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Note/Disclaimer: This list is made possible through a database keyword search/filtering process which may not be 100% accurate. Therefore, all endangered species of California may not be listed here. For a complete list of endangered species in North America, browse the North America endangered species list or see the complete United States List.

Endangered species found in California:

This list combines species from several endangered species lists. Using the total at the bottom of this page as an official count of endangered species of the world is not recommended. For more information on what creatures are listed on this site, please visit our About Us page.

 Species NameScientific NameGroupRange
1. Allyn Smith's Banded Snail Helminthoglypta allynsmithi Snails California
2. Amargosa Niterwort Nitrophila mohavensis Plants California, Nevada
3. Amargosa Vole Microtus californicus scirpensis Mammals California
4. Antioch Dunes Evening-primrose Oenothera deltoides ssp. howellii Plants California
5. Arroyo Southwestern Toad Bufo californicus microscaphus Amphibians California, Mexico
6. Ashy Storm-petrel Oceanodroma homochroa Birds California, Ecuador, Mexico
7. Avalon Hairstreak Strymon avalona Insects California
8. Baker's Cypress Cupressus bakeri Plants California, Oregon
9. Baker's Larkspur Delphinium bakeri Plants California
10. Beach Layia Layia carnosa Plants California
11. Bedstraw Galium buxifolium Plants California
12. Bedstraw Galium californicum ssp. sierrae Plants California
13. Belkin's Dune Tabanid Fly Brennania belkini Insects California, Mexico
14. Bell's Vireo Vireo bellii Birds California, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua
15. Ben Lomond Spineflower Chorizanthe pungens var. hartwegiana Plants California
16. Ben Lomond Wallflower Erysimum teretifolium Plants California
17. Bendire's Thrasher Toxostoma bendirei Birds Arizona, California, Canada, Mexico, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah
18. Berberis pinnata ssp. insularis Berberis pinnata ssp. insularis Plants California
19. Berberis nevinii Berberis nevinii Plants California
20. Bicolor Cactus Snail Xerarionta tryoni Snails California
21. Bighorn Sheep Ovis canadensis Mammals California
22. Black Abalone Haliotis cracherodii Snails California, Mexico (Baja California)
23. Black Rail Laterallus jamaicensis Birds Central America, North America (including United States), South America
24. Black Sea Bass Stereolepis gigas Fishes California, Mexico
25. Black Toad Anaxyrus exsul Amphibians California
26. Black-vented Shearwater Puffinus opisthomelas Birds Mexico, United States (California)
27. Blunt-nosed Leopard Lizard Gambelia silus Reptiles California
28. Bocaccio Rockfish Sebastes paucispinus Fishes Canada, Mexico, United States
29. Boisduval's Blue Butterfly Aricia icarioides Insects California, Oregon
30. Bonytail Chub Gila elegans Fishes Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, Utah, Wyoming
31. Boreal Toad Anaxyrus boreas Amphibians Canada, Mexico, United States (California)
32. Braunton's Milk-vetch Astragalus brauntonii Plants California
33. Bronze Whaler Carcharhinus brachyurus Fishes Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, Middle East, North America (including United States), South America
34. Brown Pelican Pelecanus occidentalis Birds Coastal Central and South America, USA (Carolinas to Texas, California, Oregon, Washington), West Indies
35. Buena Vista Lake Ornate Shrew Sorex ornatus relictus Mammals California
36. Buff-breasted Sandpiper Tryngites subruficollis Birds Africa, Australia, Central America, Europe, Middle East, North America (including United States Territory), Oceanic, South America
37. Bullseye Electric Ray Diplobatus ommata Fishes California, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama
38. Burke's Goldfields Lasthenia burkei Plants California
39. California Bay Pea Crab Parapinnixa affinis Crustaceans California
40. California Condor  WATCH A LIVE CALIFORNIA CONDOR Gymnogyps californianus Birds California
41. California Freshwater Shrimp Syncaris pacifica Crustaceans California
42. California Giant Salamander Dicamptodon ensatus Amphibians California
43. California Jewelflower Caulanthus californicus Plants California
44. California Orcutt Grass Orcuttia californica Plants California
45. California Red Tree Mouse Arborimus pomo Mammals California
46. California Red-legged Frog Rana draytonii Amphibians California, Mexico
47. California Seablite Suaeda californica Plants California
48. California Sheephead Semicossyphus pulcher Fishes Mexico, United States (California)
49. California Taraxacum Taraxacum californicum Plants California
50. California Tiger Salamander Ambystoma californiense Amphibians California
51. Calistoga Allocarya Plagiobothrys strictus Plants California
52. Callippe Silverspot Butterfly Speyeria callippe callippe Insects California
53. Campbell's Liverwort Geothallus tuberosus Plants California
54. Carex albida Carex albida Plants California
55. Carson Wandering Skipper Pseudocopaeodes eunus obscurus Insects California, Nevada
56. Cascades Frog Rana cascadae Amphibians California, Canada
57. Cassin's Finch Carpodacus cassinii Birds Canada, Mexico, United States
58. Catalina Island Mountain-Mahogany Cercocarpus traskiae Plants California
59. Catalina Mountain Snail Radiocentrum avalonense Snails California
60. Chestnut-collared Longspur Calcarius ornatus Birds North America (including United States)
61. Chinook Salmon Oncorhynchus tshawytscha Fishes California (Sacramento River) in the winters
62. Ciervo Scarab Beetle Aegialia concinna Insects California
63. Clapper Rail Rallus longirostris Birds Arizona, California
64. Clara Hunt's Milk-vetch Astragalus clarianus Plants California
65. Clouded Salamander Aneides ferreus Amphibians California, Oregon
66. Clover Lupine Lupinus tidestromii Plants California
67. Coachelia Giant Sand Treader Cricket Macrobaenetes valgum Insects California
68. Coachella Valley Fringe-toed Lizard Uma inornata Reptiles California
69. Coachella Valley Jerusalem Cricket Stenopelmatus cahuilaensis Insects California
70. Coachella Valley Milk-vetch Astragalus lentiginosus var. coachellae Plants California
71. Coast Redwood Sequoia sempervirens Plants California, Oregon
72. Coastal Dunes Milk-vetch Astragalus tener var. titi Plants California
73. Coho Salmon Oncorhynchus kisutch Fishes California
74. Colorado Desert Fringe-toed Lizard Uma notata Reptiles California, Mexico
75. Colorado Pikeminnow Ptychocheilus lucius Fishes Arizona, California, Colorado, Mexico, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, Wyoming
76. Common Sawfish Pristis pristis Fishes Africa, Asia, Australia, Central and South America, Europe, Mexico, United States
77. Concentrated Snail Micrarionta facta Snails California
78. Conservancy Fairy Shrimp Branchinecta conservatio Crustaceans California
79. Contra Costa Goldfields Lasthenia conjugens Plants California
80. Contra Costa Wallflower Erysimum capitatum var. angustatum Plants California
81. Cougar  WATCH A LIVE COUGAR Puma concolor Mammals North and Central America
82. Coyote Ceanothus Ceanothus ferrisae Plants California
83. Craveri's Murrelet Synthliboramphus craveri Birds California, Mexico
84. Cushenbury Milk-vetch Astragalus albens Plants California
85. Cushenbury Oxytheca Oxytheca parishii var. goodmaniana Plants California
86. Cushion Buckwheat Eriogonum ovalifolium Plants California, Nevada
87. Del Mar Manzanita Arctostaphylos glandulosa ssp. crassifolia Plants California, Mexico
88. Del Norte Salamander Plethodon elongatus Amphibians California
89. Delhi Sands Flower-loving Fly Rhaphiomidas terminatus abdominalis Insects California
90. Delta Green Ground Beetle Elaphrus viridis Insects California
91. Delta Smelt Hypomesus transpacificus Fishes California
92. Desert Pupfish Cyprinodon macularius Fishes Arizona, California, Mexico
93. Desert Slender Salamander Batrachoseps aridus Amphibians California
94. Desert Tortoise Gopherus agassizii Reptiles Arizona, California, Mexico, Nevada, Utah
95. Devil Fish Manta birostris Fishes Africa, Asia, Australia, Central America, Europe, Hawaii, Middle East, North America, Oceanic, South America
96. Dolloff Cave Spider Meta dolloff Arachnids California, Texas
97. El Segundo Blue Butterfly Euphilotes battoides allyni Insects California
98. Emerald Valvata Valvata virens Snails California
99. Empire Cave Pseudoscorpion Fissilicreagris imperialis Arachnids California
100. Eureka Dune Grass Swallenia alexandrae Plants California
101. Eureka Valley Evening-primrose Oenothera avita ssp. eurekensis Plants California
102. Few-flowered Navarretia Navarretia leucocephala ssp. pauciflora Plants California
103. Flat-tailed Horned Lizard Phrynosoma mcallii Reptiles Arizona, California, Mexico
104. Foothill Yellow-legged Frog Rana boylii Amphibians California, Mexico, Oregon
105. Fountain Thistle Cirsium fontinale Plants California
106. Franklin's Bumble Bee Bombus franklini Insects California, Oregon
107. Fraternal Snail Micrarionta feralis Snails California
108. Frilled Shark Chlamydoselachus anguineus Fishes Angola, Australia, Chile, France, Guyana, Japan, Mauritania, Morocco, Namibia, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal (Madeira), South Africa, Spain, United Kingdom, United States (California)
109. Gabb's Snail Micrarionta gabbii Snails California
110. Galapagos Shark Carcharhinus galapagensis Fishes Africa, Asia, Australia, Central America, Europe, North America (Hawaii/US Territory), Oceanic, South America
111. Gambel's Watercress Rorippa gambellii Plants California
112. Gaviota Tarplant Deinandra increscens ssp. villosa Plants California
113. Giant Garter Snake Thamnophis gigas Reptiles California
114. Giant Kangaroo Rat Dipodomys ingens Mammals California
115. Giant Sequoia Sequoiadendron giganteum Plants United States (California)
116. Gila Monster Heloderma suspectum Reptiles Mexico, United States
117. Gilia Gilia tenuiflora Plants California
118. Globose Dune Beetle Coelus globosus Insects California, Mexico
119. Gowen Cypress Cupressus goveniana Plants California
120. Grady's Cave Amphipod Stygobromus gradyi Crustaceans California
121. Gray Wolf  WATCH A LIVE GRAY WOLF Canis lupus Mammals Mexico, United States
122. Great Basin Bristlecone Pine Pinus longaeva Plants California, Nevada, Utah
123. Greater Sage-grouse Centrocercus urophasianus Birds Canada, United States
124. Green Sturgeon Acipenser medirostris Fishes Alaska, California, Canada (British Columbia), Mexico, Oregon
125. Greene's Tuctoria Tuctoria greenei Plants California
126. Guadalupe Fur Seal Arctocephalus townsendi Mammals California, Mexico
127. Guadalupe Island Cypress Cupressus guadalupensis Plants California, Mexico
128. Gulf Grouper Mycteroperca jordani Fishes California, Mexico
129. Hairy Orcutt Grass Orcuttia pilosa Plants California
130. Hammerhead Shark Sphyrna mokarran Fishes Africa, Asia, Australia, Central and South America, Middle East, Oceanic, United States
131. Hara's Cave Amphipod Stygobromus harai Crustaceans California
132. Hartweg's Golden Sunburst Pseudobahia bahiifolia Plants California
133. Heermann's Gull Larus heermanni Birds Arizona, California, Canada, Guatemala, Mexico, Oregon, Washington
134. Hermes Copper Lycaena hermes Insects California, Mexico
135. Hesperodiaptomus californiensis Hesperodiaptomus californiensis Crustaceans California
136. Hickman's Potentilla Potentilla hickmanii Plants California
137. Hoffmann's Rock-cress Arabis hoffmannii Plants California
138. Howell's Spineflower Chorizanthe howellii Plants California
139. Indian Knob Mountain Balm Eriodictyon altissimum Plants California
140. Inyo Mountains Salamander Batrachoseps campi Amphibians California
141. Ione Buckwheat Eriogonum apricum Plants California
142. Ischnura gemina Ischnura gemina Insects California
143. Island Fox Urocyon littoralis Mammals California
144. Island Malacothrix Malacothrix squalida Plants California
145. Island Phacelia Phacelia insularis ssp. insularis Plants California
146. Island Scrub-jay Aphelocoma insularis Birds California
147. Jaguar  WATCH A LIVE JAGUAR Panthera onca Mammals Arizona, California, Central and South America, Louisiana, Mexico, New Mexico, Texas
148. Japanese Devilray Mobula japanica Fishes Africa, Asia, Australia, Central America, Hawaii, Middle East, North America, Oceanic, South America
149. Kangaroo Rat Dipodomys nitratoides Mammals California
150. Keck's Checker-mallow Sidalcea keckii Plants California
151. Keeled Sideband Monadenia circumcarinata Snails California
152. Kelso Giant Sand Treader Cricket Macrobaenetes kelsoensis Insects California
153. Kelso Jerusalem Cricket Ammopelmatus kelsoensis Insects California
154. Kern Canyon Slender Salamander Batrachoseps simatus Amphibians California
155. Kern Mallow Eremalche kernensis Plants California
156. Kern Plateau Salamander Batrachoseps robustus Amphibians California
157. Kern Shoulderband Helminthoglypta callistoderma Snails California
158. Kings River Slender Salamander Batrachoseps regius Amphibians California
159. Kneeland Prairie Penny-cress Thlaspi californicum Plants California
160. La Graciosa Thistle Cirsium loncholepis Plants California
161. Laguna Mountains Skipper Pyrgus ruralis lagunae Insects California
162. Lake County Stonecrop Parvisedum leiocarpum Plants California
163. Lane Mountain Milk-vetch Astragalus jaegerianus Plants California
164. Lange's Metalmark Butterfly Apodemia mormo langei Insects California
165. Large-flowered Fiddleneck Amsinckia grandiflora Plants California
166. Laysan Albatross Phoebastria immutabilis Birds Alaska, Australia (Norfolk Island), California, Canada, Federated States of Micronesia, Hawaii, Japan, Marshall Islands, Mexico, New Zealand, Northern Mariana Islands, Oregon, Washington
167. Least Tern Sterna antillarum Birds Bahamas, Central America (winters), Greater and Lesser Antilles, Mexico, Northern South America, USA (California, including the Miss. R. Basin), Atlantic Gulf Coasts
168. Limestone Salamander Hydromantes brunus Amphibians California
169. Loch Lomond Coyote Thistle Eryngium constancei Plants California
170. Lompoc Grasshopper Trimerotropis occulens Insects California
171. Lompoc Yerba Santa Eriodictyon capitatum Plants California
172. Longfin Mako Isurus paucus Fishes Africa, Asia, Australia, Central America, Europe, North America (including United States and Hawaii), Oceanic, South America
173. Longhorn Fairy Shrimp Branchinecta longiantenna Crustaceans California
174. Lost River Sucker Deltistes luxatus Fishes California, Oregon
175. Lotis Blue Butterfly Lycaeides argyrognomon lotis Insects California
176. Lyon's Pentachaeta Pentachaeta lyonii Plants California
177. Mackenzie's Cave Amphipod Stygobromus mackenziei Crustaceans California
178. Manica parasitica Manica parasitica Insects California
179. Many-flowered Navarretia Navarretia leucocephala ssp. plieantha Plants California
180. Marbled Murrelet Brachyramphus marmoratus Birds Canada, Mexico, United States
181. McDonald's Rock-cress Arabis mcdonaldiana Plants California
182. Melones Cave Harvestman Banksula melones Arachnids California
183. Menzies' Wallflower Erysimum menziesii Plants California
184. Merriam's Kangaroo Rat Dipodomys merriami Mammals Mexico, United States
185. Mesa Shoulderband Helminthoglypta coelata Snails California
186. Metcalf Canyon Jewelflower Streptanthus albidus ssp. albidus Plants California
187. Mexican Flannelbush Fremontodendron mexicanum Plants California, Mexico
188. Mexican Long-tongued Bat Choeronycteris mexicana Mammals Arizona, California, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas
189. Middlekauf's Shieldback Katydid Idiostatus middlekaufi Insects California
190. Modoc Sucker Catostomus microps Fishes California
191. Mohave Ground Squirrel Xerospermophilus mohavensis Mammals United States (California)
192. Mohave Tui Chub Gila bicolor mohavensis Fishes California
193. Monterey Clover Trifolium trichocalyx Plants California
194. Monterey Cypress Cupressus macrocarpa Plants California
195. Morro Bay Kangaroo Rat Dipodomys heermanni morroensis Mammals California
196. Morro Shoulderband Snail Helminthoglypta walkeriana Snails California
197. Mountain Yellow-legged Frog Rana muscosa Amphibians USA - Southern California DPS
198. Mt. Hermon June Beetle Polyphylla barbata Insects California
199. Munz's Onion Allium munzii Plants California
200. Napa Bluegrass Poa napensis Plants California
201. Nelson's Antelope Squirrel Ammospermophilus nelsoni Mammals California
202. Nipomo Mesa Lupine Lupinus nipomensis Plants California
203. North Pacific Right Whale Balaena japonica Mammals Canada (British Columbia), China, Japan, Korea, Mexico (Baja California), Russia, Taiwan, United States and Hawaii
204. Northern Abalone Haliotis kamtschatkana Snails Alaska, California, Canada (British Columbia), Oregon, Washington
205. Northern California Black Walnut Juglans californica Plants California
206. Northern Fur Seal Callorhinus ursinus Mammals Arkansas, California, Canada, China, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Oregon, Russia, Taiwan, Washington
207. Northern Guitarfish Rhinobatos productus Fishes California, Mexico
208. Oceanic Whitetip Shark Carcharhinus longimanus Fishes Africa, American Samoa, Asia, Australia, Central America, Europe, Middle East, North America (including United States and Hawaii), Oceanic, South America
209. Ohlone Tiger Beetle Cicindela ohlone Insects California
210. Olive-sided Flycatcher Contopus cooperi Birds Central and South America, North America (including United States)
211. Orcutt's Spineflower Chorizanthe orcuttiana Plants California
212. Oregon Checker-mallow Sidalcea oregana Plants California
213. Otay Mesa-mint Pogogyne nudiuscula Plants California, Mexico (Baja California)
214. Owens Pupfish Cyprinodon radiosus Fishes California
215. Owens Tui Chub Gila bicolor snyderi Fishes California
216. Pacific Pocket Mouse Perognathus longimembris pacificus Mammals California
217. Pacific Pond Turtle Actinemys marmorata Reptiles California, Mexico, Oregon, Washington
218. Pacific Seahorse Hippocampus ingens Fishes Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, Panama, Peru, United States (California)
219. Palmate-bracted Bird's-beak Cordylanthus palmatus Plants California
220. Palos Verdes Blue Butterfly Glaucopsyche lygdamus palosverdesensis Insects California
221. Panamint Alligator Lizard Elgaria panamintina Reptiles California
222. Pedate Checker-mallow Sidalcea pedata Plants California
223. Pennell's Bird's-beak Cordylanthus tenuis ssp. capillaris Plants California
224. Pine Hill Ceanothus Ceanothus roderickii Plants California
225. Pine Hill Flannelbush Fremontodendron californicum ssp. decumbens Plants California
226. Pinyon Jay Gymnorhinus cyanocephalus Birds United States
227. Pismo Clarkia Clarkia speciosa ssp. immaculata Plants California
228. Pitkin Marsh Lily Lilium pardalinum ssp. pitkinense Plants California
229. Plain Cactus Snail Xerarionta intercisa Snails California
230. Point Arena Mountain Beaver Aplodontia rufa nigra Mammals California
231. Port Conception Jerusalem Cricket Ammopelmatus muwu Insects California
232. Port Orford Cedar Chamaecyparis lawsoniana Plants California, Oregon
233. Presidio Clarkia Clarkia franciscana Plants California
234. Presidio Manzanita Arctostaphylos hookeri var. ravenii Plants California
235. Prickly Pear Opuntia treleasei Plants California
236. Prickly Pear Island Snail Micrarionta opuntia Snails California
237. Prickly Shark Echinorhinus cookei Fishes Australia, California, China, Hawaii, New Zealand, Palau, Peru, Taiwan
238. Quercus tomentella Quercus tomentella Plants California, Mexico
239. Quercus macdonaldii Quercus macdonaldii Plants California
240. Quercus engelmannii Quercus engelmannii Plants California, Mexico
241. Quercus dumosa Quercus dumosa Plants California, Mexico
242. Quino Checkerspot Butterfly Euphydryas editha quino Insects California, Mexico
243. Razorback Sucker Xyrauchen texanus Fishes Arizona, California, Colorado, Mexico, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, Wyoming
244. Red Tree Vole Arborimus longicaudus Mammals California, Oregon
245. Red-crowned Parrot Amazona viridigenalis Birds Mexico, Puerto Rico, US (TX, FL, CA)
246. Riparian Brush Rabbit Sylvilagus bachmani riparius Mammals California
247. Riparian Woodrat Neotoma fuscipes riparia Mammals California
248. Robust Spineflower Chorizanthe robusta Plants California
249. Rough Sculpin Cottus asperrimus Fishes California
250. Sacramento Anthicid Beetle Anthicus sacramento Insects United States
251. Sacramento Orcutt Grass Orcuttia viscida Plants California
252. Sacramento Splittail Pogonichthys macrolepidotus Fishes California
253. Salt Marsh Bird's-beak Cordylanthus maritimus ssp. maritimus Plants California, Mexico (Baja California)
254. Salt Marsh Harvest Mouse Reithrodontomys raviventris Mammals California
255. Sambar Deer Rusa unicolor Mammals Africa, Asia, Australia, Central America, North America (United States)
256. Samwell Cave Cricket Pristoceuthophilus sp. nov. Insects United States (California)
257. San Bernardino Bluegrass Poa atropurpurea Plants California
258. San Bernardino Mountains Bladderpod Lesquerella kingii ssp. bernardina Plants California
259. San Bruno Elfin Butterfly Callophrys mossii bayensis Insects California
260. San Clemente Island Broom Lotus dendroideus ssp. traskiae Plants California
261. San Clemente Island Bush-mallow Malacothamnus clementinus Plants California
262. San Clemente Island Indian Paintbrush Castilleja grisea Plants California
263. San Clemente Island Larkspur Delphinium variegatum ssp. kinkiense Plants California
264. San Clemente Island Woodland-star Lithophragma maximum Plants California
265. San Clemente Loggerhead Shrike Lanius ludovicianus mearnsi Birds California
266. San Diego Ambrosia Ambrosia pumila Plants California, Mexico
267. San Diego Button-celery Eryngium aristulatum var. parishii Plants California
268. San Diego Fairy Shrimp Branchinecta sandiegonensis Crustaceans California
269. San Diego Mesa-mint Pogogyne abramsii Plants California
270. San Francisco Garter Snake Thamnophis sirtalis tetrataenia Reptiles California
271. San Francisco Lessingia Lessingia germanorum Plants California
272. San Jacinto Valley Crownscale Atriplex coronata var. notatior Plants California
273. San Joaquin Dune Beetle Coelus gracilis Insects California
274. San Joaquin Kit Fox Vulpes macrotis mutica Mammals California
275. San Joaquin Wooly-threads Monolopia congdonii Plants California
276. San Mateo Thornmint Acanthomintha obovata ssp. duttonii Plants California
277. San Mateo Woolly Sunflower Eriophyllum latilobum Plants California
278. Sandstone Night Lizard Xantusia gracilis Reptiles California
279. Sandwort Arenaria paludicola Plants California
280. Santa Ana River Woolly-star Eriastrum densifolium ssp. sanctorum Plants California
281. Santa Ana Sucker Catostomus santaanae Fishes California
282. Santa Barbara Island Liveforever Dudleya traskiae Plants California
283. Santa Catalina Island Manzanita Arctostaphylos catalinae Plants California
284. Santa Clara Valley Dudleya Dudleya setchellii Plants California
285. Santa Cruz Cypress Cupressus abramsiana Plants California
286. Santa Cruz Island Bush-mallow Malacothamnus fasciculatus var. nesioticus Plants California
287. Santa Cruz Island Fringepod Thysanocarpus conchuliferus Plants California
288. Santa Cruz Island Malacothrix Malacothrix indecora Plants California
289. Santa Cruz Island Rock-cress Sibara filifolia Plants California
290. Santa Cruz Long-toed Salamander Ambystoma macrodactylum croceum Amphibians California
291. Santa Monica Mountains Grasshopper Trimerotropis occidentaloides Insects California
292. Santa Rosa Island Manzanita Arctostaphylos confertiflora Plants California
293. Santa Rosa Island Pine Pinus torreyana Plants California
294. Scottbar Salamander Plethodon asupak Amphibians California
295. Scotts Valley Polygonum Polygonum hickmanii Plants California
296. Sea Otter Enhydra lutris Mammals Canada, Japan, Mexico, Russia, United States
297. Sebastopol Meadowfoam Limnanthes vinculans Plants California
298. Shasta Crayfish Pacifastacus fortis Crustaceans California
299. Shasta Salamander Hydromantes shastae Amphibians California
300. Shortnose Sucker Chasmistes brevirostris Fishes California, Oregon
301. Showy Indian Clover Trifolium amoenum Plants California
302. Sierra Nevada Yellow-legged Frog Rana sierrae Amphibians California
303. Sierra Pygmy Grasshopper Tetrix sierrane Insects California
304. Siskiyou Mountains Salamander Plethodon stormi Amphibians California, Oregon
305. Slender-horned Spineflower Dodecahema leptoceras Plants California
306. Slender-petaled Mustard Thelypodium stenopetalum Plants California
307. Smith's Blue Butterfly Euphilotes enoptes smithi Insects California
308. Soft Bird's-Beak Cordylanthus mollis ssp. mollis Plants California
309. Soft-leaved Indian Paintbrush Castilleja mollis Plants California
310. Solano Grass Tuctoria mucronata Plants California
311. Sonoma Alopecurus Alopecurus aequalis var. sonomensis Plants California
312. Sonoma Spineflower Chorizanthe valida Plants California
313. Sonoma Sunshine Blennosperma bakeri Plants California
314. Sooty Crayfish Pacifastacus nigrescens Crustaceans California
315. Sooty Shearwater Ardenna grisea Birds Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Australia, Central America, Europe, Middle East, North America (United States Territory), Oceanic, South America
316. Southwestern Willow Flycatcher Empidonax traillii extimus Birds Arizona, California, Colorado, Mexico, New Mexico, Texas, Utah
317. Spea hammondii Spea hammondii Amphibians California, Mexico
318. Speckled Black Salamander Aneides flavipunctatus Amphibians California, Oregon
319. Sphaerocarpos drewei Sphaerocarpos drewei Plants California
320. Spotted Owl Strix occidentalis Birds Arizona, California, Canada, Mexico, New Mexico, Texas
321. Stebbins' Morning-glory Calystegia stebbinsii Plants California
322. Steelhead Oncorhynchus mykiss Fishes (endangered population southern California Coast), North Pacific Ocean from the Kamchatka Peninsula in Asia to the northern Baja Peninsula
323. Steller Sea-lion  WATCH A LIVE STELLER SEA-LION Eumetopias jubatus Mammals Alaska, California, Canada, North Pacific Ocean, Oregon, Russia, Washington
324. Stephen's Kangaroo Rat Dipodomys stephensi Mammals California
325. Stephen's Kangaroo Rat Dipodomys cascus Mammals California
326. Streptocephalus woottoni Streptocephalus woottoni Crustaceans California
327. Suisun Thistle Cirsium hydrophilum var. hydrophilum Plants California
328. Tehachapi Slender Salamander Batrachoseps stebbinsi Amphibians California
329. Thousand Palms Desert Snail Eremarionta millepalmarum Snails California
330. Tiburon Jewelflower Streptanthus niger Plants California
331. Tiburon Paintbrush Castilleja affinis ssp. neglecta Plants California
332. Tidewater Goby Eucyclogobius newberryi Fishes California
333. Tight Coin Ammonitella yatesii Snails California
334. Tricolored Blackbird Agelaius tricolor Birds Mexico, United States (California)
335. Trinity Bristle Snail Monadenia setosa Snails California
336. Triple-ribbed Milk-vetch Astragalus tricarinatus Plants California
337. Unarmored Threespine Stickleback Gasterosteus aculeatus williamsoni Fishes California
338. Ventura Marsh Milk-vetch Astragalus pycnostachyus var. lanosissimus Plants California
339. Vernal Pool Fairy Shrimp Branchinecta lynchi Crustaceans California, Oregon
340. Vernal Pool Tadpole Shrimp Lepidurus packardi Crustaceans California
341. Vine Hill Clarkia Clarkia imbricata Plants California
342. Wandering Salamander Aneides vagrans Amphibians California, Canada (British Columbia)
343. Wengeror's Cave Amphipod Stygobromus wengerorum Crustaceans California
344. Western Lily Lilium occidentale Plants California, Oregon
345. Whale Shark  WATCH A LIVE WHALE SHARK Rhincodon typus Fishes Africa, American Samoa, Asia, Australia, Central America, Middle East, Oceanic, South America
346. White Abalone Haliotis sorenseni Snails North America (West Coast from Point Conception, CA, USA, to Punta Abreojos, Baja Californa, Mexico)
347. White Desert Snail Eremarionta immaculata Snails California
348. White-eared Pocket Mouse Perognathus alticolus Mammals California
349. White-rayed Pentachaeta Pentachaeta bellidiflora Plants California
350. Whitebark Pine Pinus albicaulis Plants Canada, United States
351. Willowy Monardella Monardella linoides ssp. viminea Plants California, Mexico
352. Woolly Meadowfoam Limnanthes floccosa Plants California
353. Wreathed Cactus Snail Xerarionta redimita Snails California
354. Xantus's Murrelet Synthliboramphus hypoleucus Birds California, Canada, Mexico, Washington
355. Yadon's Piperia Piperia yadonii Plants California
356. Yellow Larkspur Delphinium luteum Plants California
357. Yosemite Toad Anaxyrus canorus Amphibians California
358. Yreka Phlox Phlox hirsuta Plants California
359. Zayante Band-winged Grasshopper Trimerotropis infantilis Insects California
360. Zerene Fritillary Speyeria zerene Insects California

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