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The following is a list of Snails of concern. This list combines species from several endangered species lists. Using the total at the bottom of this page as an official count of endangered snails of the world is not recommended. For more information on what species are listed on this site, please visit our About Us page.

 Species NameScientific Name
1. Acicula norrisi Acicula norrisi
2. Acicula palaestinensis Acicula palaestinensis
3. Actinella anaglyptica Actinella anaglyptica
4. Actinella armitageana Actinella armitageana
5. Actinella carinofausta Actinella carinofausta
6. Actinella effugiens Actinella effugiens
7. Actinella giramica Actinella giramica
8. Acute Elimia Elimia acuta
9. Adelopoma stolli Adelopoma stolli
10. Advena charon Advena charon
11. Afrogyrus rodriguezensis Afrogyrus rodriguezensis
12. Afrogyrus starmuehlneri Afrogyrus starmuehlneri
13. Alamosa Springsnail Tryonia alamosae
14. Allocharopa erskinensis Allocharopa erskinensis
15. Allyn Smith's Banded Snail Helminthoglypta allynsmithi
16. Alzoniella hartwigschuetti Alzoniella hartwigschuetti
17. Amastrid Land Snail Amastra cylindrica
18. Amastrid Land Snail Amastra micans
19. Amastrid Land Snail Amastra rubens
20. Amastrid Land Snail Amastra spirizona
21. Ampelita fulgurata Ampelita fulgurata
22. Ampelita julii Ampelita julii
23. Ampelita soulaiana Ampelita soulaiana
24. Amphicyclotulus liratus Amphicyclotulus liratus
25. Amphicyclotulus perplexus Amphicyclotulus perplexus
26. Amphorella iridescens Amphorella iridescens
27. Amphorella melampoides Amphorella melampoides
28. Amphorella producta Amphorella producta
29. Amplirhagada astuta Amplirhagada astuta
30. Amplirhagada questroana Amplirhagada questroana
31. Anceya terebriformis Anceya terebriformis
32. Ancylus ashangiensis Ancylus ashangiensis
33. Angrobia grampianensis Angrobia grampianensis
34. Angrobia anodonta Angrobia anodonta
35. Angrobia dyeriana Angrobia dyeriana
36. Angrobia petterdi Angrobia petterdi
37. Angular Pebblesnail Somatogyrus biangulatus
38. Anthony's Riversnail Athearnia anthonyi
39. Antrobia culveri Antrobia culveri
40. Antrobia breweri Antrobia breweri
41. Archachatina bicarinata Archachatina bicarinata
42. Arganiella exilis Arganiella exilis
43. Arinia dentifera Arinia dentifera
44. Arinia boreoborneensis Arinia boreoborneensis
45. Arinia oviformis Arinia oviformis
46. Arinia biplicata Arinia biplicata
47. Arinia streptaxiformis Arinia streptaxiformis
48. Arinia simplex Arinia simplex
49. Armigerous River Snail Lithasia armigera
50. Armored Snail Pyrgulopsis marstonia pachyta
51. Armsia petasus Armsia petasus
52. Arthur River Freshwater Snail Beddomeia mesibovi
53. Ash Meadows Pebblesnail Pyrgulopsis erythropoma
54. Atlas Pebblesnail Somatogyrus humerosus
55. Australian Freshwater Limpet Ancylastrum cumingianus
56. Austroassiminea letha Austroassiminea letha
57. Aylacostoma chloroticum Aylacostoma chloroticum
58. Aylacostoma guaraniticum Aylacostoma guaraniticum
59. Aylacostoma stigmaticum Aylacostoma stigmaticum
60. Badwater Snail Assiminea infirma
61. Banbury Springs Limpet Lanx spp.
62. Banded Elimia Elimia fascinans
63. Bathanalia howesi Bathanalia howesi
64. Beddomeia hullii Beddomeia hullii
65. Beddomeia salmonis Beddomeia salmonis
66. Bednall's Land Snail Sinumelon bednalli
67. Belgrandiella austriana Belgrandiella austriana
68. Belgrandiella ganslmayri Belgrandiella ganslmayri
69. Belgrandiella mimula Belgrandiella mimula
70. Belgrandiella pelerei Belgrandiella pelerei
71. Belgrandiella parreyssi Belgrandiella parreyssi
72. Belgrandiella styriaca Belgrandiella styriaca
73. Belgrandiella wawrai Belgrandiella wawrai
74. Belgrandiella alticola Belgrandiella alticola
75. Belgrandiella bojnicensis Belgrandiella bojnicensis
76. Belgrandiella fuchsi Belgrandiella fuchsi
77. Belgrandiella pyrenaica Belgrandiella pyrenaica
78. Belgrandiella slovenica Belgrandiella slovenica
79. Bellamya liberiana Bellamya liberiana
80. Bellamya constricta Bellamya constricta
81. Bellamya contracta Bellamya contracta
82. Bellamya crawshayi Bellamya crawshayi
83. Bellamya leopoldvillensis Bellamya leopoldvillensis
84. Bellamya mweruensis Bellamya mweruensis
85. Bellamya pagodiformis Bellamya pagodiformis
86. Bellamya phthinotropis Bellamya phthinotropis
87. Bellamya robertsoni Bellamya robertsoni
88. Bellamya rubicunda Bellamya rubicunda
89. Bellamya trochearis Bellamya trochearis
90. Bellamya costulata Bellamya costulata
91. Bellamya jucunda Bellamya jucunda
92. Bellamya monardi Bellamya monardi
93. Bicolor Cactus Snail Xerarionta tryoni
94. Biomphalaria barthi Biomphalaria barthi
95. Biomphalaria tchadiensis Biomphalaria tchadiensis
96. Black Abalone Haliotis cracherodii
97. Black Mudalia Leptoxis melanoidus
98. Black-crest Elimia Elimia albanyensis
99. Bliss Rapid Snail Taylorconcha serpenticola
100. Blue Spring Aphaostracon Aphaostracon asthenes
101. Blythe River Freshwater Snail Beddomeia petterdi
102. Boettgeria obesiuscula Boettgeria obesiuscula
103. Bofilliella subarcuata Bofilliella subarcuata
104. Boninena callistoderma Boninena callistoderma
105. Boninena hiraseana Boninena hiraseana
106. Boninena ogasawarae Boninena ogasawarae
107. Boninosuccinea ogasawarae Boninosuccinea ogasawarae
108. Boninosuccinea punctulispira Boninosuccinea punctulispira
109. Bothriembryon perobesus Bothriembryon perobesus
110. Bothriembryon praecelcus Bothriembryon praecelcus
111. Bothriembryon bradshaweri Bothriembryon bradshaweri
112. Bothriembryon brazieri Bothriembryon brazieri
113. Bothriembryon glauerti Bothriembryon glauerti
114. Bothriembryon irvineanus Bothriembryon irvineanus
115. Bothriembryon spenceri Bothriembryon spenceri
116. Bothriembryon whitleyi Bothriembryon whitleyi
117. Boucardicus fidimananai Boucardicus fidimananai
118. Boucardicus fortistriatus Boucardicus fortistriatus
119. Boucardicus simplex Boucardicus simplex
120. Boucardicus carylae Boucardicus carylae
121. Boucardicus culminans Boucardicus culminans
122. Boucardicus curvifolius Boucardicus curvifolius
123. Boucardicus delicatus Boucardicus delicatus
124. Boucardicus divei Boucardicus divei
125. Boucardicus esetrae Boucardicus esetrae
126. Boucardicus magnilobatus Boucardicus magnilobatus
127. Boucardicus mahermanae Boucardicus mahermanae
128. Boucardicus randalanai Boucardicus randalanai
129. Boucardicus victorhernandezi Boucardicus victorhernandezi
130. Boucardicus albocinctus Boucardicus albocinctus
131. Boucardicus antiquus Boucardicus antiquus
132. Boucardicus rakotoarisoni Boucardicus rakotoarisoni
133. Boucardicus tridentatus Boucardicus tridentatus
134. Boulder Pile Mountain Snail Oreohelix jugalis
135. Bowry Creek Freshwater Snail Beddomeia bowryensis
136. Bridouxia ponsonbyi Bridouxia ponsonbyi
137. Bridouxia praeclara Bridouxia praeclara
138. Brook Elimia Elimia strigosa
139. Bruneau Hot Springsnail Pyrgulopsis bruneauensis
140. Buffetia retinaculum Buffetia retinaculum
141. Bulinus succinoides Bulinus succinoides
142. Bulinus camerunensis Bulinus camerunensis
143. Bulinus hightoni Bulinus hightoni
144. Bulinus mutandensis Bulinus mutandensis
145. Bulinus nyassanus Bulinus nyassanus
146. Bulinus transversalis Bulinus transversalis
147. Burnup's Hunter Slug Chlamydephorus burnupi
148. Burnupia crassistriata Burnupia crassistriata
149. Burnupia stuhlmanni Burnupia stuhlmanni
150. Buttons Rivulet Freshwater Snail Beddomeia hallae
151. Bythinella bicarinata Bythinella bicarinata
152. Bythinella badensis Bythinella badensis
153. Bythinella bavarica Bythinella bavarica
154. Bythinella compressa Bythinella compressa
155. Bythinella cylindrica Bythinella cylindrica
156. Bythinella dunkeri Bythinella dunkeri
157. Bythinella padiraci Bythinella padiraci
158. Bythinella viridis Bythinella viridis
159. Bythiospeum cisterciensorum Bythiospeum cisterciensorum
160. Bythiospeum geyeri Bythiospeum geyeri
161. Bythiospeum noricum Bythiospeum noricum
162. Bythiospeum pfeifferi Bythiospeum pfeifferi
163. Bythiospeum reisalpense Bythiospeum reisalpense
164. Bythiospeum tschapecki Bythiospeum tschapecki
165. Bythiospeum acicula Bythiospeum acicula
166. Bythiospeum articense Bythiospeum articense
167. Bythiospeum bourguignati Bythiospeum bourguignati
168. Bythiospeum garnieri Bythiospeum garnieri
169. Bythiospeum quenstedti Bythiospeum quenstedti
170. Bythiospeum sandbergeri Bythiospeum sandbergeri
171. Caldwellia imperfecta Caldwellia imperfecta
172. Cam River Freshwater Snail Beddomeia camensis
173. Candidula setubalensis Candidula setubalensis
174. Cantareus mazzullii Cantareus mazzullii
175. Caper Elimia Elimia olivula
176. Carinotrachia carsoniana Carinotrachia carsoniana
177. Caseolus subcalliferus Caseolus subcalliferus
178. Caseolus calculus Caseolus calculus
179. Caseolus commixtus Caseolus commixtus
180. Catalina Mountain Snail Radiocentrum avalonense
181. Cataract Gorge Freshwater Snail Beddomeia launcestonensis
182. Cataract Gorge Snail Pasmaditta jungermanniae
183. Cave Physa Physella spelunca
184. Cecilioides eulima Cecilioides eulima
185. Cecilioides connollyi Cecilioides connollyi
186. Ceratophallus socotrensis Ceratophallus socotrensis
187. Cerion nanus Cerion nanus
188. Chondrina oligodonta Chondrina oligodonta
189. Christianoconcha quintalia Christianoconcha quintalia
190. Ciliellopsis oglasae Ciliellopsis oglasae
191. Clavator moreleti Clavator moreleti
192. Claytons Rivulet Freshwater Snail Beddomeia waterhouseae
193. Clench's Middle-toothed Land Snail Mesodon clenchi
194. Cleopatra cridlandi Cleopatra cridlandi
195. Cleopatra exarata Cleopatra exarata
196. Coahuilix De Hubbs Snail Coahuilix hubbsi
197. Coal Elimia Elimia aterina
198. Cochlostoma canestrinii Cochlostoma canestrinii
199. Concentrated Snail Micrarionta facta
200. Cone Shell Conus africanus
201. Cone Shell Conus cepasi
202. Cone Shell Conus nobrei
203. Cone Shell Conus zebroides
204. Cookeconcha contorta Cookeconcha contorta
205. Coosa Pebblesnail Somatogyrus coosaensis
206. Corpulent Hornsnail Pleurocera corpulenta
207. Cralopa colliveri Cralopa colliveri
208. Cristilabrum bubulum Cristilabrum bubulum
209. Cristilabrum buryillum Cristilabrum buryillum
210. Cristilabrum grossum Cristilabrum grossum
211. Cristilabrum solitudum Cristilabrum solitudum
212. Cristilabrum isolatum Cristilabrum isolatum
213. Cristilabrum monodon Cristilabrum monodon
214. Cristilabrum primum Cristilabrum primum
215. Cristilabrum rectum Cristilabrum rectum
216. Cristilabrum simplex Cristilabrum simplex
217. Cryptazeca kobelti Cryptazeca kobelti
218. Cryptazeca elongata Cryptazeca elongata
219. Cryptazeca monodonta Cryptazeca monodonta
220. Cryptazeca spelaea Cryptazeca spelaea
221. Cryptazeca subcylindrica Cryptazeca subcylindrica
222. Crystal Siltsnail Cincinnatia helicogyra
223. Ctenophila caldwelli Ctenophila caldwelli
224. Ctenophila setiliris Ctenophila setiliris
225. Ctenophila vorticella Ctenophila vorticella
226. Cupedora evandaleana Cupedora evandaleana
227. Cupedora nottensis Cupedora nottensis
228. Cyathopoma randalana Cyathopoma randalana
229. Cylichnidia ovuliformis Cylichnidia ovuliformis
230. Cylindrical Lioplax Snail Lioplax cyclostomaformis
231. Damochlora millepunctata Damochlora millepunctata
232. Damochlora spina Damochlora spina
233. Dancea rodriguezensis Dancea rodriguezensis
234. Dense Hydrobe Aphaostracon pycnus
235. Deroceras tarraceuse Deroceras tarraceuse
236. Diastole tenuistriata Diastole tenuistriata
237. Dip Falls Freshwater Snail Beddomeia kessneri
238. Diplommatina cacuminulus Diplommatina cacuminulus
239. Diplommatina madaiensis Diplommatina madaiensis
240. Discula bulweri Discula bulweri
241. Discula tabellata Discula tabellata
242. Discula testudinalis Discula testudinalis
243. Discula lyelliana Discula lyelliana
244. Discula tetrica Discula tetrica
245. Discula bicarinata Discula bicarinata
246. Discula cheiranthicola Discula cheiranthicola
247. Discula echinulata Discula echinulata
248. Discula leacockiana Discula leacockiana
249. Discula oxytropis Discula oxytropis
250. Discula tectiformis Discula tectiformis
251. Discula turricula Discula turricula
252. Discus guerinianus Discus guerinianus
253. Ditropis whitei Ditropis whitei
254. Divellomelon hillieri Divellomelon hillieri
255. Dolapex amiculus Dolapex amiculus
256. Domed Ancylid Rhodacme elatior
257. Draparnaudia anniae Draparnaudia anniae
258. Draparnaudia subnecata Draparnaudia subnecata
259. Drymaeus acervatus Drymaeus acervatus
260. Drymaeus henseli Drymaeus henseli
261. Duckwater Pyrg Pyrgulopsis aloba
262. Dupontia perlucida Dupontia perlucida
263. Dupontia levis Dupontia levis
264. Dupontia nitella Dupontia nitella
265. Dupontia poweri Dupontia poweri
266. Dupucharopa millestriata Dupucharopa millestriata
267. Durangonella De Coahuila Snail Durangonella coahuilae
268. Dutton's River Snail Lithasia duttoniana
269. Dwarf Pebblesnail Somatogyrus nanus
270. Elasmias cernicum Elasmias cernicum
271. Elasmias kitaiwojimanum Elasmias kitaiwojimanum
272. Elimia porrecta Elimia porrecta
273. Elimia pybasi Elimia pybasi
274. Elimia teres Elimia teres
275. Elimia troostiana Elimia troostiana
276. Elk River File Snail Lithasia lima
277. Emerald Valvata Valvata virens
278. Emu River Freshwater Snail Beddomeia protuberata
279. Endodonta apiculata Endodonta apiculata
280. Enterprise Siltsnail Cincinnatia monroensis
281. Erepta odontina Erepta odontina
282. Erepta stylodon Erepta stylodon
283. Eua zebrina Eua zebrina
284. Euchondrus ramonensis Euchondrus ramonensis
285. Euonyma curtissima Euonyma curtissima
286. Falkneri camerani Falkneri camerani
287. Fat-whorled Pondsnai Stagnicola bonnevillensis
288. Fenney Spring Hydrobe Aphaostracon xynoelictum
289. Fenouilia kreitneri Fenouilia kreitneri
290. Fissuria boui Fissuria boui
291. Flat Pebblesnail Lepyrium showalteri
292. Flaxen Elimia Elimia boykiniana
293. Fluted Pebblesnail Somatogyrus hendersoni
294. Fonscochlea billakalina Fonscochlea billakalina
295. Fonscochlea accepta Fonscochlea accepta
296. Fonscochlea aquatica Fonscochlea aquatica
297. Fonscochlea conica Fonscochlea conica
298. Forester Freshwater Snail Beddomeia briansmithi
299. Forth River Freshwater Snail Beddomeia forthensis
300. Foushee Cavesnail Amnicola cora
301. Frankland River Freshwater Snail Beddomeia franklandensis
302. Fraternal Snail Micrarionta feralis
303. Frome River Freshwater Snail Beddomeia fromensis
304. Fulton's Freshwater Snail Beddomeia fultoni
305. Gabb's Snail Micrarionta gabbii
306. Gabbiella rosea Gabbiella rosea
307. Galapagos Land Snail Bulimulus achatellinus
308. Galapagos Land Snail Bulimulus adelphus
309. Galapagos Land Snail Bulimulus adserseni
310. Galapagos Land Snail Bulimulus chemitzioides
311. Galapagos Land Snail Bulimulus curtus
312. Galapagos Land Snail Bulimulus deridderi
313. Galapagos Land Snail Bulimulus duncanus
314. Galapagos Land Snail Bulimulus eos
315. Galapagos Land Snail Bulimulus eschariferus
316. Galapagos Land Snail Bulimulus galapaganus
317. Galapagos Land Snail Bulimulus habeli
318. Galapagos Land Snail Bulimulus hirsutus
319. Galapagos Land Snail Bulimulus indefatigabilis
320. Galapagos Land Snail Bulimulus jacobi
321. Galapagos Land Snail Bulimulus lycodus
322. Galapagos Land Snail Bulimulus ochsneri
323. Galapagos Land Snail Bulimulus reibischi
324. Galapagos Land Snail Bulimulus saeronius
325. Galapagos Land Snail Bulimulus sculpturatus
326. Galapagos Land Snail Bulimulus sp. nov. 'josevillani'
327. Galapagos Land Snail Bulimulus sp. nov. 'krameri'
328. Galapagos Land Snail Bulimulus sp. nov. 'nilsodhneri'
329. Galapagos Land Snail Bulimulus sp. nov. 'tuideroyi'
330. Galapagos Land Snail Bulimulus sp. nov. 'vanmoli'
331. Galapagos Land Snail Bulimulus tanneri
332. Galapagos Land Snail Bulimulus wolfi
333. Galapagos Land Snail Bulimulus cinerarius
334. Galapagos Land Snail Bulimulus cucullinus
335. Galapagos Land Snail Bulimulus nux
336. Galapagos Land Snail Bulimulus olla
337. Galapagos Land Snail Bulimulus perspectivus
338. Galapagos Land Snail Bulimulus planospira
339. Galapagos Land Snail Bulimulus rugulosus
340. Galapagos Land Snail Bulimulus akamatus
341. Galapagos Land Snail Bulimulus alethorhytidus
342. Galapagos Land Snail Bulimulus amastroides
343. Galapagos Land Snail Bulimulus blombergi
344. Galapagos Land Snail Bulimulus calvus
345. Galapagos Land Snail Bulimulus cavagnaroi
346. Galapagos Land Snail Bulimulus darwini
347. Galapagos Land Snail Bulimulus hoodensis
348. Galapagos Land Snail Bulimulus jervisensis
349. Galapagos Land Snail Bulimulus nesioticus
350. Galapagos Land Snail Bulimulus perrus
351. Galapagos Land Snail Bulimulus rabidensis
352. Galapagos Land Snail Bulimulus tortuganus
353. Galapagos Land Snail Bulimulus unifasciatus
354. Galapagos Land Snail Bulimulus ustulatus
355. Gastrocopta boninensis Gastrocopta boninensis
356. Geminoropa scindocataracta Geminoropa scindocataracta
357. Geomitra coronata Geomitra coronata
358. Geomitra delphinuloides Geomitra delphinuloides
359. Geomitra moniziana Geomitra moniziana
360. Geomitra tiarella Geomitra tiarella
361. Georissa laseroni Georissa laseroni
362. Gila Springsnail Pyrgulopsis gilae
363. Glacidorbis occidentalis Glacidorbis occidentalis
364. Gladiator Elimia Elimia hydei
365. Glyptophysa petiti Glyptophysa petiti
366. Glyptorhagada silveri Glyptorhagada silveri
367. Glyptorhagada bordaensis Glyptorhagada bordaensis
368. Glyptorhagada euglypta Glyptorhagada euglypta
369. Glyptorhagada kooringensis Glyptorhagada kooringensis
370. Glyptorhagada tattawuppana Glyptorhagada tattawuppana
371. Gonidomus sulcatus Gonidomus sulcatus
372. Gonospira deshayesi Gonospira deshayesi
373. Gonospira duponti Gonospira duponti
374. Gonospira uvula Gonospira uvula
375. Gonospira cylindrella Gonospira cylindrella
376. Gonospira holostoma Gonospira holostoma
377. Gonospira madgei Gonospira madgei
378. Gonospira striaticostus Gonospira striaticostus
379. Gonospira teres Gonospira teres
380. Gonospira turgidula Gonospira turgidula
381. Gonyostomus gonyostomus Gonyostomus gonyostomus
382. Gonyostomus insularis Gonyostomus insularis
383. Grand Wash Springsnail Pyrgulopsis bacchus
384. Granulated Snail Anoglypta launcestonensis
385. Graziana klagenfurtensis Graziana klagenfurtensis
386. Great Lake Freshwater Snail Beddomeia turnerae
387. Greenbrier Cavesnail Fontigens turritella
388. Gulella Snail Gulella antelmeana
389. Gulella Snail Gulella aprosdoketa
390. Gulella Snail Gulella claustralis
391. Gulella Snail Gulella puzeyi
392. Gulella Snail Gulella salpinx
393. Gulella Snail Gulella taitensis
394. Gulella Snail Gulella thomasseti
395. Gulella Snail Gulella amboniensis
396. Gulickia alexandri Gulickia alexandri
397. Gyraulus cockburni Gyraulus cockburni
398. Gyraulus mauritianus Gyraulus mauritianus
399. Hacrochlamys lineolatus Hacrochlamys lineolatus
400. Hadra wilsoni Hadra wilsoni
401. Harmogenanina implicata Harmogenanina implicata
402. Harmogenanina argentea Harmogenanina argentea
403. Harney Basin Duskysnail Colligyrus depressus
404. Hauffenia kerschneri Hauffenia kerschneri
405. Hauffenia wienerwaldensis Hauffenia wienerwaldensis
406. Hauffenia sp. nov. Hauffenia sp. nov.
407. Heathcote Creek Freshwater Snail Beddomeia inflata
408. Heazlewood River Freshwater Snail Beddomeia bellii
409. Hedleya macleayi Hedleya macleayi
410. Hedleyoconcha ailaketoae Hedleyoconcha ailaketoae
411. Helicarion leopardina Helicarion leopardina
412. Helicarion porrectus Helicarion porrectus
413. Helicarion rubicundus Helicarion rubicundus
414. Helicella bierzona Helicella bierzona
415. Helicella mariae Helicella mariae
416. Helicella stiparum Helicella stiparum
417. Helicina rostrata Helicina rostrata
418. Helicostyla smargadina Helicostyla smargadina
419. Helix ceratina Helix ceratina
420. Helix texta Helix texta
421. Helix obruta Helix obruta
422. Hemicycla saulcyi Hemicycla saulcyi
423. Hemicycla pouchet Hemicycla pouchet
424. Hemistoma beaumonti Hemistoma beaumonti
425. Hemistoma pusillior Hemistoma pusillior
426. Hemistoma whiteleggei Hemistoma whiteleggei
427. Hemistoma flexicolumella Hemistoma flexicolumella
428. Hemistoma minutissima Hemistoma minutissima
429. Heterocyclus perroquini Heterocyclus perroquini
430. Heterocyclus petiti Heterocyclus petiti
431. Hidden Pebblesnail Somatogyrus decipiens
432. Hirasea acutissima Hirasea acutissima
433. Hirasea chichijimana Hirasea chichijimana
434. Hirasea diplomphalus Hirasea diplomphalus
435. Hirasea insignis Hirasea insignis
436. Hirasea operculina Hirasea operculina
437. Hirinaba curytibana Hirinaba curytibana
438. Hirthia littorina Hirthia littorina
439. Hood Ancylid Ferrissia mcneili
440. Huachuca Springsnail Pyrgulopsis thompsoni
441. Hydrobia scamandri Hydrobia scamandri
442. Hygromia golasi Hygromia golasi
443. Ichetucknee Siltsnail Cincinnatia mica
444. Ichnosomunda sacchii Ichnosomunda sacchii
445. Idaho Springsnail Pyrgulopsis idahoensis
446. Idiomela subplicata Idiomela subplicata
447. Iglica kleinzellensis Iglica kleinzellensis
448. Insulivitrina reticulata Insulivitrina reticulata
449. Iowa Pleistocene Snail Discus macclintocki
450. Iredaleoconcha caporaphe Iredaleoconcha caporaphe
451. Irishtown Freshwater Snail Beddomeia wiseae
452. Jardinella acuminata Jardinella acuminata
453. Jardinella colmani Jardinella colmani
454. Jardinella jesswiseae Jardinella jesswiseae
455. Jardinella pallida Jardinella pallida
456. Jardinella carnarvonensis Jardinella carnarvonensis
457. Jardinella coreena Jardinella coreena
458. Jardinella corrugata Jardinella corrugata
459. Jardinella edgbastonensis Jardinella edgbastonensis
460. Jardinella eulo Jardinella eulo
461. Jardinella exigua Jardinella exigua
462. Jardinella isolata Jardinella isolata
463. Jardinella zeidlerorum Jardinella zeidlerorum
464. Jay's River Snail Lithasia jayana
465. Kaliella hongkongensis Kaliella hongkongensis
466. Kanab Amber Snail Oxyloma kanabense
467. Kanab Ambersnail Oxyloma haydeni kanabensis
468. Keeled Sideband Monadenia circumcarinata
469. Keeled Snail Tasmaphena lamproides
470. Kern Shoulderband Helminthoglypta callistoderma
471. Kimboraga exanimus Kimboraga exanimus
472. Kimboraga koolanensis Kimboraga koolanensis
473. Kimboraga micromphala Kimboraga micromphala
474. Kimboraga yammerana Kimboraga yammerana
475. Knob Mudalia Leptoxis minor
476. Knotty Elimia Elimia interrupta
477. Kondoconcha othnius Kondoconcha othnius
478. Koster's Springsnail Juturnia kosteri
479. Lacy Elimia Elimia crenatella
480. Laevicaulis haroldi Laevicaulis haroldi
481. Lake River Freshwater Snail Beddomeia kershawi
482. Lamellidea biplicata Lamellidea biplicata
483. Lamellidea ogasawarana Lamellidea ogasawarana
484. Laminella sanguinea Laminella sanguinea
485. Lamnifera pauli Lamnifera pauli
486. Lampadia webbiana Lampadia webbiana
487. Lampedusa melitensis Lampedusa melitensis
488. Lampedusa imitratix Lampedusa imitratix
489. Lamprocystis hahajimana Lamprocystis hahajimana
490. Lanistes alexandri Lanistes alexandri
491. Lanistes farleri Lanistes farleri
492. Lanistes nasutus Lanistes nasutus
493. Lanistes neritoides Lanistes neritoides
494. Lanistes nyssanus Lanistes nyssanus
495. Lanistes solidus Lanistes solidus
496. Lanistes stuhlmanni Lanistes stuhlmanni
497. Lanistes bicarinatus Lanistes bicarinatus
498. Lanistes intortus Lanistes intortus
499. Lantzia carinata Lantzia carinata
500. Lauria fanalensis Lauria fanalensis
501. Lava Rock Mountain Snail Oreohelix waltoni
502. Lavigera coronata Lavigera coronata
503. Leiostyla abbreviata Leiostyla abbreviata
504. Leiostyla cassidula Leiostyla cassidula
505. Leiostyla gibba Leiostyla gibba
506. Leiostyla heterodon Leiostyla heterodon
507. Leiostyla simulator Leiostyla simulator
508. Leiostyla callathiscus Leiostyla callathiscus
509. Leiostyla cheiligona Leiostyla cheiligona
510. Leiostyla concinna Leiostyla concinna
511. Leiostyla corneocostata Leiostyla corneocostata
512. Leiostyla degenerata Leiostyla degenerata
513. Leiostyla ferraria Leiostyla ferraria
514. Leiostyla filicum Leiostyla filicum
515. Leiostyla laevigata Leiostyla laevigata
516. Leiostyla monticola Leiostyla monticola
517. Leiostyla relevata Leiostyla relevata
518. Leiostyla vermiculosa Leiostyla vermiculosa
519. Lemniscia calva Lemniscia calva
520. Lemniscia michaudi Lemniscia michaudi
521. Leptachatina lepida Leptachatina lepida
522. Leptaxis caldeirarum Leptaxis caldeirarum
523. Leptaxis vetusa Leptaxis vetusa
524. Leptaxis wollastoni Leptaxis wollastoni
525. Leptaxis furva Leptaxis furva
526. Leptaxis terceirana Leptaxis terceirana
527. Leptoxis ampla Leptoxis ampla
528. Leuchocharis pancheri Leuchocharis pancheri
529. Liardetia boninensis Liardetia boninensis
530. Lily Shoals Elimia Elimia annettae
531. Litthabitella elliptica Litthabitella elliptica
532. Little Henty Freshwater Snail Beddomeia zeehanensis
533. Lobaunia danubialis Lobaunia danubialis
534. Lutilodix imitratrix Lutilodix imitratrix
535. Magazine Mountain Middle-toothed Snail Inflectarius magazinensis
536. Magnificent Ramshorn Planorbella magnifica
537. Mainstream River Snail Leptoxis praerosa
538. Manus Island Tree Snail Papustyla pulcherrima
539. Marbled Disc Discus marmorensis
540. Martelia tanganyicensis Martelia tanganyicensis
541. Mathewsoconcha belli Mathewsoconcha belli
542. Mautodontha boraborensis Mautodontha boraborensis
543. Mautodontha ceuthma Mautodontha ceuthma
544. Megalobulimus fragilion Megalobulimus fragilion
545. Megalobulimus grandis Megalobulimus grandis
546. Megalobulimus lopesi Megalobulimus lopesi
547. Megalobulimus parafragilior Megalobulimus parafragilior
548. Megalobulimus proclivis Megalobulimus proclivis
549. Melanoides admirabilis Melanoides admirabilis
550. Melanoides polymorpha Melanoides polymorpha
551. Melanoides pupiformis Melanoides pupiformis
552. Melanoides truncatelliformis Melanoides truncatelliformis
553. Melanoides turritispira Melanoides turritispira
554. Melanopsis etrusca Melanopsis etrusca
555. Meridolum corneovirens Meridolum corneovirens
556. Meridolum benneti Meridolum benneti
557. Meridolum depressum Meridolum depressum
558. Mesa Shoulderband Helminthoglypta coelata
559. Microstrophia modesta Microstrophia modesta
560. Microstrophia nana Microstrophia nana
561. Miller's Snail Cochliopina milleri
562. Mimic Cavesnail Phreatodrobia imitata
563. Miratesta celebensis Miratesta celebensis
564. Mission Creek Oregonian Cryptomastix magnidentata
565. Mitchell's Rainforest Snail Thersites mitchellae
566. Moapa Pebblesnail Pyrgulopsis avernalis
567. Moitessieria corsica Moitessieria corsica
568. Moitessieria juvenisanguis Moitessieria juvenisanguis
569. Moitessieria locardi Moitessieria locardi
570. Monterissa gowerensis Monterissa gowerensis
571. Moom Pebblesnail Somatogyrus obtusus
572. Morro Shoulderband Snail Helminthoglypta walkeriana
573. Mouldingia orientalis Mouldingia orientalis
574. Mouldingia occidentalis Mouldingia occidentalis
575. Mud Elimia Pleurocera alabamensis
576. Muddy Rocksnail Lithasia salebrosa
577. Mussonena campbelli Mussonena campbelli
578. Naegele Springsnail Pyrgulopsis metcalfi
579. Nanocochlea monticola Nanocochlea monticola
580. Nanocochlea pupoidea Nanocochlea pupoidea
581. Napaeus isletae Napaeus isletae
582. Neoplanorbis tantillus Neoplanorbis tantillus
583. Neritina tiassalensis Neritina tiassalensis
584. Nesopupa madgei Nesopupa madgei
585. New Mexico Hotspring Snail Pyrgulopsis thermalis
586. Newcomb's Snail Erinna newcombi
587. Newcomb's Tree Snail Newcombia canaliculata
588. Newcomb's Tree Snail Newcombia cumingi
589. Newcomb's Tree Snail Newcombia lirata
590. Newcomb's Tree Snail Newcombia perkinsi
591. Newcomb's Tree Snail Newcombia pfeifferi
592. Newcomb's Tree Snail Newcombia sulcata
593. Ningbingia australis Ningbingia australis
594. Ningbingia bulla Ningbingia bulla
595. Ningbingia dentiens Ningbingia dentiens
596. Ningbingia laurina Ningbingia laurina
597. Ningbingia octava Ningbingia octava
598. Ningbingia res Ningbingia res
599. Norfolcioconch iota Norfolcioconch iota
600. Norfolcioconch norfolkensis Norfolcioconch norfolkensis
601. Northern Abalone Haliotis kamtschatkana
602. Notopala sublineata Notopala sublineata
603. O'ahu Tree Snail  WATCH A LIVE O'AHU TREE SNAIL Achatinella abbreviata
604. O'ahu Tree Snail Achatinella apexfulva
605. O'ahu Tree Snail Achatinella bellula
606. O'ahu Tree Snail Achatinella buddii
607. O'ahu Tree Snail Achatinella bulimoides
608. O'ahu Tree Snail Achatinella byronii
609. O'ahu Tree Snail Achatinella caesia
610. O'ahu Tree Snail Achatinella casta
611. O'ahu Tree Snail Achatinella cestus
612. O'ahu Tree Snail Achatinella concavospira
613. O'ahu Tree Snail Achatinella curta
614. O'ahu Tree Snail Achatinella decipiens
615. O'ahu Tree Snail Achatinella decora
616. O'ahu Tree Snail Achatinella dimorpha
617. O'ahu Tree Snail Achatinella elegans
618. O'ahu Tree Snail Achatinella leucorraphe
619. O'ahu Tree Snail Achatinella fulgens
620. O'ahu Tree Snail Achatinella fuscobasis
621. O'ahu Tree Snail Achatinella juddii
622. O'ahu Tree Snail Achatinella juncea
623. O'ahu Tree Snail Achatinella lehuiensis
624. O'ahu Tree Snail Achatinella lila
625. O'ahu Tree Snail Achatinella livida
626. O'ahu Tree Snail Achatinella lorata
627. O'ahu Tree Snail Achatinella mustelina
628. O'ahu Tree Snail Achatinella papyracea
629. O'ahu Tree Snail Achatinella phaeozona
630. O'ahu Tree Snail Achatinella pulcherrima
631. O'ahu Tree Snail Achatinella pupukanioe
632. O'ahu Tree Snail Achatinella rosea
633. O'ahu Tree Snail Achatinella sowerbyana
634. O'ahu Tree Snail Achatinella spaldingi
635. O'ahu Tree Snail Achatinella stewartii
636. O'ahu Tree Snail Achatinella taeniolata
637. O'ahu Tree Snail Achatinella thaanumi
638. O'ahu Tree Snail Achatinella turgida
639. O'ahu Tree Snail Achatinella valida
640. O'ahu Tree Snail Achatinella swiftii
641. O'ahu Tree Snail Achatinella viridans
642. O'ahu Tree Snail Achatinella vulpina
643. O'ahu Tree Snail Achatinella vittata
644. Obelus despreauxii Obelus despreauxii
645. Occirhenea georgiana Occirhenea georgiana
646. Ochthephila spirulina Ochthephila spirulina
647. Ocmulgee Marstonia Pyrgulopsis agarhecta
648. Offachloritis dryanderensis Offachloritis dryanderensis
649. Ogasawarana chichijimana Ogasawarana chichijimana
650. Ogasawarana habei Ogasawarana habei
651. Ogasawarana metamorpha Ogasawarana metamorpha
652. Ogasawarana rex Ogasawarana rex
653. Ogasawarana yoshiwarana Ogasawarana yoshiwarana
654. Omphalotropis hieroglyphica Omphalotropis hieroglyphica
655. Opanara altiapica Opanara altiapica
656. Opanara areaensis Opanara areaensis
657. Opanara bitridentata Opanara bitridentata
658. Opanara caliculata Opanara caliculata
659. Opanara depasoapicata Opanara depasoapicata
660. Opanara duplicidentata Opanara duplicidentata
661. Opanara fosbergi Opanara fosbergi
662. Opanara megomphala Opanara megomphala
663. Opanara perahuensis Opanara perahuensis
664. Opaque Pebblesnail Somatogyrus tennesseensis
665. Opisthostoma decrespignyi Opisthostoma decrespignyi
666. Opisthostoma dormani Opisthostoma dormani
667. Opisthostoma fraternum Opisthostoma fraternum
668. Opisthostoma inornatum Opisthostoma inornatum
669. Opisthostoma jucundum Opisthostoma jucundum
670. Opisthostoma mirabile Opisthostoma mirabile
671. Opisthostoma otostoma Opisthostoma otostoma
672. Opisthostoma perspectivum Opisthostoma perspectivum
673. Opisthostoma simplex Opisthostoma simplex
674. Opisthostoma bihamulatum Opisthostoma bihamulatum
675. Orangia cookei Orangia cookei
676. Orangia maituatensis Orangia maituatensis
677. Orangia sporadica Orangia sporadica
678. Ordtrachia elegans Ordtrachia elegans
679. Otway Black Snail Victaphanta compacta
680. Otway Range Black Snail Oreomava otwayensis
681. Ovate Pebblesnail Somatogyrus excavatus
682. Oxychilus agostinhoi Oxychilus agostinhoi
683. Oxychilus amaltheae Oxychilus amaltheae
684. Oxychilus lineolatus Oxychilus lineolatus
685. Oxychilus oglasicola Oxychilus oglasicola
686. Painted Rocksnail Leptoxis taeniata
687. Palacanthilhiopsis vervierii Palacanthilhiopsis vervierii
688. Paladilhia pleurotoma Paladilhia pleurotoma
689. Paludiscala De Oro Snail Paludiscala caramba
690. Paludomus ajanensis Paludomus ajanensis
691. Panhandle Pebblesnail Somatogyrus virginicus
692. Parmacella tenerifensis Parmacella tenerifensis
693. Partula Snail Partula calypso
694. Partula Snail Partula clara
695. Partula Snail Partula dentifera
696. Partula Snail Partula emersoni
697. Partula Snail Partula faba
698. Partula Snail Partula filosa
699. Partula Snail Partula garretti
700. Partula Snail Partula gibba
701. Partula Snail Partula guamensis
702. Partula Snail Partula hebe
703. Partula Snail Partula hyalina
704. Partula Snail Partula labrusca
705. Partula Snail Partula langfordi
706. Partula Snail Partula leucothoe
707. Partula Snail Partula martensiana
708. Partula Snail Partula mirabilis
709. Partula Snail Partula mooreana
710. Partula Snail Partula otaheitana
711. Partula Snail Partula radiolata
712. Partula Snail Partula rosea
713. Partula Snail Partula suturalis
714. Partula Snail Partula taeniata
715. Partula Snail Partula thetis
716. Partula Snail Partula tohiveana
717. Partula Snail Partula tristis
718. Partula Snail Partula varia
719. Partulina confusa Partulina confusa
720. Partulina dubia Partulina dubia
721. Partulina mighelsiana Partulina mighelsiana
722. Partulina perdix Partulina perdix
723. Partulina physa Partulina physa
724. Partulina proxima Partulina proxima
725. Partulina redfieldi Partulina redfieldi
726. Partulina semicarinata Partulina semicarinata
727. Partulina splendida Partulina splendida
728. Partulina tappaniana Partulina tappaniana
729. Partulina tessellata Partulina tessellata
730. Partulina variabilis Partulina variabilis
731. Pecos Assiminea Snail Assiminea pecos
732. Pene galilaea Pene galilaea
733. Penescosta mathewsi Penescosta mathewsi
734. Penescosta sororcula Penescosta sororcula
735. Penguin Freshwater Snail Beddomeia phasianella
736. Perdicella helena Perdicella helena
737. Pernagera gatliffi Pernagera gatliffi
738. Phantom Cave Snail Cochliopa texana
739. Philonesia filiceti Philonesia filiceti
740. Philonesia pitcairnensis Philonesia pitcairnensis
741. Phrantela annamurrayae Phrantela annamurrayae
742. Phrantela conica Phrantela conica
743. Phrantela kutikina Phrantela kutikina
744. Phrantela pupiformis Phrantela pupiformis
745. Phrantela umbilicata Phrantela umbilicata
746. Pila speciosa Pila speciosa
747. Pilsbrycharopa tumida Pilsbrycharopa tumida
748. Pilula praetumida Pilula praetumida
749. Pittoconcha concinna Pittoconcha concinna
750. Placostylus bivaricosus Placostylus bivaricosus
751. Placostylus ambagiosus Placostylus ambagiosus
752. Placostylus bollonsi Placostylus bollonsi
753. Placostylus eddystonensis Placostylus eddystonensis
754. Placostylus fibratus Placostylus fibratus
755. Placostylus hongii Placostylus hongii
756. Placostylus porphyrostomus Placostylus porphyrostomus
757. Plagigeyeria conilis Plagigeyeria conilis
758. Plain Cactus Snail Xerarionta intercisa
759. Platyla foliniana Platyla foliniana
760. Platyla lusitanica Platyla lusitanica
761. Plegma caelatura Plegma caelatura
762. Pleurocera postelli Pleurocera postelli
763. Pleuroxia hinsbyi Pleuroxia hinsbyi
764. Plicate Rocksnail Leptoxis plicata
765. Ponderous Siltsnail Cincinnatia ponderosa
766. Pondoland Cannibal Snail Natalina beyrichi
767. Prickly Pear Island Snail Micrarionta opuntia
768. Prototrachia sedula Prototrachia sedula
769. Pseudamnicola anteisensis Pseudamnicola anteisensis
770. Pseudamnicola klemmi Pseudamnicola klemmi
771. Ptychalaea dedecora Ptychalaea dedecora
772. Ptychodon schuppi Ptychodon schuppi
773. Pulmonate Limpet Siphonaria compressa
774. Purcell's Hunter Slug Chlamydephorus purcelli
775. Pygmy Pebblesnail Somatogyrus pygmaeus
776. Pygmy Siltsnail Cincinnatia parva
777. Pyrenaearia daanidentata Pyrenaearia daanidentata
778. Pyrenaearia molae Pyrenaearia molae
779. Quadrate Pebblesnail Somatogyrus quadratus
780. Radioconus riochcoensis Radioconus riochcoensis
781. Radioconus goeldi Radioconus goeldi
782. Radiodiscus amdenus Radiodiscus amdenus
783. Radiodiscus compactus Radiodiscus compactus
784. Rapid River Freshwater Snail Beddomeia angulata
785. Renea bourguignatiana Renea bourguignatiana
786. Renea gormonti Renea gormonti
787. Renea moutoni Renea moutoni
788. Renea paillona Renea paillona
789. Renea singularis Renea singularis
790. Retinella stabilei Retinella stabilei
791. Reymondia tanganyicensis Reymondia tanganyicensis
792. Rhagada gibbensis Rhagada gibbensis
793. Rhagada harti Rhagada harti
794. Rhysoconcha variumbilicata Rhysoconcha variumbilicata
795. Rhysoconcha atanuiensis Rhysoconcha atanuiensis
796. Rhytida oconnori Rhytida oconnori
797. Rhytida clarki Rhytida clarki
798. Ringed Hornsnail Pleurocera annulifera
799. Rocky Mountain Capshell Acroloxus coloradensis
800. Rolling Pebblesnail Somatogyrus strengi
801. Roswell Springsnail Pyrgulopsis roswellensis
802. Rough Hornsnail Pleurocera foremani
803. Round Rocksnail Elimia ampla
804. Round-rib Elimia Elimia nassula
805. Royal Marstonia Snail Pyrgulopsis ogmorhaphe
806. Ruatara koarana Ruatara koarana
807. Ruatara oparica Ruatara oparica
808. Rugged Hornsnail Pleurocera alveare
809. Sadleriana pannonica Sadleriana pannonica
810. Salmon River Freshwater Snail Beddomeia gibba
811. Samoan Tree Snail Samoana thurstoni
812. Samoan Tree Snail Samoana solitaria
813. Samoan Tree Snail Samoana fragilis
814. Samoan Tree Snail Samoana diaphana
815. Samoan Tree Snail Samoana conica
816. Samoan Tree Snail Samoana attenuata
817. Samoan Tree Snail Samoana annectens
818. Samoan Tree Snail Samoana abbreviata
819. Savage River Freshwater Snail Beddomeia trochiformis
820. Scottsdale Freshwater Snail Beddomeia minima
821. Sculpin Snail Stiobia nana
822. Sculptiferussacia clausiliaeformis Sculptiferussacia clausiliaeformis
823. Seminole Siltsnail Cincinnatia vanhyningi
824. Semotrachia euzyga Semotrachia euzyga
825. Sheldonia puzeyi Sheldonia puzeyi
826. Shortspire Hornsnail Pleurocera curta
827. Silky Snail Roblinella agnewi
828. Silt Elimia Elimia haysiana
829. Sinployea pitcairnensis Sinployea pitcairnensis
830. Skirted Hornsnail Pleurocera pyrenella
831. Slender Campeloma Campeloma decampi
832. Slowwater Elimia Elimia interveniens
833. Smooth Rocksnail Leptoxis virgata
834. Snake River Physa Snail Physa natricina
835. Snake Skin Hunter Slug Chlamydephorus dimidius
836. Socorro Springsnail Pyrgulopsis neomexicana
837. South Sierra Nevada Springsnail Pyrgulopsis giuliani
838. Spekia coheni Spekia coheni
839. Spelaeodiscus tatricus Spelaeodiscus tatricus
840. Spindle Elimia Elimia capillaris
841. Spiny River Snail Io fluvialis
842. Spiral Hornsnail Pleurocera brumbyi
843. Spirorbula latens Spirorbula latens
844. Spirorbula squalida Spirorbula squalida
845. Spotted Rocksnail Leptoxis picta
846. St. Patricks River Freshwater Snail Beddomeia ronaldi
847. St. Pauls River Freshwater Snail Beddomeia krybetes
848. Stanleya neritinoides Stanleya neritinoides
849. Stocky Pebblesnail Somatogyrus crassus
850. Suavocallia splendens Suavocallia splendens
851. Suboestophora jeresae Suboestophora jeresae
852. Subuliniscus arambourgi Subuliniscus arambourgi
853. Succinea piratarum Succinea piratarum
854. Succinea quadrasi Succinea quadrasi
855. Table Cape Freshwater Snail Beddomeia capensis
856. Tacheocampylaea tacheoides Tacheocampylaea tacheoides
857. Tanganyicia rufofilosa Tanganyicia rufofilosa
858. Telescope Hornsnail Pleurocera walkeri
859. Tennessee Pebblesnail Somatogyrus currierianus
860. Terrys Creek Freshwater Snail Beddomeia tasmanica
861. Thapsia buraensis Thapsia buraensis
862. Thapsia snelli Thapsia snelli
863. Thaumatodon hystricelloides Thaumatodon hystricelloides
864. Theba arinagae Theba arinagae
865. Theskelomensor creon Theskelomensor creon
866. Thickshell Pondsnail Stagnicola utahensis
867. Thousand Palms Desert Snail Eremarionta millepalmarum
868. Tight Coin Ammonitella yatesii
869. Tomicha cawstoni Tomicha cawstoni
870. Tomicha natalensis Tomicha natalensis
871. Tomicha rogersi Tomicha rogersi
872. Tomichia cawstoni Tomichia cawstoni
873. Tomichia differens Tomichia differens
874. Tomichia natalensis Tomichia natalensis
875. Tomichia tristis Tomichia tristis
876. Tomichia ventricosa Tomichia ventricosa
877. Tomichia zwellendamensis Tomichia zwellendamensis
878. Tomichia rogersi Tomichia rogersi
879. Tongaland Cannibal Snail Natalina wesseliana
880. Torresitrachia thedana Torresitrachia thedana
881. Trachycystis clifdeni Trachycystis clifdeni
882. Trachycystis haygarthi Trachycystis haygarthi
883. Trachycystis placenta Trachycystis placenta
884. Transverse Grand Pyrg Pyrgulopsis cruciglans
885. Tricula montana Tricula montana
886. Trinity Bristle Snail Monadenia setosa
887. Trochidrobia inflata Trochidrobia inflata
888. Trochidrobia minuta Trochidrobia minuta
889. Trochidrobia smithi Trochidrobia smithi
890. Trochochlamys ogasawarana Trochochlamys ogasawarana
891. Trochoidea pseudojacosta Trochoidea pseudojacosta
892. Trochoidea gharlapsi Trochoidea gharlapsi
893. Trochoidea molinae Trochoidea molinae
894. Trochoidea zaharensis Trochoidea zaharensis
895. Trochomorpha apia Trochomorpha apia
896. Tropidophora articulata Tropidophora articulata
897. Tropidophora deburghiae Tropidophora deburghiae
898. Tropidoptera heliciformis Tropidoptera heliciformis
899. Truncatellina arcyensis Truncatellina arcyensis
900. Tubuaia fosbergi Tubuaia fosbergi
901. Tulotoma Snail Tulotoma magnifica
902. Turgenitubulus aslini Turgenitubulus aslini
903. Turgenitubulus costus Turgenitubulus costus
904. Turgenitubulus depressus Turgenitubulus depressus
905. Turgenitubulus foramenus Turgenitubulus foramenus
906. Turgenitubulus opiranus Turgenitubulus opiranus
907. Turgenitubulus pagodula Turgenitubulus pagodula
908. Turgenitubulus tanmurrana Turgenitubulus tanmurrana
909. Tyrrheniellina josephi Tyrrheniellina josephi
910. Upland Hornsnail Pleurocera showalteri
911. Upper Castra Freshwater Snail Beddomeia fallax
912. Upper Castra River Freshwater Snail Beddomeia lodderae
913. Utah Physa Physella utahensis
914. Utah Valvata Snail Valvata utahensis
915. Varicose Rocksnail Lithasia verrucosa
916. Victodrobia burni Victodrobia burni
917. Victodrobia elongata Victodrobia elongata
918. Victodrobia millerae Victodrobia millerae
919. Vidumelon wattii Vidumelon wattii
920. Virginia Fringed Mountain Snail Polygyriscus virginianus
921. Vitrea pseudotrolli Vitrea pseudotrolli
922. Vortex Banded Mountain Snail Oreohelix vortex
923. Walnut Elimia Elimia bellula
924. Wekiwa Hydrobe Aphaostracon monas
925. Wekiwa Siltsnail Cincinnatia wekiwae
926. West Gawler Freshwater Snail Beddomeia averni
927. Westraltrachia alterna Westraltrachia alterna
928. Westraltrachia inopinata Westraltrachia inopinata
929. Westraltrachia lievreana Westraltrachia lievreana
930. Westraltrachia porcata Westraltrachia porcata
931. Westraltrachia recta Westraltrachia recta
932. Westraltrachia subtila Westraltrachia subtila
933. Westraltrachia turbinata Westraltrachia turbinata
934. Wet Rock Physa Physella zionis
935. White Abalone Haliotis sorenseni
936. White Desert Snail Eremarionta immaculata
937. Williamson Creek Freshwater Snail Beddomeia topsiae
938. Wilmot Freshwater Snail Beddomeia wilmotensis
939. Wreathed Cactus Snail Xerarionta redimita
940. Xerosecta giustii Xerosecta giustii
941. Zilchogyra paulistana Zilchogyra paulistana
942. Zingis radiolata Zingis radiolata
943. Zonitoides jaccetanicus Zonitoides jaccetanicus
944. Zospeum biscaiense Zospeum biscaiense

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