collaris Mannophryne collaris
1198. Mannophryne caquetio Mannophryne caquetio
1199. Mannophryne olmonae Mannophryne olmonae
1200. Mannophryne herminae Mannophryne herminae
1201. Mannophryne trinitatis Mannophryne trinitatis
1202. Mannophryne venezuelensis Mannophryne venezuelensis
1203. Mantidactylus delormei Mantidactylus delormei
1204. Maranon Poison Frog Excitobates mysteriosus
1205. Marbled Dot Frog Ramanella mormorata
1206. Marbled Rain Frog Scaphiophryne marmorata
1207. Marbled Robber Frog Eleutherodactylus saxatilis
1208. Marbled Streamlined Frog Nannophrys marmorata
1209. Marbled Water Frog Telmatobius marmoratus
1210. Maria's Giant Glass Frog Cochranella mariae
1211. Maritime Worm Salamander Oedipina maritima
1212. Marmaris Salamander Lyciasalamandra flavimembris
1213. Martinique Robber Frog Eleutherodactylus martinicensis
1214. Masarang Frog Hylarana macrops
1215. Masked Tree Frog Rhacophorus angulirostris
1216. Matang Asian Toad Leptolalax gracilis
1217. Matang Stream Toad Ansonia leptopus
1218. Matheran Indian Frog Indirana leithii
1219. Matouba Robber Frog Eleutherodactylus barlagnei
1220. Matuda's Spikethumb Frog Plectrohyla matudai
1221. Maud Island Frog Leiopelma pakeka
1222. Mauroa White-lipped Frog Leptodactylus magistris
1223. Mavomavo Giant Treefrog Platypelis mavomavo
1224. Mawblang Toad Bufoides meghalayanus
1225. Maya Mountains Frog Lithobates juliani
1226. McDiarmid Minute Salamander Thorius munificus
1227. Mcdonald's Frog Cophixalus mcdonaldi
1228. McGregor's Stream Toad Ansonia mcgregori
1229. Melanophryniscus admirabilis Melanophryniscus admirabilis
1230. Melanophryniscus cupreuscapularis Melanophryniscus cupreuscapularis
1231. Melanophryniscus dorsalis Melanophryniscus dorsalis
1232. Meliana Climbing Salamander Bolitoglossa meliana
1233. Mendolong Bubble-nest Frog Philautus aurantium
1234. Menglun Eastern Frog Ingerana liui
1235. Merida Andes Treefrog Hyloscirtus platydactylus
1236. Merida Tree Frog Dendropsophus meridensis
1237. Mertens' Egg Frog Leptodactylodon mertensi
1238. Mertens' Smalltongue Toad Werneria mertensiana
1239. Mesopotamia Beaked Toad Rhinella rostrata
1240. Metaphryniscus sosai Metaphryniscus sosai
1241. Mexican Caecilian Dermophis mexicanus
1242. Mexican Pine Woods Treefrog Exerodonta pinorum
1243. Michael Rainforest Frog Cophixalus nubicola
1244. Michoacan Stream Salamander Ambystoma ordinarium
1245. Microhylid Frog Cophyla berara
1246. Midongy Madagascar Frog Gephyromantis leucocephalus
1247. Miguel's Ground Frog Eupsophus migueli
1248. Milne Bay Frog Hylarana waliesa
1249. Milne Mehely Frog Copiula minor
1250. Mindanao Flathead Toad Pelophryne lighti
1251. Mindanao Flying Frog Rhacophorus bimaculatus
1252. Mindanao Horned Frog Megophrys stejnegeri
1253. Mindo Cochran Frog Centrolene balionotum
1254. Mindo Robber Frog Strabomantis necerus
1255. Mindo Stubfoot Toad Atelopus mindoensis
1256. Miniature Robber Frog Eleutherodactylus dimidiatus
1257. Miranda Robber Frog Eleutherodactylus pezopetrus
1258. Mittermeier's Bubble-nest Frog Philautus mittermeieri
1259. Mittermeier's Stubfoot Toad Atelopus mittermeieri
1260. Mixe Treefrog Megastomatohyla mixe
1261. Mocha Island Ground Frog Eupsophus insularis
1262. Mombacho Salamander Bolitoglossa mombachoensis
1263. Mona Coqui Eleutherodactylus monensis
1264. Montagne d'Ambre Madagascar Frog Gephyromantis ambohitra
1265. Montane Cricket Frog Eleutherodactylus haitianus
1266. Monte Albo Cave Salamander Speleomantes flavus
1267. Monte Escondido Salamander Bolitoglossa decora
1268. Monte Iberia Dwarf Frog Eleutherodactylus iberia
1269. Monte Verde Golden Toad Bufo periglenes
1270. Monteverde Moss Salamander Nototriton gamezi
1271. Montevideo Redbelly Toad Melanophryniscus montevidensis
1272. Montseny Brook Newt Calotriton arnoldi
1273. Monzon's Moss Salamander Cryptotriton monzoni
1274. Moore's Frog Lithobates johni
1275. Moray Bubble-nest Frog Philautus caeruleus
1276. Morelet's Treefrog Agalychnis moreletii
1277. Morelos False Brook Salamander Pseudoeurycea altamontana
1278. Morere's Banana Frog Afrixalus morerei
1279. Morne Macay Robber Frog Eleutherodactylus thorectes
1280. Morningside Bubble-nest Frog Philautus ocularis
1281. Moroccan Midwife Toad Alytes maurus
1282. Morona-Santiago Stubfoot Toad Atelopus halihelos
1283. Mottled Bubble-nest Frog Philautus poecilius
1284. Mount Data Forest Frog Platymantis subterrestris
1285. Mount Lumaku Bubble-nest Frog Philautus bunitus
1286. Mount Meru Stream Frog Strongylopus merumontanus
1287. Mount Omoto-dake Frog Odorrana utsunomiyaorum
1288. Mount Talamau Bubble-nest Frog Philautus similis
1289. Mount Tucutche Treefrog Flectonotus fitzgeraldi
1290. Mount Wuliang Sucker Frog Amolops tuberodepressus
1291. Mountain Borneo Frog Meristogenys amoropalamus
1292. Mountain Climbing Frog Anodonthyla montana
1293. Mountain Dot Frog Ramanella montana
1294. Mountain Egg Frog Leptodactylodon bicolor
1295. Mountain Mistfrog Litoria nyakalensis
1296. Mountain Night Frog Astylosternus montanus
1297. Mountain Toad Incilius cavifrons
1298. Mountain Wrinkled Ground Frog Platymantis montanus
1299. Mountain Yellow-legged Frog Rana muscosa
1300. Mountain-top Nursery-frog Cophixalus monticola
1301. Mourning Treefrog Plectrohyla pentheter
1302. Mout Okou Wolterstorff Toad Wolterstorffina mirei
1303. Mozart's Frog Eleutherodactylus amadeus
1304. Mrora Forest Toad Mertensophryne howelli
1305. Mt. Okou Long-fingered Frog Cardioglossa oreas
1306. Mucubaji Stubfoot Toad Atelopus mucubajiensis
1307. Muller's Climbing Salamander Bolitoglossa mulleri
1308. Muller's Stream Toad Ansonia muelleri
1309. Mulu Flying Frog Rhacophorus kajau
1310. Munnar Bubble-nest Frog Philautus griet
1311. Murud Bubble-nest Frog Philautus mjobergi
1312. Muruk Mio Bubble-nest Frog Philautus erythrophthalmus
1313. Muscular Salamander Pseudoeurycea papenfussi
1314. Mustache False Brook Salamander Pseudoeurycea mystax
1315. Myers' Surinam Toad Pipa myersi
1316. Nahampoana Bright-eyed Frog Boophis haematopus
1317. Nahuelbuta Ground Frog Eupsophus nahuelbutensis
1318. Naked Tropical Frog Micrixalus nudis
1319. Namaqua Stream Frog Strongylopus springbokensis
1320. Nankiang Horned Toad Xenophrys nankiangensis
1321. Naomi's Forest Frog Platymantis naomii
1322. Napo Giant Glass Frog Centrolene audax
1323. Napo Plump Toad Osornophryne antisana
1324. Napo Stubfoot Toad Atelopus planispina
1325. Narrow-footed Worm Salamander Oedipina stenopodia
1326. Narrow-lined Treefrog Isthmohyla angustilineata
1327. Narrow-mouthed Toad Albericus siegfriedi
1328. Natal Banana Frog Afrixalus spinifrons
1329. Neatly-spotted Bubble-nest Frog Philautus stictomerus
1330. Neglected Frog Cophixalus neglectus
1331. Negros Wrinkled Ground Frog Platymantis negrosensis
1332. Nepal Paa Frog Nanorana minica
1333. Neurergus kaiseri Neurergus kaiseri
1334. Neuse River Waterdog Necturus lewisi
1335. Nevado de Colima Chirping Frog Eleutherodactylus nivicolimae
1336. New Britain Land Frog Austrochaperina novaebritanniae
1337. Newton's Grassland Frog Ptychadena newtoni
1338. Ngezi Reed Frog Hyperolius watsonae
1339. Ngoni Moss Frog Arthroleptella ngongoniensis
1340. Niceforo's Stubfoot Toad Atelopus nicefori
1341. Niceforonia adenobrachia Niceforonia adenobrachia
1342. Nicobarese Whipping Frog Polypedates insularis
1343. Nicobars Wart Frog Fejervarya nicobariensis
1344. Nienokoue Reed Frog Hyperolius nienokouensis
1345. Nigeria Banana Frog Afrixalus nigeriensis
1346. Nike's Squeaker Arthroleptis nikeae
1347. Nilgiri Bubble-nest Frog Philautus tinniens
1348. Nilgiri Tropical Frog Micrixalus phyllophilus
1349. Nilgiris Wart Frog Fejervarya nilagirica
1350. Nimba Banana Frog Afrixalus vibekensis
1351. Nimba Reed Frog Hyperolius zonatus
1352. Nimbaphrynoides liberiensis Nimbaphrynoides liberiensis
1353. Nimble Long-limbed Salamander Nyctanolis pernix
1354. Ninglang Paa Frog Nanorana liui
1355. Nkongsamba Frog Hylarana asperrima
1356. Nkongsamba River Frog Phrynobatrachus cricogaster
1357. Noellert's Toad Duttaphrynus noellerti
1358. Norbert Bright-eyed Frog Boophis sambirano
1359. Nornalup Frog Geocrinia lutea
1360. North African Fire Salamander Salamandra algira
1361. North Borneo Stream Toad Ansonia fuliginea
1362. North Shore Marsupial Frog Gastrotheca espeletia
1363. Northern Corroboree Frog Pseudophryne pengilleyi
1364. Northern Frog Occidozyga borealis
1365. Northern Hammer Frog Eleutherodactylus auriculatoides
1366. Northern Minute Salamander Thorius boreas
1367. Northern Roundgland Toad Incilius cycladen
1368. Northern Tinker Frog Taudactylus rheophilus
1369. Northwestern Climbing Salamander Bolitoglossa sima
1370. Norton Plains Bubble-nest Frog Philautus alto
1371. Norton's Robber Frog Eleutherodactylus nortoni
1372. Nosy Be Burrowing Frog Rhombophryne testudo
1373. Nosy Be Giant Treefrog Platypelis milloti
1374. Nsoung Long-fingered Frog Cardioglossa trifasciata
1375. Nyika Dwarf Toad Mertensophryne nyikae
1376. O'donnell's Climbing Salamander Bolitoglossa odonnelli
1377. Oak Forest Salamander Bolitoglossa cuchumatana
1378. Oaxaca Toad Incilius spiculatus
1379. Oaxacan Climbing Salamander Bolitoglossa macrinii
1380. Oaxacan False Brook Salamander Pseudoeurycea boneti
1381. Oaxacan Fringe-limbed Treefrog Ecnomiohyla echinata
1382. Oaxacan Giant Salamander Pseudoeurycea gigantea
1383. Oaxacan Minute Salamander Thorius minutissimus
1384. Oaxacan Yellow Treefrog Megastomatohyla pellita
1385. Ocellated Bubble-nest Frog Philautus ocellatus
1386. Odaigahara Salamander Hynobius boulengeri
1387. Oita Salamander Hynobius dunni
1388. Oki Salamander Hynobius okiensis
1389. Okinawa Wart Frog Limnonectes namiyei
1390. Oklahoma Salamander Eurycea tynerensis
1391. Olm Proteus anguinus
1392. Olongburra Frog Litoria olongburensis
1393. Olympic Torrent Salamander Rhyacotriton olympicus
1394. Omei Horned Toad Xenophrys omeimontis
1395. Omei Lazy Toad Oreolalax omeimontis
1396. Omiltemi Minute Salamander Thorius omiltemi
1397. One-toed Amphiuma Amphiuma pholeter
1398. Orange Long-nosed Frog Eleutherodactylus jaumei
1399. Orange-bellied Flying Frog Rhacophorus aurantiventris
1400. Orange-bellied Frog Geocrinia vitellina
1401. Oregon Slender Salamander Batrachoseps wrighti
1402. Oregon Spotted Frog Rana pretiosa
1403. Orejas-Miranda Redbelly Toad Melanophryniscus orejasmirandai
1404. Oreobates zongoensis Oreobates zongoensis
1405. Oreobates pereger Oreobates pereger
1406. Oreobates simmonsi Oreobates simmonsi
1407. Oreophrynella cryptica Oreophrynella cryptica
1408. Oreophrynella vasquezi Oreophrynella vasquezi
1409. Oriente Coastal Frog Eleutherodactylus etheridgei
1410. Oriente Greenish-yellow Frog Eleutherodactylus principalis
1411. Oriente Mottled Frog Eleutherodactylus simulans
1412. Orizaba Minute Salamander Thorius lunaris
1413. Ornate Egg Frog Leptodactylodon ornatus
1414. Ornate Horned Frog Ceratophrys ornata
1415. Oro Phantasmal Poison Frog Epipedobates anthonyi
1416. Orphan Salamander Bolitoglossa capitana
1417. Osgood's Ethiopian Toad Altiphrynoides osgoodi
1418. Osornophryne sumacoensis Osornophryne sumacoensis
1419. Oxapampa Frog Melanophryne barbatula
1420. Oxapampa Poison Frog Ameerega planipaleae
1421. Pachyhynobius yunanicus Pachyhynobius yunanicus
1422. Pacific Giant Glass Frog Centrolene geckoideum
1423. Pacific Horned Frog Ceratophrys stolzmanni
1424. Pacific Marsupial Frog Gastrotheca angustifrons
1425. Pahang Frog Hylarana banjarana
1426. Painted Asian Toad Leptolalax pictus
1427. Painted Indonesian Treefrog Nyctixalus pictus
1428. Painted Robber Frog Eleutherodactylus pictissimus
1429. Paka Bubble-nest Frog Philautus saueri
1430. Pakenham's River Frog Phrynobatrachus pakenhami
1431. Palanda Rocket Frog Hyloxalus cevallosi
1432. Palawan Bubble-nest Frog Philautus longicrus
1433. Palawan Horned Frog Megophrys ligayae
1434. Pale-footed Bubble-nest Frog Philautus pallidipes
1435. Palm Borneo Frog Leptobrachella palmata
1436. Palm Forest Treefrog Leptopelis palmatus
1437. Pampas Giant Glass Frog Centrolene gemmatum
1438. Panamanian Golden Frog  WATCH A LIVE PANAMANIAN GOLDEN FROG Atelopus zeteki
1439. Panay Wrinkled Ground Frog Platymantis panayensis
1440. Pandi Climbing Salamander Bolitoglossa pandi
1441. Panton's Robber Frog Eleutherodactylus pantoni
1442. Papallacta Marsupial Frog Gastrotheca orophylax
1443. Papallacta Treefrog Hyloscirtus psarolaimus
1444. Papalo Minute Salamander Thorius papaloae
1445. Paraguay Horned Frog Lepidobatrachus asper
1446. Paramo Frontino Salamander Bolitoglossa hypacra
1447. Parjacti Treefrog Hyloscirtus chlorosteus
1448. Parker's Andes Frog Lynchius parkeri
1449. Parker's Dot Frog Ramanella palmata
1450. Parker's Tree Frog Leptopelis parkeri
1451. Parker's Wrinkled Ground Frog Platymantis parkeri
1452. Pasco White-lipped Frog Leptodactylus pascoensis
1453. Pass Stubfoot Toad Atelopus senex
1454. Patricia's Robber Frog Eleutherodactylus patriciae
1455. Pattipola Caecilian Ichthyophis orthoplicatus
1456. Patzcuaro Frog Lithobates dunni
1457. Patzcuaro Stream Frog Eleutherodactylus angustidigitorum
1458. Paulian's Madagascar Frog Mantidactylus pauliani
1459. Paulson's Robber Frog Eleutherodactylus paulsoni
1460. Peaks Of Otter Salamander Plethodon hubrichti
1461. Pebas Stubfoot Toad Atelopus spumarius
1462. Pebble Toad Oreophrynella nigra
1463. Pelado Mountains False Toad Telmatobufo australis
1464. Pelechuco Andes Frog Psychrophrynella katantika
1465. Pelophryne rhopophilia Pelophryne rhopophilia
1466. Pelophylax grafi Pelophylax grafi
1467. Pena Verde Salamander Pseudoeurycea aurantia
1468. Penang Stream Toad Ansonia penangensis
1469. Peppered Tree Frog Litoria piperata
1470. Peracca's Plump Toad Osornophryne bufoniformis
1471. Perkins' Treefrog Exerodonta perkinsi
1472. Perret's Egg Frog Leptodactylodon perreti
1473. Perret's Night Frog Astylosternus perreti
1474. Perret's Toad Amietophrynus perreti
1475. Perret's Water Frog Petropedetes perreti
1476. Persian Mountain Salamander Paradactylodon persicus
1477. Peru Andes Frog Noblella peruviana
1478. Peru Stubfoot Toad Atelopus peruensis
1479. Peru Water Frog Telmatobius peruvianus
1480. Peters' Smooth Horned Frog Proceratophrys bigibbosa
1481. Petropolis River Frog Thoropa petropolitana
1482. Pfeffer's Reed Frog Hyperolius puncticulatus
1483. Phantasmal Poison Frog Epipedobates tricolor
1484. Philautus decoris Philautus decoris
1485. Philautus sp. nov. 'Amboli Forest' Philautus sp. nov. 'Amboli Forest'
1486. Philautus sp. nov. 'Munnar' Philautus sp. nov. 'Munnar'
1487. Philippine Bubble-nest Frog Philautus acutirostris
1488. Philippine Flat-headed Frog Barbourula busuangensis
1489. Philippine Wart Frog Limnonectes visayanus
1490. Phongsaly Flying Frog Rhacophorus kio
1491. Phrynopus tautzorum Phrynopus tautzorum
1492. Phrynopus kauneorum Phrynopus kauneorum
1493. Phrynopus heimorum Phrynopus heimorum
1494. Phrynopus dagmarae Phrynopus dagmarae
1495. Phrynopus montium Phrynopus montium
1496. Phrynopus juninensis Phrynopus juninensis
1497. Phrynopus bracki Phrynopus bracki
1498. Phrynopus barthlenae Phrynopus barthlenae
1499. Phrynopus horstpauli Phrynopus horstpauli
1500. Pichincha Giant Glass Frog Centrolene heloderma
1501. Pichincha Poison Frog Oophaga sylvatica
1502. Pichincha Rocket Frog Hyloxalus toachi
1503. Pickersgill's Reed Frog Hyperolius pickersgilli
1504. Pico Blanco Toad Incilius fastidiosus
1505. Pico Blanco Treefrog Isthmohyla pictipes
1506. Pico Turquino Robber Frog Eleutherodactylus intermedius
1507. Piebald Paa Frog Nanorana maculosa
1508. Pigeon Mountain Salamander Plethodon petraeus
1509. Pigmy Splayfoot Salamander Chiropterotriton lavae
1510. Pijol Salamander Bolitoglossa porrasorum
1511. Pilalo Treefrog Hyloscirtus ptychodactylus
1512. Pimpled Bubble-nest Frog Philautus papillosus
1513. Pine Barrens Treefrog Hyla andersonii
1514. Pine Forest Stream Frog Ptychohyla macrotympanum
1515. Pink-sided Treefrog Agalychnis litodryas
1516. Pinnacle Bubble-nest Frog Philautus umbra
1517. Pinos Robber Frog Eleutherodactylus pinarensis
1518. Piping Peeping Frog Eleutherodactylus syristes
1519. Pirri Range Stubfoot Toad Atelopus glyphus
1520. Piura Water Frog Telmatobius ignavus
1521. Plain Green Bubble-nest Frog Philautus femoralis
1522. Plantanillo Gorge Salamander Nototriton major
1523. Platymantis cagayanensis Platymantis cagayanensis
1524. Platymantis indeprensus Platymantis indeprensus
1525. Platymantis pseudodorsalis Platymantis pseudodorsalis
1526. Pleasing Poison Frog Ameerega bassleri
1527. Plectrohyla calthula Plectrohyla calthula
1528. Plectrohyla calvicollina Plectrohyla calvicollina
1529. Plectrohyla celata Plectrohyla celata
1530. Plectrohyla chrysopleura Plectrohyla chrysopleura
1531. Plectrohyla cyclada Plectrohyla cyclada
1532. Plectrohyla ephemera Plectrohyla ephemera
1533. Plectrohyla exquisita Plectrohyla exquisita
1534. Plectrohyla psarosema Plectrohyla psarosema
1535. Plectrohyla psiloderma Plectrohyla psiloderma
1536. Polillo Wrinkled Ground Frog Platymantis polillensis
1537. Polkadot Poison Frog Oophaga arborea
1538. Pomugu Wrinkled Ground Frog Platymantis akarithymus
1539. Ponmudi Bubble-nest Frog Philautus ponmudi
1540. Ponmudi Hill Bubble-nest Frog Philautus graminirupes
1541. Ponmudi Hills Bubble-nest Frog Philautus bobingeri
1542. Poole's Robber Frog Eleutherodactylus poolei
1543. Pop-eyed Spikethumb Frog Plectrohyla lacertosa
1544. Porthole Treefrog Charadrahyla taeniopus
1545. Portland Cave Robber Frog Eleutherodactylus cavernicola
1546. Portland Parish Robber Frog Eleutherodactylus glaucoreius
1547. Primeval Splayfoot Salamander Chiropterotriton priscus
1548. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis acerus
1549. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis actinolaimus
1550. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis acutirostris
1551. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis albericoi
1552. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis angustilineatus
1553. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis atratus
1554. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis bacchus
1555. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis balionotus
1556. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis baryecuus
1557. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis bellona
1558. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis bernali
1559. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis bisignatus
1560. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis cabrerai
1561. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis cacao
1562. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis calcaratus
1563. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis capitonis
1564. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis chrysops
1565. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis colomai
1566. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis cosnipatae
1567. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis cremnobates
1568. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis crenunguis
1569. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis cryophilius
1570. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis cryptomelas
1571. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis degener
1572. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis deinops
1573. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis devillei
1574. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis dissimulatus
1575. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis dorsopictus
1576. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis eugeniae
1577. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis euphronides
1578. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis fallax
1579. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis festae
1580. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis fetosus
1581. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis gentryi
1582. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis ginesi
1583. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis gladiator
1584. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis glandulosus
1585. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis hamiotae
1586. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis helvolus
1587. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis hernandezi
1588. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis ignicolor
1589. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis incanus
1590. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis insignitus
1591. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis johannesdei
1592. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis jorgevelosai
1593. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis katoptroides
1594. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis lancinii
1595. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis lemur
1596. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis lichenoides
1597. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis lividus
1598. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis loustes
1599. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis maculosus
1600. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis mars
1601. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis merostictus
1602. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis mnionaetes
1603. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis modipeplus
1604. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis museosus
1605. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis ocreatus
1606. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis orestes
1607. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis paramerus
1608. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis parectatus
1609. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis pastazensis
1610. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis percultus
1611. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis phragmipleuron
1612. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis polychrus
1613. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis prolatus
1614. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis proserpens
1615. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis pteridophilus
1616. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis pycnodermis
1617. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis pyrrhomerus
1618. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis renjiforum
1619. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis rhodoplichus
1620. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis rubicundus
1621. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis ruthveni
1622. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis scoloblepharus
1623. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis scolodiscus
1624. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis shrevei
1625. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis simonbolivari
1626. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis simonsii
1627. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis simoteriscus
1628. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis siopelus
1629. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis sobetes
1630. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis spilogaster
1631. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis suetus
1632. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis sulculus
1633. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis surdus
1634. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis tenebrionis
1635. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis thymalopsoides
1636. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis torrenticola
1637. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis tribulosus
1638. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis truebae
1639. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis turumiquirensis
1640. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis urichi
1641. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis veletis
1642. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis vidua
1643. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis viridicans
1644. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis zophus
1645. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis actites
1646. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis affinis
1647. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis alalocophus
1648. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis altae
1649. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis anolirex
1650. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis aracamuni
1651. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis ashkapara
1652. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis bicolor
1653. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis bicumulus
1654. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis boconoensis
1655. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis briceni
1656. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis bromeliaceus
1657. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis calcarulatus
1658. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis caryophyllaceus
1659. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis celator
1660. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis ceuthospilus
1661. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis charlottevillensis
1662. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis colodactylus
1663. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis colostichos
1664. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis condor
1665. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis cordovae
1666. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis crucifer
1667. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis diaphonus
1668. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis diogenes
1669. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis douglasi
1670. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis duellmani
1671. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis elegans
1672. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis eremitus
1673. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis eriphus
1674. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis ernesti
1675. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis floridus
1676. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis frater
1677. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis galdi
1678. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis gracilis
1679. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis hybotragus
1680. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis illotus
1681. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis incomptus
1682. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis inusitatus
1683. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis juanchoi
1684. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis jubatus
1685. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis kareliae
1686. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis kelephas
1687. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis lasalleorum
1688. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis luteolateralis
1689. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis marahuaka
1690. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis megalops
1691. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis miyatai
1692. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis molybrignus
1693. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis muricatus
1694. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis nephophilus
1695. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis nigrogriseus
1696. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis nyctophylax
1697. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis ornatissimus
1698. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis orpacobates
1699. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis pardalis
1700. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis pataikos
1701. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis penelopus
1702. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis percnopterus
1703. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis petersorum
1704. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis phalarus
1705. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis platychilus
1706. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis polemistes
1707. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis pugnax
1708. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis quantus
1709. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis quinquagesimus
1710. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis repens
1711. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis rhodostichus
1712. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis riveti
1713. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis rosadoi
1714. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis roseus
1715. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis ruedai
1716. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis sanctaemartae
1717. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis sanguineus
1718. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis satagius
1719. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis savagei
1720. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis schultei
1721. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis serendipitus
1722. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis signifer
1723. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis silverstonei
1724. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis simoterus
1725. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis spinosus
1726. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis supernatis
1727. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis tamsitti
1728. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis tayrona
1729. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis turpinorum
1730. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis vanadise
1731. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis ventriguttatus
1732. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis verecundus
1733. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis versicolor
1734. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis vertebralis
1735. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis vicarius
1736. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis viridis
1737. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis xylochobates
1738. Pro-Mata Oval Frog Elachistocleis erythrogaster
1739. Probreviceps durirostris Probreviceps durirostris
1740. Probreviceps rungwensis Probreviceps rungwensis
1741. Prostherapis dunni Prostherapis dunni
1742. Pseudoeurycea cephalica Pseudoeurycea cephalica
1743. Psychrophrynella adenopleura Psychrophrynella adenopleura
1744. Psychrophrynella boettgeri Psychrophrynella boettgeri
1745. Psychrophrynella iatamasi Psychrophrynella iatamasi
1746. Psychrophrynella pinguis Psychrophrynella pinguis
1747. Ptychohyla dendrophasma Ptychohyla dendrophasma
1748. Puebla Frog Lithobates pueblae
1749. Puebla Treefrog Plectrohyla charadricola
1750. Puerto Cabello Robber Frog Strabomantis biporcatus
1751. Puerto Rican Crested Toad Peltophryne lemur
1752. Puerto Rican Robber Frog Eleutherodactylus portoricensis
1753. Puerto Rican Wetland Frog Eleutherodactylus juanariveroi
1754. Pulo Tioman Stream Toad Ansonia tiomanica
1755. Purple Ghats Frog Nasikabatrachus sahyadrensis
1756. Purple-sided Leaf Frog Phyllomedusa baltea
1757. Putumayo Robber Frog Hypodactylus dolops
1758. Puxiong Lazy Toad Oreolalax puxiongensis
1759. Puyo Giant Glass Frog Cochranella puyoensis
1760. Pygmy Wrinkled Ground Frog Platymantis pygmaeus
1761. Pyrenean Brook Salamander Calotriton asper
1762. Pyrenean Frog Rana pyrenaica
1763. Qinghai Lake Toad Bufo tuberculatus
1764. Quarry Worm Salamander Oedipina poelzi
1765. Quebrada Valverde Salamander Bolitoglossa diminuta
1766. Quick Step Robber Frog Eleutherodactylus sisyphodemus
1767. Quindio Glass Frog Centrolene quindianum
1768. Rabor's Wrinkled Ground Frog Platymantis rabori
1769. Rainforest Running Frog Kassina lamottei
1770. Rainfrog Eleutherodactylus amplinympha
1771. Ramsey Canyon Leopard Frog Lithobates subaquavocalis
1772. Rancho Grande Harlequin Frog Atelopus cruciger
1773. Rattling Frog Cophixalus crepitans
1774. Red And Yellow Mountain Frog Philoria kundagungan
1775. Red Hills Salamander Phaeognathus hubrichti
1776. Red Peeping Frog Eleutherodactylus rufescens
1777. Red Rain Frog Scaphiophryne gottlebei
1778. Red Spotted Argentina Frog Argenteohyla siemersi
1779. Red-cheeked Salamander Plethodon jordani
1780. Red-crowned Toadlet Pseudophryne australis
1781. Red-footed Climbing Salamander Bolitoglossa pesrubra
1782. Red-headed Flying Frog Buergeria oxycephala
1783. Red-headed Water Frog Telmatobius oxycephalus
1784. Red-legged Horn Frog Xenophrys longipes
1785. Red-legged Robber Frog Eleutherodactylus rufifemoralis
1786. Red-legged Salamander Plethodon shermani
1787. Red-spotted Chirping Frog Eleutherodactylus rubrimaculatus
1788. Red-spotted Lazy Toad Oreolalax rhodostigmatus
1789. Red-spotted Toad Rhinella rubropunctata
1790. Red-tailed Knobby Newt Tylototriton kweichowensis
1791. Redback Bright-eyed Frog Boophis rufioculis
1792. Redbelly Egg Frog Leptodactylodon erythrogaster
1793. Rednose Robber Frog Eleutherodactylus oxyrhyncus
1794. Rednose Stubfoot Toad Atelopus oxyrhynchus
1795. Reed Frog Hyperolius nimbae
1796. Reiche's Squeaker Arthroleptis reichei
1797. Relict Leopard Frog Lithobates onca
1798. Reticulate Bubble-nest Frog Philautus reticulatus
1799. Reticulate Leaf Frog Phyllomedusa ayeaye
1800. Reticulated Flatwoods Salamander Ambystoma bishopi
1801. Rhacophorus zhaojuensis Rhacophorus zhaojuensis
1802. Rhaebo caeruleostictus Rhaebo caeruleostictus
1803. Rhinella amabilis Rhinella amabilis
1804. Rhinella chavin Rhinella chavin
1805. Rhinella manu Rhinella manu
1806. Rhinella sclerocephala Rhinella sclerocephala
1807. Rhode's Robber Frog Eleutherodactylus rhodesi
1808. Rhombophryne coronata Rhombophryne coronata
1809. Rhombophryne guentherpetersi Rhombophryne guentherpetersi
1810. Ribeirao Button Frog Cycloramphus acangatan
1811. Rich Mountain Salamander Plethodon ouachitae
1812. Richard's Moss Salamander Nototriton richardi
1813. Richmond Range Mountain Frog Philoria richmondensis
1814. Richmond's Robber Frog Eleutherodactylus richmondi
1815. Ricordi's Robber Frog Eleutherodactylus ricordii
1816. Ridge Marsupial Frog Gastrotheca psychrophila
1817. Riggenbach's Reed Frog Hyperolius riggenbachi
1818. Rilett's Climbing Salamander Bolitoglossa riletti
1819. Ringed River Frog Phrynobatrachus annulatus
1820. Rio Calima Marsupial Frog Gastrotheca dendronastes
1821. Rio Calles Robber Frog Strabomantis cheiroplethus
1822. Rio Carauta Stubfoot Toad Atelopus carauta
1823. Rio Chingual Valley Treefrog Hyloscirtus pantostictus
1824. Rio Chipillico Frog Lithobates bwana
1825. Rio Faisanes Stubfoot Toad Atelopus coynei
1826. Rio Luisito Treefrog Hyloscirtus piceigularis
1827. Rio Mutum Frog Dasypops schirchi
1828. Rio Pescado Stubfoot Toad Atelopus balios
1829. Rio Pitzara Robber Frog Strabomantis helonotus
1830. Rio Quiri Salamander Bolitoglossa gracilis
1831. Rio Sananja Spikethumb Frog Plectrohyla pokomchi
1832. Rio Suno Robber Frog Strabomantis cornutus
1833. Rio Viejo Toad Rhinella chrysophora
1834. Riobamba Marsupial Frog Gastrotheca riobambae
1835. Rivera Redbelly Toad Melanophryniscus devincenzii
1836. Rivero's Cochran Frog Cochranella riveroi
1837. Roberts' False Brook Salamander Pseudoeurycea robertsi
1838. Roberts' Treefrog Plectrohyla robertsorum
1839. Rocky River Frog Petropedetes yakusini
1840. Romer's Treefrog Liuixalus romeri
1841. Ronald's Robber Frog Eleutherodactylus ronaldi
1842. Roraima Bush Toad Oreophrynella quelchii
1843. Rose's Mountain Toad Capensibufo rosei
1844. Rosy Ground Frog Eupsophus roseus
1845. Rough Horned Frog Borneophrys edwardinae
1846. Rough-skinned Bubble-nest Frog Philautus glandulosus
1847. Royal False Brook Salamander Pseudoeurycea rex
1848. Rueppel's Big-eyed Treefrog Litoria rueppelli
1849. Rugegewald River Frog Phrynobatrachus acutirostris
1850. Ruiz's Marsupial Frog Gastrotheca ruizi
1851. Ruiz's Robber Frog Strabomantis ruizi
1852. Ruiz's Rocket Frog Hyloxalus ruizi
1853. Rupirana cardosoi Rupirana cardosoi
1854. Rus Bubble-nest Frog Philautus rus
1855. Rutenberg's Reed Frog Heterixalus rutenbergi
1856. Ruth's Robber Frog Eleutherodactylus ruthae
1857. Rwanda River Frog Phrynobatrachus versicolor
1858. Ryukyu Brown Frog Babina okinavana
1859. Ryukyu Tip-nosed Frog Odorrana narina
1860. Saavedra Andes Frog Psychrophrynella saltator
1861. Sabah Rice Frog Microhyla maculifera
1862. Sabahphrynus anotis Sabahphrynus anotis
1863. Sacred Swamp Wrinkled Frog Nyctibatrachus sanctipalustris
1864. Sagalla Caecilian Boulengerula niedeni
1865. Saint Andrew's Cross Toadlet Pelophryne signata
1866. Salta Marsupial Frog Gastrotheca chrysosticta
1867. Salta Toad Rhinella rumbolli
1868. Salta Water Frog Telmatobius atacamensis
1869. Salvin's Salamander Bolitoglossa salvinii
1870. San Gabriel Springs Salamander Eurycea naufragia
1871. San Isidro Stubfoot Toad Atelopus pedimarmoratus
1872. San Lucas Marsupial Frog Gastrotheca pseustes
1873. San Marcos Salamander Eurycea nana
1874. San Martin False Brook Salamander Pseudoeurycea orchimelas
1875. San Martin Fringe-limbed Treefrog Ecnomiohyla valancifer
1876. San Martin Minute Salamander Thorius narismagnus
1877. San Martin Redbelly Toad Melanophryniscus sanmartini
1878. Sanborn's Water Frog Telmatobius sanborni
1879. Sanja Pampa Andes Frog Psychrophrynella chacaltaya
1880. Santa Barbara Bromeliad Salamander Dendrotriton sanctibarbarus
1881. Santa Barbara Moss Salamander Nototriton limnospectator
1882. Santa Catarina Leaf Frog Phrynomedusa appendiculata
1883. Santa Cruz Dwarf Frog Physalaemus soaresi
1884. Santa Cruz Long-toed Salamander Ambystoma macrodactylum croceum
1885. Santa Fe White-lipped Frog Leptodactylus laticeps
1886. Santa Marta Poison Arrow Frog Colostethus ruthveni
1887. Santa Rita Beaked Toad Rhinella macrorhina
1888. Santa Rita Rocket Frog Colostethus fraterdanieli
1889. Santander Poison Frog Ranitomeya virolinensis
1890. Santiago Rocket Frog Hyloxalus shuar
1891. Sao Tome Reed Frog Hyperolius thomensis
1892. Sarasin Bubble-nest Frog Philautus sarasinorum
1893. Sarawak Grainy Frog Kalophrynus intermedius
1894. Sardinata Treefrog Hyloscirtus callipeza
1895. Sardinian Brook Salamander Euproctus platycephalus
1896. Sarrabus Cave Salamander Speleomantes sarrabusensis
1897. Sauter's Brown Frog Rana sauteri
1898. Savage's Brook Frog Duellmanohyla lythrodes
1899. Savage's Cochran Frog Cochranella savagei
1900. Scanty Frog Cophixalus exiguus
1901. Scarlet Harlequin Toad Atelopus sorianoi
1902. Schilf's Madagascar Frog Gephyromantis schilfi
1903. Schiotz's Reed Frog Hyperolius laurenti
1904. Schmacker's Bubble-nest Frog Philautus schmackeri
1905. Schmarda Bubble-nest Frog Philautus schmarda
1906. Schmidt's Lazy Toad Oreolalax schmidti
1907. Schmidt's Marsupial Frog Gastrotheca splendens
1908. Schmidt's Minute Salamander Thorius schmidti
1909. Schmidt's Mountain Brook Frog Duellmanohyla schmidtorum
1910. Schmidt's Robber Frog Eleutherodactylus schmidti
1911. Schmidt's Spinythumb Frog Crossodactylus schmidti
1912. Schmidt's Stubfoot Toad Atelopus pachydermus
1913. Schubert's Stefania Treefrog Stefania schuberti
1914. Schultze's Stream Frog Ptychohyla leonhardschultzei
1915. Schwartz's Robber Frog Eleutherodactylus schwartzi
1916. Scinax alcatraz Scinax alcatraz
1917. Scinax peixotoi Scinax peixotoi
1918. Scinax faivovichi Scinax faivovichi
1919. Scinax oreites Scinax oreites
1920. Scinax trapicheiroi Scinax trapicheiroi
1921. Scortecci's Toad Bufo scorteccii
1922. Scottbar Salamander Plethodon asupak
1923. Scutiger maculatus Scutiger maculatus
1924. Scutiger muliensis Scutiger muliensis
1925. Scutiger ningshanensis Scutiger ningshanensis
1926. Scutiger chintingensis Scutiger chintingensis
1927. Scutiger pingwuensis Scutiger pingwuensis
1928. Scutiger gongshanensis Scutiger gongshanensis
1929. Scutiger liupanensis Scutiger liupanensis
1930. Scutiger nepalensis Scutiger nepalensis
1931. Scutiger ruginosus Scutiger ruginosus
1932. Scutiger tuberculatus Scutiger tuberculatus
1933. Seep Frog Occidozyga baluensis
1934. Seepage Salamander Desmognathus aeneus
1935. Sehuencas Water Frog Telmatobius yuracare
1936. Semiaquatic Treefrog Plectrohyla pachyderma
1937. Semirechensk Salamander Ranodon sibiricus
1938. Seoul Pond Frog Pelophylax chosenicus
1939. Serasan Borneo Frog Leptobrachella serasanae
1940. Seychelles Frog Sooglossus sechellensis
1941. Seychelles Palm Frog Sechellophryne pipilodryas
1942. Shadowy Web-footed Salamander Bolitoglossa sombra
1943. Shangcheng Stout Salamander Pachyhynobius shangchengensis
1944. Sharp Bubble-nest Frog Philautus acutus
1945. Sharp Snouted Day Frog Taudactylus acutirostris
1946. Sharp-ribbed Salamander Pleurodeles waltl
1947. Sharpsnout Reed Frog Hyperolius acutirostris
1948. Shasta Salamander Hydromantes shastae
1949. Shenandoah Mountain Salamander Plethodon virginia
1950. Shenandoah Salamander Plethodon shenandoah
1951. Shillong Bubble-nest Frog Philautus shillongensis
1952. Shimba Hills Reed Frog Hyperolius rubrovermiculatus
1953. Shoa Forest Treefrog Leptopelis ragazzii
1954. Short-legged Horned Toad Xenophrys brachykolos
1955. Short-legged Stream Frog Eleutherodactylus rivularis
1956. Short-nosed Green Frog Eleutherodactylus brevirostris
1957. Shortsnout Water Frog Telmatobius brevirostris
1958. Shuicheng Salamander Pseudohynobius shuichengensis
1959. Siam Narrowmouth Toad Kaloula mediolineata
1960. Siamese Stream Toad Ansonia siamensis
1961. Sichuan Lazy Toad Oreolalax chuanbeiensis
1962. Sierra Juarez Brook Frog Duellmanohyla ignicolor
1963. Sierra Juarez Salamander Pseudoeurycea juarezi
1964. Sierra Juarez Treefrog Plectrohyla sabrina
1965. Sierra Leone Grassland Frog Ptychadena superciliaris
1966. Sierra Leone Reed Frog Hyperolius chlorosteus
1967. Sierra Leone Water Frog Petropedetes natator
1968. Sierra Madre Occidental Frog Lithobates sierramadrensis
1969. Sierra Madre Wrinkled Ground Frog Platymantis sierramadrensis
1970. Sierra Maestra Blotched Frog Eleutherodactylus michaelschmidi
1971. Sierra Nevada Yellow-legged Frog Rana sierrae
1972. Silent Valley Torrent Toad Ansonia rubigina
1973. Silver Marsupial Frog Gastrotheca plumbea
1974. Silver-eyed Barred Frog Mixophyes balbus
1975. Silverstone's Climbing Salamander Bolitoglossa silverstonei
1976. Simba Bubble-nest Frog Philautus simba
1977. Similar Frog Hylarana attigua
1978. Simmons' Treefrog Hyloscirtus simmonsi
1979. Sira Poison Frog Ranitomeya sirensis
1980. Siskiyou Mountains Salamander Plethodon stormi
1981. Sky-blue Poison Frog Hyloxalus azureiventris
1982. Slender Worm Salamander Oedipina gracilis
1983. Small Grainy Frog Kalophrynus minusculus
1984. Small Wrinkled Frog Nyctibatrachus minor
1985. Small-eared Toad Duttaphrynus microtympanum
1986. Small-eared Treefrog Ecnomiohyla miotympanum
1987. Small-headed Frog Occidozyga diminutiva
1988. Small-webbed Bell Toad Bombina microdeladigitora
1989. Smith's False Brook Salamander Pseudoeurycea smithi
1990. Smith's Minute Salamander Thorius smithi
1991. Solomon Island Palm Frog Palmatorappia solomonis
1992. Sonan's Salamander Hynobius sonani
1993. Songpan Slow Frog Nanorana pleskei
1994. Sonora Tiger Salamander Ambystoma tigrinum stebbinsi
1995. Sonson Stubfoot Toad Atelopus sonsonensis
1996. Sorata Andes Frog Psychrophrynella illampu
1997. Sordid Bubble-nest Frog Philautus sordidus
1998. South American Rocket Frog Hyloxalus anthracinus
1999. South American True Toad Incilius leucomyos
2000. South Mountain Gray-cheeked Salamander Plethodon meridianus
2001. Southern Highland Treefrog Hyla euphorbiacea
2002. Southern Marbled Newt Triturus pygmaeus
2003. Southern Mountain Frog Philoria pughi
2004. Southern Round-gland Toad Incilius ibarrai
2005. Southern Sierra Madre Treefrog Plectrohyla cembra
2006. Southern Whipping Frog Polypedates longinasus
2007. Southwestern Toad Anaxyrus mexicanus
2008. Spaldings Robber Frog Eleutherodactylus junori
2009. Spanish Painted Frog Discoglossus jeanneae
2010. Spea hammondii Spea hammondii
2011. Speckled Black Salamander Aneides flavipunctatus
2012. Speckled Egg Frog Leptodactylodon ventrimarmoratus
2013. Spencer's River Tree Frog Litoria spenceri
2014. Sphagnum Frog Philoria sphagnicolus
2015. Spinefinger Treefrog Charadrahyla trux
2016. Spinomantis massi Spinomantis massi
2017. Spiny Eye-lid Ground Frog Rhombophryne serratopalpebrosa
2018. Spiny Frog Hylarana spinulosa
2019. Spiny Indonesian Treefrog Nyctixalus spinosus
2020. Spiny-breasted Frog Quasipaa fasciculispina
2021. Spiny-flanked Frog Quasipaa shini
2022. Splendid Poison Frog Oophaga speciosa
2023. Spot-tailed Warty Newt Paramesotriton caudopunctatus
2024. Spotted Cochran Frog Cochranella ocellata
2025. Spotted Minute Salamander Thorius spilogaster
2026. Spotted Snout-burrower Hemisus guttatus
2027. Sri Lanka Dot Frog Ramanella obscura
2028. Sri Lankan Rice Frog Microhyla karunaratnei
2029. Sri Lankan True Toad Adenomus dasi
2030. St. Nicholas Robber Frog Eleutherodactylus lucioi
2031. Starrett's Treefrog Isthmohyla tica
2032. Steindachner's River Frog Phrynobatrachus steindachneri
2033. Steiner's Bubble-nest Frog Philautus steineri
2034. Stejneger's Paddy Frog Micryletta steinegeri
2035. Stephan's Water Frog Telmatobius stephani
2036. Stevart's Egg Frog Leptodactylodon stevarti
2037. Strabomantis necopinus Strabomantis necopinus
2038. Strauch's Spotted Newt Neurergus strauchii
2039. Stream Reed Frog Hyperolius viridigulosus
2040. Stream Salamander Batrachuperus pinchonii
2041. Streamside Salamander Ambystoma barbouri
2042. Striped Newt Notophthalmus perstriatus
2043. Stuart's Bubble-nest Frog Philautus stuarti
2044. Stubfoot Toad Atelopus nahumae
2045. Sucre Water Frog Telmatobius simonsi
2046. Sud Robber Frog Eleutherodactylus sciagraphus
2047. Sulawesi Wart Frog Limnonectes microtympanum
2048. Sumatra Toad Bufo sumatranus
2049. Sunset Frog Spicospina flammocaerulea
2050. Supramonte Cave Salamander Speleomantes supramontis
2051. Susana's Forest Treefrog Leptopelis susanae
2052. Sword-tailed Newt Cynops ensicauda
2053. Symington's Robber Frog Eleutherodactylus symingtoni
2054. Tablas Wrinkled Ground Frog Platymantis levigatus
2055. Table Mountain Ghost Frog Heleophryne rosei
2056. Tadapi Treefrog Hyloscirtus alytolylax
2057. Tagibo Wart Frog Limnonectes diuatus
2058. Tai Forest Treefrog Leptopelis occidentalis
2059. Tai River Frog Phrynobatrachus phyllophilus
2060. Taipei Flying Frog Rhacophorus taipeianus
2061. Taiwan Salamander Hynobius formosanus
2062. Taliang Knobby Newt Tylototriton taliangensis
2063. Tam Dao Salamander Paramesotriton deloustali
2064. Tama Harlequin Frog Atelopus tamaensis
2065. Tamaulipan False Brook Salamander Pseudoeurycea scandens
2066. Tanah Rata Wart Frog Limnonectes nitidus
2067. Tandapi Giant Glass Frog Centrolene peristictum
2068. Tandroka Madagascar Frog Gephyromantis tandroka
2069. Tandy's Smalltongue Toad Werneria tandyi
2070. Tanners' Reed Frog Hyperolius tannerorum
2071. Tanzania Screeching Frog Arthroleptis tanneri
2072. Taosze Spiny Toad Leptobrachium boringii
2073. Tapanti Giant Salamander Bolitoglossa obscura
2074. Tapanti Moss Salamander Nototriton tapanti
2075. Tapping Nursery-frog Cophixalus aenigma
2076. Tarahumara Frog Lithobates tarahumarae
2077. Tasan Eastern Frog Ingerana tasanae
2078. Tatama Climbing Salamander Bolitoglossa tatamae
2079. Tawau Wart Frog Limnonectes paramacrodon
2080. Taylor's Caecilian Ichthyophis pseudangularis
2081. Taylor's Igorot Frog Hylarana igorota
2082. Taylor's Minute Salamander Thorius troglodytes
2083. Taylor's Salamander Ambystoma taylori
2084. Taylor's Wrinkled Ground Frog Platymantis taylori
2085. Tehachapi Slender Salamander Batrachoseps stebbinsi
2086. Telmatobius carrillae Telmatobius carrillae
2087. Telmatobius degener Telmatobius degener
2088. Telmatobius edaphonastes Telmatobius edaphonastes
2089. Telmatobius hintoni Telmatobius hintoni
2090. Tenchall's False Brook Salamander Pseudoeurycea tenchalli
2091. Tennessee Cave Salamander Gyrinophilus palleucus
2092. Teotepec Salamander Pseudoeurycea teotepec
2093. Terrestrial Splayfoot Salamander Chiropterotriton terrestris
2094. Texas Blind Salamander Typhlomolge rathbuni
2095. Texas Salamander Eurycea neotenes
2096. Theloderma rhododiscus Theloderma rhododiscus
2097. Thick-lipped Spikethumb Frog Plectrohyla pycnochila
2098. Thomas' Robber Frog Eleutherodactylus thomasi
2099. Thomasset's Seychelles Frog Sooglossus thomasseti
2100. Thompson's Water Frog Telmatobius thompsoni
2101. Thorny Spikethumb Frog Plectrohyla acanthodes
2102. Three-coloured Harlequin Toad Atelopus tricolor
2103. Three-toed Guanabara Frog Euparkerella tridactyla
2104. Tibetan Bubble-nest Frog Philautus cavirostris
2105. Tico Salamander Bolitoglossa tica
2106. Tientai Rough-skinned Frog Glandirana tientaiensis
2107. Tigoni Reed Frog Hyperolius cystocandicans
2108. Tinkling Froglet Crinia tinnula
2109. Tiny Reed Frog Hyperolius minutissimus
2110. Tiny Stream Toad Ansonia minuta
2111. Tirunvelveli's Hill Frog Nyctibatrachus beddomii
2112. Titicaca Water Frog Telmatobius culeus
2113. Tlahcuiloh Salamander Pseudoeurycea tlahcuiloh
2114. Tlaloc's Leopard Frog Lithobates tlaloci
2115. Togo Slippery Frog Conraua derooi
2116. Togo Toad Amietophrynus togoensis
2117. Tokyo Salamander Hynobius tokyoensis
2118. Toliara Rain Frog Scaphiophryne menabensis
2119. Tolima Poison Frog Ranitomeya tolimensis
2120. Tomas' Worm Salamander Oedipina tomasi
2121. Tomato Frog Dyscophus antongilii
2122. Tonkin Toad Bufo pageoti
2123. Toothy Splayfoot Salamander Chiropterotriton multidentatus
2124. Torrent Paa Frog Nanorana ercepeae
2125. Torrent Sucker Frog Amolops torrentis
2126. Torrent Tree Frog Litoria nannotis
2127. Torres Redbelly Toad Melanophryniscus macrogranulosus
2128. Torrington Bubble-nest Frog Philautus asankai
2129. Townsend's Dwarf Salamander Parvimolge townsendi
2130. Tramlap Flying Frog Rhacophorus exechopygus
2131. Transverse Volcanic Leopard Frog Lithobates neovolcanicus
2132. Tree Toad Churamiti maridadi
2133. Trelawny Parish Robber Frog Eleutherodactylus griphus
2134. Tributary Wart Frog Limnonectes ibanorum
2135. Trinidad Flathead Frog Eleutherodactylus casparii
2136. Trinidad Groin-spot Frog Eleutherodactylus emiliae
2137. Trinidad Heart-tongued Frog Phyllodytes auratus
2138. Trueb's Madagascar Treefrog Madecassophryne truebae
2139. Trueb's Water Frog Telmatobius truebae
2140. Tsaratanana Bright-eyed Frog Boophis axelmeyeri
2141. Tsaratanana Giant Treefrog Platypelis tsaratananaensis
2142. Tsingy Madagascar Frog Tsingymantis antitra
2143. Tsinpa Salamander Liua tsinpaensis
2144. Tube Robber Frog Eleutherodactylus pentasyringos
2145. Tucuman Water Frog Telmatobius laticeps
2146. Turkish Frog Rana holtzi
2147. Turquino Fern Frog Eleutherodactylus glamyrus
2148. Turquino Red-armed Frog Eleutherodactylus cubanus
2149. Turquino Robber Frog Eleutherodactylus turquinensis
2150. Turquino White-footed Frog Eleutherodactylus albipes
2151. Tusked Frog Adelotus brevis
2152. Tweedie's Wart Frog Limnonectes tweediei
2153. Tzunantza Giant Glass Frog Centrolene durrellorum
2154. Ubatuba Dwarf Frog Physalaemus atlanticus
2155. Ukami Reed Frog Hyperolius torrentis
2156. Uluguru Banana Frog Afrixalus uluguruensis
2157. Uluguru Big-fingered Frog Probreviceps uluguruensis
2158. Uluguru Blue-bellied Frog Hoplophryne uluguruensis
2159. Uluguru Tree Frog Leptopelis uluguruensis
2160. Upland Burrowing Treefrog Smilisca dentata
2161. Upper Amazon Stubfoot Toad Atelopus seminiferus
2162. Upper Cerro Minute Salamander Thorius narisovalis
2163. Urrao Cochran Frog Cochranella megistra
2164. Usambara Banana Frog Afrixalus dorsimaculatus
2165. Usambara Big-fingered Frog Probreviceps macrodactylus
2166. Usambara Blue-bellied Frog Hoplophryne rogersi
2167. Usambara Forest Toad Mertensophryne usambarae
2168. Usambara Torrent Frog Petropedetes martiensseni
2169. Uzungwe River Frog Phrynobatrachus uzungwensis
2170. Uzungwe Toad Mertensophryne uzunguensis
2171. Valdivia Ground Frog Eupsophus vertebralis
2172. Valle del Cauca Rocket Frog Hyloxalus fascianigrus
2173. Valle Santiago Beaked Toad Rhinella festae
2174. Varaldi's Spadefoot Toad Pelobates varaldii
2175. Variable Cross Frog Oreophryne variabilis
2176. Variegated Treefrog Megastomatohyla mixomaculata
2177. Vellard's Water Frog Telmatobius vellardi
2178. Venezuelan Yellow Frog Atelopus carbonerensis
2179. Ventriloquial Frog Eleutherodactylus dolomedes
2180. Veracruz False Brook Salamander Pseudoeurycea lineola
2181. Veracruz Green Salamander Pseudoeurycea lynchi
2182. Veracruz Minute Salamander Thorius pennatulus
2183. Veracruz Salamander Bolitoglossa veracrucis
2184. Vermiculated Tree Frog Leptopelis vermiculatus
2185. Victoria Night Frog Astylosternus diadematus
2186. Vietnam Crocodile Newt Tylototriton vietnamensis
2187. Vietnam Flying Frog Rhacophorus calcaneus
2188. Vietnam Sucker Frog Odorrana chapaensis
2189. Vietnamese Bubble-nest Frog Feihyla palpebralis
2190. Villalba Robber Frog Eleutherodactylus eneidae
2191. Virgin Islands Robber Frog Eleutherodactylus lentus
2192. Vissoke River Frog Phrynobatrachus bequaerti
2193. Voiceless Treefrog Plectrohyla siopela
2194. Volcan Barba Treefrog Isthmohyla picadoi
2195. Volcan Cacoa Moss Salamander Nototriton guanacaste
2196. Volcan Tacana Toad Incilius tacanensis
2197. Volcan Tajumulco Bromeliad Salamander Dendrotriton bromeliacius
2198. Volcano Clawed Frog Xenopus amieti
2199. Wager's Stream Frog Strongylopus wageri
2200. Wake's Moss Salamander Cryptotriton wakei
2201. Walker's Salamander Bolitoglossa walkeri
2202. Walker's Sierra Frog Geobatrachus walkeri
2203. Walker's Stubfoot Toad Atelopus walkeri
2204. Walker's Treefrog Hyla walkeri
2205. Wandering Salamander Aneides vagrans
2206. Wanggao Warty Newt Paramesotriton fuzhongensis
2207. Warren's Robber Frog Eleutherodactylus warreni
2208. Warty Asian Tree Toad Pedostibes tuberculosus
2209. Warty Lazy Toad Oreolalax rugosus
2210. Water Frog Telmatobius gigas
2211. Waterfall Rocket Frog Colostethus jacobuspetersi
2212. Wayanad Bubble-nest Frog Philautus nerostagona
2213. Webb's Madagascar Frog Gephyromantis webbi
2214. Weining Groove-toed Frog Pseudorana weiningensis
2215. Weller's Salamander Plethodon welleri
2216. Wenxian Knobby Newt Tylototriton wenxianensis
2217. Werler's False Brook Salamander Pseudoeurycea werleri
2218. Wermuth's Reed Frog Hyperolius wermuthi
2219. Werneria iboundji Werneria iboundji
2220. Werneria submontana Werneria submontana
2221. West Virginia Spring Salamander Gyrinophilus subterraneus
2222. Western Cochran Frog Cochranella adiazeta
2223. Western Leopard Toad Amietophrynus pantherinus
2224. Western Nimba Toad Nimbaphrynoides occidentalis
2225. Western Spadefoot Pelobates cultripes
2226. Wetmore's Robber Frog Eleutherodactylus wetmorei
2227. Wettstein's Andes Frog Psychrophrynella wettsteini
2228. Weygoldt's Treefrog Aplastodiscus weygoldti
2229. Weza Forest Treefrog Leptopelis xenodactylus
2230. White Madagascar Frog Gephyromantis blanci
2231. White-bellied Frog Geocrinia alba
2232. White-black Treefrog Hypsiboas alboniger
2233. White-lipped Peeping Frog Eleutherodactylus dixoni
2234. White-spotted Madagascar Frog Gephyromantis leucomaculatus
2235. White-spotted Salamander Plethodon punctatus
2236. White-striped Flathead Toad Pelophryne albotaeniata
2237. White-striped Reed Frog Hyperolius leucotaenius
2238. Whitebelly Egg Frog Leptodactylodon albiventris
2239. Whitebelly Stream Toad Ansonia albomaculata
2240. Whitehead's Borneo Frog Meristogenys whiteheadi
2241. Wiens' Water Frog Telmatobius necopinus
2242. Wightman's Robber Frog Eleutherodactylus wightmanae
2243. Wild's Egg Frog Leptodactylodon wildi
2244. Williams Bright-eyed Frog Boophis williamsi
2245. Winter Climbing Salamander Bolitoglossa hiemalis
2246. Wissel Lakes Treefrog Litoria wisselensis
2247. Wolterstorffina chirioi Wolterstorffina chirioi
2248. Worcester's Bubble-nest Frog Philautus worcesteri
2249. Wrinkled Madagascar Frog Gephyromantis striatus
2250. Wuchuan Odorous Frog Odorrana wuchuanensis
2251. Wushan Salamander Liua shihi
2252. Wuzhi Shan Odorous Frog Odorrana nasuta
2253. Wynaad Bubble-nest Frog Philautus wynaadensis
2254. Wyoming Toad Bufo baxteri hemiophrys
2255. Xolocalca Bromeliad Salamander Dendrotriton xolocalcae
2256. Yanachaga Toad Rhinella yanachaga
2257. Yang's Salamander Hynobius yangi
2258. Yaoshan Flying Frog Rhacophorus yaoshanensis
2259. Yaounde Reed Frog Hyperolius endjami
2260. Yapo River Frog Phrynobatrachus villiersi
2261. Yarey Robber Frog Eleutherodactylus toa
2262. Yellow Bromeliad Frog Osteopilus marianae
2263. Yellow Cave Frog Eleutherodactylus counouspeus
2264. Yellow Mantella Mantella crocea
2265. Yellow River Frog Pelophylax tenggerensis
2266. Yellow Spotted Newt Neurergus crocatus
2267. Yellow-belly Climbing Salamander Bolitoglossa flaviventris
2268. Yellow-legged Climbing Salamander Bolitoglossa flavimembris
2269. Yellow-spotted Andes Frog Lynchius flavomaculatus
2270. Yellow-spotted Salamander Pseudohynobius flavomaculatus
2271. Yellow-spotted Tree Frog Litoria castanea
2272. Yellowbelly Voiceless Treefrog Charadrahyla altipotens
2273. Yenyuan Stream Salamander Batrachuperus yenyuanensis
2274. Yetla False Brook Salamander Pseudoeurycea orchileucos
2275. Yinggeling Flying Frog Rhacophorus yinggelingensis
2276. Yiwu Salamander Hynobius yiwuensis
2277. Yoro Salamander Nototriton barbouri
2278. Yosemite Toad Anaxyrus canorus
2279. Yuma Robber Frog Eleutherodactylus probolaeus
2280. Yunnan Asian Frog Nanorana unculuanus
2281. Yunnan Flying Frog Rhacophorus gongshanensis
2282. Yunnan Lazy Toad Oreolalax granulosus
2283. Yunnan Spiny Frog Nanorana yunnanensis
2284. Yunnanfu Frog Odorrana grahami
2285. Yuruani-tepui Treefrog Stefania riveroi
2286. Zacate Blanco Treefrog Exerodonta catracha
2287. Zapahuira Water Frog Telmatobius zapahuirensis
2288. Zarciadero Web-footed Salamander Bolitoglossa oresbia
2289. Zebra Forest Treefrog Leptopelis zebra
2290. Zetek's Treefrog Isthmohyla zeteki
2291. Zeus' Robber Frog Eleutherodactylus zeus
2292. Zimbabwe Big-fingered Frog Probreviceps rhodesianus
2293. Zorro Bubble-nest Frog Philautus zorro
2294. Zug's Robber Frog Eleutherodactylus zugi

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