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The following is a list of Crustaceans of concern. This list combines species from several endangered species lists. Using the total at the bottom of this page as an official count of endangered crustaceans of the world is not recommended. For more information on what species are listed on this site, please visit our About Us page.

 Species NameScientific Name
1. Acanthocyclops hypogeus Acanthocyclops hypogeus
2. Adeleana forcarti Adeleana forcarti
3. Aglaodiaptomus kingsburyae Aglaodiaptomus kingsburyae
4. Aglaodiaptomus marshianus Aglaodiaptomus marshianus
5. Alabama Cave Shrimp Palaemonias alabamae
6. Alabama Well Amphipod Stygobromus smithii
7. Allacanthos pittieri Allacanthos pittieri
8. Allodiaptomus satanas Allodiaptomus satanas
9. Alona hercegovinae Alona hercegovinae
10. Alona sketi Alona sketi
11. Alona smirnovi Alona smirnovi
12. Angular Dwarf Crayfish Cambarellus lesliei
13. Antrisocopia prehensilis Antrisocopia prehensilis
14. Apalachicola Cave Crayfish Cambarus cryptodytes
15. Aquadulcaris pheronyx Aquadulcaris pheronyx
16. Arachnothelphusa melanippe Arachnothelphusa melanippe
17. Arctodiaptomus burduricus Arctodiaptomus burduricus
18. Arctodiaptomus euacanthus Arctodiaptomus euacanthus
19. Arctodiaptomus kamtschaticus Arctodiaptomus kamtschaticus
20. Arctodiaptomus michaeli Arctodiaptomus michaeli
21. Arizona Cave Amphipod Stygobromus arizonensis
22. Arubolana imula Arubolana imula
23. Astacoides crosnieri Astacoides crosnieri
24. Astacoides petiti Astacoides petiti
25. Atlantasellus cavernicolus Atlantasellus cavernicolus
26. Atyid Shrimp Typhlatya iliffei
27. Austrothelphusa tigrina Austrothelphusa tigrina
28. Austrothelphusa valentula Austrothelphusa valentula
29. Austrothelphusa wasselli Austrothelphusa wasselli
30. Avotrichodactylus oaxensis Avotrichodactylus oaxensis
31. Balcones Cave Amphipod Stygobromus balconis
32. Balcones Cave Shrimp Palaemonetes antrorum
33. Barr's Cave Amphipod Stygobromus barri
34. Bastrop Crayfish Procambarus texanus
35. Bat Cave Isopod Caecidotea macropoda
36. Bath County Cave Amphipod Stygobromus mundus
37. Bearded Red Crayfish Procambarus pogum
38. Beautiful Crayfish Cambarus speciosus
39. Benton County Cave Crayfish Cambarus aculabrum
40. Bermuda Cave Amphipod Pseudoniphargus grandimanus
41. Bifurcated Cave Amphipod Stygobromus bifurcatus
42. Big Blue Spring Cave Crayfish Procambarus horsti
43. Big Sandy Crayfish Cambarus veteranus
44. Big South Fork Crayfish Cambarus bouchardi
45. Big-cheeked Cave Crayfish Procambarus delicatus
46. Black Creek Crayfish Procambarus pictus
47. Blackbarred Crayfish Cambarus unestami
48. Blackbelted Crayfish Procambarus nigrocinctus
49. Bluegrass Crayfish Cambarus batchi
50. Boeckella bispinosa Boeckella bispinosa
51. Boeckella calcaris Boeckella calcaris
52. Boeckella geniculata Boeckella geniculata
53. Boeckella nyoraensis Boeckella nyoraensis
54. Boeckella shieli Boeckella shieli
55. Bogidiella bermudensis Bogidiella bermudensis
56. Boreas uglowi Boreas uglowi
57. Bottiella cucutensis Bottiella cucutensis
58. Bottiella medemi Bottiella medemi
59. Bousfield's Amphipod Gammarus bousfieldi
60. Bowman's Cave Amphipod Stygobromus bowmani
61. Branchinecta belki Branchinecta belki
62. Branchinecta mexicana Branchinecta mexicana
63. Branchinella lithaca Branchinella lithaca
64. Branchinella alachua Branchinella alachua
65. Branchinella apophysata Branchinella apophysata
66. Branchinella basispina Branchinella basispina
67. Branchinella denticulata Branchinella denticulata
68. Branchinella simplex Branchinella simplex
69. Branchinella wellardi Branchinella wellardi
70. Brawleys Fork Crayfish Cambarus williami
71. Brazoria Crayfish Procambarus brazoriensis
72. Brine Shrimp Parartemia contracta
73. Broad River Spiny Crayfish Cambarus spicatus
74. Broad-fingered Crayfish Astacus astacus
75. Burnsville Cove Cave Amphipod Stygobromus conradi
76. Burrowing Bog Crayfish Fallicambarus burrisi
77. Burrowing Crayfish Engaeus australis
78. Burrowing Crayfish Engaeus curvisuturus
79. Burrowing Crayfish Engaeus disjuncticus
80. Burrowing Crayfish Engaeus granulatus
81. Burrowing Crayfish Engaeus mallacoota
82. Burrowing Crayfish Engaeus martigener
83. Burrowing Crayfish Engaeus nulloporius
84. Burrowing Crayfish Engaeus orramakunna
85. Burrowing Crayfish Engaeus rostrogaleatus
86. Burrowing Crayfish Engaeus spinicaudatus
87. Burrowing Crayfish Engaeus sternalis
88. Burrowing Crayfish Engaeus urostrictus
89. Burrowing Crayfish Engaeus phyllocercus
90. Calamoecia australica Calamoecia australica
91. Calamoecia elongata Calamoecia elongata
92. Calamoecia zeidleri Calamoecia zeidleri
93. Calconiscellus gotscheensis Calconiscellus gotscheensis
94. California Bay Pea Crab Parapinnixa affinis
95. California Freshwater Shrimp Syncaris pacifica
96. Cambarus strigosus Cambarus strigosus
97. Camp Shelby Burrowing Crayfish Fallicambarus gordoni
98. Canthocamptus dedeckkeri Canthocamptus dedeckkeri
99. Canthocamptus echinopyge Canthocamptus echinopyge
100. Canthocamptus longipes Canthocamptus longipes
101. Canthocamptus mammillifurca Canthocamptus mammillifurca
102. Canthocamptus sublaevis Canthocamptus sublaevis
103. Canthocamptus tasmaniae Canthocamptus tasmaniae
104. Carinurella paradoxa Carinurella paradoxa
105. Cascade Cave Amphipod Stygobromus dejectus
106. Central Missouri Cave Amphipod Allocrangonyx hubrichti
107. Ceuthonectes rouchi Ceuthonectes rouchi
108. Ceylonthelphusa alpina Ceylonthelphusa alpina
109. Ceylonthelphusa armata Ceylonthelphusa armata
110. Ceylonthelphusa callista Ceylonthelphusa callista
111. Ceylonthelphusa cavatrix Ceylonthelphusa cavatrix
112. Ceylonthelphusa diva Ceylonthelphusa diva
113. Ceylonthelphusa durrelli Ceylonthelphusa durrelli
114. Ceylonthelphusa kotagama Ceylonthelphusa kotagama
115. Ceylonthelphusa nana Ceylonthelphusa nana
116. Ceylonthelphusa nata Ceylonthelphusa nata
117. Ceylonthelphusa orthos Ceylonthelphusa orthos
118. Ceylonthelphusa sanguinea Ceylonthelphusa sanguinea
119. Ceylonthelphusa savitriae Ceylonthelphusa savitriae
120. Ceylonthelphusa kandambyi Ceylonthelphusa kandambyi
121. Ceylonthelphusa venusta Ceylonthelphusa venusta
122. Chaceus ibiricensis Chaceus ibiricensis
123. Chatooga Crayfish Cambarus scotti
124. Chattahoochee Crayfish Cambarus howardi
125. Chickamanga Crayfish Cambarus extraneus
126. Chirocephalus croaticus Chirocephalus croaticus
127. Chirocephalus pelagonicus Chirocephalus pelagonicus
128. Chirocephalus reiseri Chirocephalus reiseri
129. Choctaw Riverlet Crayfish Hobbseus valleculus
130. Cirolanid Isopod Arubolana aruboides
131. Clanton's Cave Amphipod Stygobromus clantoni
132. Clifton Cave Isopod Caecidotea barri
133. Clinothelphusa kakoota Clinothelphusa kakoota
134. Coahuila Isopod Mexistenasellus coahuila
135. Coastal Flatwoods Crayfish Procambarus apalachicolae
136. Coastal Lowland Cave Crayfish Procambarus leitheuseri
137. Coccusa cristicervix Coccusa cristicervix
138. Cocoharpinia iliffei Cocoharpinia iliffei
139. Common Yabby Cherax destructor
140. Conasauga Blue Burrower Cambarus cymatilis
141. Conservancy Fairy Shrimp Branchinecta conservatio
142. Cooper's Cave Amphipod Stygobromus cooperi
143. Coosawattae Crayfish Cambarus coosawattae
144. Corrollton Crayfish Procambarus connus
145. Cryptopotamon anacoluthon Cryptopotamon anacoluthon
146. Cuban Cave Shrimp Barbouria cubensis
147. Curassanthura bermudensis Curassanthura bermudensis
148. Cypress Crayfish Cambarellus blacki
149. Deckenia imitatrix Deckenia imitatrix
150. Deckenia mitis Deckenia mitis
151. Delaware County Cave Crayfish Cambarus subterraneus
152. Devil's Sinkhole Amphipod Stygobromus hadenoecus
153. Diminutive Amphipod Gammarus hyalelloides
154. Distocambarus devexus Distocambarus devexus
155. Distocambarus youngineri Distocambarus youngineri
156. Doimon doichiangdao Doimon doichiangdao
157. Doimon doisutep Doimon doisutep
158. Dussartius baeticus Dussartius baeticus
159. Dwarf River Crab Liberonautes nanoides
160. Edisto Crayfish Procambarus echinatus
161. Elaphoidella amabilis Elaphoidella amabilis
162. Elaphoidella franci Elaphoidella franci
163. Elaphoidella jeanneli Elaphoidella jeanneli
164. Elaphoidella kieferi Elaphoidella kieferi
165. Elevated Spring Amphipod Stygobromus elatus
166. Elk River Crayfish Cambarus elkensis
167. Elsalvadoria zurstrasseni Elsalvadoria zurstrasseni
168. Engaewa similis Engaewa similis
169. Eodiaptomus lumholtzi Eodiaptomus lumholtzi
170. Eodiaptomus shihi Eodiaptomus shihi
171. Eoleptestheria spinosa Eoleptestheria spinosa
172. Ephemeral Cave Amphipod Stygobromus ephemerus
173. Epilobocera haytensis Epilobocera haytensis
174. Epilobocera wetherbeei Epilobocera wetherbeei
175. Epischura baikalensis Epischura baikalensis
176. Erebonectes nesioticus Erebonectes nesioticus
177. Escambia Crayfish Procambarus escambiensis
178. Etowah Crayfish Cambarus fasciatus
179. Eucrenonaspides oinotheke Eucrenonaspides oinotheke
180. Ezell's Cave Amphipod Stygobromus flagellatus
181. Fabaeformiscandona aemonae Fabaeformiscandona aemonae
182. Fibulacamptus bisetosus Fibulacamptus bisetosus
183. Fibulacamptus gracilior Fibulacamptus gracilior
184. Florida Cave Amphipod Crangonyx grandimanus
185. Florida Cave Shrimp Palaemonetes cummingi
186. Florida Fairy Shrimp Dexteria floridana
187. Fredius granulatus Fredius granulatus
188. French Broad Crayfish Cambarus reburrus
189. Geithusa pulchra Geithusa pulchra
190. Geothelphusa levicervix Geothelphusa levicervix
191. Geothelphusa miyakoensis Geothelphusa miyakoensis
192. Giant Freshwater Crayfish Astacopsis gouldi
193. Grady's Cave Amphipod Stygobromus gradyi
194. Grandbassa River Crab Liberonautes grandbassa
195. Green Crab Geothelphusa lutao
196. Greenbrier Cave Amphipod Stygobromus emarginatus
197. Greenbrier Cave Crayfish Cambarus nerterius
198. Greensboro Burrowing Crayfish Cambarus catagius
199. Hainanpotamon orientale Hainanpotamon orientale
200. Haplophthalmus abbreviatus Haplophthalmus abbreviatus
201. Haplophthalmus rhinoceros Haplophthalmus rhinoceros
202. Hara's Cave Amphipod Stygobromus harai
203. Hatchie Burrowing Crayfish Fallicambarus hortoni
204. Hay's Spring Amphipod Stygobromus hayi
205. Heliodiaptomus kolleruensis Heliodiaptomus kolleruensis
206. Heliodiaptomus pulcher Heliodiaptomus pulcher
207. Hell Creek Crayfish Cambarus zophonastes
208. Hemiboeckella powellensis Hemiboeckella powellensis
209. Hesperodiaptomus augustaensis Hesperodiaptomus augustaensis
210. Hesperodiaptomus californiensis Hesperodiaptomus californiensis
211. Heterothelphusa fatum Heterothelphusa fatum
212. Hickman's Pygmy Mountain Shrimp Allanaspides hickmani
213. Hiwassee Crayfish Cambarus hiwasseensis
214. Hiwassee Headwater Crayfish Cambarus parrishi
215. Hobb's Cave Amphipod Crangonyx hobbsi
216. Hobbseus cristatus Hobbseus cristatus
217. Hypolobocera exuca Hypolobocera exuca
218. Hypolobocera alata Hypolobocera alata
219. Hypolobocera andagoensis Hypolobocera andagoensis
220. Hypolobocera barbacensis Hypolobocera barbacensis
221. Hypolobocera cajambrensis Hypolobocera cajambrensis
222. Hypolobocera gracilignatha Hypolobocera gracilignatha
223. Hypolobocera rathbuni Hypolobocera rathbuni
224. Hypolobocera rotundilobata Hypolobocera rotundilobata
225. Hypolobocera velezi Hypolobocera velezi
226. Ibanum pilimanus Ibanum pilimanus
227. Idunella sketi Idunella sketi
228. Illinois Cave Amphipod Gammarus acherondytes
229. Imnadia banatica Imnadia banatica
230. Imnadia cristata Imnadia cristata
231. Imnadia panonica Imnadia panonica
232. Indochinamon bhumibol Indochinamon bhumibol
233. Indochinamon villosum Indochinamon villosum
234. Indochinamon cua Indochinamon cua
235. Indochinamon guttum Indochinamon guttum
236. Indochinamon mieni Indochinamon mieni
237. Ingolfiella longipes Ingolfiella longipes
238. Iomon nan Iomon nan
239. Iomon luangprabangensis Iomon luangprabangensis
240. Irmengardia didacta Irmengardia didacta
241. Irmengardia nemestrinus Irmengardia nemestrinus
242. Irmengardia johnsoni Irmengardia johnsoni
243. Isolapotamon bauense Isolapotamon bauense
244. Jackson Prarie Crayfish Procambarus barbiger
245. Jefferson County Crayfish Fallicambarus gilpini
246. Johora punicea Johora punicea
247. Johora singaporensis Johora singaporensis
248. Johora counsilmani Johora counsilmani
249. Johora gapensis Johora gapensis
250. Johora johorensis Johora johorensis
251. Johora thoi Johora thoi
252. Johora tiomanensis Johora tiomanensis
253. Kapcypriodopsis barnardi Kapcypriodopsis barnardi
254. Kauai Cave Amphipod Spelaeorchestia koloana
255. Kentucky Cave Shrimp Palaemonias ganteri
256. Lagniappe Crayfish Procambarus lagniappe
257. Least Crayfish Cambarellus diminutus
258. Lee County Cave Isopod Lirceus usdagalun
259. Lepidothelphusa cognetti Lepidothelphusa cognetti
260. Leptocaris stromatolicolus Leptocaris stromatolicolus
261. Leucocythere helenae Leucocythere helenae
262. Lindacatalina sumacensis Lindacatalina sumacensis
263. Liotelphusa gagei Liotelphusa gagei
264. Liotelphusa laevis Liotelphusa laevis
265. Liotelphusa quadrata Liotelphusa quadrata
266. Little Tennessee Crayfish Cambarus georgiae
267. Lobster Claw Crab Liberonautes rubigimanus
268. Long-legged Cave Amphipod Stygobromus longipes
269. Longhorn Fairy Shrimp Branchinecta longiantenna
270. Lonoke Crayfish Procambarus ferrugineus
271. Louisea balssi Louisea balssi
272. Louisea edeaensis Louisea edeaensis
273. Lovenula excellens Lovenula excellens
274. Lovenula simplex Lovenula simplex
275. Lugbe River Crab Liberonautes lugbe
276. Mackenzie's Cave Amphipod Stygobromus mackenziei
277. Madagapotamon humberti Madagapotamon humberti
278. Madison Cave Isopod Antrolana lira
279. Mahatha helaya Mahatha helaya
280. Mahatha iora Mahatha iora
281. Mahatha lacuna Mahatha lacuna
282. Mahatha regina Mahatha regina
283. Mainitia mainitensis Mainitia mainitensis
284. Malayopotamon granulatum Malayopotamon granulatum
285. Malheur Cave Amphipod Stygobromus hubbsi
286. Marron Cherax tenuimanus
287. Mastigodiaptomus purpureus Mastigodiaptomus purpureus
288. Maydelliathelphusa edentula Maydelliathelphusa edentula
289. Mekhongthelphusa kengsaphu Mekhongthelphusa kengsaphu
290. Mekhongthelphusa tetragona Mekhongthelphusa tetragona
291. Mesocyclops insulensis Mesocyclops insulensis
292. Metacyclops gasparoi Metacyclops gasparoi
293. Metacyclops postojnae Metacyclops postojnae
294. Metadiaptomus capensis Metadiaptomus capensis
295. Metadiaptomus purcelli Metadiaptomus purcelli
296. Metatrichoniscoides celticus Metatrichoniscoides celticus
297. Mexilana saluposi Mexilana saluposi
298. Mexistenasellus nulemex Mexistenasellus nulemex
299. Miami Cave Crayfish Procambarus milleri
300. Microthelphusa forcarti Microthelphusa forcarti
301. Mictacean Mictocaris halope
302. Migmathelphusa olivacea Migmathelphusa olivacea
303. Minute Cave Amphipod Stygobromus parvus
304. Mississippi Flatwoods Crayfish Procambarus cometes
305. Miyazaki's Crab Geothelphusa miyazakii
306. Mona Cave Shrimp Typhlatya monae
307. Monolistra bolei Monolistra bolei
308. Monolistra spinosissima Monolistra spinosissima
309. Monolistra calopyge Monolistra calopyge
310. Monolistra schottlaenderi Monolistra schottlaenderi
311. Moritschus altaquerensis Moritschus altaquerensis
312. Moritschus ecuadorensis Moritschus ecuadorensis
313. Morrison's Cave Amphipod Stygobromus morrisoni
314. Moserius percoi Moserius percoi
315. Mountain Cave Amphipod Stygobromus montanus
316. Muckalee Crayfish Procambarus gibbus
317. Nanocopia minuta Nanocopia minuta
318. Nautilothelphusa zimmeri Nautilothelphusa zimmeri
319. Neches Crayfish Procambarus nechesae
320. Nemoron nomas Nemoron nomas
321. Neodiaptomus intermedius Neodiaptomus intermedius
322. Neodiaptomus laii Neodiaptomus laii
323. Neodiaptomus lymphatus Neodiaptomus lymphatus
324. Neodiaptomus physalipus Neodiaptomus physalipus
325. Neopseudothelphusa fossor Neopseudothelphusa fossor
326. Neostrengeria perijaensis Neostrengeria perijaensis
327. Newnhamia fuscata Newnhamia fuscata
328. Newnhamia insolita Newnhamia insolita
329. Nickajack Cave Isopod Caecidotea nickajackensis
330. Nimba Stream Crab Liberonautes nimba
331. Niphargobates lefkodemonaki Niphargobates lefkodemonaki
332. Niphargobates orophobata Niphargobates orophobata
333. Niphargus aberrans Niphargus aberrans
334. Niphargus hadzii Niphargus hadzii
335. Niphargus hrabei Niphargus hrabei
336. Niphargus sphagnicolus Niphargus sphagnicolus
337. Niphargus spoeckeri Niphargus spoeckeri
338. Niphargus stenopus Niphargus stenopus
339. Niphargus timavi Niphargus timavi
340. Niphargus valachicus Niphargus valachicus
341. Nitocrella slovenica Nitocrella slovenica
342. Nitocrella stochi Nitocrella stochi
343. Noel's Amphipod Gammarus desperatus
344. Norton's Cave Amphipod Stygobromus nortoni
345. Notodiaptomus dubius Notodiaptomus dubius
346. Notodiaptomus maracaibensis Notodiaptomus maracaibensis
347. Nueces Crayfish Procambarus nueces
348. Obey Crayfish Cambarus obeyensis
349. Oconee Burrowing Crayfish Cambarus truncatus
350. Oconee Stream Crayfish Cambarus chaugaensis
351. Okinawan Terrestrial Crab Geothelphusa tenuimanus
352. Oklahoma Cave Amphipod Allocrangonyx pellucidus
353. Oklahoma Cave Crayfish Cambarus tartarus
354. Oktibbeha Riverlet Crayfish Hobbseus orconectoides
355. Onchotelson brevicaudatus Onchotelson brevicaudatus
356. Onchotelson spatulatus Onchotelson spatulatus
357. Onondaga Cave Amphipod Stygobromus onondagaensis
358. Opossum Shrimp Bermudamysis speluncola
359. Orange Lake Cave Crayfish Procambarus franzi
360. Orchid Island Crab Geothelphusa lanyu
361. Orconectes shoupi Orconectes shoupi
362. Orconectes saxatilis Orconectes saxatilis
363. Orconectes bisectus Orconectes bisectus
364. Orconectes blacki Orconectes blacki
365. Orconectes cooperi Orconectes cooperi
366. Orconectes deanae Orconectes deanae
367. Orconectes hartfieldi Orconectes hartfieldi
368. Orconectes holti Orconectes holti
369. Orconectes incomptus Orconectes incomptus
370. Orconectes jeffersoni Orconectes jeffersoni
371. Orconectes jonesi Orconectes jonesi
372. Orconectes kentuckiensis Orconectes kentuckiensis
373. Orconectes maletae Orconectes maletae
374. Orconectes marchandi Orconectes marchandi
375. Orconectes menae Orconectes menae
376. Orconectes mississippiensis Orconectes mississippiensis
377. Orconectes peruncus Orconectes peruncus
378. Orconectes quadruncus Orconectes quadruncus
379. Orconectes sloanii Orconectes sloanii
380. Orconectes stannardi Orconectes stannardi
381. Orconectes wrighti Orconectes wrighti
382. Orlando Cave Crayfish Procambarus acherontis
383. Ouachita Burrowing Crayfish Fallicambarus harpi
384. Ozark Cave Amphipod Stygobromus ozarkensis
385. Oziothelphusa dakuna Oziothelphusa dakuna
386. Oziothelphusa gallicola Oziothelphusa gallicola
387. Oziothelphusa intuta Oziothelphusa intuta
388. Oziothelphusa kodagoda Oziothelphusa kodagoda
389. Oziothelphusa populosa Oziothelphusa populosa
390. Oziothelphusa biloba Oziothelphusa biloba
391. Oziothelphusa hippocastanum Oziothelphusa hippocastanum
392. Oziothelphusa ritigala Oziothelphusa ritigala
393. Oziothelphusa stricta Oziothelphusa stricta
394. Oziothelphusa wagrakarowensis Oziothelphusa wagrakarowensis
395. Panama City Crayfish Procambarus econfinae
396. Paracyclopia naessi Paracyclopia naessi
397. Paradiaptomus natalensis Paradiaptomus natalensis
398. Paramelita barnardi Paramelita barnardi
399. Paramelita flexa Paramelita flexa
400. Paramorariopsis anae Paramorariopsis anae
401. Parapotamon spinescens Parapotamon spinescens
402. Parathelphusa batamensis Parathelphusa batamensis
403. Parathelphusa nagasakti Parathelphusa nagasakti
404. Parathelphusa reticulata Parathelphusa reticulata
405. Parathelphusa balabac Parathelphusa balabac
406. Parathelphusa cabayugan Parathelphusa cabayugan
407. Parathelphusa crocea Parathelphusa crocea
408. Parathelphusa maindroni Parathelphusa maindroni
409. Parathelphusa ovum Parathelphusa ovum
410. Parathelphusa pantherina Parathelphusa pantherina
411. Parathelphusa possoensis Parathelphusa possoensis
412. Parathelphusa sarasinorum Parathelphusa sarasinorum
413. Parhippolyte sterreri Parhippolyte sterreri
414. Parkhill Prairie Crayfish Procambarus steigmani
415. Parzefall's Stenasellid Mexistenasellus parzefalli
416. Pastilla dacuna Pastilla dacuna
417. Pearl Riverlet Crayfish Hobbseus attenuatus
418. Peck's Cave Amphipod Stygobromus pecki
419. Pecos Amphipod Gammarus pecos
420. Pennsylvania Cave Amphipod Crangonyx dearolfi
421. Perbrinckia cracens Perbrinckia cracens
422. Perbrinckia enodis Perbrinckia enodis
423. Perbrinckia fido Perbrinckia fido
424. Perbrinckia gabadagei Perbrinckia gabadagei
425. Perbrinckia glabra Perbrinckia glabra
426. Perbrinckia morayensis Perbrinckia morayensis
427. Perbrinckia punctata Perbrinckia punctata
428. Perbrinckia quadratus Perbrinckia quadratus
429. Perbrinckia rosae Perbrinckia rosae
430. Perbrinckia scitula Perbrinckia scitula
431. Perbrinckia fenestra Perbrinckia fenestra
432. Perbrinckia integra Perbrinckia integra
433. Phantom Cave Crayfish Procambarus pecki
434. Phricotelphusa gracilipes Phricotelphusa gracilipes
435. Phricotelphusa hockpingi Phricotelphusa hockpingi
436. Phricotelphusa callianira Phricotelphusa callianira
437. Phricotelphusa elegans Phricotelphusa elegans
438. Phricotelphusa limula Phricotelphusa limula
439. Phricotelphusa ranongi Phricotelphusa ranongi
440. Phrygiopilus acanthophallus Phrygiopilus acanthophallus
441. Phyllodiaptomus wellekensae Phyllodiaptomus wellekensae
442. Pickle Springs Amphipod Stygobromus heteropodus
443. Piedmont Blue Burrower Cambarus harti
444. Pingtung Crab Geothelphusa pingtung
445. Pizzini's Amphipod Stygobromus pizzinii
446. Platyops sterreri Platyops sterreri
447. Potamocarcinus hartmanni Potamocarcinus hartmanni
448. Potamocarcinus roatensis Potamocarcinus roatensis
449. Potamon bileki Potamon bileki
450. Potamon fluviatile Potamon fluviatile
451. Potamon ibericum Potamon ibericum
452. Potamon potamios Potamon potamios
453. Potamon rhodium Potamon rhodium
454. Potamon setiger Potamon setiger
455. Potamonautes gonocristatus Potamonautes gonocristatus
456. Potamonautes idjiwiensis Potamonautes idjiwiensis
457. Potamonautes mutandensis Potamonautes mutandensis
458. Potamonautes platycentron Potamonautes platycentron
459. Potamonautes choloensis Potamonautes choloensis
460. Potamonautes gerdalensis Potamonautes gerdalensis
461. Potamonautes ignestii Potamonautes ignestii
462. Potamonautes infravallatus Potamonautes infravallatus
463. Potamonautes lividus Potamonautes lividus
464. Potamonautes montivagus Potamonautes montivagus
465. Potamonautes pilosus Potamonautes pilosus
466. Potamonautes raybouldi Potamonautes raybouldi
467. Potamonautes reidi Potamonautes reidi
468. Potamonautes triangulus Potamonautes triangulus
469. Potamonautes unisulcatus Potamonautes unisulcatus
470. Potamonautes xiphoidus Potamonautes xiphoidus
471. Pristine Crayfish Cambarus pristinus
472. Proasellus parvulus Proasellus parvulus
473. Proasellus slovenicus Proasellus slovenicus
474. Procambarus latipleurum Procambarus latipleurum
475. Procambarus plumimanus Procambarus plumimanus
476. Procambarus rathbunae Procambarus rathbunae
477. Procambarus reimeri Procambarus reimeri
478. Procarid Shrimp Procaris chacei
479. Pseudocandona cavicola Pseudocandona cavicola
480. Pseudocandona pretneri Pseudocandona pretneri
481. Pseudocandona trigonelia Pseudocandona trigonelia
482. Pseudomoraria triglavensis Pseudomoraria triglavensis
483. Ptychophallus tristani Ptychophallus tristani
484. Pupamon phrae Pupamon phrae
485. Purple Marsh Crab Afrithelphusa monodosa
486. Putnam County Cave Crayfish Procambarus morrisi
487. Raddaus mertensi Raddaus mertensi
488. Red-black Crayfish Cambarus pyronotus
489. Redclaw Crayfish Cherax quadricarinatus
490. Reddell's Cave Amphipod Stygobromus reddelli
491. Rhynchochydorus australiensis Rhynchochydorus australiensis
492. Rodriguezus trujillensis Rodriguezus trujillensis
493. Rusty Grave Digger Cambarus miltus
494. Rye Cove Cave Isopod Lirceus culveri
495. Sachs's Stream Crab Potamonemus sachsi
496. Salangathelphusa anophrys Salangathelphusa anophrys
497. Saline Burrowing Crayfish Fallicambarus strawni
498. San Diego Fairy Shrimp Branchinecta sandiegonensis
499. Sandhills Crayfish Procambarus angustatus
500. Santa Fe Cave Crayfish Procambarus erythrops
501. Sayamia melanodactylus Sayamia melanodactylus
502. Sayamia maehongsonensis Sayamia maehongsonensis
503. Seed Shrimp Limnocythere porphyretica
504. Shasta Crayfish Pacifastacus fortis
505. Siamthelphusa holthuisi Siamthelphusa holthuisi
506. Silver Glen Springs Cave Crayfish Procambarus attiguus
507. Sinopotamon ebianense Sinopotamon ebianense
508. Sinopotamon hanyangense Sinopotamon hanyangense
509. Skistodiaptomus carolinensis Skistodiaptomus carolinensis
510. Slenderwrist Burrowing Crayfish Fallicambarus petilicarpus
511. Socorro Isopod Thermosphaeroma thermophilum
512. Somanniathelphusa zanklon Somanniathelphusa zanklon
513. Sooty Crayfish Pacifastacus nigrescens
514. South Australia Crab Geothelphusa nanao
515. Speckled Burrowing Crayfish Fallicambarus danielae
516. Spelaeoecia bermudensis Spelaeoecia bermudensis
517. Speleoithona bermudensis Speleoithona bermudensis
518. Speleophria bivexilla Speleophria bivexilla
519. Speleophria scottodicarloi Speleophria scottodicarloi
520. Speocirolana thermydromis Speocirolana thermydromis
521. Sphaerolana affinis Sphaerolana affinis
522. Sphaerolana interstitialis Sphaerolana interstitialis
523. Sphaerolana karenae Sphaerolana karenae
524. Spiny Crayfish Euastacus bindal
525. Spiny Crayfish Euastacus crassus
526. Spiny Crayfish Euastacus diversus
527. Spiny Crayfish Euastacus jagara
528. Spiny Crayfish Euastacus maidae
529. Spiny Crayfish Euastacus monteithorum
530. Spiny Crayfish Euastacus robertsi
531. Spiny Crayfish Euastacus urospinosus
532. Spiny Crayfish Euastacus yigara
533. Spiny Crayfish Euastacus armatus
534. Spiny Crayfish Euastacus bispinosus
535. Spiny Crayfish Euastacus eungella
536. Spiny Crayfish Euastacus fleckeri
537. Spiny Crayfish Euastacus hystricosus
538. Spiny Crayfish Euastacus neodiversus
539. Spiny Crayfish Euastacus setosus
540. Spiny-tail Crayfish Procambarus fitzpatricki
541. Spiralothelphusa fernandoi Spiralothelphusa fernandoi
542. Spiralothelphusa parvula Spiralothelphusa parvula
543. Spring Cave Amphipod Stygobromus spinatus
544. Stellmack's Cave Amphipod Stygobromus stellmacki
545. Stelomon erawanense Stelomon erawanense
546. Stelomon kanchanaburiense Stelomon kanchanaburiense
547. Stoliczia chaseni Stoliczia chaseni
548. Stoliczia bella Stoliczia bella
549. Stoliczia changmanae Stoliczia changmanae
550. Stoliczia cognata Stoliczia cognata
551. Stoliczia goal Stoliczia goal
552. Stoliczia karenae Stoliczia karenae
553. Stoliczia kedahensis Stoliczia kedahensis
554. Stoliczia leoi Stoliczia leoi
555. Stoliczia pahangensis Stoliczia pahangensis
556. Stoliczia panhai Stoliczia panhai
557. Stoliczia perlensis Stoliczia perlensis
558. Stoliczia tweedei Stoliczia tweedei
559. Stone Crayfish Austropotamobius torrentium
560. Strengeriana antioquensis Strengeriana antioquensis
561. Streptocephalus woottoni Streptocephalus woottoni
562. Streptocephalus moorei Streptocephalus moorei
563. Streptocephalus dendrophorus Streptocephalus dendrophorus
564. Streptocephalus dendyi Streptocephalus dendyi
565. Streptocephalus gracilis Streptocephalus gracilis
566. Streptocephalus guzmani Streptocephalus guzmani
567. Streptocephalus zuluensis Streptocephalus zuluensis
568. Stygodiaptomus kieferi Stygodiaptomus kieferi
569. Stygodiaptomus petkovskii Stygodiaptomus petkovskii
570. Stygothelphusa bidiensis Stygothelphusa bidiensis
571. Subtle Cave Amphipod Stygobromus subtilis
572. Sundathelphusa sottoae Sundathelphusa sottoae
573. Sundathelphusa minahassae Sundathelphusa minahassae
574. Sundathelphusa rubra Sundathelphusa rubra
575. Syncarid Shrimp Allanaspides helonomus
576. Taiwan Waist Crab Somanniathelphusa taiwanensis
577. Taiwan's South China Sea River Crab Nanhaipotamon formosanum
578. Taroko Crab Geothelphusa taroko
579. Tasmanian Anaspid Crustacean Paranaspides lacustris
580. Tehuana lamothei Tehuana lamothei
581. Tehuana poglayenorum Tehuana poglayenorum
582. Tehuana veracruzana Tehuana veracruzana
583. Terrathelphusa kuchingensis Terrathelphusa kuchingensis
584. Thaksinthelphusa yongchindaratae Thaksinthelphusa yongchindaratae
585. Thermodiaptomus galeboides Thermodiaptomus galeboides
586. Thermosphaeroma cavicauda Thermosphaeroma cavicauda
587. Thermosphaeroma dugesi Thermosphaeroma dugesi
588. Thermosphaeroma macrura Thermosphaeroma macrura
589. Thermosphaeroma milleri Thermosphaeroma milleri
590. Thermosphaeroma smithi Thermosphaeroma smithi
591. Tidewater Interstitial Amphipod Stygobromus araeus
592. Tidewater Stygonectid Amphipod Stygobromus identatus
593. Tiwaripotamon edostilus Tiwaripotamon edostilus
594. Tombigbee Riverlet Crayfish Hobbseus petilus
595. Tree Hole Crab Globonautes macropus
596. Trichodactylus crassus Trichodactylus crassus
597. Troglocaris anophthalmus Troglocaris anophthalmus
598. Tropocyclops federensis Tropocyclops federensis
599. Tropocyclops nananae Tropocyclops nananae
600. Tropodiaptomus burundensis Tropodiaptomus burundensis
601. Tropodiaptomus kilimensis Tropodiaptomus kilimensis
602. Tropodiaptomus kissi Tropodiaptomus kissi
603. Tropodiaptomus neumanni Tropodiaptomus neumanni
604. Tropodiaptomus simplex Tropodiaptomus simplex
605. Tropodiaptomus stuhlmanni Tropodiaptomus stuhlmanni
606. Typhlopseudothelphusa mocinoi Typhlopseudothelphusa mocinoi
607. Uramphisopus pearsoni Uramphisopus pearsoni
608. Valley Flame Crayfish Cambarus deweesae
609. Vernal Pool Fairy Shrimp Branchinecta lynchi
610. Vernal Pool Tadpole Shrimp Lepidurus packardi
611. Wang's Crab Geothelphusa wangi
612. Water Flea Daphnia coronata
613. Water Flea Daphnia jollyi
614. Water Flea Daphnia nivalis
615. Water Flea Daphnia occidentalis
616. Wengeror's Cave Amphipod Stygobromus wengerorum
617. White-clawed Crayfish Austropotamobius pallipes
618. Wilken's Stenasellid Mexistenasellus wilkensi
619. Wisconsin Well Amphipod Stygobromus putealis
620. Woodville Cave Crayfish Procambarus orcinus
621. Wutai Crab Geothelphusa wutai
622. Yalobusha Riverlet Crayfish Hobbseus yalobushensis
623. Yangmingshan Crab Geothelphusa yangminshan
624. Ze Concept Of Crab Geothelphusa takuan
625. Zonocypretta kalimna Zonocypretta kalimna

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