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Note/Disclaimer: This list is made possible through a database keyword search/filtering process which may not be 100% accurate. Therefore, all endangered species of Bolivia may not be listed here. For a complete list of endangered species in South America, browse the South America endangered species list.

Endangered species found in Bolivia:

This list combines species from several endangered species lists. Using the total at the bottom of this page as an official count of endangered species of the world is not recommended. For more information on what creatures are listed on this site, please visit our About Us page.

 Species NameScientific NameGroupRange
1. Abarema centiflora Abarema centiflora Plants Bolivia
2. Acacia etilis Acacia etilis Plants Argentina, Bolivia
3. Acacia albicorticata Acacia albicorticata Plants Argentina, Bolivia
4. Acanthosyris asipapote Acanthosyris asipapote Plants Bolivia
5. Allobates mcdiarmidi Allobates mcdiarmidi Amphibians Bolivia
6. Amazonian Parrotlet Nannopsittaca dachilleae Birds Bolivia, Peru
7. Amburana cearensis Amburana cearensis Plants Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay, Peru
8. Amburana acreana Amburana acreana Plants Bolivia, Brazil, Peru
9. Andean Bear Tremarctos ornatus Mammals Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela
10. Andean Cat Felis jacobita Mammals Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Peru
11. Andean Condor  WATCH A LIVE ANDEAN CONDOR Vultur gryphus Birds Colombia to Chile and Argentina
12. Andean Flamingo Phoenicoparrus andinus Birds Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Peru
13. Andean Hairy Armadillo Chaetophractus nationi Mammals Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Peru
14. Ash-breasted Tit-tyrant Anairetes alpinus Birds Bolivia, Peru
15. Ashy Antwren Myrmotherula grisea Birds Bolivia, Peru
16. Aspidosperma polyneuron Aspidosperma polyneuron Plants Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Paraguay, Peru
17. Athyana weinmannifolia Athyana weinmannifolia Plants Argentina, Bolivia
18. Bearded Tachuri Polystictus pectoralis Birds Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, French Guiana, Guyana, Paraguay, Suriname, Uruguay, Venezuela
19. Beni Titi Monkey Callicebus modestus Mammals Bolivia
20. Berlepsch's Canastero Asthenes berlepschi Birds Bolivia
21. Big Leaf Mahogany Swietenia macrophylla Plants Central America, North America, South America
22. Black Caiman Melanosuchus niger Reptiles Amazon Basin
23. Black Solitary Eagle Harpyhaliaetus solitarius Birds Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Venezuela
24. Black-and-chestnut Eagle Spizaetus isidori Birds Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela
25. Black-and-tawny Seedeater Sporophila nigrorufa Birds Bolivia, Brazil
26. Black-and-white Tanager Conothraupis speculigera Birds Bolivia, Brazil, Ecuador, Peru
27. Black-bodied Woodpecker Dryocopus schulzi Birds Argentina, Bolivia, Paraguay
28. Black-faced Black Spider Monkey Ateles chamek Mammals Bolivia, Brazil, Peru
29. Black-masked Finch Coryphaspiza melanotis Birds Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay, Peru
30. Blue Finch Porphyrospiza caerulescens Birds Bolivia, Brazil
31. Blue-headed Macaw Primolius couloni Birds Bolivia, Brazil, Peru
32. Blue-throated Macaw Ara glaucogularis Birds Bolivia
33. Boeckella calcaris Boeckella calcaris Crustaceans Bolivia, Peru
34. Bolivian Chinchilla Rat Abrocoma boliviensis Mammals Bolivia
35. Bolivian Mountain Coconut Parajubaea torallyi Plants Bolivia
36. Bolivian Recurvebill Simoxenops striatus Birds Bolivia, Peru
37. Bolivian Spinetail Cranioleuca henricae Birds Bolivia
38. Bolivian Water Frog Telmatobius bolivianus Amphibians Bolivia
39. Brazil-nut Tree Bertholletia excelsa Plants Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, French Guiana, Guyana, Peru, Suriname, Venezuela
40. Brazilian Giant Tortoise Geochelone denticulata Reptiles Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, French Guiana, Guyana, Peru, Suriname, Trinidad and Tobago, Venezuela, West Indies (Dominica)
41. Buff-breasted Sandpiper Tryngites subruficollis Birds Africa, Australia, Central America, Europe, Middle East, North America (including United States Territory), Oceanic, South America
42. Buff-throated Tody-tyrant Hemitriccus rufigularis Birds Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru
43. Burmeister's Armadillo Calyptophractus retusus Mammals Argentina, Bolivia, Paraguay
44. Bush Dog Speothos venaticus Mammals Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, French Guiana, Guyana, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Suriname, Venezuela
45. Caalaya Andes Frog Psychrophrynella kallawaya Amphibians Bolivia
46. Caesalpinia paraguariensis Caesalpinia paraguariensis Plants Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay
47. Campo Miner Geositta poeciloptera Birds Bolivia, Brazil
48. Cedrela lilloi Cedrela lilloi Plants South America
49. Cedro Misionero Cedrela fissilis Plants Central America, South America
50. Cerulean Warbler Dendroica cerulea Birds Bahamas, Belize, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, Jamaica, Mexico, Netherlands Antilles, Panama, Peru, United States, Venezuela
51. Chaco Eagle Buteogallus coronatus Birds Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay
52. Chaco Water Frog Telmatobius verrucosus Amphibians Bolivia
53. Chacoan Peccary Catagonus wagneri Mammals Argentina, Bolivia, Paraguay
54. Charazani Treefrog Hyloscirtus charazani Amphibians Bolivia
55. Chilean Flamingo Phoenicopterus chilensis Birds Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Falkland Islands (Malvinas), Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay
56. Chunyi Mazama chunyi Mammals Bolivia, Peru
57. Cigar-box Wood Cedrela odorata Plants Central America, North America, South America
58. Cloud-forest Screech-owl Megascops marshalli Birds Bolivia, Peru
59. Coal-crested Finch Charitospiza eucosma Birds Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil
60. Coccoloba tiliacea Coccoloba tiliacea Plants Argentina, Bolivia
61. Cochabamba Grass Mouse Akodon siberiae Mammals Bolivia
62. Cochabamba Mountain-finch Poospiza garleppi Birds Bolivia
63. Cochabamba Water Frog Telmatobius sibiricus Amphibians Bolivia
64. Cochranella nola Cochranella nola Amphibians Bolivia
65. Cock-tailed Tyrant Alectrurus tricolor Birds Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay
66. Condorir's Andes Frog Psychrophrynella condoriri Amphibians Bolivia
67. Cooco Andes Frog Psychrophrynella ankohuma Amphibians Bolivia
68. Cougar  WATCH A LIVE COUGAR Puma concolor Mammals North and Central America
69. Coursetia hypoleuca Coursetia hypoleuca Plants Argentina, Bolivia
70. Coursetia brachyrachis Coursetia brachyrachis Plants Argentina, Bolivia
71. Dark-throated Seedeater Sporophila ruficollis Birds Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay
72. Darwin's Rhea Rhea pennata Birds Argentina, Bolivia, Paraguay, Peru
73. Diademed Plover Phegornis mitchellii Birds Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Peru
74. Dinelli's Doradito Pseudocolopteryx dinelliana Birds Argentina, Bolivia, Paraguay
75. Diplokeleba herzogi Diplokeleba herzogi Plants Bolivia
76. El Chape Toad Rhinella justinianoi Amphibians Bolivia
77. Eskimo Curlew Numenius borealis Birds Alaska and Northern Canada to Argentina
78. Fig Tree Ficus aguaraguensis Plants Bolivia
79. Freziera dudleyi Freziera dudleyi Plants Bolivia, Peru
80. Freziera subintegrifolia Freziera subintegrifolia Plants Bolivia
81. Freziera caloneura Freziera caloneura Plants Bolivia, Peru
82. Freziera revoluta Freziera revoluta Plants Bolivia, Peru
83. Freziera caesariata Freziera caesariata Plants Bolivia
84. Freziera inaequilatera Freziera inaequilatera Plants Bolivia
85. Freziera angulosa Freziera angulosa Plants Bolivia
86. Freziera alata Freziera alata Plants Bolivia
87. Freziera varibrateata Freziera varibrateata Plants Bolivia
88. Freziera uniauriculata Freziera uniauriculata Plants Bolivia
89. Freziera glabrescens Freziera glabrescens Plants Bolivia
90. Freziera uncinata Freziera uncinata Plants Bolivia
91. Geoffroy's Cat Leopardus geoffroyi Mammals Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay
92. Geoffroy's Peruvian Woolly Monkey Lagothrix cana Mammals Bolivia, Brazil, Peru
93. Giant Anteater Myrmecophaga tridactyla Mammals Central and South America
94. Giant Armadillo Priodontes maximus Mammals Guyana to Argentina, Venezuela
95. Giant Conebill Oreomanes fraseri Birds Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru
96. Giant Otter Pteronura brasiliensis Mammals South America
97. Goeldi's Marmoset Callimico goeldii Mammals Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru
98. Great-billed Seed-finch Oryzoborus maximiliani Birds Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, French Guiana, Peru, Venezuela
99. Greater Rhea Rhea americana Birds Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay
100. Green-capped Tanager Tangara meyerdeschauenseei Birds Bolivia, Peru
101. Guianan Crested Eagle Morphnus guianensis Birds Argentina, Belize, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, French Guiana, Guatemala, Guyana, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Suriname, Venezuela
102. Guille's Andes Frog Psychrophrynella guillei Amphibians Bolivia
103. Handley's Tailless Bat Anoura cultrata Mammals Bolivia, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Panama, Peru, Venezuela
104. Harpy Eagle Harpia harpyja Birds Mexico south to Argentina
105. Harvey's Andes Frog Psychrophrynella harveyi Amphibians Bolivia
106. Horned Coot Fulica cornuta Birds Argentina, Bolivia, Chile
107. Horned Curassow Pauxi unicornis Birds Bolivia, Peru
108. Hyacinth Macaw Anodorhynchus hyacinthinus Birds Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay
109. Ian's Andes Frog Psychrophrynella iani Amphibians Bolivia
110. Illiman's Andes Frog Psychrophrynella illimani Amphibians Bolivia
111. Incachaca Toad Rhinella quechua Amphibians Bolivia
112. Inga saltensis Inga saltensis Plants Argentina, Bolivia
113. Inga pallida Inga pallida Plants Bolivia
114. Inga approximata Inga approximata Plants Bolivia
115. Inga amboroensis Inga amboroensis Plants Bolivia
116. Inquisivi Andes Frog Psychrophrynella quimsacruzis Amphibians Bolivia
117. Inquisivi Water Frog Telmatobius espadai Amphibians Bolivia
118. Jacaranda mimosifolia Jacaranda mimosifolia Plants Argentina, Bolivia, Costa Rica, Panama
119. Jaguar  WATCH A LIVE JAGUAR Panthera onca Mammals Arizona, California, Central and South America, Louisiana, Mexico, New Mexico, Texas
120. Junin Andes Frog Psychrophrynella kempffi Amphibians Bolivia
121. Kageneckia lanceolata Kageneckia lanceolata Plants Bolivia, Peru
122. Khastor Water Frog Telmatobius huayra Amphibians Bolivia
123. La Siberia Marsupial Frog Gastrotheca lauzuricae Amphibians Bolivia
124. Line-fronted Canastero Asthenes urubambensis Birds Bolivia, Peru
125. Little Spotted Cat Leopardus tigrinus Mammals Costa Rica to Northern Argentina
126. Long-tailed Otter Lontra longicaudis Mammals South America
127. Loxopterygium grisebachii Loxopterygium grisebachii Plants Argentina, Bolivia
128. Magnolia Magnolia boliviana Plants Bolivia
129. Maned Wolf Chrysocyon brachyurus Mammals Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay
130. Maquis Canastero Asthenes heterura Birds Argentina, Bolivia
131. Marbled Water Frog Telmatobius marmoratus Amphibians Bolivia, Chile, Peru
132. Margay Leopardus wiedii Mammals Central and South America, Mexico
133. Marsh Deer Blastocerus dichotomus Mammals Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay
134. Masked Antpitta Hylopezus auricularis Birds Bolivia
135. Mezilaurus itauba Mezilaurus itauba Plants Bolivia, Brazil, Ecuador, French Guiana, Peru, Suriname
136. Military Macaw Ara militaris Birds Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, Venezuela
137. Mountain Paca Cuniculus taczanowskii Mammals Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela
138. Myrcianthes callicoma Myrcianthes callicoma Plants Argentina, Bolivia
139. Nectandra dasystyla Nectandra dasystyla Plants Bolivia, Peru
140. Nectandra citrifolia Nectandra citrifolia Plants Bolivia, Peru
141. Nectandra brittonii Nectandra brittonii Plants Bolivia, Peru
142. Nectandra apiculata Nectandra apiculata Plants Bolivia
143. Nectandra angusta Nectandra angusta Plants Bolivia
144. Nectandra latissima Nectandra latissima Plants Bolivia
145. North Andean Huemul Hippocamelus antisensis Mammals Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, Peru
146. Ocelot  WATCH A LIVE OCELOT Leopardus pardalis Mammals USA (Arizona, Texas) to Central and South America
147. Olalla Brothers' Titi Monkey Callicebus olallae Mammals Bolivia
148. Olive-sided Flycatcher Contopus cooperi Birds Central and South America, North America (including United States)
149. Oreobates zongoensis Oreobates zongoensis Amphibians Bolivia
150. Orinoco Goose Neochen jubata Birds Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Jamaica, Paraguay, Peru, Venezuela, West Indies (Barbados)
151. Pacarana Dinomys branickii Mammals Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela
152. Palo Barroso Chloroleucon chacoense Plants Argentina, Bolivia, Paraguay
153. Palo Papel Cochlospermum tetraporum Plants Argentina, Bolivia
154. Pampas Cat Leopardus colocolo Mammals Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay
155. Pampas Deer Ozotoceros bezoarticus Mammals Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay
156. Parjacti Treefrog Hyloscirtus chlorosteus Amphibians Bolivia
157. Parodiodendron marginivillosum Parodiodendron marginivillosum Plants Argentina, Bolivia
158. Pelechuco Andes Frog Psychrophrynella katantika Amphibians Bolivia
159. Peruvian Recurvebill Simoxenops ucayalae Birds Bolivia, Brazil, Peru
160. Phyllostylon orthopterum Phyllostylon orthopterum Plants Bolivia
161. Pithecellobium grisebachianum Pithecellobium grisebachianum Plants Argentina, Bolivia
162. Polylepis pepei Polylepis pepei Plants Bolivia, Peru
163. Polylepis neglecta Polylepis neglecta Plants Bolivia
164. Polylepis hieronymi Polylepis hieronymi Plants Argentina, Bolivia
165. Polylepis crista-galli Polylepis crista-galli Plants Bolivia
166. Pouteria Tree Pouteria longifolia Plants South America
167. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis ashkapara Amphibians Bolivia
168. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis bisignatus Amphibians Bolivia
169. Psychrophrynella adenopleura Psychrophrynella adenopleura Amphibians Bolivia
170. Psychrophrynella iatamasi Psychrophrynella iatamasi Amphibians Bolivia
171. Psychrophrynella pinguis Psychrophrynella pinguis Amphibians Bolivia
172. Ptilochaeta nudipes Ptilochaeta nudipes Plants Argentina, Bolivia
173. Puna Flamingo Phoenicoparrus jamesi Birds Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Peru
174. Quechuan Hocicudo Oxymycterus hucucha Mammals Bolivia
175. Red Myotis Myotis ruber Mammals Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay
176. Red-fronted Macaw Ara rubrogenys Birds Bolivia
177. Rollinia occidentalis Rollinia occidentalis Plants Argentina, Bolivia
178. Rollinia boliviana Rollinia boliviana Plants Bolivia
179. Rothschild's Swift Cypseloides rothschildi Birds Argentina, Bolivia, Peru
180. Royal Cinclodes Cinclodes aricomae Birds Bolivia, Peru
181. Ruagea ovalis Ruagea ovalis Plants Bolivia
182. Rufous-bellied Saltator Saltator rufiventris Birds Argentina, Bolivia
183. Rufous-faced Crake Laterallus xenopterus Birds Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay
184. Rufous-fronted Antthrush Formicarius rufifrons Birds Bolivia, Brazil, Peru
185. Rufous-rumped Seedeater Sporophila hypochroma Birds Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay
186. Rufous-sided Pygmy-tyrant Euscarthmus rufomarginatus Birds Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay, Suriname
187. Rufous-throated Dipper Cinclus schulzi Birds Argentina, Bolivia
188. Rusty-necked Piculet Picumnus fuscus Birds Bolivia, Brazil
189. Saavedra Andes Frog Psychrophrynella saltator Amphibians Bolivia
190. Salta Marsupial Frog Gastrotheca chrysosticta Amphibians Argentina, Bolivia
191. Sanborn's Water Frog Telmatobius sanborni Amphibians Bolivia, Peru
192. Sanja Pampa Andes Frog Psychrophrynella chacaltaya Amphibians Bolivia
193. Santa Fe White-lipped Frog Leptodactylus laticeps Amphibians Argentina, Bolivia, Paraguay
194. Sapium saltense Sapium saltense Plants Argentina, Bolivia
195. Schinopsis haenkeana Schinopsis haenkeana Plants Argentina, Bolivia
196. Schinus venturi Schinus venturi Plants Argentina, Bolivia
197. Schmidt's Marsupial Frog Gastrotheca splendens Amphibians Bolivia
198. Scimitar-winged Piha Lipaugus uropygialis Birds Bolivia, Peru
199. Sehuencas Water Frog Telmatobius yuracare Amphibians Bolivia
200. Sharp-tailed Grass Tyrant Culicivora caudacuta Birds Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay
201. Short-eared Dog Atelocynus microtis Mammals Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru
202. Short-tailed Chinchilla Chinchilla chinchilla Mammals Bolivia
203. Siphoneugenia occidentalis Siphoneugenia occidentalis Plants Argentina, Bolivia
204. Solanum roseum Solanum roseum Plants Bolivia
205. Solanum exiguum Solanum exiguum Plants Bolivia
206. Sorata Andes Frog Psychrophrynella illampu Amphibians Bolivia
207. South American Tapir Tapirus terrestris Mammals Colombia and Venezuela south to Paraguay and Argentina
208. Southern Three-banded Armadillo Tolypeutes matacus Mammals Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay
209. Sucre Water Frog Telmatobius simonsi Amphibians Bolivia
210. Sunkha Palm Parajubaea sunkha Plants Bolivia
211. Swallow-tailed Cotinga Phibalura flavirostris Birds Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay
212. Tabebuia lapacho Tabebuia lapacho Plants Argentina, Bolivia
213. Taczanowski's Tinamou Nothoprocta taczanowskii Birds Bolivia, Peru
214. Tartaruga Podocnemis expansa Reptiles South America (Orinoco R. and Amazon R. basins)
215. Tawny Tit-spinetail Leptasthenura yanacensis Birds Argentina, Bolivia, Peru
216. Telmatobius edaphonastes Telmatobius edaphonastes Amphibians Bolivia
217. Telmatobius hintoni Telmatobius hintoni Amphibians Bolivia
218. Thomas's Big-eared Brown Bat Histiotus laephotis Mammals Argentina, Bolivia, Peru
219. Three-coloured Harlequin Toad Atelopus tricolor Amphibians Bolivia, Peru
220. Titicaca Grebe Rollandia microptera Birds Bolivia, Peru
221. Titicaca Water Frog Telmatobius culeus Amphibians Bolivia, Peru
222. Tracaja Podocnemis unifilis Reptiles South America (Orinoco R. and Amazon R. basins)
223. Tschudi's Yellow-shouldered Bat Sturnira oporaphilum Mammals Argentina, Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru
224. Tucuman Amazon Amazona tucumana Birds Argentina, Bolivia
225. Tucuman Mountain-finch Poospiza baeri Birds Argentina, Bolivia
226. Unicoloured Thrush Turdus haplochrous Birds Bolivia
227. Vicuna Vicugna vicugna Mammals South America (Andes)
228. Water Frog Telmatobius gigas Amphibians Bolivia
229. Wattled Curassow Crax globulosa Birds Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Peru
230. Wedge-tailed Hillstar Oreotrochilus adela Birds Argentina, Bolivia
231. Wettstein's Andes Frog Psychrophrynella wettsteini Amphibians Bolivia, Peru
232. White-banded Tanager Neothraupis fasciata Birds Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay
233. White-black Treefrog Hypsiboas alboniger Amphibians Bolivia
234. White-lipped Peccary Tayassu pecari Mammals Central America, North America, South America
235. White-tailed Shrike-tyrant Agriornis albicauda Birds Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Peru
236. White-winged Nightjar Eleothreptus candicans Birds Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay
237. Yellow-faced Amazon Alipiopsitta xanthops Birds Bolivia, Brazil
238. Yellow-rumped Antwren Terenura sharpei Birds Bolivia, Peru
239. Zamia boliviana Zamia boliviana Plants South America

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