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Note/Disclaimer: This list is made possible through a database keyword search/filtering process which may not be 100% accurate. Therefore, all endangered species of Galapagos Islands may not be listed here. For a complete list of endangered species in South America, browse the South America endangered species list.

Endangered species found in Galapagos Islands:

This list combines species from several endangered species lists. Using the total at the bottom of this page as an official count of endangered species of the world is not recommended. For more information on what creatures are listed on this site, please visit our About Us page.

 Species NameScientific NameGroupRange
1. Acrosorium papenfussii Acrosorium papenfussii Plants Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
2. Austrofolium equatorianum Austrofolium equatorianum Plants Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
3. Barrington Land Iguana Conolophus pallidus Reptiles Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
4. Bigeye Tuna Thunnus obesus Fishes Africa, American Samoa, Asia, Australia, Central America, Europe, Middle East, North America - Including United States (Hawaii), Oceanic, South America
5. Black-blotched Stingray Taeniura meyeni Fishes Africa, Asia, Australia, Middle East, Oceanic, South America
6. Bursera malacophylla Bursera malacophylla Plants Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
7. Cordia scouleri Cordia scouleri Plants South America
8. Darwiniothamnus alternifolius Darwiniothamnus alternifolius Plants Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
9. Devil Fish Manta birostris Fishes Africa, Asia, Australia, Central America, Europe, Hawaii, Middle East, North America, Oceanic, South America
10. Dictyota galapagensis Dictyota galapagensis Plants Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
11. Drymaria monticola Drymaria monticola Plants Ecuador
12. Fernandina Galapagos Mouse Nesoryzomys fernandinae Mammals Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
13. Fernandina Island Galapagos Mouse Nesoryzomys narboroughi Mammals Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
14. Floreana Coral Tubastraea floreana Corals, Jellyfish, and Sea Anemones Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
15. Froelichia nudicaulis Froelichia nudicaulis Plants Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
16. Froelichia juncea Froelichia juncea Plants Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
17. Galapagos Coral Polycyathus isabela Corals, Jellyfish, and Sea Anemones Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
18. Galapagos Hawk Buteo galapagoensis Birds Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
19. Galapagos Islands Fur Seal Arctocephalus galapagoensis Mammals Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
20. Galapagos Kelp Eisenia galapagensis Plants Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
21. Galapagos Land Iguana Conolophus subcristatus Reptiles Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
22. Galapagos Land Snail Bulimulus unifasciatus Snails Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
23. Galapagos Land Snail Bulimulus amastroides Snails Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
24. Galapagos Land Snail Bulimulus darwini Snails Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
25. Galapagos Land Snail Bulimulus hoodensis Snails Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
26. Galapagos Land Snail Bulimulus olla Snails Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
27. Galapagos Land Snail Bulimulus sculpturatus Snails Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
28. Galapagos Land Snail Bulimulus tortuganus Snails Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
29. Galapagos Land Snail Bulimulus alethorhytidus Snails Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
30. Galapagos Land Snail Bulimulus curtus Snails Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
31. Galapagos Land Snail Bulimulus hirsutus Snails Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
32. Galapagos Land Snail Bulimulus ochsneri Snails Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
33. Galapagos Land Snail Bulimulus saeronius Snails Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
34. Galapagos Land Snail Bulimulus tanneri Snails Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
35. Galapagos Land Snail Bulimulus akamatus Snails Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
36. Galapagos Land Snail Bulimulus cucullinus Snails Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
37. Galapagos Land Snail Bulimulus habeli Snails Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
38. Galapagos Land Snail Bulimulus nux Snails Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
39. Galapagos Land Snail Bulimulus rugulosus Snails Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
40. Galapagos Land Snail Bulimulus sp. nov. 'vanmoli' Snails Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
41. Galapagos Land Snail Bulimulus adserseni Snails Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
42. Galapagos Land Snail Bulimulus cinerarius Snails Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
43. Galapagos Land Snail Bulimulus galapaganus Snails Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
44. Galapagos Land Snail Bulimulus nesioticus Snails Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
45. Galapagos Land Snail Bulimulus reibischi Snails Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
46. Galapagos Land Snail Bulimulus sp. nov. 'tuideroyi' Snails Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
47. Galapagos Land Snail Bulimulus adelphus Snails Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
48. Galapagos Land Snail Bulimulus chemitzioides Snails Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
49. Galapagos Land Snail Bulimulus eschariferus Snails Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
50. Galapagos Land Snail Bulimulus lycodus Snails Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
51. Galapagos Land Snail Bulimulus rabidensis Snails Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
52. Galapagos Land Snail Bulimulus achatellinus Snails Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
53. Galapagos Land Snail Bulimulus cavagnaroi Snails Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
54. Galapagos Land Snail Bulimulus eos Snails Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
55. Galapagos Land Snail Bulimulus jervisensis Snails Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
56. Galapagos Land Snail Bulimulus planospira Snails Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
57. Galapagos Land Snail Bulimulus sp. nov. 'nilsodhneri' Snails Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
58. Galapagos Land Snail Bulimulus wolfi Snails Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
59. Galapagos Land Snail Bulimulus calvus Snails Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
60. Galapagos Land Snail Bulimulus duncanus Snails Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
61. Galapagos Land Snail Bulimulus jacobi Snails Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
62. Galapagos Land Snail Bulimulus perspectivus Snails Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
63. Galapagos Land Snail Bulimulus sp. nov. 'krameri' Snails Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
64. Galapagos Land Snail Bulimulus ustulatus Snails Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
65. Galapagos Land Snail Bulimulus blombergi Snails Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
66. Galapagos Land Snail Bulimulus deridderi Snails Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
67. Galapagos Land Snail Bulimulus indefatigabilis Snails Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
68. Galapagos Land Snail Bulimulus perrus Snails Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
69. Galapagos Land Snail Bulimulus sp. nov. 'josevillani' Snails Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
70. Galapagos Marine Iguana Amblyrhynchus cristatus Reptiles Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
71. Galapagos Penguin Spheniscus mendiculus Birds Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
72. Galapagos Petrel Pterodroma phaeopygia Birds Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador (Galapagos Islands), El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru, Philippines
73. Galapagos Rice Rat Aegialomys galapagoensis Mammals Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
74. Galapagos Shark Carcharhinus galapagensis Fishes Africa, Asia, Australia, Central America, Europe, North America (Hawaii/US Territory), Oceanic, South America
75. Galapagos Stringweed Bifurcaria galapagensis Plants Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
76. Galapagos Tortoise Geochelone elephantopus Reptiles Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
77. Gray Matplant Tiquilia nesiotica Plants Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
78. Great White Shark Carcharodon carcharias Fishes Africa, Asia, Australia, Central America, Europe, Middle East, North America (including United States and Hawaii), Oceanic, South America
79. Hammerhead Shark Sphyrna mokarran Fishes Africa, Asia, Australia, Central and South America, Middle East, Oceanic, United States
80. Harmles Serotine Eptesicus innoxius Mammals Ecuador (Galapagos Islands), Peru
81. Heliotropium anderssonii Heliotropium anderssonii Plants Ecuador
82. Laurencia oppositocladia Laurencia oppositocladia Plants Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
83. Lava Cactus Brachycereus nesioticus Plants Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
84. Lecocarpus lecocarpoides Lecocarpus lecocarpoides Plants Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
85. Linum cratericola Linum cratericola Plants Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
86. Lithophila subscaposa Lithophila subscaposa Plants Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
87. Myriogramme kylinii Myriogramme kylinii Plants Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
88. Phycodrina elegans Phycodrina elegans Plants Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
89. Pleuropetalum darwinii Pleuropetalum darwinii Plants Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
90. Prickly Pear Opuntia megasperma Plants Ecuador
91. Prickly Pear Opuntia helleri Plants Ecuador
92. Prickly Pear Opuntia echios Plants Ecuador
93. Pseudolaingia hancockii Pseudolaingia hancockii Plants Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
94. Santiago Galapagos Mouse Nesoryzomys swarthi Mammals Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
95. Scalesia aspera Scalesia aspera Plants Ecuador
96. Scalesia stewartii Scalesia stewartii Plants Ecuador
97. Scalesia retroflexa Scalesia retroflexa Plants Ecuador
98. Scalesia pedunculata Scalesia pedunculata Plants Ecuador
99. Scalesia incisa Scalesia incisa Plants Ecuador
100. Scalesia helleri Scalesia helleri Plants Ecuador
101. Scalesia crockeri Scalesia crockeri Plants Ecuador
102. Scalesia baurii Scalesia baurii Plants Ecuador
103. Scalesia atractyloides Scalesia atractyloides Plants Ecuador
104. Scalesia villosa Scalesia villosa Plants Ecuador
105. Speckled Smoothhound Mustelus mento Fishes Chile, Ecuador (Galapagos Islands), Peru
106. Spotted Eagle Ray Aetobatus narinari Fishes Africa, Asia, Australia, Central America, Middle East, North America (including United States and US Island Territory and Hawaii), Oceans, South America
107. String Sargassum Sargassum setifolium Plants Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
108. Tournefortia rufo-sericea Tournefortia rufo-sericea Plants Ecuador
109. Tropical Acidweed Desmarestia tropica Plants Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
110. Wellington's Solitary Coral Rhizopsammia wellingtoni Corals, Jellyfish, and Sea Anemones Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)

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