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The following is a list of Plants of concern. This list combines species from several endangered species lists. Using the total at the bottom of this page as an official count of endangered plants of the world is not recommended. For more information on what species are listed on this site, please visit our About Us page.

 Species NameScientific Name
1. 'Ahakea Bobea timonioides
2. 'Ahakea Bobea sandwicensis
3. 'Ekoko Chamaesyce celastroides var. kaenana
4. A Jack-bean Canavalia napaliensis
5. Abarema abbottii Abarema abbottii
6. Abarema bigemina Abarema bigemina
7. Abarema callejasii Abarema callejasii
8. Abarema centiflora Abarema centiflora
9. Abarema cochliacarpos Abarema cochliacarpos
10. Abarema filamentosa Abarema filamentosa
11. Abarema ganymedea Abarema ganymedea
12. Abarema josephi Abarema josephi
13. Abarema killipii Abarema killipii
14. Abarema lehmannii Abarema lehmannii
15. Abarema obovata Abarema obovata
16. Abarema oxyphyllidia Abarema oxyphyllidia
17. Abarema racemiflora Abarema racemiflora
18. Abarema turbinata Abarema turbinata
19. Abdulmajidia chaniana Abdulmajidia chaniana
20. Abdulmajidia maxwelliana Abdulmajidia maxwelliana
21. Abies fanjingshanensis Abies fanjingshanensis
22. Abies yuanbaoshanensis Abies yuanbaoshanensis
23. Abies ziyuanensis Abies ziyuanensis
24. Abutilon sachetianum Abutilon sachetianum
25. Acacia anegadensis Acacia anegadensis
26. Acacia daemon Acacia daemon
27. Acacia mathuataensis Acacia mathuataensis
28. Acacia roigii Acacia roigii
29. Acacia belairioides Acacia belairioides
30. Acacia bucheri Acacia bucheri
31. Acacia zapatensis Acacia zapatensis
32. Acacia albicorticata Acacia albicorticata
33. Acacia campbellii Acacia campbellii
34. Acacia crassicarpa Acacia crassicarpa
35. Acacia densispina Acacia densispina
36. Acacia etilis Acacia etilis
37. Acacia ferruginea Acacia ferruginea
38. Acacia flagellaris Acacia flagellaris
39. Acacia koaia Acacia koaia
40. Acacia manubensis Acacia manubensis
41. Acacia pennivenia Acacia pennivenia
42. Acacia prasinata Acacia prasinata
43. Acacia pseudonigrescens Acacia pseudonigrescens
44. Acacia purpurea Acacia purpurea
45. Acacia venosa Acacia venosa
46. Acacia villosa Acacia villosa
47. Acalypha ecuadorica Acalypha ecuadorica
48. Acalypha eggersii Acalypha eggersii
49. Acalypha raivavensis Acalypha raivavensis
50. Acalypha schimpffii Acalypha schimpffii
51. Acalypha andina Acalypha andina
52. Acalypha dictyoneura Acalypha dictyoneura
53. Acalypha hontauyuensis Acalypha hontauyuensis
54. Acalypha lepinei Acalypha lepinei
55. Acalypha suirenbiensis Acalypha suirenbiensis
56. Acalypha tunguraguae Acalypha tunguraguae
57. Acanthephippium sinense Acanthephippium sinense
58. Acanthopale decempedalis Acanthopale decempedalis
59. Acanthosyris annonagustata Acanthosyris annonagustata
60. Acanthosyris asipapote Acanthosyris asipapote
61. Acca lanuginosa Acca lanuginosa
62. Acer hainanense Acer hainanense
63. Acer leipoense Acer leipoense
64. Acer duplicatoserratum Acer duplicatoserratum
65. Acer miaotaiense Acer miaotaiense
66. Achyranthes talbotii Achyranthes talbotii
67. Achyrocline glandulosa Achyrocline glandulosa
68. Achyrocline mollis Achyrocline mollis
69. Achyrocline hallii Achyrocline hallii
70. Acidocroton gentryi Acidocroton gentryi
71. Acidocroton verrucosus Acidocroton verrucosus
72. Acioa cinerea Acioa cinerea
73. Acioa dichotoma Acioa dichotoma
74. Acioa eketensis Acioa eketensis
75. Aciotis aristellata Aciotis aristellata
76. Aciotis asplundii Aciotis asplundii
77. Acmella leucantha Acmella leucantha
78. Acmopyle sahniana Acmopyle sahniana
79. Acritodon nephophilus Acritodon nephophilus
80. Acropogon veillonii Acropogon veillonii
81. Acropogon aoupiniensis Acropogon aoupiniensis
82. Acropogon bullatus Acropogon bullatus
83. Acropogon domatifer Acropogon domatifer
84. Acropogon fatsioides Acropogon fatsioides
85. Acropogon megaphyllus Acropogon megaphyllus
86. Acrorumohra hasseltii Acrorumohra hasseltii
87. Acrosorium papenfussii Acrosorium papenfussii
88. Acsmithia vitiense Acsmithia vitiense
89. Actinidia stellatopilosa Actinidia stellatopilosa
90. Actinidia chrysantha Actinidia chrysantha
91. Actinidia laevissima Actinidia laevissima
92. Actinidia pilosula Actinidia pilosula
93. Actinidia rudis Actinidia rudis
94. Actinidia suberifolia Actinidia suberifolia
95. Actinidia ulmifolia Actinidia ulmifolia
96. Actinidia vitifolia Actinidia vitifolia
97. Actinodaphne bourneae Actinodaphne bourneae
98. Actinodaphne cuspidata Actinodaphne cuspidata
99. Actinodaphne lanata Actinodaphne lanata
100. Actinodaphne salicina Actinodaphne salicina
101. Actinodaphne albifrons Actinodaphne albifrons
102. Actinodaphne ellipticbacca Actinodaphne ellipticbacca
103. Actinodaphne fragilis Actinodaphne fragilis
104. Actinodaphne johorensis Actinodaphne johorensis
105. Actinodaphne lawsonii Actinodaphne lawsonii
106. Adelobotrys panamensis Adelobotrys panamensis
107. Adenanthera bicolor Adenanthera bicolor
108. Adenanthera intermedia Adenanthera intermedia
109. Adenopodia rotundifolia Adenopodia rotundifolia
110. Adenostemma harlingii Adenostemma harlingii
111. Adenostemma zakii Adenostemma zakii
112. Adiantum vivesii Adiantum vivesii
113. Adiantum fengianum Adiantum fengianum
114. Adiantum sinicum Adiantum sinicum
115. Adinandra griffithii Adinandra griffithii
116. Adinandra corneriana Adinandra corneriana
117. Aechmea kentii Aechmea kentii
118. Aechmea manzanaresiana Aechmea manzanaresiana
119. Aechmea tayoensis Aechmea tayoensis
120. Aechmea aculeatosepala Aechmea aculeatosepala
121. Aechmea biflora Aechmea biflora
122. Aechmea lugoi Aechmea lugoi
123. Aechmea napoensis Aechmea napoensis
124. Aechmea patriciae Aechmea patriciae
125. Aechmea roeseliae Aechmea roeseliae
126. Aechmea wuelfinghoffii Aechmea wuelfinghoffii
127. Aegiphila glomerata Aegiphila glomerata
128. Aegiphila lopez-palacii Aegiphila lopez-palacii
129. Aegiphila monticola Aegiphila monticola
130. Aegiphila schimpffii Aegiphila schimpffii
131. Aegiphila fasciculata Aegiphila fasciculata
132. Aegiphila ferruginea Aegiphila ferruginea
133. Aegiphila monstrosa Aegiphila monstrosa
134. Aegiphila panamensis Aegiphila panamensis
135. Aegiphila purpurascens Aegiphila purpurascens
136. Aegiphila rimbachii Aegiphila rimbachii
137. Aegiphila skutchii Aegiphila skutchii
138. Aequatorium asterotrichum Aequatorium asterotrichum
139. Aequatorium lepidotum Aequatorium lepidotum
140. Aequatorium jamesonii Aequatorium jamesonii
141. Aequatorium limonense Aequatorium limonense
142. Aequatorium repandiforme Aequatorium repandiforme
143. Aequatorium rimachianum Aequatorium rimachianum
144. Aerides lawrenciae Aerides lawrenciae
145. Aerides leeanum Aerides leeanum
146. Aerisilvaea sylvestris Aerisilvaea sylvestris
147. Aetheolaena decipiens Aetheolaena decipiens
148. Aetheolaena hypoleuca Aetheolaena hypoleuca
149. Aetheolaena ledifolia Aetheolaena ledifolia
150. Aetheolaena mochensis Aetheolaena mochensis
151. Aetheolaena pichinchensis Aetheolaena pichinchensis
152. Aetheolaena subinvolucrata Aetheolaena subinvolucrata
153. Aetheolaena cuencana Aetheolaena cuencana
154. Aetheolaena lingulata Aetheolaena lingulata
155. Aetheolaena mojandensis Aetheolaena mojandensis
156. Aetheolaena rosana Aetheolaena rosana
157. African Mahogany Khaya madagascariensis
158. African Mahogany Khaya anthotheca
159. African Mahogany Khaya grandifoliola
160. African Mahogany Khaya ivorensis
161. African Mahogany Khaya senegalensis
162. African Pearwood Baillonella toxisperma
163. African Pine Tetraberlinia tubmaniana
164. African Teak Pericopsis elata
165. African Walnut Lovoa trichilioides
166. Afrocarpus dawei Afrocarpus dawei
167. Afrocarpus mannii Afrocarpus mannii
168. Afrocarpus usambarensis Afrocarpus usambarensis
169. Afrofittonia silvestris Afrofittonia silvestris
170. Afrostyrax lepidophyllus Afrostyrax lepidophyllus
171. Afrothismia pachyantha Afrothismia pachyantha
172. Afrothismia winkleri Afrothismia winkleri
173. Afzelia Afzelia africana
174. Afzelia rhomboidea Afzelia rhomboidea
175. Afzelia xylocarpa Afzelia xylocarpa
176. Agathis Gunung Agathis dammara
177. Agathis lenticula Agathis lenticula
178. Agathis philippinensis Agathis philippinensis
179. Agathis silbae Agathis silbae
180. Ageratina cuencana Ageratina cuencana
181. Ageratina dendroides Ageratina dendroides
182. Ageratina rhypodes Ageratina rhypodes
183. Ageratum iltisii Ageratum iltisii
184. Aglaia densitricha Aglaia densitricha
185. Aglaia evansensis Aglaia evansensis
186. Aglaia gracilis Aglaia gracilis
187. Aglaia heterotricha Aglaia heterotricha
188. Aglaia mackiana Aglaia mackiana
189. Aglaia malabarica Aglaia malabarica
190. Aglaia pleuropteris Aglaia pleuropteris
191. Aglaia unifolia Aglaia unifolia
192. Aglaia aherniana Aglaia aherniana
193. Aglaia amplexicaulis Aglaia amplexicaulis
194. Aglaia angustifolia Aglaia angustifolia
195. Aglaia apiocarpa Aglaia apiocarpa
196. Aglaia archiboldiana Aglaia archiboldiana
197. Aglaia australiensis Aglaia australiensis
198. Aglaia barbanthera Aglaia barbanthera
199. Aglaia basiphylla Aglaia basiphylla
200. Aglaia bourdillonii Aglaia bourdillonii
201. Aglaia brassii Aglaia brassii
202. Aglaia brownii Aglaia brownii
203. Aglaia ceramica Aglaia ceramica
204. Aglaia chittagonga Aglaia chittagonga
205. Aglaia cinnamomea Aglaia cinnamomea
206. Aglaia coriacea Aglaia coriacea
207. Aglaia costata Aglaia costata
208. Aglaia cremea Aglaia cremea
209. Aglaia cumingiana Aglaia cumingiana
210. Aglaia cuspidata Aglaia cuspidata
211. Aglaia densisquama Aglaia densisquama
212. Aglaia flavescens Aglaia flavescens
213. Aglaia fragilis Aglaia fragilis
214. Aglaia integrifolia Aglaia integrifolia
215. Aglaia laxiflora Aglaia laxiflora
216. Aglaia lepiorrhachis Aglaia lepiorrhachis
217. Aglaia leucoclada Aglaia leucoclada
218. Aglaia macrostigma Aglaia macrostigma
219. Aglaia mariannensis Aglaia mariannensis
220. Aglaia membranifolia Aglaia membranifolia
221. Aglaia parksii Aglaia parksii
222. Aglaia penningtoniana Aglaia penningtoniana
223. Aglaia perviridis Aglaia perviridis
224. Aglaia polyneura Aglaia polyneura
225. Aglaia puberulanthera Aglaia puberulanthera
226. Aglaia pyriformis Aglaia pyriformis
227. Aglaia ramotricha Aglaia ramotricha
228. Aglaia rivularis Aglaia rivularis
229. Aglaia rubrivenia Aglaia rubrivenia
230. Aglaia saltatorum Aglaia saltatorum
231. Aglaia scortechinii Aglaia scortechinii
232. Aglaia smithii Aglaia smithii
233. Aglaia speciosa Aglaia speciosa
234. Aglaia subsesilis Aglaia subsesilis
235. Aglaia tenuicaulis Aglaia tenuicaulis
236. Aglaia variisquama Aglaia variisquama
237. Aglaia yzermannii Aglaia yzermannii
238. Agonandra loranthoides Agonandra loranthoides
239. Agonandra macrocarpa Agonandra macrocarpa
240. Agrostistachys hookeri Agrostistachys hookeri
241. Agrostistachys coriacea Agrostistachys coriacea
242. Ahinahina Argyroxiphium sandwicense ssp. sandwicense
243. Aiea Nothocestrum breviflorum
244. Aiea Nothocestrum peltatum
245. Aiea Nothocestrum latifolium
246. Aiouea angulata Aiouea angulata
247. Aiouea obscura Aiouea obscura
248. Aiouea bracteata Aiouea bracteata
249. Aiouea macedoana Aiouea macedoana
250. Aiphanes grandis Aiphanes grandis
251. Aiphanes leiostachys Aiphanes leiostachys
252. Aiphanes verrucosa Aiphanes verrucosa
253. Aiphanes chiribogensis Aiphanes chiribogensis
254. Aiphanes duquei Aiphanes duquei
255. Aiphanes lindeniana Aiphanes lindeniana
256. Aitchinsoniella himalayensis Aitchinsoniella himalayensis
257. Akamas Centaury Centaurea akamantis
258. Alabama Canebrake Pitcher-plant Sarracenia rubra alabamensis
259. Alabama Leather Flower Clematis socialis
260. Alangium circulare Alangium circulare
261. Alangium havilandii Alangium havilandii
262. Alangium longiflorum Alangium longiflorum
263. Albizia guillainii Albizia guillainii
264. Albizia plurijuga Albizia plurijuga
265. Albizia vaughanii Albizia vaughanii
266. Albizia berteriana Albizia berteriana
267. Albizia buntingii Albizia buntingii
268. Albizia burkartiana Albizia burkartiana
269. Albizia carrii Albizia carrii
270. Albizia edwarllii Albizia edwarllii
271. Albizia ferruginea Albizia ferruginea
272. Albizia leonardii Albizia leonardii
273. Albizia obbiadensis Albizia obbiadensis
274. Albizia suluensis Albizia suluensis
275. Alchornea leptogyna Alchornea leptogyna
276. Alchornea sodiroi Alchornea sodiroi
277. Alectryon ramiflorus Alectryon ramiflorus
278. Alectryon repandodentatus Alectryon repandodentatus
279. Aleuritopteris squamosa Aleuritopteris squamosa
280. Aleutian Shield Fern Polystichum aleuticum
281. Alfalfa Arborea Medicago citrina
282. Alfaroa hondurensis Alfaroa hondurensis
283. Alfaroa mexicana Alfaroa mexicana
284. Alfilerillo Machaonia woodburyana
285. Algarrobillo Espinoso Prosopis abbreviata
286. Algerian Silver Fir Abies numidica
287. Allanblackia gabonensis Allanblackia gabonensis
288. Allanblackia stuhlmannii Allanblackia stuhlmannii
289. Allanblackia ulugurensis Allanblackia ulugurensis
290. Alleizettella rubra Alleizettella rubra
291. Allenanthus hondurensis Allenanthus hondurensis
292. Allexis cauliflora Allexis cauliflora
293. Allexis obanensis Allexis obanensis
294. Allium rouyi Allium rouyi
295. Allomarkgrafia ecuatoriana Allomarkgrafia ecuatoriana
296. Alloneuron dorrii Alloneuron dorrii
297. Alloneuron ecuadorense Alloneuron ecuadorense
298. Allophylus dodsonii Allophylus dodsonii
299. Allophylus hispidus Allophylus hispidus
300. Allophylus agbala Allophylus agbala
301. Allophylus aldabricus Allophylus aldabricus
302. Allophylus bullatus Allophylus bullatus
303. Allophylus chirindensis Allophylus chirindensis
304. Allophylus pachyphyllus Allophylus pachyphyllus
305. Allophylus roigii Allophylus roigii
306. Allophylus zeylanicus Allophylus zeylanicus
307. Allophylus zimmermannianus Allophylus zimmermannianus
308. Alloplectus martinianus Alloplectus martinianus
309. Alloplectus penduliflorus Alloplectus penduliflorus
310. Alloschmidia glabrata Alloschmidia glabrata
311. Alloxylon brachycarpum Alloxylon brachycarpum
312. Almug Pterocarpus santalinus
313. Alocasia atropurpurea Alocasia atropurpurea
314. Alocasia Quilted Dreams Alocasia sinuata
315. Aloe pillansii Aloe pillansii
316. Aloe ballii Aloe ballii
317. Aloe erinacea Aloe erinacea
318. Aloe helenae Aloe helenae
319. Aloe peglerae Aloe peglerae
320. Aloe suzannae Aloe suzannae
321. Aloe ballyi Aloe ballyi
322. Aloe jawiyon Aloe jawiyon
323. Aloe perryi Aloe perryi
324. Aloe ramosissima Aloe ramosissima
325. Aloe squarrosa Aloe squarrosa
326. Aloysia dodsoniorum Aloysia dodsoniorum
327. Alphitonia erubescens Alphitonia erubescens
328. Alphonsea hainanensis Alphonsea hainanensis
329. Alphonsea kingii Alphonsea kingii
330. Alphonsea tsangyuanensis Alphonsea tsangyuanensis
331. Alphonsea lucida Alphonsea lucida
332. Alphonsea monogyna Alphonsea monogyna
333. Alpine False Ohelo Wikstroemia bicornuta
334. Alpine Sandmat Chamaesyce olowaluana
335. Alseis lugonis Alseis lugonis
336. Alseodaphne rugosa Alseodaphne rugosa
337. Alseodaphne hainanensis Alseodaphne hainanensis
338. Alseodaphne micrantha Alseodaphne micrantha
339. Alseodaphne paludosa Alseodaphne paludosa
340. Alsodeiopsis schumannii Alsodeiopsis schumannii
341. Alsophila esmeraldensis Alsophila esmeraldensis
342. Alstonia annamensis Alstonia annamensis
343. Alstonia beatricis Alstonia beatricis
344. Alstonia breviloba Alstonia breviloba
345. Alstonia henryi Alstonia henryi
346. Alstonia penangiana Alstonia penangiana
347. Alstonia rubiginosa Alstonia rubiginosa
348. Alternanthera nesiotes Alternanthera nesiotes
349. Alternanthera areschougii Alternanthera areschougii
350. Alternanthera corymbiformis Alternanthera corymbiformis
351. Alternanthera flavicoma Alternanthera flavicoma
352. Alternanthera galapagensis Alternanthera galapagensis
353. Alternanthera grandis Alternanthera grandis
354. Alternanthera helleri Alternanthera helleri
355. Alternanthera snodgrassii Alternanthera snodgrassii
356. Alvaradoa jamaicensis Alvaradoa jamaicensis
357. Alyxia menglungensis Alyxia menglungensis
358. Alyxia taiwanensis Alyxia taiwanensis
359. Amanoa anomala Amanoa anomala
360. Amanoa bracteosa Amanoa bracteosa
361. Amanoa strobilacea Amanoa strobilacea
362. Amargosa Niterwort Nitrophila mohavensis
363. Amarillo Guayaquil Centrolobium yavizanum
364. Amboyna Wood Pterocarpus indicus
365. Amburana cearensis Amburana cearensis
366. Amburana acreana Amburana acreana
367. Amentotaxus formosana Amentotaxus formosana
368. Amentotaxus hatuyenensis Amentotaxus hatuyenensis
369. Amentotaxus yunnanensis Amentotaxus yunnanensis
370. Amentotaxus argotaenia Amentotaxus argotaenia
371. Amentotaxus assamica Amentotaxus assamica
372. Amentotaxus poilanei Amentotaxus poilanei
373. American Chaffseed Schwalbea americana
374. American Mahogany Swietenia mahagoni
375. Amesiella monticola Amesiella monticola
376. Amesiella philippensis Amesiella philippensis
377. Amitostigma bifoliatum Amitostigma bifoliatum
378. Amitostigma capitatum Amitostigma capitatum
379. Amitostigma hemipilioides Amitostigma hemipilioides
380. Amitostigma simplex Amitostigma simplex
381. Amitostigma tetralobum Amitostigma tetralobum
382. Amitostigma yuanum Amitostigma yuanum
383. Amoora dasyclada Amoora dasyclada
384. Amorphophallus preussii Amorphophallus preussii
385. Ampelocera longissima Ampelocera longissima
386. Amphiblemma amoenum Amphiblemma amoenum
387. Amphitecna molinae Amphitecna molinae
388. Amphitecna spathicalyx Amphitecna spathicalyx
389. Amphitecna isthmica Amphitecna isthmica
390. Amphitecna sessilifolius Amphitecna sessilifolius
391. Amsinckia marginata Amsinckia marginata
392. Amygdalus ledebouriana Amygdalus ledebouriana
393. Amygdalus bucharica Amygdalus bucharica
394. Amygdalus korshinskyi Amygdalus korshinskyi
395. Amyris polymorpha Amyris polymorpha
396. Anaxagorea phaeocarpa Anaxagorea phaeocarpa
397. Ancistrocladus letestui Ancistrocladus letestui
398. Andean Wax Palm Ceroxylon alpinum
399. Andean Wax Palm Ceroxylon amazonicum
400. Andean Wax Palm Ceroxylon sasaimae
401. Andean Wax Palm Ceroxylon echinulatum
402. Andean Wax Palm Ceroxylon quindiuense
403. Andira galeottiana Andira galeottiana
404. Andrachne schweinfurthii Andrachne schweinfurthii
405. Andrewsianthus ferrugineus Andrewsianthus ferrugineus
406. Andropogon benthamianus Andropogon benthamianus
407. Andropogon lanuginosus Andropogon lanuginosus
408. Andropogon scabriglumis Andropogon scabriglumis
409. Aneilema silvaticum Aneilema silvaticum
410. Anemone jamesonii Anemone jamesonii
411. Angkalanthus oligophylla Angkalanthus oligophylla
412. Angostura alipes Angostura alipes
413. Angraecopsis cryptantha Angraecopsis cryptantha
414. Angraecopsis tridens Angraecopsis tridens
415. Angraecum sanfordii Angraecum sanfordii
416. Angraecum pyriforme Angraecum pyriforme
417. Angular-Fruited Neraudia Neraudia angulata
418. Angylocalyx braunii Angylocalyx braunii
419. Angylocalyx talbotii Angylocalyx talbotii
420. Aniba pedicellata Aniba pedicellata
421. Aniba pilosa Aniba pilosa
422. Aniba rosaeodora Aniba rosaeodora
423. Aniba ferrea Aniba ferrea
424. Aniba ferruginea Aniba ferruginea
425. Aniba intermedia Aniba intermedia
426. Aniba novo-granatensis Aniba novo-granatensis
427. Aniba percoriacea Aniba percoriacea
428. Aniba santalodora Aniba santalodora
429. Aniba vaupesiana Aniba vaupesiana
430. Aniba vulcanicola Aniba vulcanicola
431. Anini Eurya sandwicensis
432. Anisophyllea apetala Anisophyllea apetala
433. Anisophyllea cabole Anisophyllea cabole
434. Anisophyllea chartacea Anisophyllea chartacea
435. Anisophyllea cinnamomoides Anisophyllea cinnamomoides
436. Anisophyllea curtisii Anisophyllea curtisii
437. Anisophyllea ferruginea Anisophyllea ferruginea
438. Anisophyllea globosa Anisophyllea globosa
439. Anisophyllea grandis Anisophyllea grandis
440. Anisophyllea impressinervia Anisophyllea impressinervia
441. Anisophyllea nitida Anisophyllea nitida
442. Anisophyllea reticulata Anisophyllea reticulata
443. Anisophyllea rhomboidea Anisophyllea rhomboidea
444. Anisoptera costata Anisoptera costata
445. Anisoptera curtisii Anisoptera curtisii
446. Anisoptera grossivenia Anisoptera grossivenia
447. Anisoptera laevis Anisoptera laevis
448. Anisoptera marginata Anisoptera marginata
449. Anisoptera megistocarpa Anisoptera megistocarpa
450. Anisoptera reticulata Anisoptera reticulata
451. Anisoptera scaphula Anisoptera scaphula
452. Annickia kummeriae Annickia kummeriae
453. Annona conica Annona conica
454. Annona deceptrix Annona deceptrix
455. Annona ecuadorensis Annona ecuadorensis
456. Annona hystricoides Annona hystricoides
457. Annona manabiensis Annona manabiensis
458. Annona oligocarpa Annona oligocarpa
459. Annona asplundiana Annona asplundiana
460. Annona atabapensis Annona atabapensis
461. Annona cristalensis Annona cristalensis
462. Annona deminuta Annona deminuta
463. Annona dolichophylla Annona dolichophylla
464. Annona ekmanii Annona ekmanii
465. Annona praetermissa Annona praetermissa
466. Annona spraguei Annona spraguei
467. Anodendron rhinosporum Anodendron rhinosporum
468. Anoectochilus zhejiangensis Anoectochilus zhejiangensis
469. Anogeissus bentii Anogeissus bentii
470. Anogeissus dhofarica Anogeissus dhofarica
471. Anopyxis klaineana Anopyxis klaineana
472. Antarctic Cudweed Gamochaeta antarctica
473. Anthoceros neesii Anthoceros neesii
474. Anthocleista microphylla Anthocleista microphylla
475. Anthocleista scandens Anthocleista scandens
476. Anthodiscus montanus Anthodiscus montanus
477. Anthodiscus chocoensis Anthodiscus chocoensis
478. Anthonotha leptorrhachis Anthonotha leptorrhachis
479. Anthonotha lebrunii Anthonotha lebrunii
480. Anthonotha nigerica Anthonotha nigerica
481. Anthonotha obanensis Anthonotha obanensis
482. Anthonotha vignei Anthonotha vignei
483. Antidesma obliquinervium Antidesma obliquinervium
484. Antidesma pyrifolium Antidesma pyrifolium
485. Antidesma subolivaceum Antidesma subolivaceum
486. Antimima eendornensis Antimima eendornensis
487. Antioch Dunes Evening-primrose Oenothera deltoides ssp. howellii
488. Antirhea aromatica Antirhea aromatica
489. Antirhea tomentosa Antirhea tomentosa
490. Antirhea portoricensis Antirhea portoricensis
491. Antirhea radiata Antirhea radiata
492. Antirhea sintenisii Antirhea sintenisii
493. Antirrhinum subbaeticum Antirrhinum subbaeticum
494. Antrocaryon Antrocaryon micraster
495. Anunu Sicyos alba
496. Aoranthe penduliflora Aoranthe penduliflora
497. Apa Afzelia bipindensis
498. Apalachicola Rosemary Conradina glabra
499. Aphanactis barclayae Aphanactis barclayae
500. Aphanactis antisanensis Aphanactis antisanensis
501. Aphanamixis cumingiana Aphanamixis cumingiana
502. Aphanes cotopaxiensis Aphanes cotopaxiensis
503. Aphelandra azuayensis Aphelandra azuayensis
504. Aphelandra cinnabarina Aphelandra cinnabarina
505. Aphelandra galba Aphelandra galba
506. Aphelandra guayasii Aphelandra guayasii
507. Aphelandra harlingii Aphelandra harlingii
508. Aphelandra loxensis Aphelandra loxensis
509. Aphelandra phaina Aphelandra phaina
510. Aphelandra albinotata Aphelandra albinotata
511. Aphelandra anderssonii Aphelandra anderssonii
512. Aphelandra attenuata Aphelandra attenuata
513. Aphelandra chrysantha Aphelandra chrysantha
514. Aphelandra dodsonii Aphelandra dodsonii
515. Aphelandra gunnari Aphelandra gunnari
516. Aphelandra sulphurea Aphelandra sulphurea
517. Aphelandra zamorensis Aphelandra zamorensis
518. Apid den Bermejo Apium bermejoi
519. Aporusa bourdillonii Aporusa bourdillonii
520. Aporusa fusiformis Aporusa fusiformis
521. Aporusa cardiosperma Aporusa cardiosperma
522. Aporusa elliptifolia Aporusa elliptifolia
523. Aporusa lanceolata Aporusa lanceolata
524. Applegate's Milk-vetch Astragalus applegatei
525. Apterosperma oblata Apterosperma oblata
526. Aquilaria crassna Aquilaria crassna
527. Aquilaria banaensae Aquilaria banaensae
528. Aquilaria beccariana Aquilaria beccariana
529. Aquilaria cumingiana Aquilaria cumingiana
530. Aquilaria hirta Aquilaria hirta
531. Aquilaria malaccensis Aquilaria malaccensis
532. Aquilaria microcarpa Aquilaria microcarpa
533. Aquilaria sinensis Aquilaria sinensis
534. Arachniodes squamulosa Arachniodes squamulosa
535. Arachnothryx chimboracensis Arachnothryx chimboracensis
536. Arachnothryx fosbergii Arachnothryx fosbergii
537. Aralia chinensis Aralia chinensis
538. Aralia debilis Aralia debilis
539. Aralia javanica Aralia javanica
540. Aralia malabarica Aralia malabarica
541. Aralia tibetana Aralia tibetana
542. Arapatiella psilophylla Arapatiella psilophylla
543. Arara Nut Tree Joannesia princeps
544. Araucaria angustifolia Araucaria angustifolia
545. Araucaria luxurians Araucaria luxurians
546. Araucaria nemorosa Araucaria nemorosa
547. Araucaria rulei Araucaria rulei
548. Araucaria scopulorum Araucaria scopulorum
549. Araucaria araucana Araucaria araucana
550. Araucaria heterophylla Araucaria heterophylla
551. Araucaria schmidii Araucaria schmidii
552. Arbutus pavarii Arbutus pavarii
553. Archidendron forbesii Archidendron forbesii
554. Archidendron oblongum Archidendron oblongum
555. Archidendropsis glandulosa Archidendropsis glandulosa
556. Archidendropsis lentiscifolia Archidendropsis lentiscifolia
557. Archidendropsis paivana Archidendropsis paivana
558. Archidium Moss Archidium elatum
559. Areca concinna Areca concinna
560. Areca ipot Areca ipot
561. Areca parens Areca parens
562. Areca whitfardii Areca whitfardii
563. Ariocarpus bravoanus Ariocarpus bravoanus
564. Aristeguietia chimborazensis Aristeguietia chimborazensis
565. Aristeguietia arborea Aristeguietia arborea
566. Aristeguietia cacalioides Aristeguietia cacalioides
567. Aristida guayllabambensis Aristida guayllabambensis
568. Aristogeitonia monophylla Aristogeitonia monophylla
569. Aristolochia delavayi Aristolochia delavayi
570. Aristolochia scytophylla Aristolochia scytophylla
571. Aristolochia tuberosa Aristolochia tuberosa
572. Aristolochia utriformis Aristolochia utriformis
573. Aristolochia westlandii Aristolochia westlandii
574. Aristolochia cucurbitifolia Aristolochia cucurbitifolia
575. Aristolochia cucurbitoides Aristolochia cucurbitoides
576. Aristolochia hainanensis Aristolochia hainanensis
577. Aristolochia obliqua Aristolochia obliqua
578. Aristolochia thwaitesii Aristolochia thwaitesii
579. Aristolochia yunnanensis Aristolochia yunnanensis
580. Arizona Cliff-rose Purshia subintegra
581. Arizona Hedgehog Cactus Echinocereus triglochidiatus var. arizonicus
582. Arrojadoa bahiensis Arrojadoa bahiensis
583. Arrojadoa dinae Arrojadoa dinae
584. Arthrocereus glaziovii Arthrocereus glaziovii
585. Arthrocereus melanurus Arthrocereus melanurus
586. Arthrocereus rondonianus Arthrocereus rondonianus
587. Arthrophyllum proliferum Arthrophyllum proliferum
588. Arthrophyllum pulgarense Arthrophyllum pulgarense
589. Artichoke Cactus Obregonia denegrii
590. Artocarpus blancoi Artocarpus blancoi
591. Artocarpus hypargyreus Artocarpus hypargyreus
592. Artocarpus nobilis Artocarpus nobilis
593. Artocarpus rubrovenus Artocarpus rubrovenus
594. Artocarpus treculianus Artocarpus treculianus
595. Arytera nekorensis Arytera nekorensis
596. Asarum crispulatum Asarum crispulatum
597. Ascoglossum calopterum Ascoglossum calopterum
598. Ashoka Tree Saraca asoca
599. Ashy Dogweed Thymophylla tephroleuca
600. Aspidosperma darienense Aspidosperma darienense
601. Aspidosperma polyneuron Aspidosperma polyneuron
602. Aspidosperma curranii Aspidosperma curranii
603. Asplenium fragile var. insulare Asplenium fragile var. insulare
604. Asplenium virens Asplenium virens
605. Asplenium ascensionis Asplenium ascensionis
606. Asplenium cardiophyllum Asplenium cardiophyllum
607. Asplenium ecuadorense Asplenium ecuadorense
608. Asplenium schweinfurthii Asplenium schweinfurthii
609. Asplundia clementinae Asplundia clementinae
610. Asplundia domingensis Asplundia domingensis
611. Asplundia lutea Asplundia lutea
612. Asplundia nonoensis Asplundia nonoensis
613. Asplundia truncata Asplundia truncata
614. Asplundia cayapensis Asplundia cayapensis
615. Asplundia cuspidata Asplundia cuspidata
616. Asplundia fagerlindii Asplundia fagerlindii
617. Asplundia lilacina Asplundia lilacina
618. Asplundia meraensis Asplundia meraensis
619. Asplundia pastazana Asplundia pastazana
620. Asplundia quinindensis Asplundia quinindensis
621. Asplundia sparrai Asplundia sparrai
622. Aster quitensis Aster quitensis
623. Asterogyne yaracuyense Asterogyne yaracuyense
624. Asterogyne spicata Asterogyne spicata
625. Asteropeia amblyocarpa Asteropeia amblyocarpa
626. Asteropeia labatii Asteropeia labatii
627. Asteropeia matrambody Asteropeia matrambody
628. Asteropeia micraster Asteropeia micraster
629. Asteropeia rhopaloides Asteropeia rhopaloides
630. Asteropeia densiflora Asteropeia densiflora
631. Asteropeia mcphersonii Asteropeia mcphersonii
632. Asterophorum mennegae Asterophorum mennegae
633. Astragalus bidentatus Astragalus bidentatus
634. Astragalus cavanillesii Astragalus cavanillesii
635. Astragalus sprucei Astragalus sprucei
636. Astrocaryum minus Astrocaryum minus
637. Astrocaryum triandrum Astrocaryum triandrum
638. Astronidium floribundum Astronidium floribundum
639. Astronidium inflatum Astronidium inflatum
640. Astronidium kasiense Astronidium kasiense
641. Astronidium lepidotum Astronidium lepidotum
642. Astronidium pallidiflorum Astronidium pallidiflorum
643. Astronidium saulae Astronidium saulae
644. Astronidium degeneri Astronidium degeneri
645. Asystasia glandulifera Asystasia glandulifera
646. Ateleia gummifera Ateleia gummifera
647. Ateleia salicifolia Ateleia salicifolia
648. Athrotaxis laxifolia Athrotaxis laxifolia
649. Athyana weinmannifolia Athyana weinmannifolia
650. Atkinsia cubensis Atkinsia cubensis
651. Atriplex plebeja Atriplex plebeja
652. Atuna indica Atuna indica
653. Atuna travancorica Atuna travancorica
654. Atuna cordata Atuna cordata
655. Atuna elliptica Atuna elliptica
656. Atuna penangiana Atuna penangiana
657. Aubregrinia taiensis Aubregrinia taiensis
658. Auerodendron jamaicense Auerodendron jamaicense
659. Aulonemia longiaristata Aulonemia longiaristata
660. Aupaka Isodendrion hosakae
661. Aupaka Isodendrion laurifolium
662. Austrobuxus cracens Austrobuxus cracens
663. Austrofolium equatorianum Austrofolium equatorianum
664. Austromyrtus horizontalis Austromyrtus horizontalis
665. Austromyrtus lotoides Austromyrtus lotoides
666. Autranella congolensis Autranella congolensis
667. Autumn Buttercup Ranunculus acriformis var. aestivalis
668. Avicennia lanata Avicennia lanata
669. Awalua Ridge Tetramolopium Tetramolopium remyi
670. Awiwi Centaurium sebaeoides
671. Axinaea sessilifolia Axinaea sessilifolia
672. Axinaea sodiroi Axinaea sodiroi
673. Axinaea pauciflora Axinaea pauciflora
674. Axinaea quitensis Axinaea quitensis
675. Axinaea sclerophylla Axinaea sclerophylla
676. Axinandra zeylanica Axinandra zeylanica
677. Ayapana ecuadorensis Ayapana ecuadorensis
678. Ayapanopsis luteynii Ayapanopsis luteynii
679. Azobe Lophira alata
680. Baccaurea glabrifolia Baccaurea glabrifolia
681. Baccaurea odoratissima Baccaurea odoratissima
682. Bactris nancibensis Bactris nancibensis
683. Bactris setiflora Bactris setiflora
684. Bactris coloniata Bactris coloniata
685. Bactris jamaicana Bactris jamaicana
686. Bactris longiseta Bactris longiseta
687. Bactris pickelii Bactris pickelii
688. Badilloa atrescens Badilloa atrescens
689. Badula crassa Badula crassa
690. Badula platyphylla Badula platyphylla
691. Badula reticulata Badula reticulata
692. Bafodeya benna Bafodeya benna
693. Baikiaea ghesquiereana Baikiaea ghesquiereana
694. Baishan Fir Abies beshanzuensis
695. Baker's Cypress Cupressus bakeri
696. Baker's Larkspur Delphinium bakeri
697. Balaka macrocarpa Balaka macrocarpa
698. Balaka microcarpa Balaka microcarpa
699. Baloghia pininsularis Baloghia pininsularis
700. Balthasaria mannii Balthasaria mannii
701. Banara vanderbiltii Banara vanderbiltii
702. Banara ibaguensis Banara ibaguensis
703. Banara regia Banara regia
704. Banara riparia Banara riparia
705. Banara wilsonii Banara wilsonii
706. Banara brasiliensis Banara brasiliensis
707. Banguey Island Orangeaster Pleiospermium longisepalum
708. Baphia pauloi Baphia pauloi
709. Baphia puguensis Baphia puguensis
710. Baphia abyssinica Baphia abyssinica
711. Baphia dewildeana Baphia dewildeana
712. Baphia heudelotiana Baphia heudelotiana
713. Baphia keniensis Baphia keniensis
714. Baphia kirkii Baphia kirkii
715. Baphia latiloi Baphia latiloi
716. Baphia macrocalyx Baphia macrocalyx
717. Baphia obanensis Baphia obanensis
718. Baphia semseiana Baphia semseiana
719. Baphia speciosa Baphia speciosa
720. Barbaricina Colombine Aquilegia barbaricina
721. Barbel Palm Acanthophoenix rubra
722. Barleria observatrix Barleria observatrix
723. Barleria popovii Barleria popovii
724. Barleria tetracantha Barleria tetracantha
725. Barnadesia ciliata Barnadesia ciliata
726. Barnadesia aculeata Barnadesia aculeata
727. Barneby Reed-mustard Schoenocrambe barnebyi
728. Barrel Palm Colpothrinax wrightii
729. Barringtonia payensiana Barringtonia payensiana
730. Bartholina etheliae Bartholina etheliae
731. Bartlettina campii Bartlettina campii
732. Bartsia alba Bartsia alba
733. Bartsia pumila Bartsia pumila
734. Baru Tree Dipteryx alata
735. Basselinia favieri Basselinia favieri
736. Basselinia iterata Basselinia iterata
737. Basselinia tomentosa Basselinia tomentosa
738. Basselinia vestita Basselinia vestita
739. Bastard Gumwood Commidendrum rotundifolium
740. Bauhinia flagelliflora Bauhinia flagelliflora
741. Bauhinia haughtii Bauhinia haughtii
742. Bauhinia integerrima Bauhinia integerrima
743. Bauhinia mombassae Bauhinia mombassae
744. Bauhinia paradisi Bauhinia paradisi
745. Bauhinia seminarioi Bauhinia seminarioi
746. Bauhinia stenantha Bauhinia stenantha
747. Bauhinia augusti Bauhinia augusti
748. Bauhinia bowkeri Bauhinia bowkeri
749. Bauhinia loeseneriana Bauhinia loeseneriana
750. Bauhinia pichinchensis Bauhinia pichinchensis
751. Bazzania bhutanica Bazzania bhutanica
752. Beach Jacquemontia Jacquemontia reclinata
753. Beach Layia Layia carnosa
754. Beaked Hickory Annamocarya sinensis
755. Beauprea crassifolia Beauprea crassifolia
756. Beautiful Goetzea Goetzea elegans
757. Beautiful Leaf Calophyllum acutiputamen
758. Beautiful Leaf Calophyllum cuneifolium
759. Beautiful Leaf Calophyllum insularum
760. Beautiful Leaf Calophyllum morobense
761. Beautiful Leaf Calophyllum nubicola
762. Beautiful Leaf Calophyllum trapezifolium
763. Beautiful Leaf Calophyllum waliense
764. Beautiful Leaf Calophyllum bifurcatum
765. Beautiful Leaf Calophyllum bracteatum
766. Beautiful Leaf Calophyllum caudatum
767. Beautiful Leaf Calophyllum chapelieri
768. Beautiful Leaf Calophyllum confusum
769. Beautiful Leaf Calophyllum cordato-oblongum
770. Beautiful Leaf Calophyllum havilandii
771. Beautiful Leaf Calophyllum macrophyllum
772. Beautiful Leaf Calophyllum mooni
773. Beautiful Leaf Calophyllum obscurum
774. Beautiful Leaf Calophyllum parvifolium
775. Beautiful Leaf Calophyllum robustum
776. Beautiful Leaf Calophyllum rufinerve
777. Beautiful Leaf Calophyllum savannarum
778. Beautiful Leaf Calophyllum thwaitesii
779. Beautiful Leaf Calophyllum tomentosum
780. Beautiful Leaf Calophyllum walkeri
781. Beautiful Pawpaw Deeringothamnus pulchellus
782. Bedstraw Galium buxifolium
783. Bedstraw Galium californicum ssp. sierrae
784. Bedstraw Galium ecuadoricum
785. Bedstraw Galium fosbergii
786. Bedstraw Galium azuayicum
787. Begonia aeranthos Begonia aeranthos
788. Begonia asympeltata Begonia asympeltata
789. Begonia hainanensis Begonia hainanensis
790. Begonia harlingii Begonia harlingii
791. Begonia hitchcockii Begonia hitchcockii
792. Begonia ludwigii Begonia ludwigii
793. Begonia pelargoniiflora Begonia pelargoniiflora
794. Begonia peltatifolia Begonia peltatifolia
795. Begonia salaziensis Begonia salaziensis
796. Begonia samhaensis Begonia samhaensis
797. Begonia serotina Begonia serotina
798. Begonia triramosa Begonia triramosa
799. Begonia tropaeolifolia Begonia tropaeolifolia
800. Begonia valvata Begonia valvata
801. Begonia acerifolia Begonia acerifolia
802. Begonia adpressa Begonia adpressa
803. Begonia aequatorialis Begonia aequatorialis
804. Begonia bonus-henricus Begonia bonus-henricus
805. Begonia brandbygeana Begonia brandbygeana
806. Begonia cavaleriei Begonia cavaleriei
807. Begonia compacticaulis Begonia compacticaulis
808. Begonia consobrina Begonia consobrina
809. Begonia dentatobracteata Begonia dentatobracteata
810. Begonia dodsonii Begonia dodsonii
811. Begonia duncan-thomasii Begonia duncan-thomasii
812. Begonia exalata Begonia exalata
813. Begonia froebelii Begonia froebelii
814. Begonia furfuracea Begonia furfuracea
815. Begonia geminiflora Begonia geminiflora
816. Begonia hemsleyana Begonia hemsleyana
817. Begonia holmnielseniana Begonia holmnielseniana
818. Begonia lugonis Begonia lugonis
819. Begonia napoensis Begonia napoensis
820. Begonia neoharlingii Begonia neoharlingii
821. Begonia oellgaardii Begonia oellgaardii
822. Begonia oxyanthera Begonia oxyanthera
823. Begonia parcifolia Begonia parcifolia
824. Begonia pectennervia Begonia pectennervia
825. Begonia preussii Begonia preussii
826. Begonia pseudoviola Begonia pseudoviola
827. Begonia schaeferi Begonia schaeferi
828. Begonia secunda Begonia secunda
829. Begonia sodiroi Begonia sodiroi
830. Begonia sparreana Begonia sparreana
831. Begonia tetrandra Begonia tetrandra
832. Begonia truncicola Begonia truncicola
833. Begonia xerophyta Begonia xerophyta
834. Begonia ynesiae Begonia ynesiae
835. Beilschmiedia penangiana Beilschmiedia penangiana
836. Beilschmiedia preussii Beilschmiedia preussii
837. Beilschmiedia zeylanica Beilschmiedia zeylanica
838. Beilschmiedia ambigua Beilschmiedia ambigua
839. Beilschmiedia bracteata Beilschmiedia bracteata
840. Beilschmiedia brevipes Beilschmiedia brevipes
841. Beilschmiedia giorgii Beilschmiedia giorgii
842. Beilschmiedia kweo Beilschmiedia kweo
843. Beilschmiedia mayumbensis Beilschmiedia mayumbensis
844. Beilschmiedia membranacea Beilschmiedia membranacea
845. Beilschmiedia ugandensis Beilschmiedia ugandensis
846. Beilschmiedia vermoesenii Beilschmiedia vermoesenii
847. Belairia parvifolia Belairia parvifolia
848. Belonophora ongensis Belonophora ongensis
849. Belonophora talbotii Belonophora talbotii
850. Belostemma yunnanense Belostemma yunnanense
851. Ben Lomond Spineflower Chorizanthe pungens var. hartwegiana
852. Ben Lomond Wallflower Erysimum teretifolium
853. Bennettiodendron cordatum Bennettiodendron cordatum
854. Bentgrass Agrostis trachychlaena
855. Berberis nevinii Berberis nevinii
856. Berberis pinnata ssp. insularis Berberis pinnata ssp. insularis
857. Berberis bicolor Berberis bicolor
858. Berberis iteophylla Berberis iteophylla
859. Berberis karkaralensis Berberis karkaralensis
860. Berberis nilghiriensis Berberis nilghiriensis
861. Berberis candidula Berberis candidula
862. Berberis dryandriphylla Berberis dryandriphylla
863. Berberis iliensis Berberis iliensis
864. Berberis johannis Berberis johannis
865. Berberis minzaensis Berberis minzaensis
866. Berberis pindilicensis Berberis pindilicensis
867. Berberis silvicola Berberis silvicola
868. Berberis taronensis Berberis taronensis
869. Berberis woomungensis Berberis woomungensis
870. Berberis xanthophloea Berberis xanthophloea
871. Berlinia hollandii Berlinia hollandii
872. Berlinia coriacea Berlinia coriacea
873. Berlinia occidentalis Berlinia occidentalis
874. Berlinia orientalis Berlinia orientalis
875. Bermuda Olivewood Elaeodendron laneanum
876. Bermuda Palm Sabal bermudana
877. Bersama swynnertonii Bersama swynnertonii
878. Bersama rosea Bersama rosea
879. Bertiera pauloi Bertiera pauloi
880. Beruquillo Marlierea sintenisii
881. Besleria modica Besleria modica
882. Besleria quadrangulata Besleria quadrangulata
883. Betula uber Betula uber
884. Betula halophila Betula halophila
885. Betula jarmolenkoana Betula jarmolenkoana
886. Betula kirghisorum Betula kirghisorum
887. Betula schugnanica Betula schugnanica
888. Betula szaferi Betula szaferi
889. Betula talassica Betula talassica
890. Betula tianschanica Betula tianschanica
891. Betula oycoviensis Betula oycoviensis
892. Betula pamirica Betula pamirica
893. Bhesa nitidissima Bhesa nitidissima
894. Bhesa sinica Bhesa sinica
895. Bhesa ceylanica Bhesa ceylanica
896. Bhutan Cypress Cupressus cashmeriana
897. Bicuiba oleifera Bicuiba oleifera
898. Bidens mannii Bidens mannii
899. Bidens simplicifolia Bidens simplicifolia
900. Big Island Ma'oloa Neraudia ovata
901. Big Leaf Mahogany Swietenia macrophylla
902. Big Mountain Palm Hedyscepe canterburyana
903. Big-cone Pinyon Pinus maximartinezii
904. Bikkia kaalaensis Bikkia kaalaensis
905. Bikkia lenormandii Bikkia lenormandii
906. Bindweed Convolvulus argyrothamnos
907. Biondia chinensis Biondia chinensis
908. Biophytum heinrichsae Biophytum heinrichsae
909. Bitterwood Picrasma excelsa
910. Black Cabbage Tree Melanodendron integrifolium
911. Black Hyedua Guibourtia ehie
912. Black Lace Cactus Echinocereus reichenbachii var. alvertii
913. Black Palm Normanbya normanbyi
914. Blakea acostae Blakea acostae
915. Blakea brunnea Blakea brunnea
916. Blakea eriocalyx Blakea eriocalyx
917. Blakea formicaria Blakea formicaria
918. Blakea granatensis Blakea granatensis
919. Blakea incompta Blakea incompta
920. Blakea involvens Blakea involvens
921. Blakea jativae Blakea jativae
922. Blakea languinosa Blakea languinosa
923. Blakea campii Blakea campii
924. Blakea glandulosa Blakea glandulosa
925. Blakea harlingii Blakea harlingii
926. Blakea hispida Blakea hispida
927. Blakea madisonii Blakea madisonii
928. Blakea oldemanii Blakea oldemanii
929. Blakea pichinchensis Blakea pichinchensis
930. Blakea rotundifolia Blakea rotundifolia
931. Bleasdalea papuana Bleasdalea papuana
932. Blechnum floresii Blechnum floresii
933. Blechnum eburneum Blechnum eburneum
934. Blechnum monomorphum Blechnum monomorphum
935. Blechnum sodiroi Blechnum sodiroi
936. Blepharidium guatemalense Blepharidium guatemalense
937. Blepharis dhofarensis Blepharis dhofarensis
938. Blepharis spiculifolia Blepharis spiculifolia
939. Blepharispermum hirtum Blepharispermum hirtum
940. Blowout Penstemon Penstemon haydenii
941. Blunt Chaff Flower Achyranthes mutica
942. Bocquillonia arborea Bocquillonia arborea
943. Bocquillonia castaneifolia Bocquillonia castaneifolia
944. Bocquillonia longipes Bocquillonia longipes
945. Bog Beggarticks Bidens conjuncta
946. Bois De Chenilles Monarrhenus salicifolius
947. Bolbitis riparia Bolbitis riparia
948. Bolivian Mountain Coconut Parajubaea torallyi
949. Bomarea angustifolia Bomarea angustifolia
950. Bomarea ceratophora Bomarea ceratophora
951. Bomarea chimborazensis Bomarea chimborazensis
952. Bomarea goniocaulon Bomarea goniocaulon
953. Bomarea graminifolia Bomarea graminifolia
954. Bomarea hartwegii Bomarea hartwegii
955. Bomarea longipes Bomarea longipes
956. Bomarea uncifolia Bomarea uncifolia
957. Bomarea brachysepala Bomarea brachysepala
958. Bomarea elegans Bomarea elegans
959. Bomarea glaucescens Bomarea glaucescens
960. Bomarea gracilis Bomarea gracilis
961. Bomarea lanata Bomarea lanata
962. Bomarea lutea Bomarea lutea
963. Bombacopsis quinata Bombacopsis quinata
964. Bonnetia ptariensis Bonnetia ptariensis
965. Bonnetia bolivarensis Bonnetia bolivarensis
966. Bonnetia celiae Bonnetia celiae
967. Bonnetia chimantensis Bonnetia chimantensis
968. Bonnetia cordifolia Bonnetia cordifolia
969. Bonnetia holostyla Bonnetia holostyla
970. Bonnetia jauensis Bonnetia jauensis
971. Bonnetia kathleenae Bonnetia kathleenae
972. Bonnetia lanceifolia Bonnetia lanceifolia
973. Bonnetia maguireorum Bonnetia maguireorum
974. Bonnetia multinervia Bonnetia multinervia
975. Bonnetia rubicunda Bonnetia rubicunda
976. Borassodendron machadonis Borassodendron machadonis
977. Boreal Felt Lichen Erioderma pedicellatum
978. Borhidi's Guano Palm Coccothrinax borhidiana
979. Borneo Ironwood Eusideroxylon zwageri
980. Borneo Teak Intsia bijuga
981. Boronella koniamboensis Boronella koniamboensis
982. Boscia arabica Boscia arabica
983. Boswellia aff. ameero Boswellia aff. ameero
984. Boswellia ameero Boswellia ameero
985. Boswellia bullata Boswellia bullata
986. Boswellia dioscorides Boswellia dioscorides
987. Boswellia elongata Boswellia elongata
988. Boswellia nana Boswellia nana
989. Boswellia ogadensis Boswellia ogadensis
990. Boswellia popoviana Boswellia popoviana
991. Boswellia socotrana Boswellia socotrana
992. Bothriochloa campii Bothriochloa campii
993. Bouchon Tree Retrophyllum minor
994. Bourreria velutina Bourreria velutina
995. Boutiquea platypetala Boutiquea platypetala
996. Boxwood Mellissia begonifolia
997. Boyd's Maidenfern Christella boydiae
998. Brachychiton carruthersii Brachychiton carruthersii
999. Brachychiton velutinosus Brachychiton velutinosus
1000. Brachyglottis arborescens Brachyglottis arborescens
1001. Brachyglottis huntii Brachyglottis huntii
1002. Brachyglottis pentacopa Brachyglottis pentacopa
1003. Brachyotum ecuadorense Brachyotum ecuadorense
1004. Brachyotum rotundifolium Brachyotum rotundifolium
1005. Brachyotum trichocalyx Brachyotum trichocalyx
1006. Brachyotum azuayense Brachyotum azuayense
1007. Brachyotum benthamianum Brachyotum benthamianum
1008. Brachyotum campii Brachyotum campii
1009. Brachyotum fictum Brachyotum fictum
1010. Brachyotum fraternum Brachyotum fraternum
1011. Brachyotum gleasonii Brachyotum gleasonii
1012. Brachyotum gracilescens Brachyotum gracilescens
1013. Brachyotum harlingii Brachyotum harlingii
1014. Brachyotum incrassatum Brachyotum incrassatum
1015. Brachyotum jamesonii Brachyotum jamesonii
1016. Brachyotum johannes-julii Brachyotum johannes-julii
1017. Brachyotum rugosum Brachyotum rugosum
1018. Brachyotum russatum Brachyotum russatum
1019. Brachystegia bakeriana Brachystegia bakeriana
1020. Brachystegia kennedyi Brachystegia kennedyi
1021. Brachystegia nigerica Brachystegia nigerica
1022. Brachystegia zenkeri Brachystegia zenkeri
1023. Brachystephanus kupeensis Brachystephanus kupeensis
1024. Brachystephanus giganteus Brachystephanus giganteus
1025. Brachystephanus longiflorus Brachystephanus longiflorus
1026. Brachystephanus nimbae Brachystephanus nimbae
1027. Bradshaw's Desert-parsley Lomatium bradshawii
1028. Brady Pincushion Cactus Pediocactus bradyi
1029. Brasilicereus markgrafii Brasilicereus markgrafii
1030. Brassaiopsis acuminata Brassaiopsis acuminata
1031. Brassaiopsis kwangsiensis Brassaiopsis kwangsiensis
1032. Brassaiopsis minor Brassaiopsis minor
1033. Brassaiopsis simplex Brassaiopsis simplex
1034. Braun's Rock-cress Arabis perstellata
1035. Braunton's Milk-vetch Astragalus brauntonii
1036. Brazil-nut Tree Bertholletia excelsa
1037. Brazilian Rain Tree Chloroleucon tortum
1038. Brazzeia longipedicellata Brazzeia longipedicellata
1039. Bread Palm Encephalartos arenarius
1040. Bread Palm Encephalartos chimanimaniensis
1041. Bread Palm Encephalartos concinnus
1042. Bread Palm Encephalartos eugene-maraisii
1043. Bread Palm Encephalartos horridus
1044. Bread Palm Encephalartos kisambo
1045. Bread Palm Encephalartos lebomboensis
1046. Bread Palm Encephalartos aemulans
1047. Bread Palm Encephalartos brevifoliolatus
1048. Bread Palm Encephalartos cerinus
1049. Bread Palm Encephalartos cupidus
1050. Bread Palm Encephalartos dolomiticus
1051. Bread Palm Encephalartos dyerianus
1052. Bread Palm Encephalartos equatorialis
1053. Bread Palm Encephalartos heenanii
1054. Bread Palm Encephalartos hirsutus
1055. Bread Palm Encephalartos inopinus
1056. Bread Palm Encephalartos laevifolius
1057. Bread Palm Encephalartos latifrons
1058. Bread Palm Encephalartos middelburgensis
1059. Bread Palm Encephalartos msinganus
1060. Bread Palm Encephalartos munchii
1061. Bread Palm Encephalartos nubimontanus
1062. Bread Palm Encephalartos pterogonus
1063. Bread Palm Encephalartos relictus
1064. Bread Palm Encephalartos woodii
1065. Bread Palm Encephalartos altensteinii
1066. Bread Palm Encephalartos aplanatus
1067. Bread Palm Encephalartos barteri
1068. Bread Palm Encephalartos caffer
1069. Bread Palm Encephalartos delucanus
1070. Bread Palm Encephalartos friderici-guilielmi
1071. Bread Palm Encephalartos ghellinckii
1072. Bread Palm Encephalartos gratus
1073. Bread Palm Encephalartos hildebrandtii
1074. Bread Palm Encephalartos humilis
1075. Bread Palm Encephalartos ituriensis
1076. Bread Palm Encephalartos lanatus
1077. Bread Palm Encephalartos lehmannii
1078. Bread Palm Encephalartos longifolius
1079. Bread Palm Encephalartos macrostrobilus
1080. Bread Palm Encephalartos manikensis
1081. Bread Palm Encephalartos marunguensis
1082. Bread Palm Encephalartos natalensis
1083. Bread Palm Encephalartos ngoyanus
1084. Bread Palm Encephalartos paucidentatus
1085. Bread Palm Encephalartos princeps
1086. Bread Palm Encephalartos schaijesii
1087. Bread Palm Encephalartos schmitzii
1088. Bread Palm Encephalartos sclavoi
1089. Bread Palm Encephalartos senticosus
1090. Bread Palm Encephalartos trispinosus
1091. Bread Palm Encephalartos umbeluziensis
1092. Bread Palm Encephalartos whitelockii
1093. Bretschneidera sinensis Bretschneidera sinensis
1094. Bridelia kurzii Bridelia kurzii
1095. Bridelia moonii Bridelia moonii
1096. Bridelia whitmorei Bridelia whitmorei
1097. Brillantaisia lancifolia Brillantaisia lancifolia
1098. Brimeura duvigneaudii Brimeura duvigneaudii
1099. Britton's Beargrass Nolina brittoniana
1100. Brooksville Bellflower Campanula robinsiae
1101. Brosimum glaziovii Brosimum glaziovii
1102. Brown Mahogany Lovoa swynnertonii
1103. Brown's Pigweed Amaranthus brownii
1104. Brownea santanderensis Brownea santanderensis
1105. Browneopsis disepala Browneopsis disepala
1106. Browneopsis macrofoliolata Browneopsis macrofoliolata
1107. Browneopsis excelsa Browneopsis excelsa
1108. Brownlowia velutina Brownlowia velutina
1109. Brownlowia kleinhovioidea Brownlowia kleinhovioidea
1110. Brucea macrocarpa Brucea macrocarpa
1111. Brugmansia aurea Brugmansia aurea
1112. Brugmansia longifolia Brugmansia longifolia
1113. Brugmansia versicolor Brugmansia versicolor
1114. Brunellia almaguerensis Brunellia almaguerensis
1115. Brunellia darienensis Brunellia darienensis
1116. Brunellia ecuadoriensis Brunellia ecuadoriensis
1117. Brunellia elliptica Brunellia elliptica
1118. Brunellia morii Brunellia morii
1119. Brunellia pauciflora Brunellia pauciflora
1120. Brunellia penderiscana Brunellia penderiscana
1121. Brunellia rufa Brunellia rufa
1122. Brunellia zamorensis Brunellia zamorensis
1123. Brunellia acostae Brunellia acostae
1124. Brunellia antioquensis Brunellia antioquensis
1125. Brunellia boqueronensis Brunellia boqueronensis
1126. Brunellia cayambensis Brunellia cayambensis
1127. Brunellia macrophylla Brunellia macrophylla
1128. Brunellia occidentalis Brunellia occidentalis
1129. Brunellia ovalifolia Brunellia ovalifolia
1130. Brunellia racemifera Brunellia racemifera
1131. Brunellia subsessilis Brunellia subsessilis
1132. Brunfelsia portoricensis Brunfelsia portoricensis
1133. Brunfelsia jamaicensis Brunfelsia jamaicensis
1134. Brunfelsia membranacea Brunfelsia membranacea
1135. Brunfelsia splendida Brunfelsia splendida
1136. Brymela tutezona Brymela tutezona
1137. Bryopteris gaudichaudii Bryopteris gaudichaudii
1138. Bryoxiphium madeirense Bryoxiphium madeirense
1139. Buchanania barberi Buchanania barberi
1140. Buchanania lanceolata Buchanania lanceolata
1141. Buchanania platyneura Buchanania platyneura
1142. Buchenavia iguaratensis Buchenavia iguaratensis
1143. Buchenavia pabstii Buchenavia pabstii
1144. Buchenavia rabelloana Buchenavia rabelloana
1145. Buchenavia hoehneana Buchenavia hoehneana
1146. Bucida ophiticola Bucida ophiticola
1147. Bucquetia nigritella Bucquetia nigritella
1148. Buddleja formosana Buddleja formosana
1149. Buddleja ibarrensis Buddleja ibarrensis
1150. Buddleja jamesonii Buddleja jamesonii
1151. Buddleja lanata Buddleja lanata
1152. Buddleja lojensis Buddleja lojensis
1153. Buglosse Crepue Anchusa crispa
1154. Bulbophyllum filiforme Bulbophyllum filiforme
1155. Bulbophyllum kupense Bulbophyllum kupense
1156. Bulbophyllum modicum Bulbophyllum modicum
1157. Bulbophyllum pandanetorum Bulbophyllum pandanetorum
1158. Bulbophyllum rubrolabellum Bulbophyllum rubrolabellum
1159. Bulbophyllum tokioi Bulbophyllum tokioi
1160. Bulbophyllum bifarium Bulbophyllum bifarium
1161. Bulbophyllum gravidum Bulbophyllum gravidum
1162. Bulbophyllum jaapii Bulbophyllum jaapii
1163. Bulbophyllum nigericum Bulbophyllum nigericum
1164. Bulleyia yunnanensis Bulleyia yunnanensis
1165. Bully Tree Sideroxylon angustum
1166. Bully Tree Sideroxylon excavatum
1167. Bully Tree Sideroxylon retinerve
1168. Bully Tree Sideroxylon rubiginosum
1169. Bully Tree Sideroxylon acunae
1170. Bully Tree Sideroxylon altamiranoi
1171. Bully Tree Sideroxylon anomalum
1172. Bully Tree Sideroxylon bullatum
1173. Bully Tree Sideroxylon confertum
1174. Bully Tree Sideroxylon dominicanum
1175. Bully Tree Sideroxylon durifolium
1176. Bully Tree Sideroxylon eucoriaceum
1177. Bully Tree Sideroxylon fimbriatum
1178. Bully Tree Sideroxylon hirtiantherum
1179. Bully Tree Sideroxylon ibarrae
1180. Bully Tree Sideroxylon jubilla
1181. Bully Tree Sideroxylon mirmulano
1182. Bully Tree Sideroxylon peninsulare
1183. Bully Tree Sideroxylon socorrense
1184. Bully Tree Sideroxylon stevensonii
1185. Bulnesia carrapo Bulnesia carrapo
1186. Bunched Arrowhead Sagittaria fasciculata
1187. Bunchosia cauliflora Bunchosia cauliflora
1188. Bunchosia jamaicensis Bunchosia jamaicensis
1189. Bunchosia linearifolia Bunchosia linearifolia
1190. Bupleuro delle Madoni Bupleurum elatum
1191. Bupleuro di Marettimo Bupleurum dianthifolium
1192. Burke's Goldfields Lasthenia burkei
1193. Burkillanthus malaccensis Burkillanthus malaccensis
1194. Burmeistera anderssonii Burmeistera anderssonii
1195. Burmeistera asplundii Burmeistera asplundii
1196. Burmeistera cuyujensis Burmeistera cuyujensis
1197. Burmeistera domingensis Burmeistera domingensis
1198. Burmeistera holm-nielsenii Burmeistera holm-nielsenii
1199. Burmeistera huacamayensis Burmeistera huacamayensis
1200. Burmeistera ignimontis Burmeistera ignimontis
1201. Burmeistera oyacachensis Burmeistera oyacachensis
1202. Burmeistera resupinata Burmeistera resupinata
1203. Burmeistera rubrosepala Burmeistera rubrosepala
1204. Burmeistera brachyandra Burmeistera brachyandra
1205. Burmeistera crispiloba Burmeistera crispiloba
1206. Burmeistera cylindrocarpa Burmeistera cylindrocarpa
1207. Burmeistera loejtnantii Burmeistera loejtnantii
1208. Burmeistera oblongifolia Burmeistera oblongifolia
1209. Burmeistera racemiflora Burmeistera racemiflora
1210. Burmeistera refracta Burmeistera refracta
1211. Burmeistera truncata Burmeistera truncata
1212. Burrawang Macrozamia conferta
1213. Burrawang Macrozamia elegans
1214. Burrawang Macrozamia flexuosa
1215. Burrawang Macrozamia pauli-guilielmi
1216. Burrawang Macrozamia spiralis
1217. Burrawang Macrozamia cranei
1218. Burrawang Macrozamia crassifolia
1219. Burrawang Macrozamia humilis
1220. Burrawang Macrozamia lomandroides
1221. Burrawang Macrozamia occidua
1222. Burrawang Macrozamia parcifolia
1223. Burrawang Macrozamia plurinervia
1224. Burrawang Macrozamia secunda
1225. Burrawang Macrozamia viridis
1226. Burretiodendron tonkinense Burretiodendron tonkinense
1227. Burretiodendron esquirolii Burretiodendron esquirolii
1228. Burretiodendron hsienmu Burretiodendron hsienmu
1229. Bursera hollickii Bursera hollickii
1230. Bursera aromatica Bursera aromatica
1231. Bursera malacophylla Bursera malacophylla
1232. Bursera tonkinensis Bursera tonkinensis
1233. Bushmint Hyptis argutifolia
1234. Bushmint Hyptis diversifolia
1235. Bushmint Hyptis florida
1236. Bushmint Hyptis pseudoglauca
1237. Bussea eggelingii Bussea eggelingii
1238. Bussea xylocarpa Bussea xylocarpa
1239. Button Cactus Melocactus violaceus
1240. Buxus vahlii Buxus vahlii
1241. Buxus nyasica Buxus nyasica
1242. Buxus arborea Buxus arborea
1243. Buxus obtusifolia Buxus obtusifolia
1244. Byblis gigantea Byblis gigantea
1245. Byrsophyllum tetrandrum Byrsophyllum tetrandrum
1246. Byrsophyllum ellipticum Byrsophyllum ellipticum
1247. Byttneria asplundii Byttneria asplundii
1248. Byttneria flexuosa Byttneria flexuosa
1249. Byttneria loxensis Byttneria loxensis
1250. Byttneria minytricha Byttneria minytricha
1251. Byttneria obtusata Byttneria obtusata
1252. Byttneria jaramilloana Byttneria jaramilloana
1253. Byttneria sparrei Byttneria sparrei
1254. Cabbage On a Stick Brighamia insignis
1255. Cacosmia harlingii Cacosmia harlingii
1256. Cacosmia hieronymi Cacosmia hieronymi
1257. Cadaba insularis Cadaba insularis
1258. Caesalpinia kavaiense Caesalpinia kavaiense
1259. Caesalpinia echinata Caesalpinia echinata
1260. Caesalpinia nhatrangense Caesalpinia nhatrangense
1261. Caesalpinia paraguariensis Caesalpinia paraguariensis
1262. Cafe Marron Tree Ramosmania rodriguesii
1263. Calamagrostis brevipaleata Calamagrostis brevipaleata
1264. Calamagrostis hillebrandii Calamagrostis hillebrandii
1265. Calamagrostis aurea Calamagrostis aurea
1266. Calamagrostis carchiensis Calamagrostis carchiensis
1267. Calamagrostis expansa Calamagrostis expansa
1268. Calamagrostis fulgida Calamagrostis fulgida
1269. Calamagrostis hirta Calamagrostis hirta
1270. Calamagrostis llanganatensis Calamagrostis llanganatensis
1271. Calamagrostis steyermarkii Calamagrostis steyermarkii
1272. Calamagrostis teretifolia Calamagrostis teretifolia
1273. Calamus compsostachys Calamus compsostachys
1274. Calamus obovoideus Calamus obovoideus
1275. Calamus wailong Calamus wailong
1276. Calamus egregius Calamus egregius
1277. Calanthe yuana Calanthe yuana
1278. Calanthe delavayi Calanthe delavayi
1279. Calanthe fargesii Calanthe fargesii
1280. Calanthe henryi Calanthe henryi
1281. Calathea anulque Calathea anulque
1282. Calathea chimboracensis Calathea chimboracensis
1283. Calathea dodsonii Calathea dodsonii
1284. Calathea hagbergii Calathea hagbergii
1285. Calathea ischnosiphonoides Calathea ischnosiphonoides
1286. Calathea libbyana Calathea libbyana
1287. Calathea petersenii Calathea petersenii
1288. Calathea roseobracteata Calathea roseobracteata
1289. Calathea congesta Calathea congesta
1290. Calathea curaraya Calathea curaraya
1291. Calathea ecuadoriana Calathea ecuadoriana
1292. Calathea gandersii Calathea gandersii
1293. Calathea lanicaulis Calathea lanicaulis
1294. Calathea latrinotecta Calathea latrinotecta
1295. Calathea multicinta Calathea multicinta
1296. Calathea pallidicosta Calathea pallidicosta
1297. Calathea paucifolia Calathea paucifolia
1298. Calathea pluriplicata Calathea pluriplicata
1299. Calathea plurispicata Calathea plurispicata
1300. Calathea utilis Calathea utilis
1301. Calathea veitchiana Calathea veitchiana
1302. Calatola columbiana Calatola columbiana
1303. Calea huigrensis Calea huigrensis
1304. Calea harlingii Calea harlingii
1305. Calea kingii Calea kingii
1306. California Jewelflower Caulanthus californicus
1307. California Orcutt Grass Orcuttia californica
1308. California Seablite Suaeda californica
1309. California Taraxacum Taraxacum californicum
1310. Calistoga Allocarya Plagiobothrys strictus
1311. Calliandra glyphoxylon Calliandra glyphoxylon
1312. Calliandra comosa Calliandra comosa
1313. Calliandra decrescens Calliandra decrescens
1314. Calliandra paniculata Calliandra paniculata
1315. Calliandra pilosa Calliandra pilosa
1316. Calliandra tumbeziana Calliandra tumbeziana
1317. Calligonum calcareum Calligonum calcareum
1318. Calligonum elegans Calligonum elegans
1319. Calligonum matteianum Calligonum matteianum
1320. Calligonum molle Calligonum molle
1321. Calligonum triste Calligonum triste
1322. Calligonum paletzkianum Calligonum paletzkianum
1323. Callitris baileyi Callitris baileyi
1324. Calocedrus spp. Calocedrus macrolepis
1325. Calochone acuminata Calochone acuminata
1326. Calodendrum eickii Calodendrum eickii
1327. Calpocalyx atlanticus Calpocalyx atlanticus
1328. Calpocalyx brevifolius Calpocalyx brevifolius
1329. Calpocalyx cauliflorus Calpocalyx cauliflorus
1330. Calpocalyx heitzii Calpocalyx heitzii
1331. Calpocalyx klainei Calpocalyx klainei
1332. Calpocalyx letestui Calpocalyx letestui
1333. Calpocalyx ngouiensis Calpocalyx ngouiensis
1334. Calycolpus excisus Calycolpus excisus
1335. Calycorectes australis Calycorectes australis
1336. Calycorectes duarteanus Calycorectes duarteanus
1337. Calycorectes schottianus Calycorectes schottianus
1338. Calycorectes sellowianus Calycorectes sellowianus
1339. Calycorectes wurdackii Calycorectes wurdackii
1340. Calycosiphonia macrochlamys Calycosiphonia macrochlamys
1341. Calymmodon cucullatus Calymmodon cucullatus
1342. Calypogeia rhynchophylla Calypogeia rhynchophylla
1343. Camellia hengchunensis Camellia hengchunensis
1344. Camellia chrysantha Camellia chrysantha
1345. Camellia crapnelliana Camellia crapnelliana
1346. Camellia euphlebia Camellia euphlebia
1347. Camellia fleuryi Camellia fleuryi
1348. Camellia gilbertii Camellia gilbertii
1349. Camellia grijsii Camellia grijsii
1350. Camellia pleurocarpa Camellia pleurocarpa
1351. Camellia pubipetala Camellia pubipetala
1352. Camellia reticulata Camellia reticulata
1353. Camellia tunghinensis Camellia tunghinensis
1354. Cameraria microphylla Cameraria microphylla
1355. Campbell's Liverwort Geothallus tuberosus
1356. Campnosperma seychellarum Campnosperma seychellarum
1357. Campnosperma zeylanicum Campnosperma zeylanicum
1358. Campomanesia hirsuta Campomanesia hirsuta
1359. Campomanesia laurifolia Campomanesia laurifolia
1360. Campomanesia viatoris Campomanesia viatoris
1361. Campomanesia aromatica Campomanesia aromatica
1362. Campomanesia espiritosantensis Campomanesia espiritosantensis
1363. Campomanesia neriiflora Campomanesia neriiflora
1364. Campomanesia phaea Campomanesia phaea
1365. Camptolepis ramiflora Camptolepis ramiflora
1366. Campyloneurum oellgaardii Campyloneurum oellgaardii
1367. Campylospermum letouzeyi Campylospermum letouzeyi
1368. Campylospermum scheffleri Campylospermum scheffleri
1369. Cana Gorda Girdlepod Mitracarpus polycladus
1370. Canacomyrica monticola Canacomyrica monticola
1371. Canarium kipella Canarium kipella
1372. Canarium paniculatum Canarium paniculatum
1373. Canarium whitei Canarium whitei
1374. Canarium fusco-calycinum Canarium fusco-calycinum
1375. Canarium luzonicum Canarium luzonicum
1376. Canarium ovatum Canarium ovatum
1377. Canarium perlisanum Canarium perlisanum
1378. Canarium pseudodecumanum Canarium pseudodecumanum
1379. Canarium pseudopatentinervium Canarium pseudopatentinervium
1380. Canarium pseudopimela Canarium pseudopimela
1381. Canarium sarawakanum Canarium sarawakanum
1382. Canarium zeylanicum Canarium zeylanicum
1383. Canary Strawberry Tree Arbutus canariensis
1384. Canby's Dropwort Oxypolis canbyi
1385. Candle Tree Parmentiera cereifera
1386. Candle Tree Parmentiera dressleri
1387. Candle Tree Parmentiera morii
1388. Candle Tree Parmentiera stenocarpa
1389. Canelo Hills Ladies'-tresses Spiranthes delitescens
1390. Canthium ficiforme Canthium ficiforme
1391. Canthium pergracilis Canthium pergracilis
1392. Canthium rondoense Canthium rondoense
1393. Canthium dicoccum Canthium dicoccum
1394. Canthium impressinervium Canthium impressinervium
1395. Canthium keniense Canthium keniense
1396. Canthium kilifiensis Canthium kilifiensis
1397. Canthium montanum Canthium montanum
1398. Canthium robynsianum Canthium robynsianum
1399. Canthium shabanii Canthium shabanii
1400. Canthium siebenlistii Canthium siebenlistii
1401. Canthium suborbiculare Canthium suborbiculare
1402. Canthium vollensenii Canthium vollensenii
1403. Cantleya corniculata Cantleya corniculata
1404. Capa rosa Callicarpa ampla
1405. Cape Cedar Widdringtonia cedarbergensis
1406. Cape Star-chestnut Sterculia alexandri
1407. Caper Shrub Capparis heterophylla
1408. Caper Shrub Capparis mirifica
1409. Caper Shrub Capparis pachyphylla
1410. Caper Shrub Capparis panamensis
1411. Caper Shrub Capparis mollicella
1412. Caper Shrub Capparis sandwichiana
1413. Caper Shrub Capparis sprucei
1414. Captaincookia margaretae Captaincookia margaretae
1415. Caraipa utilis Caraipa utilis
1416. Carallia calycina Carallia calycina
1417. Carapa megistocarpa Carapa megistocarpa
1418. Cardamine lojanensis Cardamine lojanensis
1419. Carex albida Carex albida
1420. Carex lutea Carex lutea
1421. Carex azuayae Carex azuayae
1422. Carex lepida Carex lepida
1423. Carex tessellata Carex tessellata
1424. Carex toreadora Carex toreadora
1425. Carica horovitziana Carica horovitziana
1426. Carica omnilingua Carica omnilingua
1427. Carica jamaicensis Carica jamaicensis
1428. Carica palandensis Carica palandensis
1429. Carica pulchra Carica pulchra
1430. Carica sprucei Carica sprucei
1431. Carlowrightia ecuadoriana Carlowrightia ecuadoriana
1432. Caroline Ivory-nut Palm Metroxylon amicarum
1433. Carossier Attalea crassispatha
1434. Carpodiptera mirabilis Carpodiptera mirabilis
1435. Carpodiptera ophiticola Carpodiptera ophiticola
1436. Carpoxylon Palm Carpoxylon macrospermum
1437. Carter's Mustard Warea carteri
1438. Carum foetidum Carum foetidum
1439. Caryodaphnopsis cogolloi Caryodaphnopsis cogolloi
1440. Casearia atlantica Casearia atlantica
1441. Casearia kaalaensis Casearia kaalaensis
1442. Casearia mauritiana Casearia mauritiana
1443. Casearia mexiae Casearia mexiae
1444. Casearia williamsiana Casearia williamsiana
1445. Casearia crassinervis Casearia crassinervis
1446. Casearia engleri Casearia engleri
1447. Casearia flavovirens Casearia flavovirens
1448. Casearia macrocarpa Casearia macrocarpa
1449. Casearia mannii Casearia mannii
1450. Casearia megacarpa Casearia megacarpa
1451. Casearia wynadensis Casearia wynadensis
1452. Casey's Larkspur Delphinium caseyi
1453. Cassia artensis Cassia artensis
1454. Cassia fikifiki Cassia fikifiki
1455. Cassia aldabrensis Cassia aldabrensis
1456. Cassia aubrevillei Cassia aubrevillei
1457. Cassine koordersii Cassine koordersii
1458. Cassipourea acuminata Cassipourea acuminata
1459. Cassipourea brittoniana Cassipourea brittoniana
1460. Cassipourea eketensis Cassipourea eketensis
1461. Cassipourea subcordata Cassipourea subcordata
1462. Cassipourea subsessilis Cassipourea subsessilis
1463. Cassipourea fanshawei Cassipourea fanshawei
1464. Cassipourea flanaganii Cassipourea flanaganii
1465. Cassipourea hiotou Cassipourea hiotou
1466. Cassipourea thomassetii Cassipourea thomassetii
1467. Castanopsis catappaefolia Castanopsis catappaefolia
1468. Castanopsis concinna Castanopsis concinna
1469. Castanopsis nephelioides Castanopsis nephelioides
1470. Castanopsis scortechinii Castanopsis scortechinii
1471. Castanopsis wallichii Castanopsis wallichii
1472. Castilleja ecuadorensis Castilleja ecuadorensis
1473. Catalina Island Mountain-Mahogany Cercocarpus traskiae
1474. Catalpa brevipes Catalpa brevipes
1475. Caudalejeunea grolleana Caudalejeunea grolleana
1476. Cecropia longipes Cecropia longipes
1477. Cecropia maxima Cecropia maxima
1478. Cecropia pastasana Cecropia pastasana
1479. Cecropia tubulosa Cecropia tubulosa
1480. Cecropia utcubambana Cecropia utcubambana
1481. Cecropia velutinella Cecropia velutinella
1482. Cedrela lilloi Cedrela lilloi
1483. Cedro Misionero Cedrela fissilis
1484. Ceiba rosea Ceiba rosea
1485. Celtis hypoleuca Celtis hypoleuca
1486. Celtis balansae Celtis balansae
1487. Celtis lindheimeri Celtis lindheimeri
1488. Celtis luzonica Celtis luzonica
1489. Centaurodendron dracaenoides Centaurodendron dracaenoides
1490. Centaurodendron palmiforme Centaurodendron palmiforme
1491. Central American Walnut Juglans olanchana
1492. Centranthus amazonum Centranthus amazonum
1493. Centranthus trinervis Centranthus trinervis
1494. Centronia brachycera Centronia brachycera
1495. Centronia laurifolia Centronia laurifolia
1496. Centronia mutisii Centronia mutisii
1497. Centronia peruviana Centronia peruviana
1498. Centropogon aequatorialis Centropogon aequatorialis
1499. Centropogon albostellatus Centropogon albostellatus
1500. Centropogon azuayensis Centropogon azuayensis
1501. Centropogon balslevii Centropogon balslevii
1502. Centropogon brachysiphoniatus Centropogon brachysiphoniatus
1503. Centropogon cazaletii Centropogon cazaletii
1504. Centropogon chiltasonensis Centropogon chiltasonensis
1505. Centropogon chontalensis Centropogon chontalensis
1506. Centropogon comosus Centropogon comosus
1507. Centropogon erythraeus Centropogon erythraeus
1508. Centropogon hartwegii Centropogon hartwegii
1509. Centropogon heteropilis Centropogon heteropilis
1510. Centropogon hirtiflorus Centropogon hirtiflorus
1511. Centropogon medusa Centropogon medusa
1512. Centropogon occultus Centropogon occultus
1513. Centropogon parviflorus Centropogon parviflorus
1514. Centropogon phoeniceus Centropogon phoeniceus
1515. Centropogon pilalensis Centropogon pilalensis
1516. Centropogon rimbachii Centropogon rimbachii
1517. Centropogon rubiginosus Centropogon rubiginosus
1518. Centropogon solisii Centropogon solisii
1519. Centropogon steinii Centropogon steinii
1520. Centropogon steyermarkii Centropogon steyermarkii
1521. Centropogon uncinatus Centropogon uncinatus
1522. Centropogon ursinus Centropogon ursinus
1523. Centropogon zamorensis Centropogon zamorensis
1524. Centropogon arcuatus Centropogon arcuatus
1525. Centropogon baezanus Centropogon baezanus
1526. Centropogon dissectus Centropogon dissectus
1527. Centropogon eurystomus Centropogon eurystomus
1528. Centropogon fimbriatulus Centropogon fimbriatulus
1529. Centropogon jeppesenii Centropogon jeppesenii
1530. Centropogon licayensis Centropogon licayensis
1531. Centropogon llanganatensis Centropogon llanganatensis
1532. Centropogon papillosus Centropogon papillosus
1533. Centropogon quebradanus Centropogon quebradanus
1534. Centropogon rubrodentatus Centropogon rubrodentatus
1535. Centropogon saltuum Centropogon saltuum
1536. Centropogon sodiroanus Centropogon sodiroanus
1537. Centropogon subandinus Centropogon subandinus
1538. Centropogon trachyanthus Centropogon trachyanthus
1539. Centropogon trichodes Centropogon trichodes
1540. Cephalocroton socotranus Cephalocroton socotranus
1541. Cephalomappa sinensis Cephalomappa sinensis
1542. Cephalosphaera usambarensis Cephalosphaera usambarensis
1543. Cephalotaxus lanceolata Cephalotaxus lanceolata
1544. Cephalotaxus oliveri Cephalotaxus oliveri
1545. Cephalotus follicularis Cephalotus follicularis
1546. Ceradenia melanopus Ceradenia melanopus
1547. Ceradenia semiadnata Ceradenia semiadnata
1548. Cerastium sventenii Cerastium sventenii
1549. Ceratocentron fesselii Ceratocentron fesselii
1550. Ceratopetalum succirubrum Ceratopetalum succirubrum
1551. Ceratozamia alvarezii Ceratozamia alvarezii
1552. Ceratozamia becerrae Ceratozamia becerrae
1553. Ceratozamia euryphyllidia Ceratozamia euryphyllidia
1554. Ceratozamia fusco-viridis Ceratozamia fusco-viridis
1555. Ceratozamia hildae Ceratozamia hildae
1556. Ceratozamia kuesteriana Ceratozamia kuesteriana
1557. Ceratozamia matudae Ceratozamia matudae
1558. Ceratozamia morettii Ceratozamia morettii
1559. Ceratozamia norstogii Ceratozamia norstogii
1560. Ceratozamia sabatoi Ceratozamia sabatoi
1561. Ceratozamia whitelockiana Ceratozamia whitelockiana
1562. Ceratozamia zaragozae Ceratozamia zaragozae
1563. Ceratozamia latifolia Ceratozamia latifolia
1564. Ceratozamia mexicana Ceratozamia mexicana
1565. Ceratozamia microstrobila Ceratozamia microstrobila
1566. Ceratozamia miqueliana Ceratozamia miqueliana
1567. Ceratozamia robusta Ceratozamia robusta
1568. Cerberiopsis neriifolia Cerberiopsis neriifolia
1569. Cerberiopsis obtusifolia Cerberiopsis obtusifolia
1570. Cereus mirabella Cereus mirabella
1571. Ceropegia aridicola Ceropegia aridicola
1572. Cestrum chimborazinum Cestrum chimborazinum
1573. Cestrum dielsii Cestrum dielsii
1574. Cestrum tipocochense Cestrum tipocochense
1575. Chaetocarpus pubescens Chaetocarpus pubescens
1576. Chaetocarpus coriaceus Chaetocarpus coriaceus
1577. Chamaecrista bucherae Chamaecrista bucherae
1578. Chamaesyce atoto Chamaesyce atoto
1579. Chamaesyce atrococca Chamaesyce atrococca
1580. Chamaesyce sachetiana Chamaesyce sachetiana
1581. Chamomile Anthemis glaberrima
1582. Championella sarcorrhiza Championella sarcorrhiza
1583. Changnienia amoena Changnienia amoena
1584. Chapmannia reghidensis Chapmannia reghidensis
1585. Chapmannia tinireana Chapmannia tinireana
1586. Chapmannia gracilis Chapmannia gracilis
1587. Chapmannia sericea Chapmannia sericea
1588. Chase's Threeawn Aristida chaseae
1589. Chassalia capitata Chassalia capitata
1590. Chassalia laikomensis Chassalia laikomensis
1591. Chassalia albiflora Chassalia albiflora
1592. Chassalia petitiana Chassalia petitiana
1593. Chazaliella obanensis Chazaliella obanensis
1594. Cheesewood Pittosporum aliferum
1595. Cheesewood Pittosporum brevispinum
1596. Cheesewood Pittosporum coriaceum
1597. Cheesewood Pittosporum eriocarpum
1598. Cheesewood Pittosporum gatopense
1599. Cheesewood Pittosporum gomonenense
1600. Cheesewood Pittosporum muricatum
1601. Cheesewood Pittosporum napaliense
1602. Cheesewood Pittosporum ornatum
1603. Cheesewood Pittosporum patulum
1604. Cheesewood Pittosporum raivavaeense
1605. Cheesewood Pittosporum stenophyllum
1606. Cheesewood Pittosporum tanianum
1607. Cheesewood Pittosporum viridulatum
1608. Cheesewood Pittosporum artense
1609. Cheesewood Pittosporum collinum
1610. Cheesewood Pittosporum dallii
1611. Cheesewood Pittosporum fairchildii
1612. Cheesewood Pittosporum goetzei
1613. Cheesewood Pittosporum linearifolium
1614. Cheesewood Pittosporum orohenense
1615. Cheesewood Pittosporum paniense
1616. Cheesewood Pittosporum pauciflorum
1617. Cheesewood Pittosporum silamense
1618. Cheesewood Pittosporum terminalioides
1619. Cheirostylis inabai Cheirostylis inabai
1620. Chengs Cypress Cupressus chengiana
1621. Chenmoui Elm Ulmus chenmoui
1622. Chiangiodendron mexicanum Chiangiodendron mexicanum
1623. Chigua bernalii Chigua bernalii
1624. Chigua restrepoi Chigua restrepoi
1625. Chihuahua Spruce Picea chihuahuana
1626. Chilean Cedar Austrocedrus chilensis
1627. Chilean Plum Yew Prumnopitys andina
1628. Chilean Wine Palm Jubaea chilensis
1629. Chimborazoa lachnocarpa Chimborazoa lachnocarpa
1630. Chinese Cypress Cupressus duclouxiana
1631. Chinese Douglas-fir Pseudotsuga sinensis
1632. Chinese Filbert Corylus chinensis
1633. Chinese Umbrella Leaf Diphylleia sinensis
1634. Chinese Water Fir Glyptostrobus pensilis
1635. Chisocheton pauciflorus Chisocheton pauciflorus
1636. Chisocheton perakensis Chisocheton perakensis
1637. Chisocheton stellatus Chisocheton stellatus
1638. Chloroleucon eurycyclum Chloroleucon eurycyclum
1639. Chloroleucon extortum Chloroleucon extortum
1640. Chlorophytum petrophilum Chlorophytum petrophilum
1641. Chlorophytum sp. nov. Chlorophytum sp. nov.
1642. Chlorospatha besseae Chlorospatha besseae
1643. Chlorospatha cutucuensis Chlorospatha cutucuensis
1644. Chlorospatha castula Chlorospatha castula
1645. Chlorospatha ilensis Chlorospatha ilensis
1646. Chodanthus montecillensis Chodanthus montecillensis
1647. Chordospartium muritai Chordospartium muritai
1648. Chorisochora minor Chorisochora minor
1649. Chorisochora striata Chorisochora striata
1650. Chosenia arbutifolia Chosenia arbutifolia
1651. Christmas Cactus Schlumbergera kautskyi
1652. Chrysophyllum azaguieanum Chrysophyllum azaguieanum
1653. Chrysophyllum claraense Chrysophyllum claraense
1654. Chrysophyllum durifructum Chrysophyllum durifructum
1655. Chrysophyllum euryphyllum Chrysophyllum euryphyllum
1656. Chrysophyllum imperiale Chrysophyllum imperiale
1657. Chrysophyllum lanatum Chrysophyllum lanatum
1658. Chrysophyllum subspinosum Chrysophyllum subspinosum
1659. Chrysophyllum superbum Chrysophyllum superbum
1660. Chrysophyllum acreanum Chrysophyllum acreanum
1661. Chrysophyllum albipilum Chrysophyllum albipilum
1662. Chrysophyllum paranaense Chrysophyllum paranaense
1663. Chrysophyllum pauciflorum Chrysophyllum pauciflorum
1664. Chrysophyllum revolutum Chrysophyllum revolutum
1665. Chrysophyllum splendens Chrysophyllum splendens
1666. Chunia bucklandioides Chunia bucklandioides
1667. Chuniophoenix hainanensis Chuniophoenix hainanensis
1668. Chupacallos Pleodendron macranthum
1669. Chuquiraga arcuata Chuquiraga arcuata
1670. Chusquea falcata Chusquea falcata
1671. Chusquea leonardiorum Chusquea leonardiorum
1672. Chusquea loxensis Chusquea loxensis
1673. Chusquea maclurei Chusquea maclurei
1674. Chytranthus obliquinervis Chytranthus obliquinervis
1675. Cigar-box Wood Cedrela odorata
1676. Cinchona mutisii Cinchona mutisii
1677. Cinchona capuli Cinchona capuli
1678. Cinchona lucumifolia Cinchona lucumifolia
1679. Cinchona rugosa Cinchona rugosa
1680. Cineraria longipes Cineraria longipes
1681. Cinnadenia malayana Cinnadenia malayana
1682. Cinnamodendron cubense Cinnamodendron cubense
1683. Cinnamodendron corticosum Cinnamodendron corticosum
1684. Cinnamomum balansae Cinnamomum balansae
1685. Cinnamomum brevipedunculatum Cinnamomum brevipedunculatum
1686. Cinnamomum chemungianum Cinnamomum chemungianum
1687. Cinnamomum citriodorum Cinnamomum citriodorum
1688. Cinnamomum filipedicellatum Cinnamomum filipedicellatum
1689. Cinnamomum kanahirae Cinnamomum kanahirae
1690. Cinnamomum kotoense Cinnamomum kotoense
1691. Cinnamomum mairei Cinnamomum mairei
1692. Cinnamomum rivulorum Cinnamomum rivulorum
1693. Cinnamomum walaiwarense Cinnamomum walaiwarense
1694. Cinnamomum capparu-coronde Cinnamomum capparu-coronde
1695. Cinnamomum litseifolium Cinnamomum litseifolium
1696. Cinnamomum macrostemon Cinnamomum macrostemon
1697. Cinnamomum mathewsii Cinnamomum mathewsii
1698. Cinnamomum mercadoi Cinnamomum mercadoi
1699. Cinnamomum osmophloeum Cinnamomum osmophloeum
1700. Cinnamomum parviflorum Cinnamomum parviflorum
1701. Cinnamomum perrottetii Cinnamomum perrottetii
1702. Cinnamomum reticulatum Cinnamomum reticulatum
1703. Cinnamomum riparium Cinnamomum riparium
1704. Cipocereus bradei Cipocereus bradei
1705. Cipocereus laniflorus Cipocereus laniflorus
1706. Cipocereus pusilliflorus Cipocereus pusilliflorus
1707. Cipocereus crassisepalus Cipocereus crassisepalus
1708. Citharexylum quitense Citharexylum quitense
1709. Citharexylum svensonii Citharexylum svensonii
1710. Citharexylum gentryi Citharexylum gentryi
1711. Citharexylum grandiflorum Citharexylum grandiflorum
1712. Citharexylum lojense Citharexylum lojense
1713. Citharexylum quereifolium Citharexylum quereifolium
1714. Citharexylum rimbachii Citharexylum rimbachii
1715. Citharexylum suberosum Citharexylum suberosum
1716. Citharexylum ternatum Citharexylum ternatum
1717. Citropsis gabunensis Citropsis gabunensis
1718. Citrus taiwanica Citrus taiwanica
1719. Cladolejeunea aberrans Cladolejeunea aberrans
1720. Claoxylon linostachys Claoxylon linostachys
1721. Clara Hunt's Milk-vetch Astragalus clarianus
1722. Clausena calciphila Clausena calciphila
1723. Clavija parvula Clavija parvula
1724. Clavija jelskii Clavija jelskii
1725. Clavija pungens Clavija pungens
1726. Clavija repanda Clavija repanda
1727. Clavija subandina Clavija subandina
1728. Clay Phacelia Phacelia argillacea
1729. Clay-loving Wild-buckwheat Eriogonum pelinophilum
1730. Cleidiocarpon laurinum Cleidiocarpon laurinum
1731. Cleidiocarpon cavaleriei Cleidiocarpon cavaleriei
1732. Cleidion lemurum Cleidion lemurum
1733. Cleidion lochmios Cleidion lochmios
1734. Cleidion marginatum Cleidion marginatum
1735. Cleidion veillonii Cleidion veillonii
1736. Cleistanthus major Cleistanthus major
1737. Cleistanthus robustus Cleistanthus robustus
1738. Cleistanthus travancorensis Cleistanthus travancorensis
1739. Cleistanthus bracteosus Cleistanthus bracteosus
1740. Cleistanthus collinus Cleistanthus collinus
1741. Cleistanthus evrardii Cleistanthus evrardii
1742. Cleistanthus ferrugineus Cleistanthus ferrugineus
1743. Cleistanthus glandulosus Cleistanthus glandulosus
1744. Cleistanthus glaucus Cleistanthus glaucus
1745. Cleistanthus malabaricus Cleistanthus malabaricus
1746. Cleistanthus parvifolius Cleistanthus parvifolius
1747. Cleistanthus petelotii Cleistanthus petelotii
1748. Cleistopholis staudtii Cleistopholis staudtii
1749. Clerodendrum anomalum Clerodendrum anomalum
1750. Clerodendrum calcicola Clerodendrum calcicola
1751. Clerodendrum denticulatum Clerodendrum denticulatum
1752. Clerodendrum galeatum Clerodendrum galeatum
1753. Clerodendrum leucophloeum Clerodendrum leucophloeum
1754. Clethra coloradensis Clethra coloradensis
1755. Clethra crispa Clethra crispa
1756. Clethra javanica Clethra javanica
1757. Clethra parallelinervia Clethra parallelinervia
1758. Cleyera bolleana Cleyera bolleana
1759. Cleyera vaccinioides Cleyera vaccinioides
1760. Clibadium rhytidophyllum Clibadium rhytidophyllum
1761. Clibadium websteri Clibadium websteri
1762. Clibadium alatum Clibadium alatum
1763. Clibadium harlingii Clibadium harlingii
1764. Clibadium manabiense Clibadium manabiense
1765. Clibadium mexiae Clibadium mexiae
1766. Clibadium napoense Clibadium napoense
1767. Clibadium pastazense Clibadium pastazense
1768. Clibadium sprucei Clibadium sprucei
1769. Clibadium zakii Clibadium zakii
1770. Clidemia ablusa Clidemia ablusa
1771. Clidemia campii Clidemia campii
1772. Clidemia cutucuensis Clidemia cutucuensis
1773. Clidemia ecuadorensis Clidemia ecuadorensis
1774. Clidemia acostae Clidemia acostae
1775. Clidemia asplundii Clidemia asplundii
1776. Clidemia caudata Clidemia caudata
1777. Clidemia imparilis Clidemia imparilis
1778. Clidemia longipedunculata Clidemia longipedunculata
1779. Clidemia purpurea Clidemia purpurea
1780. Cliffortia arborea Cliffortia arborea
1781. Climbing Alsinidendron Alsinidendron viscosum
1782. Clinopodium mutabile Clinopodium mutabile
1783. Clitoria andrei Clitoria andrei
1784. Clitoria brachystegia Clitoria brachystegia
1785. Clitoria moyobambensis Clitoria moyobambensis
1786. Clitoria woytkowskii Clitoria woytkowskii
1787. Clover Lupine Lupinus tidestromii
1788. Clusia plurivalvis Clusia plurivalvis
1789. Clusia carinata Clusia carinata
1790. Clusia clarendonensis Clusia clarendonensis
1791. Clusia croatii Clusia croatii
1792. Clusia cupulata Clusia cupulata
1793. Clusia dukei Clusia dukei
1794. Clusia longipetiolata Clusia longipetiolata
1795. Clusia osseocarpa Clusia osseocarpa
1796. Clusia polystigma Clusia polystigma
1797. Clusia portlandiana Clusia portlandiana
1798. Clusia pseudomangle Clusia pseudomangle
1799. Clusia skotaster Clusia skotaster
1800. Clusia tarmensis Clusia tarmensis
1801. Cnidoscolus matosii Cnidoscolus matosii
1802. Cnidoscolus rangel Cnidoscolus rangel
1803. Coachella Valley Milk-vetch Astragalus lentiginosus var. coachellae
1804. Coast Redwood Sequoia sempervirens
1805. Coastal Dunes Milk-vetch Astragalus tener var. titi
1806. Cobaea aequatoriensis Cobaea aequatoriensis
1807. Cobaea campanulata Cobaea campanulata
1808. Cobana Negra Stahlia monosperma
1809. Coccoloba cholutecensis Coccoloba cholutecensis
1810. Coccoloba lindaviana Coccoloba lindaviana
1811. Coccoloba proctorii Coccoloba proctorii
1812. Coccoloba retirensis Coccoloba retirensis
1813. Coccoloba rugosa Coccoloba rugosa
1814. Coccoloba coriacea Coccoloba coriacea
1815. Coccoloba matudae Coccoloba matudae
1816. Coccoloba tiliacea Coccoloba tiliacea
1817. Coccoloba troyana Coccoloba troyana
1818. Cocconerion minus Cocconerion minus
1819. Coccothrinax pauciramosa Coccothrinax pauciramosa
1820. Coelocarpum haggierensis Coelocarpum haggierensis
1821. Coffea bakossii Coffea bakossii
1822. Coffea myrtifolia Coffea myrtifolia
1823. Coffea costatifructa Coffea costatifructa
1824. Coffea fadenii Coffea fadenii
1825. Coffea macrocarpa Coffea macrocarpa
1826. Coffea mongensis Coffea mongensis
1827. Coffea pocsii Coffea pocsii
1828. Coffea pseudozanguebariae Coffea pseudozanguebariae
1829. Coffea togoensis Coffea togoensis
1830. Coffea zanguebariae Coffea zanguebariae
1831. Colea colei Colea colei
1832. Colea seychellarum Colea seychellarum
1833. Coleocephalocereus purpureus Coleocephalocereus purpureus
1834. Colignonia pentoptera Colignonia pentoptera
1835. Cololejeunea magnilobula Cololejeunea magnilobula
1836. Colombian Walnut Juglans neotropica
1837. Colpodium chionogeiton Colpodium chionogeiton
1838. Colpodium hedbergii Colpodium hedbergii
1839. Colubrina anomala Colubrina anomala
1840. Colubrina hondurensis Colubrina hondurensis
1841. Colubrina obscura Colubrina obscura
1842. Combretocarpus rotundatus Combretocarpus rotundatus
1843. Combretum tenuipetiolatum Combretum tenuipetiolatum
1844. Combretum hartmannianum Combretum hartmannianum
1845. Combretum rochetianum Combretum rochetianum
1846. Commiphora alata Commiphora alata
1847. Commiphora chaetocarpa Commiphora chaetocarpa
1848. Commiphora monoica Commiphora monoica
1849. Commiphora ornifolia Commiphora ornifolia
1850. Commiphora parvifolia Commiphora parvifolia
1851. Commiphora planifrons Commiphora planifrons
1852. Commiphora socotrana Commiphora socotrana
1853. Commoner Lignum Vitae Guaiacum officinale
1854. Comocladia parvifoliola Comocladia parvifoliola
1855. Comocladia cordata Comocladia cordata
1856. Condaminea glabrata Condaminea glabrata
1857. Condaminea macrocarpa Condaminea macrocarpa
1858. Condaminea microcarpa Condaminea microcarpa
1859. Cone-Like Turk's Head Cactus Melocactus conoideus
1860. Connarus brachybotryosus Connarus brachybotryosus
1861. Connarus ecuadorensis Connarus ecuadorensis
1862. Connarus popenoei Connarus popenoei
1863. Connarus agamae Connarus agamae
1864. Conophytum halenbergense Conophytum halenbergense
1865. Conostegia extinctoria Conostegia extinctoria
1866. Conostegia subprocera Conostegia subprocera
1867. Conostegia chiriquensis Conostegia chiriquensis
1868. Conostegia superba Conostegia superba
1869. Conta Palm Juania australis
1870. Contra Costa Goldfields Lasthenia conjugens
1871. Contra Costa Wallflower Erysimum capitatum var. angustatum
1872. Cook's Lomatium Lomatium cookii
1873. Cooke's Koki'o Kokia cookei
1874. Cooley's Meadowrue Thalictrum cooleyi
1875. Copaifera epunctata Copaifera epunctata
1876. Copaifera panamensis Copaifera panamensis
1877. Copaifera salikounda Copaifera salikounda
1878. Copernicia ekmanii Copernicia ekmanii
1879. Copernicia brittonorum Copernicia brittonorum
1880. Copernicia gigas Copernicia gigas
1881. Coprosma oliveri Coprosma oliveri
1882. Coprosma pyrifolia Coprosma pyrifolia
1883. Coprosma wallii Coprosma wallii
1884. Coralberry Ardisia amplexicaulis
1885. Coralberry Ardisia blatteri
1886. Coralberry Ardisia brittonii
1887. Coralberry Ardisia byrsonimae
1888. Coralberry Ardisia colonensis
1889. Coralberry Ardisia dukei
1890. Coralberry Ardisia etindensis
1891. Coralberry Ardisia eugenioides
1892. Coralberry Ardisia glomerata
1893. Coralberry Ardisia koupensis
1894. Coralberry Ardisia microcalyx
1895. Coralberry Ardisia oligantha
1896. Coralberry Ardisia rufa
1897. Coralberry Ardisia scheryi
1898. Coralberry Ardisia schlechteri
1899. Coralberry Ardisia sonchifolia
1900. Coralberry Ardisia alstonii
1901. Coralberry Ardisia carchiana
1902. Coralberry Ardisia flavida
1903. Coralberry Ardisia furfuracella
1904. Coralberry Ardisia jamaicensis
1905. Coralberry Ardisia jefeana
1906. Coralberry Ardisia martinensis
1907. Coralberry Ardisia panamensis
1908. Coralberry Ardisia premontana
1909. Coralberry Ardisia squamulosa
1910. Coralberry Ardisia subsessilifolia
1911. Coralberry Ardisia urbanii
1912. Coralberry Ardisia websterii
1913. Coralberry Ardisia zakii
1914. Corbasson Kauri Agathis corbassonii
1915. Cordia bellonis Cordia bellonis
1916. Cordia wagnerorum Cordia wagnerorum
1917. Cordia correae Cordia correae
1918. Cordia leslieae Cordia leslieae
1919. Cordia protracta Cordia protracta
1920. Cordia rosei Cordia rosei
1921. Cordia rupicola Cordia rupicola
1922. Cordia urticacea Cordia urticacea
1923. Cordia anisophylla Cordia anisophylla
1924. Cordia cicatricosa Cordia cicatricosa
1925. Cordia clarendonensis Cordia clarendonensis
1926. Cordia croatii Cordia croatii
1927. Cordia harrisii Cordia harrisii
1928. Cordia mandimbana Cordia mandimbana
1929. Cordia mukuensis Cordia mukuensis
1930. Cordia platythyrsa Cordia platythyrsa
1931. Cordia ramirezii Cordia ramirezii
1932. Cordia scouleri Cordia scouleri
1933. Cordia stuhlmannii Cordia stuhlmannii
1934. Cordia troyana Cordia troyana
1935. Cordia valenzuelana Cordia valenzuelana
1936. Cordyla haraka Cordyla haraka
1937. Cordyla richardii Cordyla richardii
1938. Cornish Path Moss Ditrichum cornubicum
1939. Cornus disciflora Cornus disciflora
1940. Cornus monbeigii Cornus monbeigii
1941. Corypha microclada Corypha microclada
1942. Coryphantha minima Coryphantha minima
1943. Coryphantha scheeri var. robustispina Coryphantha scheeri var. robustispina
1944. Coryphantha sneedii var. sneedii Coryphantha sneedii var. sneedii
1945. Coryphantha pycnacantha Coryphantha pycnacantha
1946. Coryphantha vogtherriana Coryphantha vogtherriana
1947. Coryphantha maiz-tablasensis Coryphantha maiz-tablasensis
1948. Coryphantha hintoniorum Coryphantha hintoniorum
1949. Coryphantha odorata Coryphantha odorata
1950. Corythophora labriculata Corythophora labriculata
1951. Corytoplectus cutucuensis Corytoplectus cutucuensis
1952. Cosmosflower Beggarticks Bidens cosmoides
1953. Cosmostigma hainanense Cosmostigma hainanense
1954. Cossinia trifoliata Cossinia trifoliata
1955. Costus geothyrsus Costus geothyrsus
1956. Costus zamoranus Costus zamoranus
1957. Cotinus nana Cotinus nana
1958. Cotopaxia asplundii Cotopaxia asplundii
1959. Cotylelobium burckii Cotylelobium burckii
1960. Cotylelobium lewisianum Cotylelobium lewisianum
1961. Cotylelobium melanoxylon Cotylelobium melanoxylon
1962. Cotylelobium scabriusculum Cotylelobium scabriusculum
1963. Cotylelobium lanceolatum Cotylelobium lanceolatum
1964. Couepia joaquinae Couepia joaquinae
1965. Couepia scottmorii Couepia scottmorii
1966. Couepia recurva Couepia recurva
1967. Couepia schottii Couepia schottii
1968. Couratari asterophora Couratari asterophora
1969. Couratari asterotricha Couratari asterotricha
1970. Couratari atrovinosa Couratari atrovinosa
1971. Couratari prancei Couratari prancei
1972. Couratari pyramidata Couratari pyramidata
1973. Couratari calycina Couratari calycina
1974. Couratari guianensis Couratari guianensis
1975. Couratari longipedicellata Couratari longipedicellata
1976. Couratari sandwithii Couratari sandwithii
1977. Couratari scottmorii Couratari scottmorii
1978. Couratari tauari Couratari tauari
1979. Coursetia brachyrachis Coursetia brachyrachis
1980. Coursetia dubia Coursetia dubia
1981. Coursetia gracilis Coursetia gracilis
1982. Coursetia hypoleuca Coursetia hypoleuca
1983. Coussapoa tolimensis Coussapoa tolimensis
1984. Coussapoa curranii Coussapoa curranii
1985. Coussapoa floccosa Coussapoa floccosa
1986. Coussapoa jatun-sachensis Coussapoa jatun-sachensis
1987. Coussarea cephaeloides Coussarea cephaeloides
1988. Coussarea dulcifolia Coussarea dulcifolia
1989. Coussarea ecuadorensis Coussarea ecuadorensis
1990. Coussarea mexicana Coussarea mexicana
1991. Coussarea pilosiflora Coussarea pilosiflora
1992. Coussarea spiciformis Coussarea spiciformis
1993. Coyote Bush Baccharis aretioides
1994. Coyote Bush Baccharis fusca
1995. Coyote Bush Baccharis arbutifolia
1996. Coyote Bush Baccharis hambatensis
1997. Coyote Bush Baccharis hieronymi
1998. Coyote Bush Baccharis huairacajensis
1999. Coyote Bush Baccharis klattii
2000. Coyote Ceanothus Ceanothus ferrisae
2001. Craibia atlantica Craibia atlantica
2002. Craibiodendron scleranthum Craibiodendron scleranthum
2003. Craigia kwangsiensis Craigia kwangsiensis
2004. Craigia yunnanensis Craigia yunnanensis
2005. Crassocephalum bauchiense Crassocephalum bauchiense
2006. Crateranthus talbotii Crateranthus talbotii
2007. Craterispermum longipedunculatum Craterispermum longipedunculatum
2008. Craterispermum microdon Craterispermum microdon
2009. Craterispermum montanum Craterispermum montanum
2010. Cratylia bahiensis Cratylia bahiensis
2011. Cremastosperma longicuspe Cremastosperma longicuspe
2012. Cremastosperma megalophyllum Cremastosperma megalophyllum
2013. Cremastosperma peruvianum Cremastosperma peruvianum
2014. Cremosperma auriculatum Cremosperma auriculatum
2015. Cremosperma ecudoranum Cremosperma ecudoranum
2016. Cremosperma reldioides Cremosperma reldioides
2017. Crenulate Lead-plant Amorpha crenulata
2018. Cretan Zelkova Zelkova abelicea
2019. Critonia eggersii Critonia eggersii
2020. Critoniopsis dorrii Critoniopsis dorrii
2021. Critoniopsis yamboyensis Critoniopsis yamboyensis
2022. Critoniopsis cotopaxensis Critoniopsis cotopaxensis
2023. Critoniopsis harlingii Critoniopsis harlingii
2024. Critoniopsis jaramilloi Critoniopsis jaramilloi
2025. Critoniopsis palaciosii Critoniopsis palaciosii
2026. Critoniopsis sevillana Critoniopsis sevillana
2027. Critoniopsis sodiroi Critoniopsis sodiroi
2028. Critoniopsis tungurahuae Critoniopsis tungurahuae
2029. Cromidon pusillum Cromidon pusillum
2030. Cronquistianthus rosei Cronquistianthus rosei
2031. Cronquistianthus bulliferus Cronquistianthus bulliferus
2032. Cronquistianthus loxensis Cronquistianthus loxensis
2033. Cronquistianthus niveus Cronquistianthus niveus
2034. Cronquistianthus origanoides Cronquistianthus origanoides
2035. Crook Fruit Palm Loxococcus rupicola
2036. Crossothamnus gentryi Crossothamnus gentryi
2037. Crotalaria avonensis Crotalaria avonensis
2038. Crotalaria mentiens Crotalaria mentiens
2039. Crotalaria bamendae Crotalaria bamendae
2040. Crotalaria ledermannii Crotalaria ledermannii
2041. Crotalaria socotrana Crotalaria socotrana
2042. Crotonogyne impedita Crotonogyne impedita
2043. Crotonogyne strigosa Crotonogyne strigosa
2044. Crotonogyne zenkeri Crotonogyne zenkeri
2045. Crownbeard Verbesina barclayae
2046. Crownbeard Verbesina ecuatoriana
2047. Crownbeard Verbesina harlingii
2048. Crownbeard Verbesina minuticeps
2049. Crownbeard Verbesina villonacoensis
2050. Crownbeard Verbesina brachypoda
2051. Crownbeard Verbesina kingii
2052. Crownbeard Verbesina pentantha
2053. Crownbeard Verbesina pseudoclausseni
2054. Crownbeard Verbesina rivetii
2055. Crownbeard Verbesina rupestris
2056. Crownbeard Verbesina saloyensis
2057. Crudia bibundina Crudia bibundina
2058. Crudia balachandrae Crudia balachandrae
2059. Crudia brevipes Crudia brevipes
2060. Crudia lanceolata Crudia lanceolata
2061. Crudia penduliflora Crudia penduliflora
2062. Crudia scortechinii Crudia scortechinii
2063. Crudia splendens Crudia splendens
2064. Cryosophila williamsii Cryosophila williamsii
2065. Cryosophila bartlettii Cryosophila bartlettii
2066. Cryosophila cookii Cryosophila cookii
2067. Cryosophila grayumii Cryosophila grayumii
2068. Cryptocarya anamallayana Cryptocarya anamallayana
2069. Cryptocarya bitriplinerva Cryptocarya bitriplinerva
2070. Cryptocarya elliptifolia Cryptocarya elliptifolia
2071. Cryptocarya ferrarsii Cryptocarya ferrarsii
2072. Cryptocarya membranacea Cryptocarya membranacea
2073. Cryptocarya palawanensis Cryptocarya palawanensis
2074. Cryptocarya beddomei Cryptocarya beddomei
2075. Cryptocarya stocksii Cryptocarya stocksii
2076. Cryptocarya wightiana Cryptocarya wightiana
2077. Cryptolepis macrophylla Cryptolepis macrophylla
2078. Cryptolepis socotrana Cryptolepis socotrana
2079. Cryptosepalum diphyllum Cryptosepalum diphyllum
2080. Cryptosepalum tetraphyllum Cryptosepalum tetraphyllum
2081. Ctenitis pallatangana Ctenitis pallatangana
2082. Cuatrecasanthus flexipappus Cuatrecasanthus flexipappus
2083. Cuatresia harlingiana Cuatresia harlingiana
2084. Cuban Mangosteen Rheedia aristata
2085. Cucarron Gyranthera darienensis
2086. Cucumber Tree Dendrosicyos socotrana
2087. Cucurbita ecuadorensis Cucurbita ecuadorensis
2088. Cullenia ceylanica Cullenia ceylanica
2089. Cuminia eriantha Cuminia eriantha
2090. Cuminia fernandezia Cuminia fernandezia
2091. Cunninghamia konishii Cunninghamia konishii
2092. Cunonia aoupiniensis Cunonia aoupiniensis
2093. Cunonia ouaiemensis Cunonia ouaiemensis
2094. Cupania riopalenquensis Cupania riopalenquensis
2095. Cupheanthus microphyllus Cupheanthus microphyllus
2096. Curly Palm Howea belmoreana
2097. Cuscuta prismatica Cuscuta prismatica
2098. Cushenbury Milk-vetch Astragalus albens
2099. Cushenbury Oxytheca Oxytheca parishii var. goodmaniana
2100. Cushion Buckwheat Eriogonum ovalifolium
2101. Cussonia bancoensis Cussonia bancoensis
2102. Cussonia gamtoosensis Cussonia gamtoosensis
2103. Cuviera schliebenii Cuviera schliebenii
2104. Cuviera migeodii Cuviera migeodii
2105. Cuviera talbotii Cuviera talbotii
2106. Cuviera tomentosa Cuviera tomentosa
2107. Cyathea dryopteroides Cyathea dryopteroides
2108. Cyathea heliophila Cyathea heliophila
2109. Cyathea palaciosii Cyathea palaciosii
2110. Cyathea bipinnata Cyathea bipinnata
2111. Cyathea corallifera Cyathea corallifera
2112. Cyathea halonata Cyathea halonata
2113. Cyathea hemiepiphytica Cyathea hemiepiphytica
2114. Cyathea punctata Cyathea punctata
2115. Cyathula fernando-poensis Cyathula fernando-poensis
2116. Cybianthus cogolloi Cybianthus cogolloi
2117. Cycas beddomei Cycas beddomei
2118. Cycas chamaoensis Cycas chamaoensis
2119. Cycas chamberlainii Cycas chamberlainii
2120. Cycas changjiangensis Cycas changjiangensis
2121. Cycas debaoensis Cycas debaoensis
2122. Cycas hainanensis Cycas hainanensis
2123. Cycas hongheensis Cycas hongheensis
2124. Cycas megacarpa Cycas megacarpa
2125. Cycas micronesica Cycas micronesica
2126. Cycas multipinnata Cycas multipinnata
2127. Cycas platyphylla Cycas platyphylla
2128. Cycas sp. nov. 'aculeata' Cycas sp. nov. 'aculeata'
2129. Cycas sp. nov. 'fugax' Cycas sp. nov. 'fugax'
2130. Cycas sp. nov. 'hoabinhensis' Cycas sp. nov. 'hoabinhensis'
2131. Cycas szechuanenis Cycas szechuanenis
2132. Cycas taiwaniana Cycas taiwaniana
2133. Cycas tansachana Cycas tansachana
2134. Cycas apoa Cycas apoa
2135. Cycas arenicola Cycas arenicola
2136. Cycas badensis Cycas badensis
2137. Cycas balansae Cycas balansae
2138. Cycas bougainvilleana Cycas bougainvilleana
2139. Cycas brunnea Cycas brunnea
2140. Cycas cairnsiana Cycas cairnsiana
2141. Cycas campestris Cycas campestris
2142. Cycas chevalieri Cycas chevalieri
2143. Cycas clivicola Cycas clivicola
2144. Cycas conferta Cycas conferta
2145. Cycas couttsiana Cycas couttsiana
2146. Cycas desolata Cycas desolata
2147. Cycas diannanensis Cycas diannanensis
2148. Cycas elongata Cycas elongata
2149. Cycas ferruginea Cycas ferruginea
2150. Cycas guizhouensis Cycas guizhouensis
2151. Cycas inermis Cycas inermis
2152. Cycas lindstromii Cycas lindstromii
2153. Cycas litoralis Cycas litoralis
2154. Cycas macrocarpa Cycas macrocarpa
2155. Cycas micholitzii Cycas micholitzii
2156. Cycas nongnoochiae Cycas nongnoochiae
2157. Cycas ophiolitica Cycas ophiolitica
2158. Cycas pachypoda Cycas pachypoda
2159. Cycas panzhihuaensis Cycas panzhihuaensis
2160. Cycas papuana Cycas papuana
2161. Cycas pectinata Cycas pectinata
2162. Cycas pranburiensis Cycas pranburiensis
2163. Cycas revoluta Cycas revoluta
2164. Cycas rumphii Cycas rumphii
2165. Cycas schumanniana Cycas schumanniana
2166. Cycas scratchleyana Cycas scratchleyana
2167. Cycas seemannii Cycas seemannii
2168. Cycas segmentifida Cycas segmentifida
2169. Cycas semota Cycas semota
2170. Cycas sexseminifera Cycas sexseminifera
2171. Cycas siamensis Cycas siamensis
2172. Cycas silvestris Cycas silvestris
2173. Cycas simplicipinna Cycas simplicipinna
2174. Cycas sp. nov. 'bifida' Cycas sp. nov. 'bifida'
2175. Cycas sp. nov. 'brachycantha' Cycas sp. nov. 'brachycantha'
2176. Cycas sp. nov. 'collina' Cycas sp. nov. 'collina'
2177. Cycas sp. nov. 'condaoensis' Cycas sp. nov. 'condaoensis'
2178. Cycas sp. nov. 'dolichophylla' Cycas sp. nov. 'dolichophylla'
2179. Cycas sp. nov. 'tropophylla' Cycas sp. nov. 'tropophylla'
2180. Cycas taitungensis Cycas taitungensis
2181. Cycas tanqingii Cycas tanqingii
2182. Cycas tuckeri Cycas tuckeri
2183. Cycas yorkiana Cycas yorkiana
2184. Cycas yunnanensis Cycas yunnanensis
2185. Cyclobalanopsis repandifolia Cyclobalanopsis repandifolia
2186. Cyclophyllum tenuipes Cyclophyllum tenuipes
2187. Cyclosorus sino-acuminata Cyclosorus sino-acuminata
2188. Cylicomorpha solmsii Cylicomorpha solmsii
2189. Cylindrocline commersonii Cylindrocline commersonii
2190. Cymbidium defoliatum Cymbidium defoliatum
2191. Cymbidium nanulum Cymbidium nanulum
2192. Cymbopetalum mayanum Cymbopetalum mayanum
2193. Cymbopetalum baillonii Cymbopetalum baillonii
2194. Cymbopetalum torulosum Cymbopetalum torulosum
2195. Cynanchum campii Cynanchum campii
2196. Cynanchum chanchanense Cynanchum chanchanense
2197. Cynanchum densiflorum Cynanchum densiflorum
2198. Cynanchum intricatum Cynanchum intricatum
2199. Cynanchum jaramilloi Cynanchum jaramilloi
2200. Cynanchum serpyllifolium Cynanchum serpyllifolium
2201. Cynanchum spruceanum Cynanchum spruceanum
2202. Cynanchum velutinum Cynanchum velutinum
2203. Cynanchum anderssonii Cynanchum anderssonii
2204. Cynanchum bifidum Cynanchum bifidum
2205. Cynanchum chimboracense Cynanchum chimboracense
2206. Cynanchum ellemannii Cynanchum ellemannii
2207. Cynanchum erikseniae Cynanchum erikseniae
2208. Cynanchum fasciculiflorum Cynanchum fasciculiflorum
2209. Cynanchum harlingii Cynanchum harlingii
2210. Cynanchum longecalicinum Cynanchum longecalicinum
2211. Cynanchum nielsenii Cynanchum nielsenii
2212. Cynanchum quitense Cynanchum quitense
2213. Cynanchum stenospira Cynanchum stenospira
2214. Cynanchum taihangense Cynanchum taihangense
2215. Cynometra bourdillonii Cynometra bourdillonii
2216. Cynometra cubensis Cynometra cubensis
2217. Cynometra falcata Cynometra falcata
2218. Cynometra filifera Cynometra filifera
2219. Cynometra gillmanii Cynometra gillmanii
2220. Cynometra lukei Cynometra lukei
2221. Cynometra travancorica Cynometra travancorica
2222. Cynometra ulugurensis Cynometra ulugurensis
2223. Cynometra brachyrrhachis Cynometra brachyrrhachis
2224. Cynometra engleri Cynometra engleri
2225. Cynometra inaequifolia Cynometra inaequifolia
2226. Cynometra longipedicellata Cynometra longipedicellata
2227. Cynometra suaheliensis Cynometra suaheliensis
2228. Cynometra webberi Cynometra webberi
2229. Cyperus trachysanthos Cyperus trachysanthos
2230. Cyperus microcristatus Cyperus microcristatus
2231. Cyperus multifolius Cyperus multifolius
2232. Cyperus rheophytorum Cyperus rheophytorum
2233. Cyphophoenix elegans Cyphophoenix elegans
2234. Cyphosperma tanga Cyphosperma tanga
2235. Cyphosperma voutmelensis Cyphosperma voutmelensis
2236. Cyphosperma trichospadix Cyphosperma trichospadix
2237. Cypress-pine Callitris sulcata
2238. Cyprus Cedar Cedrus brevifolia
2239. Cyrtomium hemionitis Cyrtomium hemionitis
2240. Cyrtomium nephrolepioides Cyrtomium nephrolepioides
2241. Cystacanthus affinis Cystacanthus affinis
2242. Cystoathyrium chinense Cystoathyrium chinense
2243. Dabieshan White Pine Pinus dabeshanensis
2244. Dacrydium comosum Dacrydium comosum
2245. Dacrydium guillauminii Dacrydium guillauminii
2246. Dacrydium nausoriense Dacrydium nausoriense
2247. Dacrydium ericioides Dacrydium ericioides
2248. Dacrydium gracile Dacrydium gracile
2249. Dacrydium leptophyllum Dacrydium leptophyllum
2250. Dacrydium spathoides Dacrydium spathoides
2251. Dacryodes colombiana Dacryodes colombiana
2252. Dacryodes breviracemosa Dacryodes breviracemosa
2253. Dacryodes elmeri Dacryodes elmeri
2254. Dacryodes expansa Dacryodes expansa
2255. Dacryodes igaganga Dacryodes igaganga
2256. Dacryodes multijuga Dacryodes multijuga
2257. Dacryodes puberula Dacryodes puberula
2258. Dactyladenia hirsuta Dactyladenia hirsuta
2259. Dactyladenia johnstonei Dactyladenia johnstonei
2260. Dactyladenia mannii Dactyladenia mannii
2261. Dactyladenia dinklagei Dactyladenia dinklagei
2262. Dactyladenia laevis Dactyladenia laevis
2263. Dactylolejeunea acanthifolia Dactylolejeunea acanthifolia
2264. Dahlgrenodendron natalense Dahlgrenodendron natalense
2265. Dahlia Cactus Echinocereus waldeisii
2266. Dalea foliosa Dalea foliosa
2267. Dalea chrysophylla Dalea chrysophylla
2268. Dalea humifosa Dalea humifosa
2269. Dalea jamesonii Dalea jamesonii
2270. Daniellia oblonga Daniellia oblonga
2271. Danthonia holm-nielsenii Danthonia holm-nielsenii
2272. Daphnopsis hellerana Daphnopsis hellerana
2273. Daphnopsis grandis Daphnopsis grandis
2274. Daphnopsis occulta Daphnopsis occulta
2275. Daphnopsis calcicola Daphnopsis calcicola
2276. Daphnopsis equatorialsis Daphnopsis equatorialsis
2277. Daphnopsis macrophylla Daphnopsis macrophylla
2278. Daphnopsis pavonii Daphnopsis pavonii
2279. Darwiniothamnus alternifolius Darwiniothamnus alternifolius
2280. Dasphyllum lehmannii Dasphyllum lehmannii
2281. Dasphyllum argenteum Dasphyllum argenteum
2282. Dasylepis integra Dasylepis integra
2283. Dasymaschalon scandens Dasymaschalon scandens
2284. Davis' Green Pitaya Echinocereus viridiflorus var. davisii
2285. Dawn Redwood Metasequoia glyptostroboides
2286. Debregeasia ceylanica Debregeasia ceylanica
2287. Decatropis paucijuga Decatropis paucijuga
2288. Decazyx esparzae Decazyx esparzae
2289. Decazyx macrophyllus Decazyx macrophyllus
2290. Degeneria vitiensis Degeneria vitiensis
2291. Dehaasia acuminata Dehaasia acuminata
2292. Dehaasia chatacea Dehaasia chatacea
2293. Dehaasia pugerensis Dehaasia pugerensis
2294. Deinbollia nyasica Deinbollia nyasica
2295. Deinbollia insignis Deinbollia insignis
2296. Deinbollia maxima Deinbollia maxima
2297. Deinbollia molliuscula Deinbollia molliuscula
2298. Deinbollia rambaensis Deinbollia rambaensis
2299. Deinbollia saligna Deinbollia saligna
2300. Del Mar Manzanita Arctostaphylos glandulosa ssp. crassifolia
2301. Delarbrea balansae Pseudosciadium balansae
2302. Delonix pumila Delonix pumila
2303. Delonix tomentosa Delonix tomentosa
2304. Delonix velutina Delonix velutina
2305. Delonix regia Delonix regia
2306. Delosperma gautengense Delosperma gautengense
2307. Delosperma macellum Delosperma macellum
2308. Delpydora macrophylla Delpydora macrophylla
2309. Deltoid Spurge Chamaesyce deltoidea ssp. deltoidea
2310. Dendrobium changjiangense Dendrobium changjiangense
2311. Dendrobium flexicaule Dendrobium flexicaule
2312. Dendrobium guangxiense Dendrobium guangxiense
2313. Dendrobium huoshanense Dendrobium huoshanense
2314. Dendrobium leptocladum Dendrobium leptocladum
2315. Dendrobium lohohense Dendrobium lohohense
2316. Dendrobium minutiflorum Dendrobium minutiflorum
2317. Dendrobium officinale Dendrobium officinale
2318. Dendrobium schuetzei Dendrobium schuetzei
2319. Dendrobium sinense Dendrobium sinense
2320. Dendrobium wilsonii Dendrobium wilsonii
2321. Dendrobium sanderae Dendrobium sanderae
2322. Dendroceros japonicus Dendroceros japonicus
2323. Dendropanax cordifolius Dendropanax cordifolius
2324. Dendropanax filipes Dendropanax filipes
2325. Dendropanax grandiflorus Dendropanax grandiflorus
2326. Dendropanax grandis Dendropanax grandis
2327. Dendropanax hondurensis Dendropanax hondurensis
2328. Dendropanax oligodontus Dendropanax oligodontus
2329. Dendropanax alberti-smithii Dendropanax alberti-smithii
2330. Dendropanax blakeanus Dendropanax blakeanus
2331. Dendropanax lanceifolius Dendropanax lanceifolius
2332. Dendropanax marginiferus Dendropanax marginiferus
2333. Dendropanax ovalifolius Dendropanax ovalifolius
2334. Dendropanax portlandianus Dendropanax portlandianus
2335. Dendropanax productus Dendropanax productus
2336. Dendropanax sessiliflorus Dendropanax sessiliflorus
2337. Dendrophorbium amplexicaule Dendrophorbium amplexicaule
2338. Dendrophorbium angelense Dendrophorbium angelense
2339. Dendrophorbium gesnerifolium Dendrophorbium gesnerifolium
2340. Dendrophorbium balsapampae Dendrophorbium balsapampae
2341. Dendrophorbium dodsonii Dendrophorbium dodsonii
2342. Dendrophorbium ingens Dendrophorbium ingens
2343. Dendrophorbium onae Dendrophorbium onae
2344. Dendrophorbium pericaule Dendrophorbium pericaule
2345. Dendrophorbium pururu Dendrophorbium pururu
2346. Dendrophorbium scytophyllum Dendrophorbium scytophyllum
2347. Dendrophorbium solisii Dendrophorbium solisii
2348. Dendrophorbium tipocochensis Dendrophorbium tipocochensis
2349. Dendrophthora capillaris Dendrophthora capillaris
2350. Dendrophthora dalstroemii Dendrophthora dalstroemii
2351. Dendrophthora fastigiata Dendrophthora fastigiata
2352. Dendrophthora ovata Dendrophthora ovata
2353. Dendrophthora thomasii Dendrophthora thomasii
2354. Dendrophthora variabilis Dendrophthora variabilis
2355. Dendrophthora bulbifera Dendrophthora bulbifera
2356. Dendrophthora polyantha Dendrophthora polyantha
2357. Dendrophthora sumacoi Dendrophthora sumacoi
2358. Dendrophthora tenuifolia Dendrophthora tenuifolia
2359. Dendroseris berteriana Dendroseris berteriana
2360. Dendroseris gigantea Dendroseris gigantea
2361. Dendroseris litoralis Dendroseris litoralis
2362. Dendroseris macrantha Dendroseris macrantha
2363. Dendroseris macrophylla Dendroseris macrophylla
2364. Dendroseris marginata Dendroseris marginata
2365. Dendroseris micrantha Dendroseris micrantha
2366. Dendroseris neriifolia Dendroseris neriifolia
2367. Dendroseris pinnata Dendroseris pinnata
2368. Dendroseris pruinata Dendroseris pruinata
2369. Dendroseris regia Dendroseris regia
2370. Dennstaedtia macrosora Dennstaedtia macrosora
2371. Dennstaedtia paucirrhiza Dennstaedtia paucirrhiza
2372. Dennstaedtia tryoniana Dennstaedtia tryoniana
2373. Dense-flowered Charpenttiera Charpentiera densiflora
2374. Deprea ecuatoriana Deprea ecuatoriana
2375. Deschampsia angusta Deschampsia angusta
2376. Desmopsis dolichopetala Desmopsis dolichopetala
2377. Desmos yunnanensis Desmos yunnanensis
2378. Desmostachys vogelii Desmostachys vogelii
2379. Dialium excelsum Dialium excelsum
2380. Dialium travancoricum Dialium travancoricum
2381. Dialium holtzii Dialium holtzii
2382. Diaphananthe bueae Diaphananthe bueae
2383. Diaphananthe polydactyla Diaphananthe polydactyla
2384. Diastema incisum Diastema incisum
2385. Diastema gymnoleuca Diastema gymnoleuca
2386. Dicellostyles axillaris Dicellostyles axillaris
2387. Dichapetalum asplundeanum Dichapetalum asplundeanum
2388. Dichapetalum bocageanum Dichapetalum bocageanum
2389. Dichapetalum costaricense Dichapetalum costaricense
2390. Dichilanthe zeylanica Dichilanthe zeylanica
2391. Dichrostachys dehiscens Dichrostachys dehiscens
2392. Dicliptera dodsonii Dicliptera dodsonii
2393. Dicliptera pilosa Dicliptera pilosa
2394. Dicliptera silvestris Dicliptera silvestris
2395. Dicoma pretoriensis Dicoma pretoriensis
2396. Dicraeopetalum capuroniana Dicraeopetalum capuroniana
2397. Dicraeopetalum mahafaliensis Dicraeopetalum mahafaliensis
2398. Dicraeopetalum stipulare Dicraeopetalum stipulare
2399. Dicranolepis polygaloides Dicranolepis polygaloides
2400. Dicranopygium campii Dicranopygium campii
2401. Dicranopygium coma-pyrrhae Dicranopygium coma-pyrrhae
2402. Dicranopygium euryphyllum Dicranopygium euryphyllum
2403. Dictyota galapagensis Dictyota galapagensis
2404. Dicypellium caryophyllaceum Dicypellium caryophyllaceum
2405. Diellia erecta Diellia erecta
2406. Diellia falcata Diellia falcata
2407. Diellia pallida Diellia pallida
2408. Diellia unisora Diellia unisora
2409. Dielsantha galeopsoides Dielsantha galeopsoides
2410. Dillenia triquetra Dillenia triquetra
2411. Dillenia ferruginea Dillenia ferruginea
2412. Dillenia fischeri Dillenia fischeri
2413. Dillenia luzoniensis Dillenia luzoniensis
2414. Dillenia megalantha Dillenia megalantha
2415. Dillenia philippinensis Dillenia philippinensis
2416. Dillenia reifferscheidtia Dillenia reifferscheidtia
2417. Dimorphocalyx beddomei Dimorphocalyx beddomei
2418. Dintera pterocaulis Dintera pterocaulis
2419. Dioon caputoi Dioon caputoi
2420. Dioon sonorense Dioon sonorense
2421. Dioon tomasellii Dioon tomasellii
2422. Dioon holmgrenii Dioon holmgrenii
2423. Dioon califanoi Dioon califanoi
2424. Dioon edule Dioon edule
2425. Dioon merolae Dioon merolae
2426. Dioon purpusii Dioon purpusii
2427. Dioon rzedowskii Dioon rzedowskii
2428. Dioon spinulosum Dioon spinulosum
2429. Dioscorea chimborazensis Dioscorea chimborazensis
2430. Dioscorea choriandra Dioscorea choriandra
2431. Dioscorea rimbachii Dioscorea rimbachii
2432. Dioscorea rosei Dioscorea rosei
2433. Diospyros mun Diospyros mun
2434. Diospyros acuta Diospyros acuta
2435. Diospyros angulata Diospyros angulata
2436. Diospyros attenuata Diospyros attenuata
2437. Diospyros benstonei Diospyros benstonei
2438. Diospyros chrysophyllos Diospyros chrysophyllos
2439. Diospyros crassiflora Diospyros crassiflora
2440. Diospyros crumenata Diospyros crumenata
2441. Diospyros ebenoides Diospyros ebenoides
2442. Diospyros egrettarum Diospyros egrettarum
2443. Diospyros esmereg Diospyros esmereg
2444. Diospyros gillisonii Diospyros gillisonii
2445. Diospyros hemiteles Diospyros hemiteles
2446. Diospyros insularis Diospyros insularis
2447. Diospyros katendei Diospyros katendei
2448. Diospyros kotoensis Diospyros kotoensis
2449. Diospyros lolinopsis Diospyros lolinopsis
2450. Diospyros magogoana Diospyros magogoana
2451. Diospyros molissima Diospyros molissima
2452. Diospyros moonii Diospyros moonii
2453. Diospyros nodosa Diospyros nodosa
2454. Diospyros nummulariifolia Diospyros nummulariifolia
2455. Diospyros oppositifolia Diospyros oppositifolia
2456. Diospyros philippinensis Diospyros philippinensis
2457. Diospyros rheophytica Diospyros rheophytica
2458. Diospyros riojae Diospyros riojae
2459. Diospyros shimbaensis Diospyros shimbaensis
2460. Diospyros vaccinioides Diospyros vaccinioides
2461. Diospyros veillonii Diospyros veillonii
2462. Diospyros xolocotzii Diospyros xolocotzii
2463. Diospyros acuminata Diospyros acuminata
2464. Diospyros albiflora Diospyros albiflora
2465. Diospyros amaniensis Diospyros amaniensis
2466. Diospyros atrata Diospyros atrata
2467. Diospyros barberi Diospyros barberi
2468. Diospyros barteri Diospyros barteri
2469. Diospyros blancoi Diospyros blancoi
2470. Diospyros blumutensis Diospyros blumutensis
2471. Diospyros boutoniana Diospyros boutoniana
2472. Diospyros celebica Diospyros celebica
2473. Diospyros chaetocarpa Diospyros chaetocarpa
2474. Diospyros conformis Diospyros conformis
2475. Diospyros daemona Diospyros daemona
2476. Diospyros fastidiosa Diospyros fastidiosa
2477. Diospyros feliciana Diospyros feliciana
2478. Diospyros gambleana Diospyros gambleana
2479. Diospyros greenwayi Diospyros greenwayi
2480. Diospyros hirsuta Diospyros hirsuta
2481. Diospyros impolita Diospyros impolita
2482. Diospyros insidiosa Diospyros insidiosa
2483. Diospyros kingii Diospyros kingii
2484. Diospyros kupensis Diospyros kupensis
2485. Diospyros leucomelas Diospyros leucomelas
2486. Diospyros littorea Diospyros littorea
2487. Diospyros margaretae Diospyros margaretae
2488. Diospyros melanida Diospyros melanida
2489. Diospyros minimifolia Diospyros minimifolia
2490. Diospyros nebulosa Diospyros nebulosa
2491. Diospyros neraudii Diospyros neraudii
2492. Diospyros oblongifolia Diospyros oblongifolia
2493. Diospyros perplexa Diospyros perplexa
2494. Diospyros pterocalyx Diospyros pterocalyx
2495. Diospyros pulgarensis Diospyros pulgarensis
2496. Diospyros pustulata Diospyros pustulata
2497. Diospyros quaesita Diospyros quaesita
2498. Diospyros revaughanii Diospyros revaughanii
2499. Diospyros selangorensis Diospyros selangorensis
2500. Diospyros seychellarum Diospyros seychellarum
2501. Diospyros tero Diospyros tero
2502. Diospyros tessellaria Diospyros tessellaria
2503. Diospyros thwaitesii Diospyros thwaitesii
2504. Diospyros trichophylla Diospyros trichophylla
2505. Diospyros trisulca Diospyros trisulca
2506. Diospyros walkeri Diospyros walkeri
2507. Dipcadi kuriensis Dipcadi kuriensis
2508. Diphasiopsis fadenii Diphasiopsis fadenii
2509. Diplandrorchis sinica Diplandrorchis sinica
2510. Diplocolea sikkimensis Diplocolea sikkimensis
2511. Diplodiscus hookerianus Diplodiscus hookerianus
2512. Diplodiscus paniculatus Diplodiscus paniculatus
2513. Diplokeleba herzogi Diplokeleba herzogi
2514. Diplopanax stachyanthus Diplopanax stachyanthus
2515. Diplostephium crypteriophyllum Diplostephium crypteriophyllum
2516. Diplostephium juniperinum Diplostephium juniperinum
2517. Diplostephium ramiglabrum Diplostephium ramiglabrum
2518. Diplostephium asplundii Diplostephium asplundii
2519. Diplostephium barclayanum Diplostephium barclayanum
2520. Diplostephium espinosae Diplostephium espinosae
2521. Diplostephium macrocephalum Diplostephium macrocephalum
2522. Diplostephium oblanceolatum Diplostephium oblanceolatum
2523. Diplycosia pilosa Diplycosia pilosa
2524. Dipsacus narcisseanus Dipsacus narcisseanus
2525. Dipterocarpus alatus Dipterocarpus alatus
2526. Dipterocarpus applanatus Dipterocarpus applanatus
2527. Dipterocarpus baudii Dipterocarpus baudii
2528. Dipterocarpus bourdilloni Dipterocarpus bourdilloni
2529. Dipterocarpus chartaceus Dipterocarpus chartaceus
2530. Dipterocarpus concavus Dipterocarpus concavus
2531. Dipterocarpus coriaceus Dipterocarpus coriaceus
2532. Dipterocarpus cornutus Dipterocarpus cornutus
2533. Dipterocarpus costatus Dipterocarpus costatus
2534. Dipterocarpus costulatus Dipterocarpus costulatus
2535. Dipterocarpus crinitus Dipterocarpus crinitus
2536. Dipterocarpus cuspidatus Dipterocarpus cuspidatus
2537. Dipterocarpus dyeri Dipterocarpus dyeri
2538. Dipterocarpus elongatus Dipterocarpus elongatus
2539. Dipterocarpus eurynchus Dipterocarpus eurynchus
2540. Dipterocarpus fagineus Dipterocarpus fagineus
2541. Dipterocarpus fusiformis Dipterocarpus fusiformis
2542. Dipterocarpus glabrigemmatus Dipterocarpus glabrigemmatus
2543. Dipterocarpus glandulosus Dipterocarpus glandulosus
2544. Dipterocarpus globosus Dipterocarpus globosus
2545. Dipterocarpus gracilis Dipterocarpus gracilis
2546. Dipterocarpus grandiflorus Dipterocarpus grandiflorus
2547. Dipterocarpus hasseltii Dipterocarpus hasseltii
2548. Dipterocarpus hispidus Dipterocarpus hispidus
2549. Dipterocarpus indicus Dipterocarpus indicus
2550. Dipterocarpus insignis Dipterocarpus insignis
2551. Dipterocarpus kerrii Dipterocarpus kerrii
2552. Dipterocarpus kunstleri Dipterocarpus kunstleri
2553. Dipterocarpus lamellatus Dipterocarpus lamellatus
2554. Dipterocarpus littoralis Dipterocarpus littoralis
2555. Dipterocarpus lowii Dipterocarpus lowii
2556. Dipterocarpus perakensis Dipterocarpus perakensis
2557. Dipterocarpus rigidus Dipterocarpus rigidus
2558. Dipterocarpus rotundifolius Dipterocarpus rotundifolius
2559. Dipterocarpus semivestitus Dipterocarpus semivestitus
2560. Dipterocarpus sublamellatus Dipterocarpus sublamellatus
2561. Dipterocarpus tempehes Dipterocarpus tempehes
2562. Dipterocarpus turbinatus Dipterocarpus turbinatus
2563. Dipterocarpus validus Dipterocarpus validus
2564. Dipterocarpus zeylanicus Dipterocarpus zeylanicus
2565. Dipterocarpus retusus Dipterocarpus retusus
2566. Dipteronia dyeriana Dipteronia dyeriana
2567. Dipteryx charapilla Dipteryx charapilla
2568. Dirachma somalensis Dirachma somalensis
2569. Dirachma socotrana Dirachma socotrana
2570. Disciphania inversa Disciphania inversa
2571. Disciphania tricaudata Disciphania tricaudata
2572. Discocactus bahiensis Discocactus bahiensis
2573. Discocactus horstii Discocactus horstii
2574. Discocactus pseudoinsignis Discocactus pseudoinsignis
2575. Discocactus placentiformis Discocactus placentiformis
2576. Discocactus zehntneri Discocactus zehntneri
2577. Discoclaoxylon occidentale Discoclaoxylon occidentale
2578. Disperis kamerunensis Disperis kamerunensis
2579. Disperis nitida Disperis nitida
2580. Disperis mildbraedii Disperis mildbraedii
2581. Distichia acicularis Distichia acicularis
2582. Distichophyllum carinatum Distichophyllum carinatum
2583. Distylium gracile Distylium gracile
2584. Ditassa anderssonii Ditassa anderssonii
2585. Ditaxis macrantha Ditaxis macrantha
2586. Doerpfeldia cubensis Doerpfeldia cubensis
2587. Dogwood Nesohedyotis arborea
2588. Dolichopetalum kwangsiense Dolichopetalum kwangsiense
2589. Dombeya acutangula Dombeya acutangula
2590. Dombeya ledermannii Dombeya ledermannii
2591. Dombeya amaniensis Dombeya amaniensis
2592. Dombeya longebracteolata Dombeya longebracteolata
2593. Domin's Club Cheirodendron dominii
2594. Donrichard Moss Donrichardsia macroneuron
2595. Dorstenia astyanactis Dorstenia astyanactis
2596. Dorstenia gigas Dorstenia gigas
2597. Dorstenia prorepens Dorstenia prorepens
2598. Dorstenia socotrana Dorstenia socotrana
2599. Double Coconut Lodoicea maldivica
2600. Dovyalis xanthocarpa Dovyalis xanthocarpa
2601. Draba aretioides Draba aretioides
2602. Draba ecuadoriana Draba ecuadoriana
2603. Draba extensa Draba extensa
2604. Draba violacea Draba violacea
2605. Draba hookeri Draba hookeri
2606. Draba obovata Draba obovata
2607. Draba splendens Draba splendens
2608. Draba spruceana Draba spruceana
2609. Draba steyermarkii Draba steyermarkii
2610. Draba stylosa Draba stylosa
2611. Dracontium croatii Dracontium croatii
2612. Dracontomelon macrocarpum Dracontomelon macrocarpum
2613. Dragon Tree Dracaena concinna
2614. Dragon Tree Dracaena floribunda
2615. Dragon Tree Dracaena ombet
2616. Dragon Tree Dracaena serrulata
2617. Dragon Tree Dracaena cinnabari
2618. Dragon Tree Dracaena draco
2619. Dragon Tree Dracaena viridiflora
2620. Drepanolejeunea aculeata Drepanolejeunea aculeata
2621. Drepanolejeunea bakeri Drepanolejeunea bakeri
2622. Drepanolejeunea senticosa Drepanolejeunea senticosa
2623. Drimys confertifolia Drimys confertifolia
2624. Drummond's Cypress Callitris drummondii
2625. Drymaria stellarioides Drymaria stellarioides
2626. Drymaria monticola Drymaria monticola
2627. Drymonia ecuadorensis Drymonia ecuadorensis
2628. Drymonia laciniosa Drymonia laciniosa
2629. Drymonia rhodoloma Drymonia rhodoloma
2630. Drymonia utuanensis Drymonia utuanensis
2631. Drymonia chiribogana Drymonia chiribogana
2632. Drymonia crenatiloba Drymonia crenatiloba
2633. Drymonia pulchra Drymonia pulchra
2634. Drymonia punctulata Drymonia punctulata
2635. Drymophloeus samoensis Drymophloeus samoensis
2636. Dryobalanops aromatica Dryobalanops aromatica
2637. Dryobalanops beccarii Dryobalanops beccarii
2638. Dryobalanops fusca Dryobalanops fusca
2639. Dryobalanops keithii Dryobalanops keithii
2640. Dryobalanops lanceolata Dryobalanops lanceolata
2641. Dryopteris cyclopeltidiformis Dryopteris cyclopeltidiformis
2642. Drypetes andamanica Drypetes andamanica
2643. Drypetes magnistipula Drypetes magnistipula
2644. Drypetes porteri Drypetes porteri
2645. Drypetes riseleyi Drypetes riseleyi
2646. Drypetes tessmanniana Drypetes tessmanniana
2647. Drypetes travancoria Drypetes travancoria
2648. Drypetes afzelii Drypetes afzelii
2649. Drypetes detersibilis Drypetes detersibilis
2650. Drypetes gerrardinoides Drypetes gerrardinoides
2651. Drypetes glabra Drypetes glabra
2652. Drypetes henriquesii Drypetes henriquesii
2653. Drypetes molundana Drypetes molundana
2654. Drypetes nervosa Drypetes nervosa
2655. Drypetes obanensis Drypetes obanensis
2656. Drypetes oxyodonta Drypetes oxyodonta
2657. Drypetes palawanensis Drypetes palawanensis
2658. Drypetes pellegrinii Drypetes pellegrinii
2659. Drypetes perakensis Drypetes perakensis
2660. Drypetes preussii Drypetes preussii
2661. Drypetes sclerophylla Drypetes sclerophylla
2662. Drypetes singroboensis Drypetes singroboensis
2663. Drypetes staudtii Drypetes staudtii
2664. Drypetes wightii Drypetes wightii
2665. Dubautia herbstobatae Dubautia herbstobatae
2666. Dubautia latifolia Dubautia latifolia
2667. Dubautia pauciflorula Dubautia pauciflorula
2668. Dubautia plantaginea ssp. humilis Dubautia plantaginea ssp. humilis
2669. Dubautia arborea Dubautia arborea
2670. Dubautia microcephala Dubautia microcephala
2671. Dubautia reticulata Dubautia reticulata
2672. Duguetia peruviana Duguetia peruviana
2673. Duguetia barteri Duguetia barteri
2674. Duguetia schulzii Duguetia schulzii
2675. Dulacia crassa Dulacia crassa
2676. Durian Marangang Durio dulcis
2677. Durian Munjit Durio grandiflorus
2678. Durian Pulu Durio kutejensis
2679. Durian Tuang Kostermansia malayana
2680. Durio acutifolius Durio acutifolius
2681. Durio pinangianus Durio pinangianus
2682. Dussia foxii Dussia foxii
2683. Dutaillyea amosensis Dutaillyea amosensis
2684. Duvaliandra dioscoridis Duvaliandra dioscoridis
2685. Dwarf Bear-poppy Arctomecon humilis
2686. Dwarf Cypress Callitris monticola
2687. Dwarf Gentian Gentianella androsacea
2688. Dwarf Gentian Gentianella flaviflora
2689. Dwarf Gentian Gentianella fuscicaulis
2690. Dwarf Gentian Gentianella gracilis
2691. Dwarf Gentian Gentianella hirculus
2692. Dwarf Gentian Gentianella jamesonii
2693. Dwarf Gentian Gentianella longibarbata
2694. Dwarf Gentian Gentianella polyantha
2695. Dwarf Gentian Gentianella crassulifloia
2696. Dwarf Gentian Gentianella fastigiata
2697. Dwarf Gentian Gentianella gilioides
2698. Dwarf Gentian Gentianella hypericoides
2699. Dwarf Gentian Gentianella hyssopifolia
2700. Dwarf Gentian Gentianella oellgaardii
2701. Dwarf Gentian Gentianella profusa
2702. Dwarf Gentian Gentianella saxifragoides
2703. Dwarf Gentian Gentianella sulphurea
2704. Dwarf Iliau Wilkesia hobdyi
2705. Dwarf Jellico Sium burchellii
2706. Dwarf Mountain Pine Microstrobos fitzgeraldii
2707. Dyera polyphylla Dyera polyphylla
2708. Dyerophytum pendulum Dyerophytum pendulum
2709. Dyerophytum socotranum Dyerophytum socotranum
2710. Dypsis Palm Dypsis ambanjae
2711. Dypsis Palm Dypsis ambositrae
2712. Dypsis Palm Dypsis ampasindavae
2713. Dypsis Palm Dypsis antanambensis
2714. Dypsis Palm Dypsis arenarum
2715. Dypsis Palm Dypsis basilonga
2716. Dypsis Palm Dypsis bejofo
2717. Dypsis Palm Dypsis boiviniana
2718. Dypsis Palm Dypsis canaliculata
2719. Dypsis Palm Dypsis canescens
2720. Dypsis Palm Dypsis ceracea
2721. Dypsis Palm Dypsis commersoniana
2722. Dypsis Palm Dypsis decipiens
2723. Dypsis Palm Dypsis dransfieldii
2724. Dypsis Palm Dypsis faneva
2725. Dypsis Palm Dypsis hovomantsina
2726. Dypsis Palm Dypsis ifanadianae
2727. Dypsis Palm Dypsis intermedia
2728. Dypsis Palm Dypsis interrupta
2729. Dypsis Palm Dypsis ligulata
2730. Dypsis Palm Dypsis mangorensis
2731. Dypsis Palm Dypsis nauseosa
2732. Dypsis Palm Dypsis nossibensis
2733. Dypsis Palm Dypsis oropedionis
2734. Dypsis Palm Dypsis ovobontsira
2735. Dypsis Palm Dypsis psammophila
2736. Dypsis Palm Dypsis rivularis
2737. Dypsis Palm Dypsis sahanofensis
2738. Dypsis Palm Dypsis saintelucei
2739. Dypsis Palm Dypsis singularis
2740. Dypsis Palm Dypsis tsaravotsira
2741. Dypsis Palm Dypsis coursii
2742. Dypsis Palm Dypsis decaryi
2743. Dypsis Palm Dypsis fasciculata
2744. Dypsis Palm Dypsis lanceolata
2745. Dypsis Palm Dypsis malcomberi
2746. Dypsis Palm Dypsis mananjarensis
2747. Dypsis Palm Dypsis mcdonaldiana