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Common Name Range ***
Admiralty Cuscus Papua New Guinea
Alpine Wallaby Papua New Guinea
Arnhem Land Rock Rat Australia
Arnhem Leaf-nosed Bat Australia
Atherton Antechinus Australia (Queensland)
Australian Sea-lion Australia
Australian Snubfin Dolphin Australia, Papua New Guinea
Banded Hare Wallaby Australia
Banks Flying Fox Vanuatu
Barred Bandicoot Australia
Bennett's Tree Kangaroo Australia
Bismarck Flying Fox Papua New Guinea
Bismarck Giant Rat Papua New Guinea
Black Dorcopsis Wallaby Papua New Guinea
Black Wallaroo Australia
Black-footed Rock Wallaby Australia
Black-footed Tree Rat Australia
Black-spotted Cuscus Papua New Guinea
Blyth's Flying Fox Indian Ocean (Christmas Island)
Bougainville Giant Rat Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands
Bougainville Monkey-faced Bat Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands
Bramble Cay Mosaic-tailed Rat Australia
Bridled Nail-tailed Wallaby Australia
Broad-striped Dasyure Papua New Guinea
Broad-toothed Mouse Australia
Bronze Quoll Papua New Guinea
Brush-tailed Phascogale Australia
Brush-tailed Rabbit Rat Australia, Papua New Guinea
Brush-tailed Rat-kangaroo Australia
Brush-tailed Rock Wallaby Australia
Bulmer's Fruit Bat Papua New Guinea
Butler's Dunnart Australia
Cape York Rock Wallaby Australia (Queensland)
Carpentarian False Antechinus Australia
Carpentarian Rock Rat Australia
Central Rock Rat Australia
Christmas Island Pipistrelle Indian Ocean (Christmas Island)
Christmas Island Shrew Indian Ocean (Christmas Island)
Coastal Sheath-tailed Bat Australia, Papua New Guinea
Crescent Nail-tailed Wallaby Australia
D'Albertis's Ringtail Papua New Guinea
D'entrecasteaux Archipelago Tree Mouse Papua New Guinea
David's Spiny Bandicoot Papua New Guinea
Desert Bandicoot Australia
Desert Rat-kangaroo Australia
Dibbler Australia
Doria's Tree Kangaroo Papua New Guinea
Dorias Tree-kangaroo Papua New Guinea
Dusky Hopping Mouse Australia
Dusky Wallaby Papua New Guinea
Dwarf Flying Fox Solomon Islands
East-coast Free-tailed Bat Australia
Eastern Barred Bandicoot Australia
Eastern Jerboa Marsupial Australia
Eastern Long-beaked Echidna Papua New Guinea
Eastern Quoll Australia
Emperor Rat Solomon Islands
European Rabbit Australia
False Water Rat Australia
Fawn Hopping Mouse Australia
Field's Mouse Australia
Fijian Blossom Bat Vanuatu
Fijian Free-tailed Bat Vanuatu
Gaimard's Rat-kangaroo Australia
Ghost Bat Australia
Giant Bandicoot Papua New Guinea
Gilbert's Potoroo Australia
Golden Bandicoot Australia
Golden-mantled Tree-kangaroo Papua New Guinea
Goodfellow's Tree-kangaroo Papua New Guinea
Gould's Mouse Australia
Gray Dorcopsis Papua New Guinea
Gray-headed Flying Fox Australia
Greater Monkey-faced Bat Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands
Greater Stick-nest Rat Australia
Gressitt's Paramelomys Papua New Guinea
Grizzled Tree Kangaroo Papua New Guinea
Guadalcanal Monkey-faced Bat Solomon Islands
Guadalcanal Rat Solomon Islands
Hastings River Mouse Australia
Hector's Dolphin New Zealand (North Is., South Is.)
Himalayan Tahr New Zealand
Huon Tree-kangaroo Papua New Guinea
Indo-pacific Hump-backed Dolphin Australia
Isabel Giant Rat Solomon Islands
Javan Rusa Australia, New Caledonia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea
Julia Creek Dunnart Australia
Kakadu Pebble Mouse Australia
Kangaroo Island Dunnart Australia
King Rat Solomon Islands
Kowari Australia
Large Desert Marsupial-mouse Australia
Large-eared Pied Bat Australia
Leadbeater's Possum Australia
Lemuroid Ringtail Possum Australia (Queensland)
Lesser Rabbit Bandicoot Australia
Lesser Stick-nest Rat Australia
Lesuer's Rat-kangaroo Australia
Little Pied Bat Australia
Little Planigale Australia
Long-footed Potoroo Australia
Long-tailed Marsupial-mouse Australia
Lord Howe Long-eared Bat Australia
Loyalty Bent-winged Bat New Caledonia
Mahogany Glider Australia
Makira Flying Fox Solomon Islands
Makira Leaf-nosed Bat Solomon Islands
Manus Island Mosaic-tailed Rat Papua New Guinea
Monjon Australia
Montane Monkey-faced Bat Solomon Islands
Moss-forest Blossom Bat Papua New Guinea
Mountain Pademelon Papua New Guinea
Mountain Pygmy Possum Australia
New Caledonia Blossom Bat New Caledonia
New Caledonia Flying Fox New Caledonia
New Caledonia Long-eared Bat New Caledonia
New Caledonia Wattled Bat New Caledonia
New Georgia Monkey-faced Bat Solomon Islands
New Guinea Pademelon Papua New Guinea
New Guinea Quoll Papua New Guinea
New Holland Mouse Australia
New Zealand Greater Short-tailed Bat New Zealand
New Zealand Lesser Short-tailed Bat New Zealand
New Zealand Long-tailed Bat New Zealand
New Zealand Sea Lion Australia (Macquarie Is.), New Zealand
Northern Brush-tailed Phascogale Australia
Northern Glider Papua New Guinea
Northern Hairy-nosed Wombat Australia
Northern Hopping-mouse Australia
Northern Quoll Australia
Northern Water Rat Papua New Guinea
Numbat Australia
Ornate Flying Fox New Caledonia
Panaeati Bare-backed Fruit Bat Papua New Guinea
Parma Wallaby Australia
Pig-footed Bandicoot Australia
Plains Mouse Australia
Plush-coated Ringtail Papua New Guinea
Poncelet's Giant Rat Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands
Proserpine Rock Wallaby Australia
Pygmy White-tailed Rat Australia
Queensland Rat-kangaroo Australia
Quokka Australia
Rabbit Bandicoot Australia
Red-tailed Phascogale Australia
Rennell Flying Fox Solomon Islands
Sambar Deer Australia
Sanborn's Flying Fox Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands
Sandstone Pseudantechinus Australia
Scaly-tailed Possum Australia
Seri's Tree Kangaroo Papua New Guinea
Shark Bay Mouse Australia
Sharman's Rock Wallaby Australia (Queensland)
Shortridge's Native Mouse Australia
Small Dorcopsis Papua New Guinea
Smoky Mouse Australia
Solomons Flying Fox Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands
Southern Planigale Australia
Spotted-tailed Quoll Australia
Tasmanian Devil Australia (Tasmania)
Tasmanian Forester Kangaroo Australia (Tasmania)
Tasmanian Tiger Australia
Tate's Triok Papua New Guinea
Telefomin Cuscus Papua New Guinea
Temotu Flying Fox Solomon Islands
Tenkile Papua New Guinea
Thomas's Big-eared Bat Papua New Guinea
Van Deusen's Rat Papua New Guinea
Vanauatu Flying Fox Vanuatu
Vanikoro Flying Fox Solomon Islands
Western False Pipistrelle Australia
Western Hare Wallaby Australia
Western Mouse Australia
Western Quoll Australia
Western Ringtail Possum Australia
White-footed Dunnart Australia
Woodlark Cuscus Papua New Guinea
Yellow-footed Rock Wallaby Australia

**What mammals are listed here?:

The Australia section of this site lists the folllowing mammals appearing on select endangered species lists:
  • Mammals that dwell in or migrate to any region found on the Australian continent and any nearby islands.
  • Mammals that dwell in or travel to New Zealand and any nearby islands.
  • Mammals that dwell in Papua New Guinea and nearby islands (east of Indonesia).

This list combines species from several endangered species lists. Using the total count of species found on this site as an official count of endangered species of the world is not recommended. For more information on what creatures are listed on this site, please visit our About EEC page.

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