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Note/Disclaimer: This list is made possible through a database keyword search/filtering process which may not be 100% accurate. Therefore, all endangered species of Rodrigues Island may not be listed here. For a complete list of endangered species in Africa, browse the Africa endangered species list.

Endangered species found in Rodrigues Island:

This list combines species from several endangered species lists. Using the total at the bottom of this page as an official count of endangered species of the world is not recommended. For more information on what creatures are listed on this site, please visit our About Us page.

 Species NameScientific NameGroupRange
1. Afrogyrus rodriguezensis Afrogyrus rodriguezensis Snails Mauritius (Rodrigues Islands)
2. Brown-marbled Grouper Epinephelus fuscoguttatus Fishes Africa, American Samoa, Asia, Australia, Europe, Middle East, North America (United States Territory), Oceanic
3. Cafe Marron Tree Ramosmania rodriguesii Plants Mauritius (Rodrigues Islands)
4. Dancea rodriguezensis Dancea rodriguezensis Snails Mauritius (Rodrigues Islands)
5. Gastonia rodriguesiana Gastonia rodriguesiana Plants Mauritius
6. Latania verschaffeltii Latania verschaffeltii Plants Mauritius
7. Rodrigues Fody Foudia flavicans Birds Indian Ocean (Rodrigues Island - Mauritius)
8. Rodrigues Fruit Bat Pteropus rodricensis Mammals Indian Ocean (Rodrigues Island)
9. Rodrigues Warbler Bebrornis rodericanus Birds Mauritius (Rodrigues Islands)
10. Thapsia snelli Thapsia snelli Snails Mauritius (Rodrigues Islands)
11. Tropidophora articulata Tropidophora articulata Snails Mauritius (Rodrigues Islands)
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