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Endangered Amphibians of North America**

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**Hawaiian endangered species are listed separately.

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Common Name Range ***
Acultzingo Minute SalamanderMexico
Adelos SalamanderMexico
Adler's Mottled TreefrogMexico
Admirable False Brook SalamanderMexico
Ahuitzotl SalamanderMexico
Alabama WaterdogAlabama
Alvarez del Toro's SalamanderMexico
Amargosa ToadNevada
Ambystoma altamiraniMexico
Ambystoma bombypellumMexico
Ambystoma mexicanumMexico
Anderson's SalamanderMexico
Anita's False Brook SalamanderMexico
Aquatic False Brook SalamanderMexico
Aquatic TreefrogMexico
Arboreal Minute SalamanderMexico
Arboreal Splayfoot SalamanderMexico
Arcane Spikethumb FrogEl Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico
Arroyo Southwestern ToadCalifornia, Mexico
Atoyac Minute SalamanderMexico
Austin Blind SalamanderTexas
Barber's Sheep FrogEl Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico
Barton Springs SalamanderTexas
Bell's False Brook SalamanderMexico
Berry Cave SalamanderTennessee
Big Levels SalamanderVirginia
Big-eared Chirping FrogMexico
Big-footed Minute SalamanderMexico
Bigfoot Leopard FrogMexico
Bigfoot Splayfoot SalamanderMexico
Black False Brook SalamanderMexico
Black Jumping SalamanderMexico
Black SalamanderCalifornia, Oregon
Black ToadCalifornia
Black-eyed TreefrogMexico
Black-spotted False Brook SalamanderMexico
Black-spotted NewtMexico, Texas
Blue Ridge Gray-cheeked SalamanderNorth Carolina
Blue-eyed Aquatic TreefrogMexico
Blue-spotted Mexican TreefrogBelize, Guatemala, Mexico
Blunt-headed SalamanderMexico
Blunt-toed Chirping FrogMexico
Boreal ToadCanada, Mexico, United States (California)
Broadfoot Climbing SalamanderMexico
Bromeliad TreefrogBelize, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico
Brown False Brook SalamanderGuatemala, Mexico
Caddo Mountain SalamanderArkansas
California Giant SalamanderCalifornia
California Red-legged FrogCalifornia, Mexico
California Tiger SalamanderCalifornia
Cascade Caverns SalamanderTexas
Cascade Torrent SalamanderOregon, Washington
Cascades FrogCalifornia, Canada
Cayey Robber FrogPuerto Rico
Chamula Mountain Brook FrogMexico
Charadrahyla nephilaMexico
Cheat Mountain SalamanderWest Virginia
Cheoah Bald SalamanderNorth Carolina
Chignahuapan Splayfoot SalamanderMexico
Chimalapa ToadGuatemala, Mexico
Chiricahua Leopard FrogArizona, Mexico, New Mexico
Chisholm Trail SalamanderTexas
Clawtoed False Brook SalamanderMexico
Cloud Forest Stream FrogEl Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico
Cloud Forest TreefrogMexico
Clouded SalamanderCalifornia, Oregon
Cochran's False Brook SalamanderMexico
Cofre de Perote SalamanderMexico
Columbia Torrent SalamanderOregon, Washington
Comal Blind SalamanderTexas
Common Splayfoot SalamanderMexico
Conant's False Brook SalamanderMexico
Confusing ToadMexico
Cook's Robber FrogPuerto Rico
Craugastor spp. (25)Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico
Crawfish FrogUnited States
Cricket Robber FrogPuerto Rico
Cumberland Dusky SalamanderTennessee
Del Norte SalamanderCalifornia
Dennis' Chirping FrogMexico
Desert Slender SalamanderCalifornia
Dusky Gopher FrogMississippi
Dwarf CoquiPuerto Rico
Dwarf False Brook SalamanderMexico
Dwarf Splayfoot SalamanderMexico
Engelhardt's Climbing SalamanderGuatemala, Mexico
Exerodonta chimalapaMexico
Exerodonta xeraMexico
Fairy TreefrogMexico
Firschein's False Brook SalamanderMexico
Florida Bog FrogFlorida
Foothill Yellow-legged FrogCalifornia, Mexico, Oregon
Fourche Mountain SalamanderArkansas
Franklin's Climbing SalamanderGuatemala, Mexico
Frosted Flatwoods SalamanderFlorida, Georgia, South Carolina
Gadow's False Brook SalamanderMexico
Galeana False Brook SalamanderMexico
Georgia Blind SalamanderFlorida, Georgia
Godman's TreefrogMexico
Goebel's False Brook SalamanderGuatemala, Mexico
Golden Minute SalamanderMexico
Golden TreefrogMexico
Gopher FrogUnited States
Graceful Splayfoot SalamanderMexico
Grand Minute SalamanderMexico
Granular SalamanderMexico
Great Peeping FrogMexico
Greater Bromeliad TreefrogMexico
Greater Spikethumb FrogGuatemala, Mexico
Green SalamanderUnited States
Gristle-Headed Splayfoot SalamanderMexico
Guatemala Spikethumb FrogEl Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico
Guerreran Climbing SalamanderMexico
Guerreran Leopard FrogMexico
Guerreran Peeping FrogMexico
Guerrero Stream FrogMexico
Hartweg's Climbing SalamanderGuatemala, Mexico
Hartweg's Spikethumb FrogGuatemala, Mexico
Hazel's TreefrogMexico
Hedrick's Robber FrogPuerto Rico
HellbenderUnited States
Houston ToadTexas
Incilius macrocristatusGuatemala, Mexico
Interior Robber FrogPuerto Rico
Inyo Mountains SalamanderCalifornia
Ixil Spikethumb FrogGuatemala, Mexico
Jemez Mountains SalamanderNew Mexico
Jeweled ToadMexico
Jollyville Plateau SalamanderTexas
Juanita's Earless TreefrogMexico
Junaluska SalamanderNorth Carolina, Tennessee
Karl's Robber FrogPuerto Rico
Keelsnout TreefrogMexico
Kern Canyon Slender SalamanderCalifornia
Kern Plateau SalamanderCalifornia
Kings River Slender SalamanderCalifornia
La Hoya Minute SalamanderMexico
Lake Lerma SalamanderMexico
Lake Patzcuaro SalamanderMexico
Larch Mountain SalamanderOregon, Washington
Large-crested ToadMexico
Las Minas FrogMexico
Leaping False Brook SalamanderMexico
Leora's Stream SalamanderMexico
Leprous False Brook SalamanderMexico
Leprus Chirping FrogBelize, Guatemala, Mexico
Lesser Bromeliad TreefrogMexico
Limestone SalamanderCalifornia
Lincoln's Climbing SalamanderGuatemala, Mexico
Long-nosed Climbing SalamanderGuatemala, Mexico
Longfoot Robber FrogMexico
Longnose Bromeliad SalamanderMexico
Longtail False Brook SalamanderMexico
Lower Cerro Minute SalamanderMexico
MacDougall's Minute SalamandersMexico
Marbled Robber FrogMexico
Matuda's Spikethumb FrogGuatemala, Mexico
McDiarmid Minute SalamanderMexico
Mexican CaecilianEl Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua
Mexican Pine Woods TreefrogMexico
Michoacan Stream SalamanderMexico
Mixe TreefrogMexico
Mona CoquiPuerto Rico
Moore's FrogMexico
Morelet's TreefrogBelize, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico
Morelos False Brook SalamanderMexico
Mountain ToadMexico
Mountain Yellow-legged FrogUSA - Southern California DPS
Mourning TreefrogMexico
Muller's Climbing SalamanderGuatemala, Mexico
Muscular SalamanderMexico
Mustache False Brook SalamanderMexico
Neuse River WaterdogNorth Carolina
Nevado de Colima Chirping FrogMexico
Nimble Long-limbed SalamanderGuatemala, Mexico
Northern Minute SalamanderMexico
Northern Roundgland ToadMexico
Oaxaca ToadMexico
Oaxacan Climbing SalamanderMexico
Oaxacan False Brook SalamanderMexico
Oaxacan Fringe-limbed TreefrogMexico
Oaxacan Giant SalamanderMexico
Oaxacan Minute SalamanderMexico
Oaxacan Yellow TreefrogMexico
Oklahoma SalamanderArkansas, Missouri, Oklahoma
Olympic Torrent SalamanderWashington
Omiltemi Minute SalamanderMexico
One-toed AmphiumaAlabama, Florida, Georgia
Oregon Slender SalamanderOregon
Oregon Spotted FrogCanada, Oregon, Washington
Orizaba Minute SalamanderMexico
Papalo Minute SalamanderMexico
Patzcuaro FrogMexico
Patzcuaro Stream FrogMexico
Peaks Of Otter SalamanderVirginia
Pena Verde SalamanderMexico
Pigeon Mountain SalamanderGeorgia
Pigmy Splayfoot SalamanderMexico
Pine Barrens TreefrogAlabama, Florida, New Jersey, North Carolina, South Carolina
Piping Peeping FrogMexico
Plectrohyla calthulaMexico
Plectrohyla calvicollinaMexico
Plectrohyla celataMexico
Plectrohyla cycladaMexico
Plectrohyla ephemeraMexico
Plectrohyla psarosemaMexico
Pop-eyed Spikethumb FrogMexico
Porthole TreefrogMexico
Primeval Splayfoot SalamanderMexico
Pseudoeurycea cephalicaMexico
Puebla FrogMexico
Puebla TreefrogMexico
Puerto Rican Crested ToadBritish Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico
Puerto Rican Robber FrogPuerto Rico
Puerto Rican Wetland FrogPuerto Rico
Ramsey Canyon Leopard FrogArizona
Red Hills SalamanderAlabama
Red Peeping FrogMexico
Red-cheeked SalamanderNorth Carolina, Tennessee
Red-legged SalamanderNorth Carolina, Tennessee
Red-spotted Chirping FrogGuatemala, Mexico
Relict Leopard FrogArizona, Nevada, Utah
Reticulated Flatwoods SalamanderAlabama, Florida, Georgia
Rich Mountain SalamanderArkansas, Oklahoma
Richmond's Robber FrogPuerto Rico
Rilett's Climbing SalamanderMexico
Roberts' False Brook SalamanderMexico
Roberts' TreefrogMexico
Royal False Brook SalamanderGuatemala, Mexico
San Gabriel Springs SalamanderTexas
San Marcos SalamanderTexas
San Martin False Brook SalamanderMexico
San Martin Fringe-limbed TreefrogMexico
San Martin Minute SalamanderMexico
Santa Cruz Long-toed SalamanderCalifornia
Schmidt's Minute SalamanderMexico
Schmidt's Mountain Brook FrogGuatemala, Mexico
Schultze's Stream FrogMexico
Scottbar SalamanderCalifornia
Seepage SalamanderAlabama, Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee
Semiaquatic TreefrogMexico
Shasta SalamanderCalifornia
Shenandoah Mountain SalamanderVirginia, West Virginia
Shenandoah SalamanderVirginia
Sierra Juarez Brook FrogMexico
Sierra Juarez SalamanderMexico
Sierra Juarez TreefrogMexico
Sierra Madre Occidental FrogMexico
Sierra Nevada Yellow-legged FrogCalifornia
Siskiyou Mountains SalamanderCalifornia, Oregon
Small-eared TreefrogMexico
Smith's False Brook SalamanderMexico
Smith's Minute SalamanderMexico
Sonora Tiger SalamanderArizona, Mexico
South Mountain Gray-cheeked SalamanderNorth Carolina
Southern Highland TreefrogMexico
Southern Sierra Madre TreefrogMexico
Southwestern ToadMexico
Spea hammondiiCalifornia, Mexico
Spinefinger TreefrogMexico
Spotted Minute SalamanderMexico
Streamside SalamanderUnited States
Striped NewtFlorida, Georgia
Tamaulipan False Brook SalamanderMexico
Tarahumara FrogMexico
Taylor's Minute SalamanderMexico
Taylor's SalamanderMexico
Tehachapi Slender SalamanderCalifornia
Tenchall's False Brook SalamanderMexico
Tennessee Cave SalamanderAlabama, Georgia, Tennessee
Teotepec SalamanderMexico
Terrestrial Splayfoot SalamanderMexico
Texas Blind SalamanderTexas
Texas SalamanderTexas
Thick-lipped Spikethumb FrogMexico
Thorny Spikethumb FrogGuatemala, Mexico
Tlahcuiloh SalamanderMexico
Tlaloc's Leopard FrogMexico
Toothy Splayfoot SalamanderMexico
Townsend's Dwarf SalamanderMexico
Transverse Volcanic Leopard FrogMexico
Upland Burrowing TreefrogMexico
Upper Cerro Minute SalamanderMexico
Variegated TreefrogMexico
Veracruz False Brook SalamanderMexico
Veracruz Green SalamanderMexico
Veracruz Minute SalamanderMexico
Veracruz SalamanderMexico
Villalba Robber FrogPuerto Rico
Voiceless TreefrogMexico
Volcan Tacana ToadGuatemala, Mexico
Volcan Tajumulco Bromeliad SalamanderMexico
Walker's TreefrogGuatemala, Mexico
Wandering SalamanderCalifornia, Canada (British Columbia)
Weller's SalamanderNorth Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia
Werler's False Brook SalamanderMexico
West Virginia Spring SalamanderWest Virginia
White-lipped Peeping FrogMexico
White-spotted SalamanderVirginia, West Virginia
Wightman's Robber FrogPuerto Rico
Wyoming ToadWyoming
Xolocalca Bromeliad SalamanderMexico
Yellow-belly Climbing SalamanderGuatemala, Mexico
Yellow-legged Climbing SalamanderGuatemala, Mexico
Yellowbelly Voiceless TreefrogMexico
Yetla False Brook SalamanderMexico
Yosemite ToadCalifornia
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**Hawaiian endangered species are listed separately.

***What amphibians are listed here?:

The North America section of this site lists the folllowing amphibians appearing on select endangered species lists:
  • Amphibians that dwell in or migrate to any part of the North American continent, except Hawaii, which has its own section.
  • Amphibians of Greenland and adjacent Atlantic islands.
  • Amphibians of the Mexican Holarctic.
  • Amphibians of the Gulf of Maine.
In some cases, the creatures listed in this section may also be found on other continents or in other areas, which is why you may see additional areas noted in the range column.

Disclaimer: This list combines species from several endangered species lists. Using the total count of species found on this site as an official count of endangered species of the world is not recommended. For more information on what creatures are listed on this site, please visit our About Us page.

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